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Onto her second bottle of red and with her insides twisting with regret, Carrie’s teary eyes  were fixated on the glossy polaroids laid on the table. A younger version of herself smiled back out at her from the past, her carefree happiness leaving a sour taste in older Carrie’s mouth: she’d never once been that happy in the years since. Seeing what she’d once had was like a stab to the gut.

Hoping to dull the pain, she took a long swig straight from the bottle.

Oddly enough, over the years she had almost forgotten that night. But memories have a funny way of resurfacing when you least expect it, and as the new year approached it was as if something subconscious had triggered and bought it all rushing back. And now the night had finally arrived: New Year’s Eve. Ten years later.

‘What was I thinking?’

Alone in her house, there was nobody to answer.

Despite how long it had been since dwelling on them, the memories were still crystal clear.

She could remember Rico walking in with his roguish swagger, camera in hand. ‘You know I’ve never understood why people pay millions for boring old paintings or dusty sculptures when there are works of art like you just begging to be admired.’

Carrie could only vaguely recall why she was in the kitchen in just her panties and a stolen hoodie – something to do with a naked dip in the jacuzzi after which she hadn’t bothered to properly redress – but the thrill of Rico’s eyes on her legs and ass made her glad she’d skipped the rest of her clothes.

Snapping shots of her as he approached, he’d grinned as she thrust her rump out and smiled over her shoulder at him. ‘Oh yes, who needs a gallery when Carrie’s ass is on display?’

‘If you’re an ass man, I guess you won’t have any interest in these, will you?’

Rico nearly dropped the camera when she turned to reveal her bare tits – hence why the photo now lying before her was significantly blurrier than the others. His surprise drew a satisfied smile over Carrie’s face as she’d sensed the atmosphere shift from flirtatious to horny. She had no idea how many drinks in she was, only that her inhibitions had checked out some hours before.

Carrie’s stomach had swirled with butterflies. She’d been eyeing Rico up ever since arriving at the party. In truth, she didn’t even know whose party it was – the invite had come through a friend of a friend of a friend – but despite the packed rooms, Rico had immediately caught her eye. He wasn’t the hunkiest guy there, but he had an enticing charm she couldn’t resist and she had spent most of the night flirting with him.

Still, when the party had died down and everyone had either staggered home or headed upstairs to sleep or fuck, Carrie thought Rico had left.

Yet now he was here hungrily eyeing her nubile body – and there was nobody around to interrupt them.

From that point on, Carrie’s memories of the night rapidly dwindled; she recalled the rush of ecstasy when Rico’s hands first pulled her against him, the hot thrill of his bare skin rubbing over hers, the taste of his moans as they kissed for the first time, but beyond that there was only a blur of passionate pleasure.

When her memories picked up again she was outside, walking away from the party house having slipped out when Rico was distracted. She could recall herself smiling, imagining she was being playful and mysterious: the beautiful girl he’d dream of, wishing he could relive their night of passion.

In the end though it was Carrie whose dreams were never quite the same afterwards.

Scrunching her eyes closed, she slumped back amongst the cushions of the sofa. ‘Why?’ she asked the empty room. ‘Why didn’t I just stay there? What was I thinking giving up someone like him?’ She felt the tears welling again, threatening to spill over as her pretty face twisted with pained regret.

When she spoke again her voice was so quiet even she could barely hear it; the hushed voice of a woman admitting her most vulnerable desire. ‘I wish I’d never walked out that door.’

Carrie was too wrapped up in her thoughts to sense the subtle tingle in the air as the words left her lips. The gentle, invigorating ripple as something like magic washed over her.

However, like footprints in the sand erased by the tide, her grief was swept away by the wave, leaving her blissfully calm. And with her mind clear Carrie slowly realised something was very, very different.

For one thing, the cushions beneath her felt different, plush diamonds replaced by a soft cylinder propping up her head. For another, the room was warmer, the air laced with notes of floral perfume and crisp aftershave.

But most noticeable of all was the fact that she was utterly naked. The sofa’s material was soft against her back and ass, the warm air brushed over her bare breasts, and her exposed pussy tingled as if giddy to be out of her panties. Only a pair of heels and a bracelet were left on her person, neither of which she had been wearing before.

