Lake Fantasy – Chapter Two: The Throes of Passion

Brunette sits on bed in pyjamas with laptop and coffee mug

Felicity had spent most of her morning indulging herself in all the things she never could while Andrew and the kids were around. To her delight, her husband had been gone when she woke up. She’d felt the bed rock when he left and heard him grunting as he stuffed his overweight figure into the day’s clothes, but she’d made sure not to stir save he strike up a conversation.

Philip and his nice friend Noah had headed down to the lake already too, as had Destiny. While Brad had still been in the cabin she had taken a nice, long bath complete with candles, rose petals and a bath bomb she’d bought from home as a special treat; Felicity had learned a long time ago if she wanted to feel romanced she had to do it herself. Andrew wasn’t the romantic type.

Then, after her eldest son had left too she’d brewed herself a coffee and settled down in some comfortable loungewear to listen to a steamy audiobook. She tried to steal time to listen when she could back home, but those opportunities were few and far between and rarely more than ten minutes at best. She always longed for them though – they reminded her what passion felt like, something her husband showed little interest in exploring.

After a while her phone buzzed with a text from Julia: Vernon at lake. Lauren with Kleins. Mind if I come over for a drink? X

Though she’d have liked a little longer to herself, Felicity agreed.

After twenty years married to Mr. Silva, Julia was just as despairing of her marriage as Felicity. They’d both been let down in one way or another by their husbands and most of the time they simply needed someone to vent to. Besides, she had all week to pamper herself and the last thing she wanted was for Julia to feel isolated when this was supposed to be a relaxing break.

Two coffee mugs on cork placemats

Felicity had a coffee waiting for Julia when she arrived. While Felicity had elected to stay in her loungewear, Julia was wearing a pair of mom jeans and a loose black top. In fairness, the top was far too big for her, but Felicity knew better than to point it out: Julia’s marriage was in a far more dire state than her own, the result of which was a terrible case of comfort eating. The poor woman was so ashamed of her body she regularly bought clothes far too large to disguise her growing figure.

Sinking into the soft sofas, the two women clutched their coffee mugs and chatted amiably. They discussed their children and their jobs and everything they’d done since they last met up. It was a lengthy chat lasting into the afternoon. A warm breeze wafted through the open balcony door as they cooked themselves a little lunch together.

Happily, Julia was in high spirits. Felicity couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen her so light. No doubt Vernon’s absence had something to do with it, but at the same time the walk over seemed to have done her the world of good.

Truthfully, Felicity often felt guilty complaining about her own marital issues around Julia. When she had first met Andrew, young and impressionable as she was Felicity had fallen hard for his suave confidence. Andrew’s wild lifestyle as the town’s sports star had whisked her up but along the way she’d forgotten to consider if she actually loved him or not. By the time she’d figured it out Brad was already born and Philip was on the way; she couldn’t imagine breaking up the family they had started even if she didn’t love her husband. As such she’d settled for snatches of erotica and wistful daydreams of the passion she’d left behind, forever yearning for the chance to start over and get things right this time.

Compared to Vernon, however, Andrew was a saint. At least Andrew had wanted kids. Julia had often tearfully recollected their arguments over Lauren and his admissions of never wanting her in the first place. To him his daughter had been merely a way to keep his wife occupied since Julia had always wanted a family of her own. Content to spit barbed insults at his wife and daughter alike he was a truly loathsome man whose perpetual emotional torment had driven Julia to the edge of her sanity.

Despite Julia’s initial joviality, after lunch had been eaten and their fifth hot drink drank her energy ebbed and she became increasingly morose.

‘Over the years these holidays have been like a medicine,’ she was saying, staring at the bottom of her empty mug. ‘They’ve helped me get through the year. But now this is the last one. I don’t know what I’m going to do.’

‘We can still go away together,’ Felicity said, ‘even if it’s just us girls. At the very least I’m sure we could arrange a ladies spa weekend altogether.’

‘I know. It’s just not the same, you know? And what am I going to do when Lauren leaves?’

‘Lauren’s leaving?’ Felicity raised an eyebrow. Julia’s daughter had oft drifted into unsavoury friendship groups, though so far she had managed to prevent herself becoming too deeply involved.

