The Book: Wishful Thinking

Redhead in mesh top, short skirt and thigh high socks poses on bed

Tilting her head to one side as the door opened, Hayley tried to look sexy. Fingers tangled in her hair, she spread her legs just enough for the plaid shirt to ride up and give a peek at her lacey underwear.

‘Hey babe,’ she purred as Will caught sight of her, ‘how do you like my new outfit?’ Her voice dripped with youthful innocence and for one brief, glorious moment she thought she had finally struck gold. Will’s eyebrows rose and there was a flash in his eyes she took to be attraction. Her heart fluttered… then came crashing down.

The raised brows were followed by eyes bulging with surprise and an expression of shock settled over his face. Not good shock either; not the potent shock that finishes the night with tangled bedsheets and breathless panting. It was the shock of an unwanted advance which was succeeded almost immediately by an exhausted look.

‘I’m sorry babe,’ Will sighed, ‘I just… I’m really tired and I’ve had such a long week. I was actually just about to have a nap. I’m just not really with it right now. Maybe later on?’

Huffing, Hayley stood up and stormed past him. ‘Fine,’ she hissed, stomping away. After a quick change of clothes, she was at the front door and shouting that she was going shopping. Will must have already fallen asleep, as no answer came, and she slammed the door behind her.

Hayley no longer knew what to do. Was it something about her that was putting Will off? They had been in love so long she barely remembered what life was like without him, but these days she was being re-educated. It was like he wasn’t even there anymore.

They had first become a couple in secondary school, but things had only grown serious after graduating university. They’d saved up, found their own little place, adopted a cat, bought their first car, managed to afford a couple holidays – nothing special to the casual onlooker, but to them each small thing had felt like a huge victory. Each day they had tumbled deeper in love together and it had felt as though nothing could stop them.

Then things had become difficult when the small IT firm Will had been working for had gone bankrupt. The only job he had been able to find nearby was a lousy warehouse job that kept him out of the house practically all hours of the day. His shifts were all over the place and now Hayley saw more of her bus driver than she did her partner.

Days like today, when they both had time off, were few and far between and almost invariably weekends, but Hayley tried her best to keep their relationship exciting. Thanks to Will’s new job, their sex life – once vibrant and passionate – had dried up completely, though that had not stopped Hayley trying.

Now though, she was out of ideas. From schoolgirl outfits to sexting, she had tried everything she could come up with to revive the passion but Will was no longer in a state to satisfy her. He was practically a zombie, shuffling around the house vacantly, and any chance he got he was catching up on lost sleep.

She knew, of course, it wasn’t his fault. After all, without Will’s income they would surely have to move back in with their parents. But what was the point of keeping their relationship under one roof if there was less and less relationship to bother about? These days she felt more like his roommate than his fiancée and it broke her heart to watch the man she loved slowly ebb away. She knew she shouldn’t be mad at him, and in truth she wasn’t – she was mad at their situation – but she couldn’t help snapping more sharply with each fresh rejection.

Still, Hayley loved Will dearly. She was not the type of girl to find satisfaction elsewhere. More than anything she wanted their love to find its way back to where it had once been. The issue was, right now, her well of ideas on how to fix their flagging bond had run dry.

Fortunately, she knew just how to take her mind off things.

View through bookshop window from cobbled street in evening

Mid-winter as it was, it was already growing dark by the time Hayley reached the old bookstore. In the low light it looked inviting, the warm glow of its lights washing over the cold cobbles. She had always loved to read and had been coming to this same pokey bookstore since she was a little girl using her pocket money to build up her collection. She still had most of the books she’d bought back then lined up on her heavily laden bookshelf.

The young woman behind the counter knew Hayley well, the granddaughter of the now retired old lady who had owned it in Hayley’s youth. She greeted Hayley warmly as she entered. Promptly, Hayley began to peruse the packed shelves.

