Fantasy Resort: Epilogue

Low-angle shot of cream leather sofa in low-lit room

Fantasy Resort’s communal lounge was sleek, comfortable and, presently, abuzz with hushed conversation. Ordinarily it was a space where the resort’s guests could relax together, chatting over drinks poured from the well-stocked bar set towards the back of the room.

Tonight, however, the crowd was quiet, huddling together in little groups and whispering amongst themselves while casting furtive glances at the other people in the room, their suspicious gossip driven by the strange sense of familiarity that permeated the room, the bizarre feeling that though they’d never met they somehow knew one another.

Upon arrival, Diamond, Brock and Mischa had found the lounge empty so they’d settled themselves down on the broad cream leather and brown wicker sofa at the head of the room. Curled up in Brock’s lap, Mischa looked for all the world like a sleepy kitten, however the fiendish glimmer in her eye and the hand slipped surreptitiously into his trousers assured any voyeur she was more bunny than pussycat. Diamond pressed herself in close to the bull too, admiring her creations fondly as she stroked Mischa’s hair like a doting mother. Together, they had watched the rest file in, exchanging conspiratorial whispers as to the former identities of the new arrivals.

Asa and Nathan sat beside them now, though it was arguable they weren’t even aware there was anywhere else in the room since they had barely come up for air since showing up, making out so passionately it was a wonder they hadn’t bruised something. On the other end of the sofa, Tori and Lana were eyeing the couple eagerly, their gaze fixed on the Asian woman’s plump tits, which threatened to pop from her loose vest at any moment.

Folded primly into an adjacent armchair, Carolina looked less impressed by the display. The disdain in her expression was obvious as she eyed Nathan, her lip curled and eyebrow raised. Meanwhile her loyal chauffeur stood beside her chair in his driver’s suit and cap, his own expression tortured as he tried to ignore Carolina’s fingers running idly up and down his inner thigh and how deliberately they were feathering over the bulge of his cock.

On the sofa opposite, Stoya and Jake were clad only in bathrobes. Saying little and keeping to themselves, upon closer inspection one could see that Stoya’s wet hair was drawn down over her face to hide her orgasmic expressions, and that Jake’s arm was not looped behind her back, but in fact slipped beneath her legs to subtly finger his lover. Beside them, Aidra was sandwiched demurely between Kayden and Mateo, her lithe figure completely naked aside from the latex collar about her neck, the leash to which was wound around Kayden’s hand as she kissed her husband, both of them resplendent in fine evening dress. Further down still, Osa lay out along the pillows, lounging like a radiant pharaoh while Patrick stood behind her, fidgeting uncomfortably as she squeezed her fat tits together temptingly and he tried to hide how astonishingly hard he was.

Further back, the half-circle of two-seater couches fronting the bar were similarly full. On one, Ben was wearing a low-necked pastel pink vest and frayed denim hotpants while Sean sat bare-chested, the twink’s fingers trailing affectionately over his abs as his stud whispered sinful nothings into his ear. On another, Kira was looking profoundly pleased with herself, Jade trying and failing not to squirm in her seat beside her. The busty brunette eyed the sleek black remote in Kira’s grasp with a mixture of lust and loathing, and every now and then she let out a little gasp which caused heads to turn her way and a flush to rise in her cheeks. Riley, Teanna and Grey had squeezed themselves into a third couch, the silver-haired gentleman supporting one woman on each leg with a wicked gleam in his eyes as he quietly urged them to make out with one another. The fourth and final two-seater was occupied by Natalie and Finn; the skinny slut was grinding shamelessly on her lover’s lap in only a chastity cage and a sheer mesh crop top (some of the others later even swore she was actually riding him) as Finn ran his broad hands hungrily over her figure, hooking his fingers in her mouth and growling filthy words in her ear that made her groan as though there was nobody else in the room.

Karlee, Ana, Jane and Paige had been the last to arrive, taking a small, curved sofa in the corner for their own. Gossiping excitedly, they mostly pointed and stared at the many beautiful women in the room, although from time to time one would prank another, taking advantage of their distraction to snatch at their pyjamas or tug on their dressing gowns, leaving their victim giggling and blushing in equal measure as they pulled up their trousers or stowed an exposed breast back in their top.

The congregation had gathered at the behest of the call. Though they didn’t entirely understand why it had drawn them here or what it even was, now they had arrived they knew they were waiting for the one who had called them.

The click of heels on tile sliced through their conversation keen as a razor. Immediately they fell silent, their attention stolen by the resonating noise. All the furniture of the lounge was angled to face the head of the room where there hung a glittering bead curtain, parted in the middle to both accommodate a low armchair and provide a glimpse at the private area behind. A figure was moving behind the curtain, and as she strode into view a sensual gasp rippled through the crowd, arousal stirring them all to saturation and erection.

Busty blonde goddess sits on white leather chair almost fully naked

Dressed in only sheer stockings, platform heels and a bright red and pink garter belt, the woman was lust incarnate. She moved with an elegant confidence, her huge breasts bobbing with her step, yet despite her nakedness it was her face they could not tear their eyes from: beautiful, radiant, divine. An aura of desire engulfed her, and she had an allure that seemed either angelic or demonic, though nobody could quite decide which.

The stunning Amazonian goddess settled herself in the chair wordlessly, her golden skin stark against the white leather. She regarded them with an unreadable expression, though there was a sense of defiance to her stance: her legs spread wide and chest thrust forwards, she seemed to be daring anybody to try and take advantage of her.

None took the risk.

A moment later, a second figure joined her. Unlike the woman, he was fully clothed, clad in a sleek black suit, though it did nothing to downplay his obviously powerful build. He looked like a god dressed for an evening party, though even he couldn’t match the air of power radiating from the busty bimbo he stood over.

‘My thanks to you for attending on such short notice,’ the woman smiled. ‘I must apologise for interrupting your fun, however as your host I thought it only proper I acquaint myself with my guests.’

Grey raised an eyebrow. ‘Since when did we have a host?’

‘Since you arrived. It simply took me a little time to assume the role. Fantasy Resort belongs to me. My name is Phoenix. This is my…’ she paused, eyeing the man playfully as she searched for the right word, ‘partner, Jared.’

Phoenix caught Diamond’s eye and they shared a knowing smile. Diamond’s features bore the tell-tale gleam of dried cum, as did those of her pet, Mischa, though neither was quite as tainted by their lover’s seed as their host, for Jared’s drying cumshot still decorated Phoenix’s face and breasts.

‘Phoebe?’ The voice was Kayden’s. ‘And is that Jewel?’

‘In a manner of speaking,’ Phoenix grinned. ‘What, you didn’t really think you were the only one the resort had a plan for, did you? It’s a special place, and it’s here for all of us.’

‘Listen, what exactly are we doing here?’ Osa piped up, frustration written on her features. ‘As you said, you’ve interrupted our fun: I was just getting ready to head out and find a slut to bed, so if you wouldn’t mind, perhaps we could hurry this along?’