Then, before she could open her eyes, a firm hand folded her legs up so her knees were beside her shoulders and an even firmer dick slid into her flushed sex.

Carrie’s groan escaped her lips before she could stop it.

Sensual pleasure swirled through her as the mystery man invaded her, blending with the buzz of the alcohol infused into her blood. Yet although moments before the booze had only added to her grief, now it fuelled her desire. Without thinking she slid one hand down to toy with her clit as her lover started to thrust, basking in the ecstasy.

Only then did she open her eyes. When she did she gave a sob of disbelieving delight.


The handsome stud beamed down at her, his hips rolling in a slow rhythm as he did so. ‘Last time I checked,’ he chuckled. ‘Hey, baby, has anyone ever told you how painfully hot you are?’

Her body a mess of emotions, Carrie wasn’t sure whether to moan or cry. ‘No… not for a long time,’ she added, remembering how he had said the same to her ten years before.

Ten years which had somehow rewound, dropping her back into Rico’s arms. Her gut instinct was to assume it was a dream, but as he drove into her slick pussy and flooded her insides with blissful pleasure that assumption quickly faded. In all her years of dreaming about this night nothing had ever been so vivid, almost as if her brain was trying to dull the memories in the hopes of softening her grief.

No, this was real. Every thrust was an injection of lust no dream or memory could replicate, and the air was thick with the kind of arousal only true passion could produce.

Carrie didn’t know how, but by some miracle she was here again. Rico was hers once more. And as her brow furrowed with pleasure she allowed arousal to wash away everything else and basked in the bliss of their sensuality.

‘Oh yeah,’ Rico breathed, tilting his head back and closing his eyes.

‘No,’ Carrie said. ‘Look at me, baby. I don’t want to go a second without seeing your face.’

‘Not even so I can take you from behind?’

Carrie squirmed inwardly as he cast her a mischievous wink. The memories of this night might have been hazy before, but now they were she was reliving it brief snippets were coming back to her – enough to remind her how good it felt having him fuck her doggystyle.

An equally sordid smirk crept over her lips. ‘Well, when you put it like that…’

The sound Carrie made when Rico slid into her wasn’t so much a groan as it was a burst of concentrated euphoria. Clutching tighter to the wooden sofa back, she spread her knees as wide as they could go without slipping off the golden pouffe. Her reward was an extra inch of Rico’s perfect cock.

‘Oh god yes, you feel so good in me. Don’t stop. Take me, baby. Make me yours.’ She tried to face him, but each thrust left her shaking with pleasure and she didn’t have the strength to twist around far enough.

‘Just you try and stop me,’ Rico replied, a gruff edge to his tone as he continued to thrust. ‘I’ve been waiting all night for this. The second I laid eyes on you I wanted you, but there were so many people around I couldn’t get you alone. When everyone started to leave I thought you’d gone too. You’ve no idea how fucking horny it made me when I found you in the kitchen by yourself.’

Carrie’s eyes rolled, the thought that she’d been in his fantasies for so long flipping her stomach. ‘Ditto, baby. All night I’ve had dumb jocks and arrogant pricks hitting on me with sleazy lines. But all I saw was you. Now give me that cock until I can’t think straight.’

Rico didn’t need telling twice.

Gleefully accepting the pleasure throbbing through her body, Carrie allowed her man to pound her with increasing force. Soon the clap of their colliding flesh ricocheted off the marble walls so loud she had no doubt it could be heard all throughout the house – though even those sharp slaps were easily drowned out by their sinful cries.

As she basked in the ecstasy, Carrie realised it wasn’t just her memories that had come back: her youth had been restored too. At first she had assumed the time shift had simply dropped her back in place of her younger self, but now she knew better. Her tight, nubile, twenty-something body was fuelled by a hedonistic energy her older self couldn’t have maintained, and every inch of her figure felt tighter, from her lean legs to her pretty face to her sumptuously soft ass.

And to her delight, nowhere was tighter than her hot, wet pussy – though Rico seemed to be on a mission to change that, stretching her wide with every plunging thrust.

