Gaypril: A Neighbourly Favour – Moving In

Two women in lingerie take video selfie in bathroom

Hearing the notification on his phone, Mr. Johnson stood up and mopped his sweaty brow with the back of his forearm. Taking a moment to catch his breath he surveyed the room as he crossed to the table his phone was charging on: just a few more finishing touches and it would be perfect. All the furniture was in position and after the tireless work he had put into the place he was glad to see it finally coming together.

Swiping the notification, he grinned. The video would have been hot enough with only his wife posing naughtily in the mirror of their en suite, but she had company. In contrast to Mrs. Johnson’s teasingly innocent white lace bodysuit, the other woman wore only a thong and glittery pink pasties. Her long black hair flowed like a cursed river and she allowed his wife to stroke her body as she blew a kiss into the camera.

Look who I got my claws on, Big Boy, read the caption. I think your wife prefers me to you x 😉

­Prove it x, he typed in reply.

After a few seconds the woman’s response came through. Oh, I plan to. And in doing so we’re going to give that plaything of yours one Hell of a surprise. I hope Craig is as in love with you as you say, or this might be a step too far. Still, I’m sure he’ll come around to our way of thinking. So let’s get started, shall we? X

Absolutely x, he replied before setting back to work with fresh enthusiasm.

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Sat in his car watching the video on his phone, Craig felt a fresh burst of rejection twist his stomach. What had gone so wrong?

He missed those days. When Mrs. Johnson had ordered him to worship her cock and he had done so without question as thousands watched their show. One of their first livestreams the video was less popular than their later work, but Craig had a particular fondness for it since it marked a turning point in his time with the Johnsons. It was the moment when he ceased to be a financial burden and instead become a contributing member of their unconventional relationship.

For all that it had not been their most popular show it was an insightful look into the path they had carved for themselves: a path he felt with increasing certainty had now ended.

It had been over a month since they first moved into their new house, yet despite the impressive splendour of the place Craig had quickly acquired a deep resentment for the building. Moving in had been a long process. Due to Mr. Johnson’s work schedule it had taken a week to transfer even the bare essentials from their old house, with the luxuries arriving much later. Only now was everything finally in place, but Craig couldn’t help feeling they had left the magic behind in their former home.

During the move it had been understandable that luxuries had been largely given up: the livestreams had been put on hiatus, there was barely time to kiss let alone fuck, and the promises of the new home becoming the kinky sex mansion they had envisioned had understandably been put on the back burner. But now, with the move complete, there were no signs of the Johnsons having any desire in reviving such interests.

No sooner had they finished the move than Mrs. Johnson had reduced Craig to little more than an errand boy. Forever out of the house completing tasks for her he had barely seen anything of his lovers in over a week, and the brief times he did see them they seemed distracted. He didn’t like to nag or complain after all they had done for him, but if he was honest he felt painfully rejected and more like an inconvenience than a lover.

He loved them both deeply, but he wondered if perhaps they had taken things too quickly. Was bringing him into their relationship a passing desire they were now second-guessing? Was moving house together really such a good idea? Or maybe it was him that was the problem: was he doing something wrong he didn’t know about? Having shifted so suddenly from confident heterosexuality to a more open-minded sexual preference, had he lost something about his former self which had attracted the Johnsons in the first place?

Watching himself gag happily on Mrs. Johnson’s cock, he slumped back in his seat and tried not to let the questions overwhelm him. After a while he realised the video had ended and, wiping his eyes on his sleeve, he tossed his phone into the passenger seat beside the groceries Mrs. Johnson had asked him to collect before firing up the car and heading home.

Closing the door behind him, Craig was surprised to hear sounds of passion rolling down the wide, curving staircase. He was even more surprised, however, when he found the unmistakable moaning of Mrs. Johnson brewed a roiling anger in the pit of his stomach.

How could they do this to him? How could they make him feel so horribly rejected and then have all the fun themselves while he was out? Was this why they had sent him out of the house so often, to fuck without needing to include him in their passion? Was he really so intolerable to them?

Dumping the groceries at the doorway, Craig stormed up the staircase and followed the moaning to the master bedroom. Bursting in with a fiery rage, his anger was snuffed out at the sight before him.

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Expecting it to be Mr. Johnson fucking his wife, he was shocked to find that Mrs. Johnson was impaled on the thick cock of a woman he had never seen before. She was dark-haired and beautiful, with an intimidating power to her he couldn’t quite pin down. Her she-cock was buried to the base in Mrs. Johnson’s ass and she gripped her lover’s body firmly to use her with more force.

It was Mrs. Johnson, however, who struck the most surprise into him. It was more than evident when he entered that she had been expecting him. Her expression was one of calculating seduction, drawing him into the room like a fish reeled in on her hook. Fixing him with her alluring stare, she stroked her cock slowly, matching the pace of the other woman’s thrusts. With his anger extinguished Craig soon found his arousal begin to grow.

‘Come in, Craig,’ she said softly.

Approaching hesitantly, Craig halted as the other woman raised her head and looked at him for the first time. She was even more beautiful than he first realised and all at once he craved the chance to worship her. Simply being in her presence made him want to sink to his knees and submit. Her piercing stare made him shiver with apprehension.

‘So this is your pet,’ she said, her voice dripping with lust, ‘he’s more impressive than I expected. I suppose you’ve been having him work out?’

‘Every day, Mistress,’ Mrs. Johnson cooed.

Mistress? Craig thought, Mrs. Johnson never talks to anybody like that. Only Mr. Johnson when she calls him master. Does he know she’s submitting to this woman?

