Gathered in the lounge of the Klein cabin, the lake’s guests whispered amongst. Huddled in their little pockets they had the surreal feeling they knew the rest of the people around them, like the names were on the tips of their tongues yet elusive all the same. Brandi, Johnny and Elena had been the first to arrive, and had taken up their spot on the centre sofa facing the fireplace,

‘You want one or two?’ Trevor shouted, leaning heavily against the Riveras’ fridge. ‘What do you think?’ Andrew replied. ‘I’ll bring three,’ Trevor chuckled and snatched up half a dozen beers. After stumbling back to the cabin in the evening gloom they had decided to raid the cabin’s fridge, which was fortunately stocked with plenty of booze. Staggering back into the lounge, Trevor dumped his haul onto the coffee table

Crossing one of the many burbling streams that snaked down the mountainside to feed the glittering lake below via a well-worn bridge, Josh, Ashley and Spencer continued to pick their way down the slopes. Mother Nature narrated their progress with a chorus of birdsong and the mournful creaking of old trees in the wind. The trails they navigated were well-used and they wondered how many others had passed this way

No sooner had she entered the house than Maria knew her scheme had been successful. For one thing, the torn remnants of the package were strewn across the table beside the door. More telling were the sensual moans echoing down the staircase. Closing the door softly behind her, she crept up the stairs. Following the moans, she quickly arrived at the door to Chad’s bedroom and without hesitation she slid

Lingering at the top of the staircase, Helena fought off the urge to turn, burst through the door back into the dark alleyway and sprint all the way home. Actually being so close to achieving her goal felt so much more intimidating than she had anticipated and as much as she tried she could not stifle the nerves that wriggled uncomfortably in the pit of her stomach. Indistinct groans floated

I made this with the intention of it being a Twitter caption, but initially the file size was too big to add to a tweet since the it was all compiled into one image caption, so I released it as a surprise caption. In moving to my new domain, however, I decided to update it and break it down into three smaller segments. The main reason for this was that

‘Please, gentlemen, do come in,’ said the doctor, greeting them with a warm smile. ‘No, no, don’t worry she is perfectly well restrained. I understand you are here for a demonstration? Very good. Well, if you would be so kind as to just stand over here out of the way we can begin.’ The men were ushered into the position the doctor had designated by the attendants who had guided

Waiting patiently at the head of the table, Dean greeted each man who entered the room with a cordial smile. Naturally there was no warmth to it; he had little fondness for any of the men taking their seats, but this was business and it was only customary to mask one’s true emotions, even if said mask was all but transparent. He did, however, inject his smile with a note

‘Welcome,’ came Madison’s voice, and the four of them looked up to see their boss standing at the top of the spiral staircase which rose up in front of them. Having only ever seen her in her daily business dress, it took them all a moment to recognise the stunning woman smiling down at them. In her short, tight white dress and towering heels she looked an entirely different woman,

Slumped in his chair, Ryan stared vacantly at his laptop screen. From top to bottom it was chock full of impressive figures: revenue, expenses, profit. As an accountant for one of the top law firms in the country, he was more than aware he was a uniquely privileged gentleman and the lavish penthouse he now sat in was proof of that. Despite this, he knew all of his wealth could