Don’t Knock It Until You Try It

‘Just try and think of it as a fresh start,’ said Katie, sweeping her dark hair back from her face. ‘I mean from what you’ve told me about who you were before, this certainly sounds like an improvement.’

‘But isn’t this weird to you?’ she asked, still unable to look directly at the girl who was now her roommate. ‘I mean don’t you miss the old Faye?’

Katie shrugged. ‘Not really, to be honest. Faye was always so serious and grumpy. She was such a buzzkill since she got her job working for that big IT firm. Sure, we used to be really close but before you turned up I just felt like her squatter. Tell you the truth, I hope she got Shifted into some ugly fat dude or something. Might teach her a lesson.’

It had been only two weeks since what people were calling the Great Shift and the world was still in complete turmoil. Nobody seemed to know how or why, but by most estimates eighty percent of the human population over the age of eighteen had been suddenly dumped into somebody else’s body. There seemed to be no definable trend in who Shifted into who, no known catalyst for the event, nor was there any idea if or how the shift might be reversed. Based on most initial studies, however, it seemed unlikely.

For the most part Shift victims seemed to have jumped in a local vicinity – brothers to sisters, neighbours to neighbours, teachers to students – though this was far from an unyielding rule. Every day the news stations that still ran were awash with horror stories: Teenager Shifted into body of man on deathbed; Shifted man returns home to find wife Shifted into biker body; American Shift victim wakes up in body of Congo tribeswoman. As far as things went, Faye knew she had got off relatively lucky. After all a young, beautiful woman with a friendly roommate was not the worst person she could have shifted into, especially given that before the Shift she had been a middle-aged single man. Her job had been soul-consuming, her sex-life had been non-existent and she had spent the last ten years alone after her wife had divorced her for a fit, young thing. She had landed in the same country too; a few thousand miles away, sure, but at least she wasn’t stuck in a country where nobody understood a word she said.

She knew that her family would be worried about her but at the same time she didn’t really want to go home. Society as a whole was reeling from the Shift, and hundreds of thousands of companies had closed their doors until the situation was bought under control given that half of their staff no longer had any idea how to do their job. If she went home one way or another she knew she’d end up shoe-horned into the same life just with a different body. As much as she’d only known Faye’s roommate for the better part of a fortnight, she couldn’t deny the woman was right: this was a fresh start.

It didn’t take a genius to work out that even when the proverbial dust had settled, the Great Shift would still result in millions of the Shifted missing from their families as a result. What was one more name on that list?

That wasn’t to say suddenly finding himself in a new body of the opposite sex had been plain sailing. She felt somehow voyeuristic whenever she had to use the toilet, shower, undress or expose herself for any other reason; the memories of her former body and what it had felt like were persistent, conflicting with what her senses were telling her she looked like thereby resulting in sensations akin to what she imagined a phantom limb might feel like; not to mention her first period as a woman had been quite the eye-opener.

Nevertheless, she could not deny there were unexpected perks. The tingling in her groin when she noticed an attractive man or woman was not something she had anticipated, nor was the warm sensation in the pit of her stomach when she was admired in return. She supposed her new body and original persona were clashing in some ways: as a man, she had always been attracted to women, but the body she now occupied had belonged to an owner staunchly attracted to men. Certainly, early studies she had seen on the news suggested that echoes of original personality traits – especially sexual attractions, fetishes and fantasies – could remain in the body after a new personality had taken hold. It seemed now she was bisexual and to her surprise she had absolutely no issue coming to terms with that.

If it hadn’t been for Katie, Faye didn’t know how she would have coped. The young woman had been nothing besides understanding and supportive, and she could not quite believe she had been lucky enough to land in the body of a woman whose friend had not completely freaked out when the woman she knew had been lost. Sure, it had been a shock, but Katie had been far more caring than Faye could ever have hoped for. She’d insisted the two of them remain roommates.

‘Look, I know this is probably weird for you to hear, but truth be told I kind of like this Faye better than the old one.’


Katie nodded earnestly. ‘Like I said, before she got Shifted Faye was always so draining. All she ever talked about was that dumb job of hers and she’d always look down her nose at me just because I was different to her. She’s not been the girl I first made friends with for a long time now.

‘But now you’re here and I feel like you actually fucking care, you know? I mean you listen, you laugh at my jokes, you don’t mind just chilling out and talking nonsense. I get this is all new to you and I can’t imagine what you’re going through, but for what it is worth I think you’re pretty damn cool.’

‘Thanks.’ She smiled briefly before it sank into a frown.

‘What’s wrong?’