Julia shrugged. ‘I don’t know. She’ll be finished college soon and after that who knows? She’s talked about going in the army, or university. Even just running away. Anything to get away from Vernon.’ With the mug still hooked around her fingers she clutched her face in her hands. ‘I feel like I’m losing control of everything, Felicity. My husband looks at me like I’m dirt on his shoe, my daughter can’t stand me, and I’m waking up every night in cold sweats worrying about what the next day will bring.’

A large part of Felicity wanted to lean over and slap some sense into Julia. Felicity and the other mothers had repeatedly offered financial and practical help to try and provide her an escape. Even Andrew had agreed Julia and Lauren could stay with the Weavers if they left. She wanted to scream that if she’d taken the advice to leave Vernon earlier she wouldn’t be in this mess.

But she knew it wasn’t that simple. People had told her to leave Andrew before, but giving up everything she’d known for the last twenty-five years wasn’t a simple thing. For Julia it was even more difficult since most of her own family had given up trying to help her.

The best Felicity could do was offer her a shoulder to cry on.

Unsure what to say, she decided to show Julia what she did to ease her troubles. ‘Come on, I think you need something a little stronger than coffee.’

Numerous bottles of spirits lined on mirror-backed shelves

Taking Julia’s hand, Felicity led her to the cabin’s minibar.

When they first arrived she had been shocked to find a fully-stocked bar in the kitchen area, but then she given Melissa’s comments about the cabins having everything necessary for a relaxing escape she supposed it made sense. The mirrored shelves were lined with spirits while underneath countless crystal glasses were just waiting to be filled.

‘Give yourself a break. Let your hair down for a change.’ 

‘Are you sure?’

‘Why the Hell not?’ Felicity laughed. ‘We’ve got no kids and no husbands. It’s just us girls. Who’s going to tell us off? Pick any you want.’

As Julia browsed the bottles, Felicity took up a glass and lifted a glittering whiskey from the top shelf. She couldn’t exactly say why but it felt like the only possible choice to make. She had spotted it first the night before and was drawn to it then too, but they had been leaving for the barbecue at the time and when she got back later she’d forgotten all about it.

Now the attraction to the bottle flared up again and she poured out a healthy dose. She had never heard of the brand but they were a long way from home so there was no saying what booze they had out here. Popping a trio of frigid whiskey stones into her glass, she didn’t notice Julia pick up a bottle of gin with an entranced stare, apparently oblivious to all the other bottles around it.

They took their drinks out onto the balcony. It was a broad, covered space at the back of the cabin with a wonderful view of the verdant slopes. Reclining in wicker seats they sipped at their drinks.

Felicity pursed her lips, savouring the burn of the whiskey going down. It was stronger than she was used to it but it blossomed a pleasant warmth through her chest. It reminded her of the heat she’d felt in her younger years when Andrew had looked at her with hungry eyes. Despite herself she felt her sex grow damp. She crossed her legs in a futile attempt to and ward off her arousal.

Daydreaming about the past, Felicity’s mind was distracted as her body started to change.

The transformation was subtle at first. Her chapped lips softened to a flushed pout; the wear and tear faded from her skin, shedding the leathery toughness and webs of wrinkles to make way for paler, mellow flesh; her dark hair lightened a shade.

Then everything started to happen at once and Felicity was wrenched from her daydreams. Her hair was soon a sandy ginger that framed a youthful face peppered with dainty freckles. Her tall figure shrank by several inches, burying her in her own loungewear like a child trying on her mother’s clothes. As if to combat this her flat chest ballooned into plush breasts which pushed her shirt taut. She shivered as the sudden growth swelled her areolas to thrice their former size, the erotic tingle raising her nipples to attention to jut like studs under her top.  

‘What’s happening?’ Felicity squeaked, clapping a hand to her mouth as she heard her nasal voice. She felt like she should do something, should call for help, but her panic had dulled her reactions and rooted her to the spot.  

‘I don’t know,’ Julia replied with an unusually deep voice, ‘but I think it’s happening to me too.’

Julia was staring mortified at her hands as her fastidiously moisturised skin tanned, hardened and sprouted tufts of hair across the knuckles. Prominent veins rose in interlocking patterns over her hands and up her arms, prompting her to lift her sleeve where she found further forests of hair appears emerging too.