If she had been asked to list all the words which sprang to mind when she thought of the bookshop, tidy would not have been on it. The shelves rose from floor to ceiling and, even with every available slot full, there were still more books everywhere she turned: spread out over tables and stands, stacked at the foot of shelves, on and under low benches or stuffed in racks lining the rare expanses of wall. It looked as though the building itself was made from them, the only visible break in the mayhem being the tattered ceiling with its peeling paint.

Old bookstore packed with books from floor to ceiling

The new owner was trying her best to get everything organised but it was a mammoth task. Her grandmother had somehow managed to operate the place without much in the way of a filing system, meaning she was left trying to build up a catalogue of everything in the store and organise them as best she could.

Hayley hoped the place kept its appeal once she was finished. The very lack of organisation was what she found so intriguing, never knowing what hidden gem she might find on her next visit.

Towards the back of the store there was a cluster of small armchairs set out for patrons to take a break and have a read of the books they were thinking of buying. With a trio of intriguing titles to skim through, Hayley dumped herself down into her favourite of the chairs – a low, plush thing – and slipped her bag down beside it.

Absorbed in her books, she failed to notice the leather-bound book topple from one of the lower shelves into her open bag. For a book of such size, it made peculiarly little noise as it fell. Moreover, having decided on buying two of the three books, when she scooped up her bag it weighed no more than it had done when she placed it down.

In fact, it was not until she had arrived home and was adding the new books to her collection that she found the ancient tome nestled at the bottom of her bag. Despite the lack of weight carrying it home it was distinctly heavy as she heaved it from her bag onto the bed.

Book of spells and potions with many hand-written notes and diagrams across the pages

It was far from new, with a tattered leather cover decorated with the distinctive cracks of old age.

Opening it, her confusion only deepened. It was a Frankenstein’s monster of a book, cobbled together from parchment as old as the book covered in hand-scribbled notes, to typewriter sheets, to seemingly freshly printed pages typed out on a modern computer. Just like the bookshop there was no organisation to it, the differing pages slotted in amongst one another like some strange literary puzzle. Complete with indecipherable symbols and diagrams scrawled in the margins it was perhaps the most bizarre book she had ever seen.

Flicking through the book, all at once it fell open onto a page titled The Power of Wishing. It was one of the typewritten pages, though little hand-drawn pictures and scribbled phrases persisted in the margins. She had noticed large portions of the book – especially the older parts – written in what she believed to be Latin, though fortunately this page was all in English.

As she read the page the world around her seemed to fade. It was as though she was on the brink of sleep, yet the book remained clear. Strangely, she found her eyes drawn to a paragraph towards the bottom of the page.

The power of a wish is in the wish itself, yet that power cannot manifest itself without a conduit to channel said power. A wish without a conduit is like a candle without a wick. Appealing, perhaps, but impossible to light or function. Often, incantations and other forms of spellcraft are used to channel the power of wishes, however the most potent conduits are those naturally occurring artefacts imbued with great magical properties unfathomable to the ordinary mortal.

Scoffing, Hayley shook her head. ‘Sure, and I’m the Queen of England.’ Sitting back on her bed, she resolved to take the book back to the store the following morning. Still, there was nobody around. Will was snoring soundly on the sofa downstairs; even the cat was curled up on the landing.

It couldn’t hurt, could it?

Leaning in, she pressed her hands to the book and closed her eyes. ‘I wish I had an interesting sex life.’

Waiting a few seconds for something vaguely magical to happen, Hayley had to admit she was partially disappointed that the door didn’t burst open to reveal Will in a sharp suit, or the radio suddenly start up with a sexy tune. Instead, the day’s events suddenly caught up to her and she slumped back onto the bed, asleep before she hit the pillow.

As she slept, however, the bedroom light clicked off. In the darkness the pages of the book began to glow…

Redhead in corset and stockings stares around nervously inside cage

The first thing Hayley noticed was how unforgivingly hard her mattress was compared to the night before. The next was the unexpected chill washing over her flesh. The third – though if she had been less groggy, it would likely have been the first – was the black cage she found herself contained in when she opened her eyes.