Phoenix’s grin grew and she chuckled softly, visions of Osa and Patrick’s evening filling her head. You weren’t just heading out to find a slut, you were heading out to find someone to torture him with. You’ve spent all night blowing him without letting him cum, and now you want him to edge his way through watching you fuck a whore in the bed he should be sharing with you. Her eyes glittered. If only you’d been this much fun in class, maybe some of the jocks would’ve fucked you before this week.

Casting Diamond a wink, Phoenix snapped her fingers. For a heartbeat the air seemed to shiver like vibrating glass. Silence filled the room for a moment. Then, all at once, their original personas seized them and the lounge descended into pandemonium.

A tempest of emotions roared through the room as they found themselves in their new bodies. Stella gave a startled cry and jerked away from Joel, who, to his credit, immediately moved to console her as best he could, all but ignoring his own transformation in favour of calming her. Ophelia gave a similar reaction, frantically trying to conceal her cleavage while Holly stood over her reeling with the realisation she had not only developed an impressive cock, but had until recently had it sheathed in the throat of her formerly frumpy tutor.

Marcus sat stunned for a second, though once Kaitlyn leaned in to kiss him he melted into her arms, groaning as her hand slipped down to massage his erection. Between them, Axel was ashen-faced and panicking, pinned beneath the two lovers and unable to wriggle free nor unclasp his locked collar.

Colin and Harriet simply stared at each other blankly, stupefied, his hand frozen halfway up her thigh, her erection actually growing harder as she recalled the feel of his hot holes gliding over it.

On the adjacent sofa, Ace and Nia seemed to be wrestling between two opposing reactions, for even though they babbled frantic apologies neither of them released their grip on the other – in fact, they pulled one another into a tight hug, as though not being able to see their new bodies meant they hadn’t changed at all. Tammy was hyperventilating and wailing that she had permanently ruined her only meaningful friendship, while Lucia was doing her best to soothe her friend. Between the two couples, Danny, Brooke and Milo remained unperturbed, all three having already come to grips with the changes the resort had made to them.

Roxie and Tessa giggled deliriously as they fawned over one another’s new, sexier bodies, and though Gracie put on a face of horror the memories of masculine pleasure were still fresh in her mind; once her deviant friends turned their attention to groping Gracie’s new cock, in fact, she entirely forgot why she would ever be averse to her male figure. Finding himself in the arms of a stunning gentleman, Benjamin turned his eyes down bashfully, only for Sia to lift his chin with a gentle finger and pull him into a passionate kiss. A short distance away, Kenna took a second to appreciate her new look, after which she promptly silenced Jace’s breathy shrieks with a few taps of her remote, reminding him how much he really did enjoy the pleasures of a vibrator in his pussy.

With an almost primal howl, Felix cast Nathaniel from his lap, however he fumbled with his crotch far too quickly for anyone to confirm whether the transformed outcast had been riding him or not. Landing hard on the floor, Nathaniel gave a horrified cry. Though Phoenix could sense the satisfaction he felt for his transformed figure, his exposure startled him enough that he did not even bother trying to remove his tight pink chastity cage, but instead drew a nearby rug up to conceal his modesty.

Finally, in the corner of the room, Patrick was in hysterics, with Kara doing her best to calm him down even as she surreptitiously squeezed her fat rack together to admire her cleavage. Meanwhile Juliet and Alaina were peering into their pyjamas, flushing with equal embarrassment and arousal as they came to terms with what the resort had done to them.

Regarding the whole scene with a mischievous smirk, Jewel glanced down at her companion. ‘I know I shouldn’t think so, but this is kind of fun, isn’t it?’

Phoenix nodded. ‘Absolutely. I’ve been waiting all night for this: the resort does like a little chaos.’ She paused, following Jewel’s eyeline. ‘Are you ever going to stop looking at my tits?’

Jewel grinned. ‘Nope.’

Phoenix allowed the bedlam to continue a little longer before stepping in, relishing in it. When she intervened, she did so by snapping her fingers. The room fell silent in a heartbeat. All eyes turned to her, most of them swimming with confusion. In some, there was a little betrayal too.

Phoenix gave a sigh. ‘That’s better. Now, I understand you have questions, but before you all completely lose your heads, can I ask you to take a collective breath and let me explain? As I’m sure you’ve already deduced, this is no ordinary holiday getaway. My resort has only one purpose and that is to root out the deepest desires of those who visit and make them into reality. That’s what everything here is for: the villas, the clothes and amenities, even the grounds. Amongst all those temptations you were drawn to one in particular, which the resort then used to manifest your fantasies, be they conscious or subconscious.’

‘Are you fucking insane?’ Axel shrieked, any sense of intimidation he might have hoped for lost in Aidra’s high, sultry voice. ‘You seriously believe I wanted to become a little slut like this?’

‘Exactly,’ Felix said. ‘You could have a gun to my head and I’d still never fuck a tranny bitch like him.’ He scowled at Nathaniel, who buried his face in the rug and began to sob.

‘And I’m his tutor,’ Stella chimed in meekly, gesturing to Joel even as fresh tears brimmed in her eyes. ‘I’d never do… what we did…’

Phoenix cut in before anyone else could offer up their excuses. ‘Maybe not, Stella, but what you did want was a second chance. An opportunity to relive your youth and start over without all the heartbreak. And Joel wanted to find a woman he could love both romantically and erotically, as well as an escape from his life as a jock.’ She turned her attention to Felix and Axel, her livid stare shifting from one to the other as she spoke. ‘Not that either of you could ever understand anything like that. When it comes to people like you, the resort doesn’t always give you a choice. Instead, it puts you in your place: the immature bigot who objectifies any woman he meets forced into becoming a set of holes himself, for example. Or the intolerant, pig-headed bastard who can’t see past his own judgement of the trans community carved into the perfect lover for a horny trans woman to play with. Sound familiar?’ She narrowed her eyes, chilling them both into silence.

Harriet crossed her beefy arms and gave Phoenix a curious look. ‘How come Kaitlyn knew who you were?’ Despite her transformation, she had not lost any of the shrewdness which had helped her maintain her crown as clique queen for so long.   

Phoenix shrugged. ‘Sometimes the resort doesn’t have to dig all that deep to find what it needs. Sometimes the desires are so close to the surface and there is so little hesitancy to explore them all the person needs is a transformation and a little push, then they’ll live out their fantasies themselves, no cognitive changes required.’

Silence reigned for a little as they all processed what she had said. Then Kara spoke up. ‘So… what now?’

‘Now we indulge ourselves. Let the week unfold and see what new desires the resort has waiting for us. As you’re all already aware, there is endless potential for us to explore. Go find a new outfit to try on. Find out what every last bottle of perfume and aftershave does. Pick flowers from the greenhouse and discover where they take you. There is so much in store for us all, we just have to find it.’

Both Felix and Axel opened their mouths to protest, but before they could Phoenix snapped her fingers, the sound ringing out like a whipcrack. Their natural personas evaporated instantly, replaced by Finn and Aidra. The former stooped down to help Nathaniel back onto his lap, removing his shirt and slipping it over Nathaniel’s shoulders to conceal his modesty. Dwarfed by the shirt, Nathaniel looked like a child wearing his father’s clothes. Aidra, meanwhile, settled back happily between Kaitlyn and Marcus, eyeing them both with unbridled lust.