Felicity felt her ass swell and she was momentarily distracted. She gasped as tingles tickled her growing rump and vaguely wondered if she’d wind up with more stretch marks than she already had. Before she could take a look, Julia let out a low groan that drew Felicity’s attention again.

Julia’s long, dark hair was receding into her scalp, settling into a messy mop that hung down over her eyes, but that wasn’t why she was moaning. Her body was swelling with muscle and height and, having always been the shortest and weakest of the bunch, Julia was relishing the power coursing through her. The rolls of fat she’d accumulated over the years redistributed themselves, twisting into thick tendons and packed muscles. While Felicity was frozen with panic, Julia’s concern had melted away; the strength, the power, it all felt too good. Why would she want it to stop?

All at once both women were blown away by a blast of orgasmic energy. For Felicity it was her loose, unshaven vagina tightening and shedding its hair. For Julia it was the rapidly unfolding weight between her legs as a throbbing cock and heavy balls pushed out to replace her own pussy.

Flopping back, Felicity’s eyes rolled as her body sang with ecstasy. She never noticed her thoughts and memories fade to make way for a new personality to take root in her psyche. Neither did she notice her ill-fitting clothes tear and re-stitch into a tight grey dress that showed off her enviable curves.

When she came to her senses, Faye simply knew there was a hot guy on the sofa opposite rubbing his hard dick through his jeans. It looked big and by the animal glint in his eye she didn’t think she would have to wonder what it felt like inside her for much longer.

It took her a moment to remember his name.

‘Julian, what are you doing here?’

She hadn’t seen him for months. He looked good. He’d clearly been working out and she could almost feel his strong arms wrapping around her small frame. Her sex grew wetter as sordid memories of their time together cascaded through her mind.

Ginger woman receives neck kisses from muscular man while sat on his lap with dress riding up

Julian frowned. Weird – his name sounded strangely unfamiliar. Eyeing her up hungrily he shrugged off the concern.

‘I’m here to win you back,’ he growled.

Before Faye could react he was beside her. Taking hold of her in strong hands he lifted her effortlessly onto his lap as if she weighed no more than a pillow. The motion rode her dress to her hips, tickling her thighs as it moved. A kissed her neck sharply, like a striking viper, blossoming a flower of heat through her chest.  Then, moving in again, he traced tip of his tongue upwards until he was exploring the sensitive spot just under her ear.

‘Julian… Julian… we can’t…’ Faye said breathlessly, clutching his shoulders to ground herself, ‘he could be back any minute…’

Julian growled into her ear sending an orgasmic shiver down her nape. When he forced down his animal lust long enough to speak his hot breath swirled down her neck.

‘Andy doesn’t deserve you. That limp-dick nerd has no idea how to satisfy you. He’s nothing. We were something special. When we were together we could make demons blush. You know you loved giving everything to me. This is right.’

Faye wanted to slap him, to push him away. He had broken her heart yet now he was here acting like it never happened. But something in the back of her mind was enjoying this. Every second with Julian had been undeniably passionate and an erotic whisper twisted through her thoughts telling her to give in. If she didn’t she might never know passion again and she couldn’t imagine living like that.

‘But you cheated,’ she managed to gasp as he pressed his lips against one of the sensitive spots on her shoulder.

Man in black shirt gropes breasts of ginger woman

An unexpected whimper escaped her lips as he pulled away. Her neck and shoulder felt icy cold without his lips on them and she shivered with the sudden chill. It took a few seconds for her to notice she was grinding slowly against his tented jeans. 

Julian stared at her with big, confusing eyes. There was lust in them, absolutely, but underneath there were less expected things: guilt, regret, shame. And below it all, so faint she barely dared believe it was there, love. She had never seen eyes hold such conflicting emotion.

‘Vanessa was the biggest mistake I ever made,’ he said.

Faye could hardly believe it. Was this an apology? Julian never admitted he was wrong. He stormed through life like a bull through a china shop and while they were together she had merely been along for the ride. She had never expected it would last, but that hadn’t made the loss of him any less painful. Yet while she had cried herself to sleep he had carried on as normal, a wild stallion impossible to reign in.

‘She was?’


With powerful arms Julian shifted her again, splaying her out on the sofa and straddling her waist. Rough fingers raked over her supple flesh as he tugged down her dress to took her heaving bosom in his grip. He pressed his face so close to hers his breath tickled her lips and the tip of his nose rubbed against hers. Faye’s lips parted automatically, ready for the tongue she expected to explore her mouth.