Jerking up, she narrowly avoided hitting her head on the top of the small cage. It was only when she was in a hunched sitting position that she realised the reason for her chilly skin: she was dressed like a stripper. Dark lace stockings did little to ward off the cold of the room, nor did the pink and black corset that crushed her torso uncomfortably. Her arms and upper chest were completely bare, as were the top half of her thighs. As much as she tried she could not prevent her exposed skin brushing against the cold cage bars or the chill concrete beneath her. As she shivered, her pink heels scratched against the cage.

Straining her neck, Hayley peered through the bars. The room beyond was a sadomasochist’s dream. It seemed to be some type of small warehouse, what with the corrugated metal around the walls and the industrial décor of metal and concrete, yet it seemed vaguely familiar.

It took her a few moments to realise it was the basement. Well, a version of it at least. They had never been able to do anything with it, despite it being a large, usable space, on account of the previous owner filling it with junk they had never had the time to sort through. Nevertheless, she recognised the shape of the place, with the supporting beams and the skylight set beside their front door that warped the sunlight through its frosted glass.

The junk was gone now. In its place was a dungeon of metal and stone. All around the room there were hardwood tables and metal plinths fitted with leather restraints. To one side the wall was hung with disconcerting sex toys – from floggers to butt plugs – like twisted decorations, while another was dominated by a huge leather cross.

Each new thing she laid eyes on worried her more. Her mind span at how familiar yet foreign the place was.

The heavy footsteps echoed through the room. Staring at the thick metal door opposite her cage, Hayley listened as they descended a flight of stairs on the other side. She knew those stairs: old and creaky and wooden, a threadbare runner draped over them. At least, they had been. For all she knew they were different too now.

Hayley’s heart missed a beat as the door opened. With only the skylight illuminating the room the shadows made it difficult at first to see the man who entered. As he approached, the shafts of light revealed him in parts.

First were the bulky boots she had heard on the stairs. They were large and black, the thick soles thudding on the bare concrete. His legs came next, clad in heavy black cargo trousers. The pockets bulged with menacingly angular shapes and even though they were unseen the weight of his stride implied dense muscles beneath.

His upper body was bare. And what a body! His abdominal muscles were packed tight, seemingly chiselled from solid rock, while the sinews of his body swept and rolled like ocean waves as he moved, the bulge of his biceps straining his skin as though fit to burst. A striking V cut through the lower part of his torso to vanish into his trousers and his tanned complexion insinuated he spent much of his time outdoors.

Finally, his face came into view and Hayley’s breath caught in her throat. The eyes were dark and powerful, the jawline firm as granite. His hair was a shock of spiked black, the gel he had applied to it glistening softly in the light. Approaching, he caught her eye with his intense stare. Though everything about his body was different she recognised him instantly.

‘Will,’ she breathed.

He smirked. ‘New and improved, wouldn’t you say?’

‘I don’t understand. What’s going on?’

Will glanced down briefly and for the first time she noticed the book in his hands. It was the same strange book she had found in her bag the night before. Snapping it closed he placed it down on one of the tables before stalking in her direction.

‘Oh, you don’t know? I suppose you were at the eye of the storm. To be honest, I don’t really blame you for thinking it was all bull. I would have done too. But as it turns out that old book is the real deal. After it sent you to sleep, it set to work on making your wish a reality. All this,’ he gestured to the renovated basement, then to his impressive figure, ‘is because of you.

‘You can’t imagine how confused I was waking up this morning like this. I thought I was still dreaming. I mean, I fell asleep on the couch in the body of an overworked warehouse worker, and I woke up in a king-sized bed with the body of a world-famous fitness coach. And that was the even weirder bit: I had two sets of memories. One set was the old Will, the unfit guy just trying to scrounge enough to keep our apartment. The other was of this Will, the playboy heartthrob with three mansions to his name on three separate continents.