‘That is to say, those of us who deserve it,’ Phoenix said.

‘But how are we supposed to do that?’ Nia asked. ‘We’re friends. Ace has been like a brother to me for years. That’s not something I can just forget.’

‘I was hoping you’d ask that,’ Phoenix beamed. The lower half of Nia’s face bore tell-tale smears. I guess Asa won their competition then, she thought. She smiled at him, wondering how many more times he’d eat Asa out before the week was through. ‘I’d explain it, but it’s probably easier just to show you.’

Another snap of her fingers and the atmosphere in the room changed. The tension in the posture of her guests melted away. Their resort personas had taken root again, however this time they did not obscure the originals as they had before. Instead each persona wove itself through their host’s consciousness, fuelling them with lust and desire while leaving them in control of their new horny bodies. Hands slipped into trousers again. Naughty whispers resumed. Jade gave a strangled gasp as Kira notched up the intensity of her vibrator.

‘You are free to go. I have no doubt you already have plenty of naughty ideas on your mind and I will be thoroughly disappointed if you don’t explore each and every one. And I’m sure I’ll be exploring plenty of those with you in person. Now off you go.’

Her guests hurried out in a buzz of gossip. Even before they had all left, moans began to fill the air, including a particularly distraught noise given by Patrick as Osa caught Tori and Lana by the arms and steered them in the direction of her villa, assuring him he would be permitted only to watch unless he wanted to spend the week in one of Natalie’s pretty little chastity cages. Phoenix almost felt sorry for him: after all, it was hardly Holly’s fault the resort had transformed her into an unfaithful boytoy.

Still, the comment reminded her to catch Natalie before she could leave. Her naughty confidence returned, the beautiful trans woman was the picture of sin.

‘Is everything okay?’ she asked even as she rubbed Finn’s crotch eagerly.

Phoenix glanced up at the towering bull. ‘Not quite. I didn’t at all like how Felix spoke to you back then. I’m sorry for that – I shouldn’t have even allowed him his own mind back to say it. So, as well as offering my own apologies however intimately you would like me to give them, I wanted to see to it myself that he apologises in the most earnest of terms.’

Natalie’s grin was sufficiently wicked to make even Phoenix wet. ‘What exactly did you have in mind?’

An equally devious smirk plucked at Phoenix’s lips. ‘His lips are looking awfully bare wouldn’t you say? I have plenty of lipsticks that could remedy that. Hellish Hedonist might be a bit much for him though. How does Sissy Cumslut sound?’

Natalie turned to Felix, lustful mania in her eyes. ‘Well, you did say you wanted to share me. Come on, baby. It’s time you had a makeover,’ she giggled, scampering off in the direction of Phoenix’s villa with Phoenix and Jared close on her heels.

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The remainder of the week passed by in a whirlwind of salacious erotic bliss. With no limits to what sordid fantasies they could explore, they revelled in their new reality of endless pleasure.

Even so, some still harboured persistent doubts. In the quiet moments they would visit Phoenix in her boudoir, their eyes turned down nervously and their thoughts troubled by the feeling that they were somehow betraying themselves by submitting to the pleasures of the resort. With gentle words and a gentler touch, she would soothe their worries, the kindness of heart Phoebe had always possessed showing through even now she bore a body fashioned for more deviant affairs. Then, their concerns resolved, she would show them in great detail all the many advantages of letting their fantasies command their time in her kingdom.

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Appetite sufficiently whetted, Asa dived headfirst into exploring every body the resort could provide her. Her former life as Ace was soon forgotten as she delved through one wardrobe after another picking out everything from lace lingerie to elegant ballgowns, all of which the resort ensured were tailored to her specific desires. She soon came to delight in stalking the grounds in the body a petite Asian slit, baring her supple curves to draw in any of her peers looking for a shamelessly good time. As it turned out, Mateo was particularly partial to her impish nature, and whenever he was not doting on Kayden he could be found ramming Asa’s tight holes long into the night.

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Though she had her concerns at first, Stoya quickly realised she had been blessed with true love of the most sinful variety when it came to Jake. Not only was he as affectionate as any woman could wish her lover to be, but his naughty streak was cut from the same cloth as her own. While Stoya generally remained in her new body, Jake was eager to understand the pleasures of womanhood alongside her, leading him to discover that the cock he had loved giving as a man was orgasmic nirvana when given to him as a woman. As Jenna, he shared in Stoya’s bliss, the filthy couple gaining a reputation among the men of the resort, all of whom were happy to satisfy their wildest desires.

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Kayden was happy to let Mateo exercise his promiscuity given that his absence permitted her time to work on moulding Aidra into the perfect sex kitten. She lost count of how many times she transformed her pet over the course of the week, gleefully ordering her into one slutty outfit after another, each time honing her a shade closer to perfection, though Kayden herself never once strayed from her new body, unwilling to sacrifice even a shred of what the resort had gifted her for the sake of temporary pleasure. Naturally, all those who had axes to grind against Axel were keen to assist in Aidra’s training, and together mistress and slave were a devastatingly sordid duo.

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To say the resort had converted Carolina to life as a snow bunny was a gross understatement: it had tossed her into the cell of big black cock addiction and disposed of the key. Never one to turn down a black bull, no matter how many were already pounding or groping her innocent body, she went so far as to use new bodies as a crutch to her habit; whenever her lovers had used her to exhaustion, she simply donned a new face and continued pleasuring them without missing a beat. By week’s end, her villa became known as the ‘Black Shack’, where bull suits were hung by the door as compulsory attire for anyone who wished to enter both her home and her holes.

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Given her insatiable appetite, Harrison was a regular face in Carolina’s den of sin. However, equally possessed by Harriet’s sexual impulsivity, he could also often be found in Osa’s arms. Leaning heavily into the persona of sensual socialite the resort had crafted for her, with Phoenix’s help Osa fashioned her villa into an opulent penthouse into which she lured any man or woman she could catch in her web. For all the lovers she took during the week, however, Harrison was her favourite. Not only was his cock unparalleled, reducing her brains to mush whenever he spent the night using her buxom body, but she also relished the competition against Carolina for his affections.

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A single night as Kira’s girlfriend was all it took to seal Jade into her role as an obedient lesbian sub. Once or twice, the dreadlocked beauty considered seeking out a new body to dominate her plaything with, though each time Jade begged her to reconsider, adamant she could never adore another face as much as she did Kira’s. Still, despite her affections, Jade followed Kira’s orders without question, so when the black domme returned home one evening with Karlee, Ana, Jane and Jared in tow, she made no objection when her mistress commanded her to serve the ladies while Kira herself rode the hung bull nearby, nor when order to lap his cum from her pussy.

