Busty woman wearing ripped yoga pants and muscular men have rough sex

Etta glared at Martin with a mixture of loathing and longing. As much as she wanted to, she could not deny his stunning body, nor contain the shuddering pleasure he was pounding into her tight holes. But that wasn’t to say she didn’t hate him with a passion, a hate so fiery it burned her insides.

‘Don’t look at me like that,’ Martin scoffed, ‘you can’t tell me you’re not enjoying this. I can see it in your eyes. You’ve never felt pleasure like this, and there’s no way you’ll ever go back now you’ve got a taste.’

Etta’s stomach turned, both as a result of his huge cock impaling her so hard it practically rearranged her insides, and because she knew deep down he was right, a truth which only made him hate him even more; it wasn’t bad enough he’d done this to her in the first place, but he had made her love it too. She knew she shouldn’t want this, yet with every fibre of her being she was addicted to him. How could she love him after what he’d done to her?

Her addiction was evident in the fact that she had initiated this rough fucking. She knew full well Martin could not resist her whenever he found her wearing tight yoga pants, and predictably they had not lasted long once he caught her sticking out her ass suggestively while making the bed. If she really hated him, why would she have deliberately lured him in?

Of course, she knew why. Because even before they had met, she had craved the feel of his body. Back then she had been Ethan; shy, gay and single. He had met Martin online, hitting it off with him over a gay dating app. He had barely been able to believe that a ripped hunk like Martin could be interested in a skinny guy like him, but as their relationship had blossomed he had found himself falling for Martin’s effortless charisma and impressive figure.

Eventually they had met in person. Only then, after it was far too late, did Ethan realise his scepticism was justified: Martin had no interest in a small, quiet gay lover. He much preferred fat ass bimbos and had only been leading Ethan on in order to lure him into a trap. These days women were much more cautious of guys they met online, he had explained, but guys like Ethan had not caught onto that attitude and thus were far easier to deceive as a result. He had proved his point by explaining that the drink he had offered Ethan was in fact a cocktail of bimbofication chemicals, which soon took effect.

The transformation had been fast and erotic, Ethan’s slim, small figure exploding outwards like a detonating depth charge. Suddenly taller and with a plump layer of fat blanketing his once bony body, he had moaned and huffed as the figure he had known his whole life was consumed by a new woman. Huge tits swelled on his chest, and his ass had ballooned to such a size that the jeans he had been wearing at the time were torn to shreds.

Before the transformation had even finished, desperate lust had ripped through Ethan’s mind and rational thought had taken a backseat: he needed fucking, and he needed it now. Martin, naturally, had been more than happy to oblige, and Ethan had pounced on him with violent desire, fucking them both into hysterics and only coming back to his senses hours later, breathless and decorated with strings of Martin’s sticky cum. Despite his horror at what he had done, he had not been able to prevent himself licking it all up.

She supposed that in some ways Martin had given her exactly what she wanted: even before her transformation she had wanted his cock in her ass, and he was always willing to satisfy her anal desires. And the more she thought about it, the more she came to realise that her loathing was not so much directed at him but at herself for being stupid enough to fall for his lies so easily. After all, when he could make her feel this good, how could she ever pretend to hate him?

Perhaps she didn’t hate him. Perhaps she adored him. It was still so confusing.

Despite her inner conflict, however, there was one thing she did know: she lived to have him hate-fuck her. It was the only thing worth anything in her new, strange life. And if this was how things were going to end every time she wore yoga pants, she would have to go out and buy some replacements very, very soon…

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This piece is an example of one of those stories I could have supported with images, but the gif conveys the basis of the scene much better. When preparing this to be posted I found the image gallery associated with this scene, however all the images conveyed a far more sensual atmosphere between the two lovers which is not what I was looking for for these characters. The point here is that while I do want to mostly phase out gifs in my blog work, I have no intention of replacing gifs in pre-written work unless they suit the story they are supporting.

I must say I am unfamiliar with both models in this piece, those models being Ryan Smiles and J Mac.

Smiles’ body of work speaks for itself and she has certainly worked with some big names within the industry, both studios and co-stars. As such, while I can’t say I can recommend her personally since I have seen very little of her work, simply based on the calibre of the people she has worked with I’d say she is definitely worth your time. Besides, as always this piece wouldn’t exist without her work to support it, so if you want to support the models whose work supports my own, be sure to check her out.

Mac’s work is similarly unfamiliar to me, yet also similarly impressive when it comes to the kind of people he’s worked alongside. If you’re anything like me, Mac is probably a face you recognise as having cropped up in your porn diet from time to time, but if you’re focused on the female models the men tend not to make as much of an impact. That said, Mac is just as important to this scene as Smiles, and you should definitely check him out if you’re into muscly men making love to beautiful women since Mac has with plenty of amazing models in his time, including many of those I’ve showcased through my work.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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2 Thoughts on “Inner Conflict

  1. Fantastic work as always. That balancing point between hate and lust is so delicious and you describe the competing influences perfectly.

    Etta is one lucky girl, bet she cums hard every time Martin hate-fucks her.

    1. Thank you very much, that means a lot. I for one certainly wouldn’t have any complaints being in Etta’s position that’s for sure.

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