‘When I came looking for you I found the book, and once I picked it up it filled in all the blanks for me. It’s still our world, it’s just been twisted a bit. We’re the only ones who remember we were ever anything other than who we are now. In this reality we have entirely new lives and the world knows us as the people the book has made us into. It’s your wish, Hayley. Your wish did this.’ Crouching down in front of the cage, he reached in and took Hayley’s chin between thumb and forefinger, squeezing her cheeks a little too hard for her liking. ‘Tell me, sweetheart, is this ‘interesting’ enough for you?’

‘You’re serious,’ she managed through her squeezed lips, ‘that was all real?’

That smirk again. She had never seen him smile like that before. There was a cool danger in it that both worried and aroused her. ‘How about I show you just how real this is?’

All at once he was moving and there was a rattle of metal on metal as he wrenched open the locks of the cage door. Swinging it open he took her by the leg and dragged her out too fast for her to even grab at the cage bars. Then she was weightless, flying through the air until she was draped effortlessly over his shoulder, her ass beside his ear and her long hair dangling down. Her inverted world swayed from side to side, but she managed to pull herself up enough to peer around his wide chest.

They were approaching the large leather cross. Before she could react her world was flipped again and he was binding her roughly with leather belt cuffs attached to the cross. With her wrists held in place above her head he moved down to do the same with her ankles, sending a thrill of arousal through her as he whipped down her panties with one finger so fast she barely noticed.

This wasn’t the Will she knew now. He had never been so smooth, nor so forceful. Sure, he had been pretty good in bed but nothing like this.

No, this was the new Will. The playboy. The man who knew his way around every woman’s body as though he had spent years studying it.

Putting his new knowledge to good use, he pressed up behind her and in one motion slipped two fingers into her exposed sex. She gasped as his thick fingers pushed into her, the other hand coming around to tease her clit. The pleasure was so overwhelming any objections she had quickly died in her throat as it pulsed through her.

Hayley’s head was spinning. In a matter of seconds Will had turned her on more than he had in years, not to mention the fact he was doing so with the body of a god. Everything was happening so fast.

She barely had time to register her own arousal before he had pulled his fingers free and there was the unmistakable noise of a zip opening.

Held to the cross she was unable to see what Will was doing, though from the sound of rustling material and his staccato breathing it was not difficult to guess. Her suspicions were affirmed as he pushed his throbbing cock deep into her slick pussy.

Redhead in corset is tied to large cross and used from behind by muscular man

He was not gentle. Curling one hand around her throat he looped the other around her front to grip her soft tits through the corset. The result was astonishing penetration. Lights popped in front of her eyes as he pounded her rough, so rough she could not even moan without the rocking of her body breaking it apart into short gasps of ecstasy.

Immediately she noticed something else new about her fiancé: his size. Will had never been disappointing when it came to the trouser department but this new body was hung better than most pornstars. He was stretching her wider than she thought possible, the lacing of pain to the incredible pleasure intoxicatingly erotic.

After a matter of seconds her confusion over her strange situation had melted entirely and she instead allowed him to use her like he never had before. Barely minutes later she felt her orgasm rise. It ripped through her like fire through a bookstore and at last the scream she had been unable to release tore from her lips.

Leeched of her strength, she dangled from the handcuffs limply trying to catch her breath. Meanwhile, Will was moving again. His nimble fingers made quick work of the tight cuffs and once she was released he easily scooped her into his arms. Carrying her across to a table, he deposited her with surprising tenderness.

Dazed by an orgasm more intense than any she had felt in years, she was his to position, and it was only when she felt the table creak as he clambered up that she realised what was happening. Then he was inside her again and her world was upended a second time.

Redhead in corset strapped in cage and used from behind by muscular man

On one end of the table was a small cage, into which her head and hands had been placed. It was not unlike a form of stockade, with her neck and forearms slotted through small metal gaps in the bars. Though they were not locked and could rotate a little, the sharp chill of the metal was a shock to her system each time it brushed her skin. If she was honest, however, she did not want to pull away anyway. Even if she had there was nowhere to go – her wrists were tied down again and Will’s broad frame prevented her backing out.