But Julian didn’t kiss her. Instead he fixed her with an intense stare as his fingers played over her breasts.

‘Before you I never wanted to be tied down to one girl. I bounced from crush to crush and Vanessa was just the next in that line. But when you left me I felt something different. I actually missed you. I missed us and our passion. You make me want to love.’

Faye’s heart fluttered. ‘Really?’

‘Yes. I never had a relationship like ours before. I could tell how much you loved me and now I want to love you back. I want us to be dirty together like we used to be and love each other just as much.’ He twisted her nipples between his fingers sending fireworks across her chest.

‘But it wasn’t just her… it was more than that…’

Julian raised a finger to her lips. ‘Hush. I know you, remember? I know what you wanted. You wanted a man with a future. An intellectual, not a dumb jock. That’s why I’ve enrolled in your university. Come fall I’ll be studying for a degree. You make me want to be better, Faye. Because of you I’m getting control of my life. I knew you wouldn’t take me back if I didn’t, and I want you in my life more than anything. I’ve changed. For you.’

‘H…how do I know you’re telling the truth?’ she stammered as his fingers brushed the ticklish underside of her breast. ‘How do I know I’m not just your crush again?’

He smiled roguishly and there was the gleam in his eyes of a panther stalking his prey. ‘I was hoping you’d ask that. I can prove it.’

Naked ginger woman fingered by shirtless man

Everything happened so fast Faye didn’t fully register what was happening until his fingers were embedded in her pussy. Pulling off his shirt and tossing it aside he slid her free of her dress with expert hands. Her panties were quickly whipped off and discarded too. Suddenly she found herself naked and at his mercy.  

Julian smirked as her lips opened in a silent scream. Faye’s eyelids fluttered and she pushed her hips up to take his thick fingers deeper. Taking his opportunity Julian pressed his lips against hers and explored her open mouth with his tongue. Both her hands swung up to grab his face and she pulled him closer until all she could smell was his aftershave. Their tongues danced a sensual ballet as his fingers started to move inside her.

‘Oh my god… Julian… your fingers feel so good inside me… but… but what about Andy… he could walk in and…’

‘Forget about him,’ Julian growled, ‘he’s nothing to you now. If he walks in all he’ll be able to do is watch.’

‘But… but… oh fuck, I don’t care. This is so fucking hot.’

Faye’s mind was racing. Julian had never fingered her before. When they’d been together he was never interested in foreplay. He had gone down on her a few times, but he considered fingering too much effort – eating her out was much easier. Fingering was a more delicate affair without the benefit of a hot, strong muscle to enhance her pleasure, nor the reward of her sweet nectar over his lips: there was nothing beside her pleasure in it for him and at the time he had considered that an insufficient prize.

Now, however, it was the only thing that drove him. His fingers twisted and writhed inside her, caressing her sensitive insides and sparking bursts of pleasure like erotic firecrackers.

His spare hand worked over her thighs, squeezing and groping endlessly, sometimes working all the way behind to clutch her ass, other times brushing over her clit and detonating a fresh blast of lust. As it moved his arm pressed against her breasts, the firm muscles coaxing her nipples to attention.

‘That’s right, bitch, take my fingers deep. I know you always wanted this; maybe you should be careful what you wish for.’

Faye squirmed in his grasp. Her breath came in shuddering gasps. Her thighs burned white-hot. ‘I never want this to end.’

‘Really?’ he chuckled. ‘Not even for a taste of my cock?’

Faye had been so distracted she had forgotten about his boner. Now the lingering memory of his taste overwhelmed her and she was filled with the need to feed on him.

Faye loved going down on Julian. She loved the power it gave her. Julian was all about control; his words, how he used her body like a plaything, it was all in the pursuit of commanding her adoration. It was so hot. But sucking his cock was her one chance to wield control over him and she loved the way she reduced him to a babbling mess. It was a hot reminder for both of them that their lust was hopelessly intertwined, and that without one the other would never know true passion.

They were star-crossed lovers, she could see that now, and today they would seal their bond in passion.

‘Mmmh, does my stud want me to suck his cock?’ she purred with a wicked grin. She pulled his fingers from her pussy and sucked on them suggestively. Her hand descended to his jeans and started to massage his shaft.