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Although she spent plenty of time alongside her new lesbian lovers, Paige soon came to realise that, for her, her feminine desires were not limited to eating pussy and suckling tits. The first cock she rode was Karlee’s, who had donned a police officer’s uniform at Paige’s request, but once the seal was broken there was no stopping her rampage of lust and over time she became particularly close with Nathan. In Asa’s company, the stud was passionate and sensual, however with Paige he could indulge his dominant side – a facet of his personality which paired well with her developing lust for submission. Soon enough a collar and leash became her favourite attire and Nathan her favoured lover.

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Few people threw themselves into their new lives as eagerly as Ben and Sean. Blessed with the relationship they’d always been meant to share, they took to their new bodies with relish. Ben proved himself to be a born twink, so obsessed by his naughty transformation he never once considered taking on a new face. Sean, meanwhile, spent most of his time lying back while his boyfriend sucked or rode or jerked his thick cock. Unlike Ben, he did shift bodies, continually hunting for a fresh dick to hammer his slutty boy with as his memories of being a woman grew more and more distant now he had found his true calling as a ripped gay hunk.

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Perhaps the most surprising revelation of the week came courtesy of Tessa, who took Phoenix’s encouragement to explore all the resort’s possibilities very literally. Keenly aware that the opportunity to do so was unlikely to present itself again in her lifetime, she spent her entire week in the form of a handsome, insatiable gay twink. Sean, of course, was more than happy to help the new Tessa realise his fantasies, using him in a manner more brutal than he did Ben – much to his delight. However, when he was otherwise occupied with his boyfriend, he took to using his new boyish charm to entice other men into his clutches, only satisfied once his holes were dripping with their cum.

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With her closest friend scampering about pursuing gay bulls to please her, Riley had nobody to keep her hedonism in check and, like Osa, she willingly lost herself to the lust of her resort persona. Possessed with an insatiable libido and utter absence of boundaries, she fashioned her rooms into a one-woman whore house. Anyone looking for a little sinful satisfaction would arrive to find an array of transformational items laid out in the lounge, from articles of clothing to whiskey and aftershave. Suitably transformed, all they then had to do was follow the orgasmic moaning and join the queue of hung bulls waiting to wreck Riley’s tight holes as she begged for more.

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Much like Tessa, Gracie too was unwilling to let her old beliefs restrict her exploitation of the resort’s gifts. Not so long ago, she would have balked at the idea of being a man, but after spending time as Grey that was no longer the case. Still, she did miss the curves and supple skin of her former self. With Natalie to inspire her, however, she soon realised she didn’t have to sacrifice either side of herself: becoming a trans woman, she could have both her cock and her femininity. What was more, the promise of a woman packing a little something extra proved deeply enticing to many of her peers, so much so she rarely found herself without a thick cock pounding her sensitive prostate.

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Once their former personalities rose to the surface again, the relationship Lana and Tori shared flipped sharply, though it was no less erotically charged for the change. Tammy’s nerves and inexperience shifted Tori into a more submissive woman, however Lana was more than willing to fill in as the dominant lover thanks to Lucia’s returned confidence. Coaxing her friend through one steamy lesbian fuck after another, the former clique girl gradually guided Tori into accepting her new reality, and by the time the week came to a close they were both strutting about the resort like true alpha bitches, a strap-on always close to hand so they could get frisky wherever they pleased.

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There was only one thing Jane relished more than the long hours indulging the lesbian lusts now imprinted on her psyche, and that was using her slutty confidence to seduce the many alpha males stalking the grounds. In her old life she would never have dared approach any of them, let alone attempt to find her way into their pants – now though, it was what she lived for. Her nights may have been spent tangled up in the covers with Karlee, Ana and a host of other saucy girls, but by day she could be found sunbathing naked by the pool, luring studly lovers in with her wicked eyes and deliciously fuckable body. And the deeper they fucked her, the more she loved it.

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While both Jane and Paige were indulging their lust for cock, Karlee and Ana were locked in an endless conflict for control. Night after night they shifted from one body to another in an effort to exploit their lover’s weaknesses, and despite Karlee’s inherent dominant streak Ana soon discovered there was one persona the busty bitch couldn’t resist submitting to: a curvy lesbian MILF. Armed with this knowledge, she repeatedly reduced her friend to her needy, tit-sucking slave. Even so, Ana didn’t have things all her own way, for Karlee was equally willing to don bodies Ana herself was powerless to resist, perpetuating a deliciously sinful cycle of sapphic salaciousness.

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Diamond did not switch bodies once. The buxom, Amazonian form she had taken was far too perfect to give up, although even if she had wanted to, she was much too busy forcing both Brock and Mischa into new, naughty bodies to transform herself. On the whole, the filthy trinity kept to themselves, with Brock cycling through so many hung, alpha male bodies he lost count of how many different dicks he had unloaded from. Likewise, Mischa giddily hopped from one petite, slutty bad girl bod to the next, each time growing just a little naughtier. With Diamond as her guide, she was soon honed into a truly deviant hellcat, her only loyalty to the god and goddess who owned her.

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Of all the resort’s guests, none embodied their new persona more completely than Natalie. Osa may have accepted her role as a saucy socialite, and Riley her calling as a set of holes, but Natalie took on her existence as a shameless hedonist with almost demonic enthusiasm. Rejecting any opportunity to explore new bodies, it was rare to find her without half a dozen dicks impaling her slutty holes without mercy, one of which always belonged to Finn. She could seduce and corrupt any lover with terrifying ease, so much so that even Phoenix was cautious when visiting her, considering Natalie the only woman save Diamond who might be capable of usurping her throne as ruler of the resort.

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Life as a stud suited Hunter very well indeed. Like some of his peers, he became somewhat of a wild card, bouncing from one hotbed of sin to another and charming anyone in a woman’s body into bed. Having spent time with Osa, he was more partial to steamy, sensual sessions over mindless fucking and as a result he gradually gained a notoriety for being both a serial womaniser and a passionate romantic – a reputation which set him up as a deeply attractive first lover for any of his formerly male peers who wished to test the waters of womanhood for themselves. After a few hours in Hunter’s arms, they soon came to realise his thick cock was their new addiction.

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As ruler of the resort, Phoenix had no desire to give up the divine body she had been gifted. With it, she walked a path of untold debauchery which soon earned her a reverent title amongst her guests: the Whore. The Whore. The very definition of the term. The beating heart of the resort. Relishing in her newfound power, her week was spent engaging in every kind of lustful depravity imaginable. On her arm – or rather, under her heel – Jared, was her constant companion, eager to eat her out to begin every morning in their palace of a villa. From there they would roam the grounds in search of pleasure, following the nearest moans to find their next lovers.

Busty brunette woman has sex with hung lover while sucking the breast of and having her breast sucked by busty blonde woman

Not only was Jared Phoenix’s most intimate lover and closest confidante, he was also clay in her hands. The blonde sorceress enjoyed nothing more than moulding him into new bodies to suit her every whim, to which he submitted himself willingly, his only desire to bring her pleasure in any way she wished. His favourite form, as it happened, was that of a tiny blonde slut, dwarfed by Phoenix’s mesmerising frame. However Phoenix herself preferred him as her mirror: an impossibly erotic busty goddess, skin golden, pussy twinkling. In these bodies they would drag some unsuspecting stud into their villa and fuck him senseless, the night ringing with their ecstatic howls.