Faye glanced down in embarrassment. ‘It’s just… I still feel like a stranger in my own body. There’s so much I don’t know. And I keep getting… well… horny…’

A smile played across Katie’s lips and she edged closer to her roommate. ‘You know there are plenty of ways to fix that.’

‘I know, it’s just I feel so wrong even thinking about anything sexual in this body, let alone you know… doing things.’

Suddenly Katie was right beside her. No more than a few centimetres separated them. Faye could feel the warmth of Katie’s body close to her and it set the hairs of her nape tingling. There was a strange look in Katie’s eye, something between relief and desire, and it sent shivers up Faye’s spine. Without knowing why she began to breathe a little deeper, sensing something different in the atmosphere between them.

‘You know,’ said Katie, pulling back a stray strand of hair, ‘there is another reason I prefer you to the old Faye. See, she was straight as a ruler. Never even entertained the idea of spending any romantic time with a woman. The problem was I always had this massive crush on her and I could never do anything about it. But now she’s gone, and you’re her, and I was hoping I might help you do those things you’re apprehensive about.’

Faye’s mind tumbled with confusion. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore. All she knew was that there was a beautiful woman offering her release and she was completely unable to decide what she should do about it. ‘No… yes… I… I’m not sure.’

Katie’s smiled widened. ‘Tell you what, how about we take things slow and if you want us to stop you just say so?’

Not daring to let herself speak, Faye nodded briefly. Katie’s hands were on her then, softly tracing the curves of her body and gradually sliding toward more sensitive areas. Katie turned her gently until Faye was lying on her chest, before easing one leg up onto the seat. As she did so Faye’s dress rode up to reveal an absence of underwear.

‘I kept getting wet wearing her underwear,’ she blushed.

‘Don’t worry, I don’t have any on either,’ came the whispered reply.

Faye shivered with arousal at the thought of Katie’s bare pussy so tantalisingly close. She tilted her head back as Katie’s hand briefly roved up to her throat and lingered there. Her fingers were soft and tender. She was handling Faye like a delicate object or a valuable possession: it was so hot. She could feel her sex dampen as Katie continued to feel her body.

Taking Faye’s hand Katie guided it to her exposed lips and easily found her clit. Faye gasped involuntarily and shuddered in response to the sparks of pleasure that crackled through her body as her finger brushed the sensitive nub. Even the briefest of touches was like an explosion of desire.

‘Rub,’ whispered Katie.

Faye did not need telling a second time. Rubbing her clit softly she groaned deep as her loins burned with pleasure, the waves of hot, erotic desire pulsing through her body. She felt as though she might burst with it, but she could not stop. It was more intense than anything she had ever experienced in her male form, even when she had been young and promiscuous. The pleasure was deeper, more intense, coursing through her very soul. She couldn’t get enough of it.

Her moans soon grew more frequent until she settled into an almost perpetual groan she could not break off. Within seconds her fingers were with slick with her own juices and she found herself wondering what it might be like to lick them clean. She had no doubt she’d learn eventually but at that moment she could not have torn them away from her pussy if she had tried. Hooking her spare hand under her knee she spread herself wider and felt her whole body shake as new waves of passion crashed through her.

All at once she felt a new sensation split her chest, sharper but no less desirable. It took her a moment to realise Katie had pulled down her dress to release one of her breasts. Pressing down on the exposed nipple with one finger she jiggled the soft tit and sent Faye racing to the precipice of orgasm. Her other hand cupped Faye’s remaining breast and the feeling of being groped only drove her more wild.

Brunette woman plays with breasts of masturbating ginger woman

‘Holy fuck.’ Her first female orgasm felt as though somebody had contained a tempest of passion inside her and the dam had just given way. Cascading through her like a roaring waterfall it burned every part of her with lustful flame. She arced her back and rubbed ever harder until she collapsed into Katie’s arms breathlessly.

Her roommate leaned down and kissed her forehead tenderly. ‘I’m going to assume you don’t want to stop?’

Faye shook her head as she panted.

‘Didn’t think so. I’m so glad Faye got shifted. You’re so much hotter than her. Listen, I think we had better head inside. I don’t think our neighbours will appreciate the view of what we’re about to do to one another…’

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All I’ll say on this is that the masturbating model is the perfect Faye Reagan. I’ve used her to support my work before and absolutely will again, and her PornHub profile is here: She is absolutely incredible and is one of my personal favourite models so I highly recommend checking out her work. Unfortunately I don’t know what scene this image is from, nor who the other model is, but if anybody knows leave it in a comment and I’ll link them.

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