Julian grinned. ‘Something tells me we both want you to.’

Her smirk broadened and she pounced on him eagerly. Pushing him down among the cushions she wrestled off his jeans and boxers. When she threw them aside there was a clatter as they knocked a glass of whiskey onto the deck, but the lovers did not care. Their only focus was one another.

Julian’s cock stood at attention swaying from side to side. Faye took a second to marvel at it; she had almost forgotten how big he was. Through the turmoil of their break-up and time spent with Andy the memory had faded enough that she had started to think her new boyfriend could actually satisfy her. Now she recollected every steamy night in Julian’s arms and Andy paled in comparison.

Faye coiled her fingers around his shaft. The familiar velvet skin sent a shudder up her spine. She felt so dirty. Knowing Andy could walk in at any moment made her feel so slutty, but she didn’t want to stop; Julian was the only man for her.

Naked ginger woman looks up at naked man while giving oral sex

‘I forgot you were so big,’ she said, licking the length of his shaft.

‘Why don’t I jog your memory?’ he replied, guiding her lips over the head.

Faye needed no second invitation. Without hesitation she swallowed him deep. The familiar salty taste blossomed over her tongue and she moaned. How had she ever given this up? He tasted incredible.

Julian smiled down at her, his stomach flipping with every swirl of her tongue. She looked so deliciously naughty with her soft lips wrapped around his meat. How had he ever given this up? She was by far the best cocksucker he’d ever met.

Despite only being separated for a few months, Faye’s throat had already contracted in the absence of his cock. Starting out she almost choked, his thick meat initially unfamiliar. Then her muscle memory returned and she could take him balls deep without so much as gagging.

Back at full cock-sucking capacity, Faye’s animal side shone through. She bobbed feverishly, simultaneously sucking and jerking his magnificent cock and filling the air with sloppy wet slurping sounds. Julian could only grunt and tangle his fingers in her hair as it was his turn to feel like his groin was on fire.

Naked ginger woman gives oral sex to man reclining on outdoor sofa

Gorging herself, Faye realised Julian had made her into this. She had never been a such a ravenous slut for anybody before him, nor for Andy since. Julian drew the animal out of her and she loved it. It was what made their passion so intoxicating and she knew she would never give it up again.

Soon she felt a familiar twitch run along his cock: he was close. Doubling her efforts, she was surprised when he gripped her hair and pulled her away.

‘What’s wrong, stud?’

Julian took a second to collect himself. ‘That’s not how today is going to go. I’m not here for me. I’m here for you. I’ll only cum once we’re finished. Until then you’re all that matters.’

Faye felt her heart swell. He really had changed. She could see it in his eyes but she hadn’t quite dared believe it until now. She knew Julian: he’d never dare make a girl think he loved her if he didn’t mean it, that wasn’t his style. Her pussy throbbed with need for him. A devilish smirk twisted her pretty lips.

‘In that case…’ Faye let her sentence trail off and rolled onto her back. Spreading her legs she revealed her glistening entrance.

‘Fuck, I love you,’ Julian said.

Naked ginger woman gasps as muscular man enters her vagina

Letting his unreleased orgasm subside he engaged in a favourite pastime and ate her out. His tongue was feverish and reminded her how well he knew her body. It was like they had known each other half a lifetime.

Julian’s fingers played over her body, caressing the spots he knew drove her wild. By the time his orgasm had faded and he had stroked himself back to attention she was squirming under him. Straightening up with her pussy nectar smearing his face, he pushed one leg to the side to spread her.

Gently, he pressed the head of his cock against her slick opening. ‘Are you ready, princess?’

‘I’m so ready for you,’ she said in hushed tones, ‘I never want any man ever again. I love you. Now make my pussy yours again.’

With remarkable tenderness he slid inside her in one fluid motion.

Faye’s groan was long and tremulous. It was shot through with repeated gasps as she remembered with shocking clarity how sublime each inch felt inside her. She was so overwhelmed with desire that her groan did not even climax, it simply petered out as her pleasure reached a point she could not articulate, her mouth hung open uselessly.

Then, taking hold of her soft, pale legs and using them to pull himself deeper, Julian began to thrust.