Around them, the room was littered with party mess: empty champagne bottles, used paper plates, streamers in silver and gold and black and white hanging from furniture and light fittings. In one corner a quartet of gleaming gold balloons arranged to form ‘2014’ acted as a constant reminder that Carrie really had jumped back by a decade. Meanwhile, various discarded clothes suggested they weren’t the only ones who’d scored tonight: a red lace bra draped over a chair back; a pair of stockings dangled from an ornamental gold tree overhanging the table; an entire cocktail dress sprawled across the opposite sofa.

But whoever they belonged to were too busy with their own passion to bother investigating the moans coming from downstairs.

Eventually, the time-crossed lovers found themselves back on the sofa.

Rico leaned over her, one hand gripping the sofa back and the other groping her plush tits. One of her legs was folded back onto her chest, the foot jutting up over his shoulder and bobbing about wildly above them. He kissed her as they fucked, both actions slow and deep and sensual, their tongues coiling together as they fed on one another’s groans.

Urging one another on with filthy words as they both became progressively more animalistic, it was only a matter of time before the pleasure peaked.

When Rico’s cock began to twitch within her, Carrie was suddenly possessed by a slutty urge to taste his seed. Pushing him up and sliding free of his cock, she ignored his expression of rejection and dived down to wrap his shaft between her lips a heartbeat before his cumshot broke free.

Rico roared with orgasmic release as he unloaded into her mouth, his hips bucking involuntarily to drive himself deep down her throat. Flooded with lust as she was, Carrie’s eyes rolled as his cum splashed over her tongue and cheeks and palate; the sultry voice of her inner slut congratulated her on how deliciously naughty she was.

When Rico finally sat back they were both panting with exertion.

‘You don’t know how long I’ve waited for that,’ Carrie said at last.

Rico raised an eyebrow, his broad chest heaving. ‘You only met me tonight.’

Carrie simply smiled, savouring the ribbons of cum still strung across her tongue and teeth.

‘Tell you what, since you’re so energetic I’ll go see if there’s a bedroom free.’ He paused, listening to the moans drifting from upstairs, finally audible again in the absence of their own vocal pleasure. ‘Or, you know, somewhere more private, at least,’ he corrected, pulling on his boxers and trousers.

In that moment, it hit her. This was why she was here. Rico had gone off looking for a private space last time too. She never knew if he found one though – she’d left before he ever got back.

Now the past was literally repeating itself and Carrie sensed the choice looming over her again. Her clothes were close to hand; she could see the front door from her spot on the sofa; it would only take a moment to slip away.

Or she could stay.  

Her own words echoed in her head: I wish I’d never walked out that door.

Rico was on his feet, his trousers crumpled from sitting in a heap. He hadn’t bothered putting his shirt back on.

‘Stay there, gorgeous. I won’t be long.’

Carrie watched him leave, idly playing with a rope of cum tangled over her hand. Sticking out her tongue she let it slide from her fingers and down into her mouth, welcoming the taste. Swallowing it with a smile, she closed her eyes and allowed fantasies of their sordid, sensual future together to take shape.

‘Don’t worry, my love. I’m not going anywhere…’

Thanks for reading!

Happy New Year!

Whether you’re reading this when it initially releases or further down the line, I sincerely hope your 2023 was a great year and that 2024 treats you even better!

For a story that contains very little in the way of physical transformation, I was surprised how much fun this was to write. Truthfully it can sometimes feel like I’ve described transformations the same way hundred of times and so coming up with new ways to do so can make the writing process drag for some stories. That’s why pieces like these are always a breath of fresh air to me, and though they’ll never become the main content of my blog I will also always come back to them from time to time. Besides, when I found this gallery, the very clear connection to 2014 shown by the balloons just screamed time travel to me and it made so much more sense in my mind to have Carrie return to a point in her own life than to try and come up with some convoluted possession/mind swap angle.

As I always do this time of year, I’ll be taking January off from releases. It’s only a short hiatus and I will surely be writing more stories in the meantime, but this just gives me time to slow down and relax without worrying about keeping up with my schedule. Rest assured though I already have new stories written up for February as well as plenty of ideas for new content in the coming months.

All that’s left to say is a genuine thank you for all your support throughout 2023. Like every writer I get a special buzz knowing there are people out there enjoying my work, and I hope you’ll continue to come back and support my smutty stories this year too.

For now, I wish you all a happy 2024. See you in February!

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