During the course of the week, Phoenix found an idea forming in her head. It was half-formed and impossible, but it took shape all the same as she increasingly began to wish there could be a place like the resort out there in the world for anyone to visit. There were other locations already, she knew that – visions of a lake rose in her mind occasionally, images of a lavish manor too, and more besides – but this was something different.

She imagined a club, opulent and huge, stretched over many floors. Her club. A place in which anything went and she ruled the roost. A place where the drinks had a little something extra, and the rooms had a transformative effect. A place where you could glimpse what it might be like to live a different reality and perhaps, if you were exceptionally lucky, have that reality follow you out from the darkened rooms, neon lights and atmosphere of desire. Her club of fantasies. It was a fantasy itself, of course, but one she could not quite shake off.

As is the way with all good things, their time at the resort seemed over almost as soon as it had begun. On their final night, Phoenix summoned her friends to the communal lounge once more, where she waited patiently in her white leather chair as they filed in, Jared in his original male form by her side.

Diamond, Brock and Mischa sat exactly as they had a week earlier, the latter two plucking at the straps of Aidra’s lingerie while Diamond herself was in conversation with Osa. Kayden watched over her pet fondly even as she stroked Mateo’s broad chest, although the man himself – along with a visibly horny Nathan – was fawning over Asa’s lithe body, the sensual woman whispering devious encouragement as she was fondled. Natalie was straddling Finn’s waist, her legs looped around his back as she ground her ass over his crotch, the pair making out noisily as though this was their last night on earth. Sean and Ben sat alongside one another, both in separate conversations – Sean with Jake, Ben with Lana and Tori – even while the young twink’s hand was slipped down his lover’s jeans. Close by, Teanna had returned to her female form, though one hand still rested on Sean’s shoulder even as she giggled at Hunter’s shameless flirting. Gracie, in yet another trans body, was tugging playfully on Stoya’s shirt while Jenna was distracted by Jane, whose hand was deep in the panties of the former jock, an impish grin on her face. Flushed with arousal, Paige squirmed helplessly as both Karlee and Ana – the latter still wearing her favoured MILF body – lavished her with kisses and gentle groping, while Kira and Jade watched from nearby, a collar around the submissive woman’s neck and a thick bulge present in Kira’s underwear, though whether silicone or flesh it was impossible to say. Finally, Carolina and Riley were lounging together on a large pouffe to one side of the room, snickering and giggling as their sensual kissing stirred an erection in Harrison’s tailored black trousers.

The mood was jovial, yet there was a palpable nervousness in the air too: their time at the resort was drawing to a close – what were they supposed to do once it was over?

Phoenix rose from her seat and the crowd turned to face her. Before she began, she snapped her fingers. The resort personas of her guests melted away – all save Finn and Aidra, whose former personalities Phoenix had already ensured were gone for good. Fully themselves once more, one or two gave a nervous fidget, however they all looked up at her reverently nonetheless.

‘Thank you all for coming. As you all know, this is our last night at Fantasy Resort. Before we leave though each of us has an important decision to make. You see, the gifts of the resort are only limited to these grounds if we choose for them to be. If you wish, you can accept them and they will follow you back out into the world; the new life you have found here can be yours if that is what you truly desire. The house rules allow you to take one item with you when you leave. How you take it dictates how it will affect you in the world outside these grounds. This is a crucial decision, so from now on you will no longer lose yourselves to any different persona until your choice has been made.’

When Phoenix had started talking, Natalie had pulled back from Finn with a miserable expression on her pretty features as she thought of having to return to her old life. Now though, her face was bright with delight. ‘You mean we don’t have to change back?’

Phoenix shook your head. ‘No, not if you don’t want to. If you leave the resort in the body of a particular persona, that will become your new reality. Your memories of your old life will all still be there, but the world beyond will have shifted into the reality the resort has made for you. On the other hand, if you would rather, you may pack one persona and take them with you – or at least, whichever item that persona is tied to. If you do so, you will leave as your normal selves, however you will be able to take on the transformed persona whenever you wish after you leave.’

The crowd looked suddenly sombre, the weight of their decision heavy on their shoulders. For some, it was made in a heartbeat. For others, the struggle was not in whether they should embrace their new lives or not, but rather which new life they should embrace. For most, however, there was much more to consider.

‘If it makes things any easier, I can tell you we’re not the first ones to have been faced with this choice. Others have made it before us. Others will make it after us, both here, on these very grounds, and in similar places far away.’

Phoenix held out her hand. Jared passed her a sheaf of neatly folded papers. ‘The resort left these on my desk today. There is one for each of us.’ Selecting one, she unfolded it and read it aloud:

Dear Diamond,

It was with great excitement that I received the letter sent to me on your behalf by the resort; I am thrilled to hear another individual of authorial inclinations has come to visit one of F. Fantasy’s life-changing locations, and I would be delighted to meet you should you elect to accept the resort’s gifts. I’m sure we could collaborate on a piece if you wish to do so. I know you will make the right choice for you.

Yours intimately,

Mrs Brandi Lynch

Diamond’s jaw fell open, her characteristically elegant poise gone as her eyes bulged wide. ‘Brandi Lynch? The Brandi Lynch?! The erotica novelist? Are you serious?’

Phoenix smiled and took up another letter:

Dear Natalie,

It has come to our attention that Fantasy Resort has produced a particularly deviant young woman in yourself. Your insatiability would be a perfect fit for the new channel we are launching: ‘Trans Whores’. We would love you to be our first trans model. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in joining our team.

Yours devilishly,

Kirk & Alexander Foster

Founders of Limitless

Even paler than usual, Natalie looked as though she was about to pass out. ‘The Foster brothers? They want me? Me? But… but they star in their own movies… and then there’s Veruca, their star model… would I be filming with them all…?’ The thought of fucking Kirk and Alexander had been arousing enough, but the idea that Veruca – not to mention any of the other stunning Limitless models – might be joining the fun too made her swoon.

‘I hear the models all fuck off camera too,’ Riley said with a mischievous grin.

The third letter garnered even more excitement:

Dear all,

I would like to extend my sincerest congratulations to each and every one of you. Fantasy Resort – and those locations like it – select only the special few on whom to bestow their gifts, and I am sure you are all more than deserving of the chances you have been given this week. As luck would have it, I am presently looking for new dancers to staff my clubs. I have sent personal letters to those of you who I feel would find the role most fulfilling, however I wish to open the invitation to your entire group too. My clientele is varied and insatiable, and thus I do not just employ women, but men and transgender people too. I look forward to meeting you all very soon; you are always welcome in my clubs – every experience on the house, of course.

Yours sordidly,

Grant Foster

Even Osa and Stoya knew Grant Foster’s name: he had clubs in every major city, infamous for both the rumoured debauchery that went on within their walls and the fact that nobody who visited them would ever divulge what they had done inside. Grant’s clubs were simultaneously the best and worst kept secret around.