Multiple images of ginger woman and muscular man having sex on outdoor sofa

The next hour went by in a blur for Faye. Her body was saturated with desire and she lost count of how many orgasms ripped through her body.

Julian’s cock felt even better than before and as they made passionate love she noticed little things he had changed to boost her pleasure. He had shaved, for one thing, meaning she could go down on him without the concern of swallowing a pube. Given how soft his hands were on her skin he head clearly moisturised, too. What was more, he put visible thought into every thrust to keep her eternally on the cusp of orgasm – there was no brutish hammering of her pussy, only deep, sensual strokes that felt like fireworks of desire.

He was true to his word, too. Every time his orgasm threatened to break he would pull out and wait for it to subside. During that time he would explores her sex with his fingers or tongue, or tease her with hot kisses up her neck or along her inner thighs. Then, once she was desperate for him again, he would he ease back inside.

In her rare lucid moments, Faye’s mind wandered to thoughts of Andy. She knew any minute he could walk in. Part of her wanted him to. The dark, naughty part Julian had awoken wanted Andy to find her riding Julian’s big cock and see how much more she enjoyed Julian than him. The thought rose a wicked smile on her face.

After all, passion took many forms, and with Julian her passion was being a naughty girl for her man.

After over an hour, another lucid thought arose: it was high time Julian finished. He had tirelessly devastated her body with orgasm after mind-shattering orgasm – it was about time she returned the favour.

‘I want you to cum for me,’ she said breathlessly. She caressed his sweaty cheek with a tender hand and smiled. ‘You’ve proven you love me, now let me return the favour.’

Faye felt Julian tense over her. It was like his orgasm had been locked up and her permission was the key.

Ginger woman takes man's cumshot over her chest

To her surprise he pulled out and knelt over her stomach. A second later he shot a huge load over her chest. Hot cum splashed over her breasts and drew a moan from her lips. After he had milked the last out he slumped back and sighed with release.

‘Why didn’t you cum in me, babe?’

‘Because I meant what I said. I’m not here for me, not today. I wanted you to be sure I hadn’t just come here to use you to get off.’

‘You’ve proved that by holding off for so long for me.’

‘This way there’s no doubt.’

With a little giggle she scooped up a dollop of cum and licked it from her finger. ‘Well, it certainly gave me a tasty treat. But next time I want you to finish in me.’

‘Whatever you want, gorgeous.’ Julian leaned in close until his breath tickled her lips. ‘I love you, Faye. I mean that. You’ve shown me a new way of living and I’d rather spend one night with you than a thousand one-night stands with girls who only ever felt lust for me. I’ll never let you go again.’

Faye smiled and kissed him softly. Rivers of love flowed through their kiss. When she pulled away she eyed him a mixture of love and lust. ‘I love you too. Always.’

Then her lips were twisted in a mischievous grin and her hand was snaking down to stroke his member hard again. ‘Now, I’m ready for round two. And this time you’re going to be the one who loses count of their orgasms…’

Meanwhile, in the foothills…

Dirt hiking trail through pine forest

Thanks for reading!

The model I used for this scene is the inimitable Faye Reagan, whose PornHub profile is found here: Reagan is one of the earliest models I remember coming across and I have been a fan of her work ever since. She has largely moved away from the adult industry at this point, at least as far as I can tell, but as one of my all-time favourite models I knew I had to include her in this series. I think the images of this scene alone are a testament to her natural beauty and extraordinary talent, as I can think of few others who could embody sensual passion and intoxicating sinfulness in quite the same way as Reagan can.

I hope you have enjoyed this second instalment. If you have read Mara’s Mischief Manor stories – which, if you weren’t already aware, were the main inspiration for Lake Fantasy – you will already know that clothes were the main transformation catalyst, though they definitely weren’t the only one. If it wasn’t already obvious, in Lake Fantasy I have tried to expand the range of ways people can transform – Paige’s audio-induced transformation, and now the Weaver cabin’s magic bar, for example. This is something that does persist throughout the series, however clothing-induced transformations are absolutely going to show up too.

I also have to thank PapaDragon for their help with this chapter. Their critique was invaluable and really helped me streamline the final piece, so big thanks to them.

As I mentioned in my comments on the prologue, my releases schedule is having a boost this month, so make sure to come back on Wednesday to check out chapter three!

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