On the contrary there were plenty of places for him to go. Gripping onto the hem of her corset, Will used the handhold to pull himself in as far as possible. His gruff grunting was deeply arousing, and for a few seconds after he entered her his gasps were all she could focus on for the intensity of their fucking was too much to process.

When it did hit her, her own moans joined his. She didn’t much care if anybody could hear them, though she guessed the book had taken everything into account when crafting this new reality for her.

The thought of the book caused her to glance over at it. Lying on the table Will had left it on it seemed to have a life of its own. The pages flicked and swayed as though blown by a swirling wind. It took her a moment to notice they moved in time to their moaning and fucking.

Will’s continued thrusts quickly pushed thoughts of the book aside and Hayley’s face contorted with passion. It was that kind of face one only makes when they do not want something to end but are not sure they can take much more of it. So soon after her first sexual orgasm in months her body was still reeling, yet the pleasure continued to barrage her thick and fast to the point she thought it would surely tip her into madness.

Before it could, however, he sped up and started her screaming again. Though she did not climax, the intensity of the fucking sapped her energy once again and, sensing her weakness, Will stole his chance.

Removing her restraints he carried her across to yet another piece of barbaric furniture, this time a hard wooden chair. Sitting her down he attached the leather cuffs mounted on the arms. She could feel more restraints attached to the chair, brushing against her back and legs as she sat limp, but he did not tie these. She could imagine the chair being used for extended erotic torture, but right now Will was interested only in her holes.

Lifting her by the hips as easily as if she were lighter than a pillow, he rested both legs on his shoulders and entered her again.

Redhead in corset tied to chair in dungeon and used by muscular man

By now Hayley was beginning to pass her state of delirium. The intensity of her orgasm had subsided and she felt the beginnings of another roil in the pit of her stomach. She had reached that point she had seen pornstars attain but had never much believed existed: beyond pleasure, beyond mindless lust, the point at which she simply needed to be fucked.

Though her face was still racked with uncertain desire, as though she thought he might break her if he continued to thrust, her lips spoke filthy words to him, egging him on.

‘Is this interesting enough for you?’ he grunted, plunging especially deep and laughing at her yelp of shock.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck,’ was all she could manage to reply.

It was more than she could ever have asked for. Before their sex life had died it had never been anything like this. Passionate and erotic, yes, but Hayley had never felt quite able to express all her desires to Will for fear he might not understand them. He hadn’t been the experimental type. This was one of them: fucked rough in bondage completely at his mercy.

It was at that moment she realised Will had not finished. They had been fucking for the better part of twenty minutes and he was still to cum.

‘Mmmh, that book gave you some real stamina, babe,’ she purred.

‘Trust me, you have no idea,’ he growled.

Her horny laughter devolved into gasping moans as he hammered into her harder, her second orgasm building to a crescendo. This time he continued to fuck her through it and she was reduced to a limp tangle of arms and legs as she once again lost control of her pleasure-saturated body.

When she came down from her high she leaned as close as possible to stare into his eyes. ‘Use me. I want to feel you cum, babe. That’s what we’re for now, that’s what my wish made us into: fucking machines. Just fucking use me.’


Redhead in corset used on leather-padded bench in dungeon by muscular man

Seconds later they were sprawled atop the cage she had awoken in. It was leather padded and she gripped onto the bars beneath as she was fucked. Will lay behind her, pumping her ruthlessly with one leg held in the air. She held it steady for him with her free hand, her face twisted all the while with primal need.

Nothing else mattered so long as he was fucking her like this. For the first time in what seemed like forever she felt like a true couple again, although that was no longer an accurate description in her mind.