By now, the room was a buzz of excitement. Snapping her fingers again, Phoenix deposited the letters in the laps of her peers without leaving her chair, but before the rest could tear theirs open she motioned for silence.

‘You all have a very important decision to make, so I suggest you spend the night thinking very carefully about it. Before you go, however, there is one more thing you should know. You have a third option. That is to leave as you arrived. Take nothing with you and all this will be forgotten. Still, though you won’t remember the resort, you will never be rid of it. Deep down, you will long for what you experienced here, for the body and the reality you had in these grounds, even if you don’t really know what it is you’re longing for. You will also lose any memory of those who leave as or with a different persona; when reality shifts to suit their transformation, you will be a part of that shift. That will be all tonight. You are dismissed.’

Once her guests had left, Phoenix rose from her seat and took Jared in her arms. A smaller woman would have looped her hands about his neck, but in her platform heels she was just as tall as her lover and pulled him close with a confidence that immediately stirred his arousal. She kissed him deeply.

‘So, I guess I’ll be leaving as Ava then,’ he said, when they parted lips. Ava was the name he’d gone by while inhabiting the busty cougar body Phoenix favoured so much. He said it contentedly, but she caught the flicker of regret in his eyes.

‘And why would you do that?’

Jared shrugged. ‘Why wouldn’t I do that? We both know you prefer me in her body over all the others. And since the other option is leaving as myself and packing her away, it seems a bit pointless doing that when I can make the shift permanently.’

‘You’re not leaving as Ava,’ Phoenix replied. ‘You’re not even packing her. But you’re also not leaving as yourself.’

‘Then who?’

‘Jared, of course. You know this is the real you now, and I wouldn’t have you any other way. You really think I could give up your cock? No, you’re my stud now. And because I’m a merciful queen, I’ll let Ava stay here. You’ll be packing your favourite instead.’

Her companion frowned. ‘But I thought you said we could only pack one persona or leave as one persona? House rules, remember? We can’t do both.’

Phoenix gave a wicked grin. ‘I said they couldn’t do both. I didn’t say anything about us. I’m the ruler of the resort, baby – I get special privileges. One of which is telling my man to go and pack that little slutty body he likes so much to take away with him. What was her name again? Elsa? Yes, Elsa, that’s right. Well me and her are going to have lots of fun, I can promise you that.’

Jared beamed manically before squeezing her into a loving hug. ‘You’re an angel,’ he said, kissing her cheek. Then he had sprinted off, leaving her alone in the empty lounge.

It seemed far too quiet now. It wasn’t just the absence of conversation she missed either; Natalie’s noisy kissing was notably absent, as were the little whimpering gasps Paige had been struggling to contain earlier.

Phoenix sighed. ‘I guess it’s just you and me now,’ she said, staring around at the furniture.

She stayed there a little while longer. When she did leave, the grounds were similarly quiet; all her peers were either carefully deliberating or far too busy packing to fill the air with their moans.

Wishing she didn’t have to she made her way to the lobby. The lights were bright in the inky dark, drawing her inexorably in until she was stood before the front desk. It seemed like a lifetime ago that she had taken up the key card to her villa from the very same desk, and in some ways, she supposed it was. Then again, it also felt like no time at all.

For a long moment she admired her precious neck scarf. She was going to dearly miss the power it gave her, yet she knew it could not leave along with her. More than just another piece of magic attire, the scarf was the source of all the resort’s power. If she was to take it with her, the magic here would wither and die, leaving the resort as just another forgotten holiday destination, the villas rundown and the grounds barren. For Phoenix, the only thing worse than leaving the scarf behind was knowing it might never grace another neck and show a new host all it had shown her.

She laid it on the desk. The power left her in a heartbeat, like air rushing from a pierced balloon.

Just as she was about to head off, a resounding click echoed through the lobby, followed shortly by a soft rumble. Rounding the desk, she found a drawer had opened. Inside lay a pristine white rectangle of paper with one word written over the front in elegant curlicue handwriting: Phoenix.

My letter. She let out a breath she hadn’t fully realised she’d been holding in. But it had been there alright, ever since she first rifled through the letters and found hers was absent. Even Jared had had one, inviting him to a private address where a woman named Angela would be waiting. But not her.

Until now.

Taking it up, she unfolded the letter. A smile worked its way over her full, pink lips.

Dear Phoenix,

While I am aware you have not divulged your ideas with any of your peers, I am sure it will come as no surprise to you that the resort knows your innermost desires without you needing to discuss them out loud. Given this, it saw fit to inform me of the impressive business opportunity you have been considering. I would be thrilled to assist you on this venture, and I am delighted to say that you also have the support of Mrs Chanel Foster. We are both at your disposal.

The more pressing matter, however, is that you also have the full support of the resort itself. Please find enclosed the resort’s blessing; it has deemed you deserving of it. On behalf of myself, Mrs Foster, the resort, and F. Fantasy, we wish you every success with your club.

Yours mischievously,

Mrs Jesse Klein

Attached to the bottom of the letter, held neatly in place by several lengths of string, was a key. Large, antique and fashioned of solid metal, it looked like the kind of thing one might use to open a huge treasure chest, or the door to a king’s bedchambers. The barrel was inscribed with two words: Club Fantasy.

Looking up, she admired the lobby fondly, a tear in her eye. She slipped the key into her cleavage.

‘Thank you,’ she said.

Lobby of tropical island resort with wicker chairs and wooden beam ceilings

The following morning everybody gathered in the lobby to say their goodbyes.

It felt rather strange to be leaving in groups given they had all arrived as a unit, however their destinations were no longer uniform, and thus several of the former staff and students of Fitzsimmons’ university departed earlier than the rest, headed for private jets ready to sweep them away to new lives.

Diamond, Mischa and Brock were among the first to leave. Mischa looked exhausted. She wore the same makeup as the night before, only far more smeared, and there were little sticky patches in her hair, as well as a vivid purple mark on her neck. Brock seemed similarly spent, his massive frame somewhat bowed and the usual sexual hunger in his eyes a fraction duller than usual. All the indications were that it had been an impassioned night for the three of them, however Diamond was buzzing with energy. She had already started devising a dozen or more steamy erotic epics she and Brandi might work on together, and she was so eager to begin she hadn’t even bothered dressing beyond the lingerie she’d spent the night in. Fortunately, their jet had been laid on by Brandi herself, so she could dress during the flight.

They were chauffeured to the island’s diminutive airport in Carolina’s limousine. The former jock rode in the back with them, toasting their new lives with expensive champagne, while Harrison guided the vehicle along. Though Carolina’s strident giggles tickled his arousal, Harrison’s mind was elsewhere; at their request, Phoenix had tweaked their reality so that he was no longer simply Carolina’s driver. Now he was her sugar daddy, more than willing to fund her rich bitch lifestyle given her utter infatuation with his big black cock. Their own jet would soar them back to the opulent mansion they shared – and more importantly, silken sheets in which he could fuck her senseless. Better still, Phoenix had also bent the rules a little further, and rather than a personality of the resort Harrison had packed his old life away in his suitcase as well, Harriet’s favourite lingerie now imbued with the magic to transform her back to her old body. Content as she was no longer being the queen bee, and as much as fucking Carolina might now be her favourite pastime, Harriet was still eager to have Carolina as her bitchy bisexual bestie as well as her snow bunny, and she could hardly wait to head out as a slutty duo to hunt down a little debauchery together.

