Shadowing Mr. Ridge as he marched through the corridors, Jaimie did not bother to conceal her smirk knowing it would only irritate him to see her so indifferent to her punishment. Her suspicions were confirmed on the rare occasions he chose to peer back at her, clenching his fists and turning away with a furious huff when he caught sight of her amused lips. He looked so tense it was

Hearing the notification on his phone, Mr. Johnson stood up and mopped his sweaty brow with the back of his forearm. Taking a moment to catch his breath he surveyed the room as he crossed to the table his phone was charging on: just a few more finishing touches and it would be perfect. All the furniture was in position and after the tireless work he had put into the

Head hung low, shoulders hunched, Carter marched home through the chilly, misty night largely ignoring the city around him. In fairness, there was little to notice: a few late commuters, the occasional car passing by kicking up spray from the wet road, and the odd flicker from one of the countless neon signs hanging overhead or dangling in shop windows dictating that near enough everywhere was closed for the night.

Leaping out from his hiding spot just as the figure laid the eggs down on his kitchen worktop, Jason cried out victoriously. ‘Aha! Caught in the act! I’ve got you now.’ With a sigh that seemed equally as weary as it was frustrated, the towering figure turned to face him. The Easter Bunny dwarfed even Jason’s large frame, his tall grey ears brushing the ceiling and a physique so broad

The steam in the empty sauna swirled around the two muscular men as one went down on the other. The man leaning back on the smooth wooden bench closed his eyes and tilted back his head, allowing a low groan to ease from his lips. Perspiration trickled down his torso, slipping between his rigid abs in little rivulets that descended towards the site where intense pleasure was blossoming. Positioned on

It had been months since the Great Shift and for the first time since then everything was starting to make sense again. With the New Year upon them, most of society had more or less come to decide to cut their losses. Of course there was still a lot to work out and it was going to take years for things to truly settle down, however with increased understanding of

‘Good morning, little boy,’ Mrs. Johnson smiled as Craig opened his eyes. She was laid out on the end of his pristine white bedsheets with a hungry look in her eye. Her pink stockings clung tightly to her slender legs, and she was wearing one of Mr. Johnson’s shirts – although to say she was wearing it might have been overstating it a little; it hung open to reveal her

Ian had always thought of himself as a hard-working man, and by all accounts he was correct in his analysis. Working six days per week with hours that would have made even the most earnest of managers weep, the only thing that kept him going was the money. And there was a lot of it. In one month he could make what took most people a year, and he was

For all the technology and science that humanity strove to develop, it was in fact the advancements in sexual technologies and sciences that drove the human race to the state of peace, prosperity and utopia that had for millennia seemed unobtainable. Through extensive work, the nature of humanity to crave after sexual intimacy was taken as the unifying factor across every corner of the species, and once this unification was

The sound of the front door opening and closing sent Craig into overdrive. Every memory of Mr. Johnson seemed to jostle for position in his mind, though he was viewing them in an entirely new light. Instead of imagining his muscular arms wrapped around Mrs. Johnson beneath their covers, he was focused on what they might feel like around his chest; instead of thinking about his chiselled features glowering down