This was not how couples fucked. Couples fucked quietly under duvets, maybe over kitchen counters if they were feeling adventurous. Couples spent one hour on the foreplay and one minute on the sex. Couples kept their sex quiet and considerate, always aware there might be somebody listening in.

No. Thanks to her wish they were nothing short of nymphomaniacs. Sex-crazed and relentless; lust-fuelled and perpetually horny. Only willing sex addicts fucked like this, and as he continued to thrust she realised she could not have imagined a better result to her wish if she tried.

At that moment, Will’s stamina finally ran its course. The familiar sensation of his hot seed filling her up dragged a groan from her lips as it always did, though the climax far outlasted her strangled moaning. Contrary to the short, powerful bursts she was used to from Will, his orgasm retained all the power but continued on until she thought it might never end.

When at last he had finished and pulled out, they lay breathless in one another’s arms.

Rolling over to press herself into his chest, Hayley smiled happily. ‘I think I made a good wish,’ she murmured.

‘Me too,’ Will replied, stroking her hair affectionately.

‘So, you know how you said in this reality you’re a famous fitness coach? I don’t suppose you know what I am?’

‘I sure do. You used to work in an underground brothel I visited to try and let off some steam. After a while I became one of your regulars, and over time we fell deeply in love. Eventually you became my stay at home slave and we’re living happily ever after.’

It felt like waking up and remembering something she had been thinking about before she had fallen asleep. The memories of her life as a hooker, how she had met the bewitching man whose arms she now lay in, their many lustful nights in darkened rooms, all of it filled her mind like a light being switched on. Her old life no longer mattered: her wish had been granted.

And with a sly smile, she knew just how to make use of her new memories.

‘You know what, I’ve just remembered something. In this reality there’s something I’ve had much more experience in than the reality we started in.’

Redhead gives oral sex to muscular man

As Hayley treated Will – and herself – to a literal taste of her new experience, their moans filled the room. Briefly, unnoticed to them, two of those moans – one of his, one of hers – were plucked from the air and sucked down into the pages of the book. A new page flashed into existence before it flipped shut, though the bright flash was lost on the lovers as neither was paying the book any attention.

Unnoticed, the book faded away, moving on in its eternal search for new victims.

Meanwhile, as Hayley gorged herself on her new favourite meal Will leaned down and stroked her hair softly.

‘There’s something else I haven’t mentioned yet. Remember how I said I was a playboy in this reality? Well I happen to have a few contacts who never fail to make our lives interesting. It turns out I’m kind of notorious for these private parties. I throw them once a month and as luck would have it, there’s one on tonight. Trust me, babe, you’re going to love them.’

A few hours later, Hayley realised that ‘interesting’ was in fact an understatement when describing her new sex life. Still, she wasn’t one to complain…

Redhead in red heels is used by muscular lover with naked men and women in background

Thanks for reading!

Well, if I am quite honest, this piece is easily the most difficult story I have ever put out but not due to the story itself. When I came to schedule this story a week ago I hit a roadblock that has taken the rest of the week to get over and for a while had me wondering if I would continue to run this blog at all. I am happy to say I have now overcome this difficulty, and you can read everything about it in my next post, which will be coming out shortly after this one.

Put simply, this may well be the last erotic story I release on this blog because I now have my own dedicated website where things will be continuing. Again, this is all explained in much more detail in another post, but I wanted to say here that this is a piece I have been wanting to release for a while and if this is the final story I release on this blog I couldn’t be happier. I started it in early February but since then one thing or another has prevented me releasing it, from the Academy taking up loads of my time to other smaller issues. I am very, very happy with this piece, and I am thrilled it is finally out there for people to read.

I won’t go on too much here, since I will likely be rambling a lot in my next post, so I will simply say that the model used here is Dani Jensen. Jensen is one of those models that has kind of floated on the edges of my personal list of favourites but never quite became one of the models I regularly enjoy. After this piece, however, I can say I have become much more invested in her work and I highly recommend you check her out. Here’s her PornHub page:

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