Osa was the only one who left alone. Before she departed, she gave Phoenix an affectionate kiss on the cheek, before pulling Jared into a more passionate embrace, her tongue exploring his mouth. When she pulled away, she cast Phoenix a fiendish wink, before assuring them both that there was always a bed open for them in her manor for them – though she could not guarantee that hers would ever be so empty. Stepping into her own limousine, the saucy socialite was whisked away tapping furiously on her phone, no doubt organising for some hunky gentleman friend or another to meet her upon her arrival home.

Kayden left with a small entourage of lovers. Marcus had packed Mateo away for later use, partially of his own volition, partially because Kayden had told him to do so. Aidra, as ever, was collared, leashed and dressed in an objectifying manner, her tight body accentuated by a bright pink latex catsuit and any complaints she might have had (not that there would have been any, of course) silenced by the rose-shaped gag stuffed between her lips. And along with them went Teanna. Tessa’s week as a gay man had been undeniably erotic, but after much deliberation she had chosen to leave the resort in the body it had first bestowed upon her. Her presence by Kayden’s side was due to the deliciously deviant offer the blonde beauty had presented her: to model for the naughty sex shop she intended to set up. With Aidra, Marcus, Mateo and Teanna to model for her, she had plans to make her mark on the industry, selling everything from hardcore bondage sets to pastel pink roleplay princess dresses. At the beginning of the week Teanna would have considered the offer a bore. But now, infatuated with the sexy attire the resort had shown her and eager to prove there was as much sultry magic in flaunting her hot body wearing regular lingerie as there was in anything within the resort’s wardrobes, it was an opportunity she simply could not pass up.

Two others left shortly after, and they were a most unlikely pairing. Bound for a private jet set on by the Foster brothers, Natalie and Hunter bundled into their car wearing grins that would have put the Cheshire cat to shame. They were both leaving with far more than they arrived with, but for Natalie her new life at Limitless was beyond anything she could ever hoped for. The family she would soon be a part of – albeit profoundly deviant in nature – was something she never thought she would have, and the support of the slew of new friends she had made this week was enough to assure her she would never go unloved ever again. In truth, it was an odd sight seeing her without her passionate pit bull Finn joined to her hip (or rather, sheathed in her ass), however she was bound where he could not go, since Limitless was not a place for mindless men like him. Still, she had an excellent companion in Patrick. The former tomboy had likewise received a letter offering him a modelling role for the studio, which he had snapped up in a heartbeat – although he had already agreed that he’d be living with Osa whenever he wasn’t shooting scenes. Assured they would both be meeting the brothers personally upon landing, as well as their personal vixen Veruca, they were eager to be off. Before their car had even turned the bend, Natalie could be seen bouncing on Patrick’s lap in the back seat.

The remainder of the guests were whisked off in a colossal coach, which was more of towering limousine than anything else. It was the kind of high-tech thing one might have expected a rock band to tour around in, and it was theirs courtesy of Grant Foster.

Perhaps it was unsurprising he had shown such generosity, for he had harvested plenty from the Fitzsimmons’ crop: Asa, Nathan, Riley, Finn, Gracie, Kira and Jade had all agreed to join his team in some capacity or another. By pooling their funds, they intended to buy a penthouse suite more than big enough for them all in the vicinity of one of Grant’s new clubs, under whose employ they would be able to indulge themselves however they desired and be paid for the luxury.

Asa and Nathan’s relationship had transitioned throughout the week from passionate lovers to deviant fuck buddies. Their lust for one another was rampant, however their sordid competition was perhaps even more erotic, since they were now locked in a constant battle over who could acquire the most impressive list of sexual conquests. Employment in Grant’s club would only take their sexual sparring to the next level and as such they had both leapt at the opportunity.

Kira and Jade, meanwhile, had become a closer item, yet no less hedonistic. The terms of their employment stated they only ever came as an item, and only ever to female clients. Such stipulations were hardly restrictive for the strip club mogul – he had an abundance of wealthy women amongst his clientele, all of whom would be eager to either assist Kira in dominating Jade or submitting to the ebony domme alongside her curvy slave. And his wife, Chanel Foster herself, had already presented herself as the first such woman. They had also agreed to perform live lesbian sex shows, which they were assured would make them local sex club royalty within the week, though more importantly it would satisfy Jade’s new desire to be watched and admired in the perfectly naughty new body she had acquired.

Riley, Finn and Gracie had all been snapped up just as quickly. While Limitless may not have had any interest in Finn’s dumb lust, Grant most certainly did, for Finn was sure to go down well with his female clients who preferred tireless stamina and raw sexual prowess over dirty conversation.

Riley’s natural sluttiness attracted her to the position immediately, the promise of a perpetual stream of hot, hung studs and soft, sultry harlots willing to pay for access to her body as much a fantasy made reality as her new body was; Grant only catered to the sexiest clients, and she could hardly wait to sink her claws into them all. She relished the stripper persona the resort had carved out for her, and while her big-cocked sugar daddy Grey was no longer in the picture, she was certain Grant would be more than willing to step in and take his place.

Gracie, meanwhile, had opted to leave as herself, ensuring she could still enjoy the inimitable ecstasy of a cock in her pussy any time she pleased. Even so, her favourite trans body from the week – a voluptuous, innocent-eyed stunner as whom she went by the name Daisy – was packed neatly in her luggage, ready for her to slip into whenever the whim took her or if Grant needed a trans beauty to man his pole either on stage or in his underwear.

Grant’s new employees weren’t the only ones who had decided to move in together either; a house of lascivious lesbians had also taken shape.

Karlee and Jane had played by the rules and opted to leave in the personas the resort had fashioned for them. The two girls scampered up the steps into the bus giggling together, Karlee’s hand squeezing Jane’s plump ass. Even so, all the while Jane ground her rump against Karlee’s grasp her eye lingered over Finn’s broad chest, highlighting that not quite everyone in their group was solely interested in women.  

As Ana stuffed her luggage into the undercarriage of the coach, however, Phoenix noticed something illicit sticking from one of the pockets: a luxurious purple bra many cup sizes too large for the athletic ebony. It was hardly difficult to deduce that Ana had disobeyed the house rules by both leaving in her new body and simultaneously packing away the hot MILF she knew affected Karlee so intensely, but Phoenix let it slide. For one thing, she herself was permitting Jared to do the same, so letting one other guest do the same was harmless enough. More importantly, however, she could only imagine the look on Karlee’s face when Ana stalked in one night wearing her stolen body. She only hoped she was there to witness it first-hand.

Patrick’s presence was not much of a contradiction to the lesbian nature of the group, for he had Paige safely tucked away, her hot, bodacious body sure to see plenty of use, particularly whenever Nathan came to town. But his friends had urged him to make sure he didn’t don her permanently just because he wanted to fit in. Instead they wanted him to be himself, whatever that meant, and by packing Paige he had both lives available to him. They were eager to be his wingwomen, to help mould and guide him so that he might enjoy all the pleasure he had so far missed out on as a man, but of course, if that didn’t turn out as he hoped, Paige was always waiting for him.  

Lucia and Tammy rounded out the sextuple. Both women had agreed that while the resort had shown them all they could be, what they wanted more than anything else was to explore their new relationship without any magical influence. They could see now that their friendship had endured for so long as a result of the unspoken love they shared, and now they intended to make sure that love was unearthed in the bodies they had nurtured it in. That was not to say they had any intention of forgetting their time at the resort though: both Lana and Tori were packed in their form of their matching lingerie. What was more, all four personalities would still see plenty of action, for the star-crossed couple already had plans to set themselves up on every erotic subscription service they could find, and both their original and resort personas would soon be fucking online for their adoring fans to see. Additionally, being part of the lesbian house, their videos were sure to include plenty of special guests as well.

The final ones to board the coach were the two truly romantic couples.

Stoya and Jake ascended the stairs with his arm looped about her waist and her head rested on his shoulder. They were as in love as any man and woman had ever been, if not more so, and as they retreated to the back of the bus through a set of curtains into a quieter area to kiss softly and intimately they wore blithe, carefree smiles. Their letters had filled them with joy. Stoya’s revived passion for life had been rewarded by a role teaching nuru massages, which she had taken up during the week with Jake, and ensured she could continue her lifelong calling to teach in a manner more appropriate to her newly sensual life. Meanwhile, Jake had landed a role as a yoga instructor, seamlessly combining his fitness interests with the opportunity to help others, and perhaps even bring in other lovers to join his and Stoya’s passion from time to time.

Behind them, Sean and Ben looked similarly entranced by one another. They had spent most of the morning excitedly telling Phoenix all about the new place they had bought together. Compared to the mansions and penthouses some of their peers enjoyed it wasn’t much – a simple flat halfway up an apartment block – but it was spacious, and modern, and theirs. Better yet, it was right at the heart of the city’s gay village, so they would have plenty of opportunities to involve themselves in the community, whether in the form clubbing, cruising, or something more salacious. After all, Grant owned a men’s only gay club not too far away, and by all reports it rivalled the reputation of his most erotic multi-gender locations.

Once they were all aboard, that left only Phoenix and Jared.

They weren’t quite the romantics that Stoya, Jake, Ben and Sean were, but neither were they as blatantly hedonistic as Kayden and Marcus, or Natalie and whichever man she could get her hands on.

As they stood alone, admiring the bright lobby, they held one another lovingly. But when Jared took her by the shoulders and pulled her close there was lust roaring through his eyes. Her lips feathered against his, her sumptuous body pressed so hard to his chest he could feel the studs of her erect nipples.

‘You ready for this?’ he asked. ‘You ready to go live this life?’

Phoenix shuddered at the thought, arousal pinching her nape. ‘I think so,’ she breathed.

He raised an eyebrow. ‘You think so? You don’t sound very sure.’

She realised then that was the old her talking. The nervous bookworm who would have cowered away from such a momentous shift. She wasn’t that girl anymore. When she spoke again, the nerves were gone from her voice and the deviant glimmer he knew so well filled her eyes. ‘So long as you’re by my side, I’m ready for anything.’

‘That’s more like it,’ he grinned. He ran his fingers over the heavy iron key she wore on a chain around her neck. The power it held thrilled through her – a fraction of the resort’s full magic, but potent and orgasmic all the same. ‘You’re so worthy of this. The resort couldn’t have chosen a more perfect woman to take its magic out into the world. You’re the queen I’ve always known you were, and now everybody is going to see you how I do.’

Now it was Phoenix’s turn to lift a brow. ‘You mean from beneath, while I sit on their face?’

Jared’s expression was wicked. ‘Is there any other way to see you?’

Phoenix laughed. ‘I suppose not.’

An ecstatic cry reached them from the bus, and when they turned to look they could see a pair of tits and two scrabbling hands pressed against one of the tinted windows.

‘It sounds like you should get in there and establish a bit of order.’

Phoenix’s lips curled into a sordid smirk. ‘Nah. I was thinking of sowing a little chaos.’ And with that, she stormed up the steps dragging her lover behind her, eager to start her new life with one final fuck before they left the island…

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I also want to thank Mara Mischief. As I’ve mentioned before, this series is a sequel to/is sent in the same universe as Lake Fantasy, and that in itself is also set in the same universe as Mara’s Mischief Manor story. Her story was what inspired all of these stories and without her neither Lake Fantasy nor Fantasy Resort would exist at all. If you’re reading my work you probably already know about hers since she’s been in this community significantly longer than me, but either way just go and support her because she absolutely awesome.

Massive thanks have to go to all the models I used in this series too, of course. Every chapter was written specifically to showcase a specific model and those models consistently inspire me to write the best content I possibly can to try and do them proud. I know they’ll never read this, but I am eternally grateful to them for the content they produce, and if even one person is introduced to a model they didn’t know about before because of this series I consider that worth the effort.

Eagle-eyed reader may have noticed that I dropped hints as to other models I’d like to introduce into the series as well moving forwards. I won’t spoil who, but I’m sure there will plenty more models showing up in future instalments and I will continue to write occasional standalone entries and crossovers using the characters already introduced in both series’, so be sure to keep your eye out for those.

On that note, I have also used the epilogue to lay the groundwork for how I will be continuing this universe moving forward. While I deeply enjoyed writing both Lake Fantasy and Fantasy Resort, it has become apparent to me that they are far bigger projects than I can feasibly continue to work on on a yearly basis. I mean I’ve spent so long working on this series I’ve barely written anything else for the past year outside of seasonal Halloween, Christmas and Gaypril themed stories. So I won’t be doing another project next year, at least not of such scale. Perhaps I might do a much smaller scale piece – like, half a dozen characters as opposed to thirty plus level small – or maybe a few standalone stories set in this universe following existing characters, but I definitely won’t be writing a full series like this.

However, I still wanted a way of continuing to showcase the work of new models in this universe without needing to write a full series of stories, and that’s where Club Fantasy comes in. Club Fantasy will allow me to continue to write these stories without the need to include dozens of characters or creating big interwoven narratives, as well as allowing me to involve existing characters in stories too since I’m sure Phoenix would be more than willing to give them VIP access to her magic club. Club Fantasy stories won’t be regular releases or anything like that, but you can expect them from time to time and I already have some ideas I’m very excited to write up, so make sure you don’t miss them.

And at this point there is just one more thing to say, and that is thank you to all of you. Thank you for reading, thank you for supporting me, and thank you for visiting Fantasy Resort. I hope to see you here again soon.

J x



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