‘Quite right. The only use for a skinny runt is to be sissified, after all. I have to say, I was kind of hoping I’d get the chance to do that to him, but he’s too athletic for my tastes: I like my sissies tiny.’

‘Excuse me, I’m right here,’ Craig said. As much as he tried, he could not pull his eyes away from the woman’s gently rolling hips. ‘Mrs. Johnson, what is going on?’

‘Isn’t it obvious?’ said the woman, ‘She’s my fleshlight.’

The anger bubbled up in him once more, but this time it was aimed at the strange woman rather than the Johnsons. ‘You listen here, lady, nobody talks about Mrs. Johnson like that. Now you better back off or Mr. Johnson is going to –’

‘Mrs. Johnson is my property,’ roared the woman, her face suddenly livid but her thrusting remaining gentle, ‘and Mr. Johnson is fully aware of that fact. As for you, little thing, if you talk to me like that again I will show you the true meaning of discipline. Now sit down before I make you.’

Without thinking, Craig obliged, sinking into the plush armchair opposite the bed. He could not think what else to do. Once he had, Mrs. Johnson turned back to look at the woman who nodded as though allowing Mrs. Johnson permission to do something.

Turning back to Craig, Mrs. Johnson smiled. ‘It’s okay, Craig. This is Zara, but I want you to call her Mistress. Without her none of this would be possible. Not this house, not our relationship, not even me and my husband. You see when I was younger I knew what I wanted: I wanted to transition, I wanted a loving husband, and I wanted sex. A lot of sex. But I couldn’t have any of that. I felt like I was all alone and that nobody could ever understand me.

‘Then I met Mistress. She helps people like me turn our dreams into reality. She helps us transition into the people we want to be, and then she finds us a lover beyond our wildest dreams. She knows a lot of people, and she uses those contacts to find somebody who wants to love and fuck somebody like me. She introduced me to my husband and I visit her when I can to… catch up.’

‘Oh yes,’ Zara cooed, ‘and she’s told me all about you, Craig. We thought your housewarming party would be the perfect chance for us to finally meet in person. I just couldn’t resist using this sweet ass while we were waiting for you. And given I’ve started, I intend to finish. Sit there and watch, little one.’

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Craig did not know how long they had been tangled up together prior to his arrival, however Zara was clearly in no rush and her ample stamina was on full show as she sank into Mrs. Johnson over and over again. Mrs. Johnson was clearly in a state of bliss, her pleasure so great she could not hold her head up and with every thrust she melted further into Zara’s embrace.

Craig, meanwhile, couldn’t stave off his rampant arousal. Deprived of any meaningful sexual contact for so long and aware how tight Mrs. Johnson’s ass was, the sight of the woman being fucked so passionately quickly led to tented jeans and a patch of pre-cum darkening his crotch. Zara laughed at him mockingly and her words only increased his horniness: ‘Mmmh, look at you, hard and desperate. You like it when I fuck her ass like this, don’t you? Look into her eyes, little boy, see how much more she loves it when I use her than when she plays with you. I own her, and now I own you, and you both love it.’

At that moment, her eyelids fluttered and she pulled out. No sooner had she pulled free than she came explosively, half of her load coating Mrs. Johnson’s stomach, half dribbling down her long shaft like thick white tears.

Grinning coldly, she looked at him, then at her bucking dick. ‘Clean us.’ When he did not immediately move, her expression became thunder. ‘I won’t ask again. If you don’t kneel and clean us I’ll flog you so hard you’ll leave a trail of blood when you walk.’

Dropping to his knees, Craig crawled over to them and immediately began licking them clean. He began with Mrs. Johnson, slurping up the puddles and trails of cum spread across her stomach and feeling his uncertainty ebb somewhat at her familiar moans. When he moved onto Zara, however, that uncertainty dissolved completely.

As before, being in her presence made him want to submit, but actually doing so filled him with a soft calm he had not expected. Cleaning her large cock came almost naturally, as though he had been doing it for years, and her gentle encouragement combined with the knowledge Mrs. Johnson was watching him pushed him into a happy obedience he never wanted to end. He felt as though he could stay here forever just licking her cum-soaked cock, the taste of Mrs. Johnson lacing Zara’s sharp, salty flavour. After less than a minute, Craig was no longer hesitant: he loved Zara unyieldingly, was hers to command without question.

Once she was satisfied, Zara surged to her feet. ‘Good. Now, let’s get this party started. Follow me, both of you.’

‘Yes, Mistress,’ they chanted before following her from the room.

Heading downstairs, Craig realised Zara had been here long enough to know where she was going, leading him to wonder if this was the first time she had been here in his absence. As she led them to the back of the house he felt distinctly child-like, while the presence of Mrs. Johnson naked and following Zara obediently beside him increased his sense of submission.

Of course, he had submitted to Mr. Johnson with her before, but this was different. Zara was overwhelmingly more powerful despite her smaller figure, and he felt as though she had control of his body more than he did. The sensation, he realised, was fantastically erotic.

Passing through a set of large patio doors, they came into the indoor pool and Craig was lost for words.

Five latino trans women kneel on bed beside pool

‘Hi Mistress,’ chanted the five women, playing with their hair girlishly.

‘Hello ladies,’ Zara replied, ‘Mrs. Johnson and I have bought you a new plaything.’

The women giggled, eating up Craig hungrily with their eyes. They were kneeling on a large white-sheeted bed with a wicker frame. It had been positioned beside the indoor pool with the intention that he and the Johnsons could use it after a relaxing swim, however so far it had not seen use. It was clear now that this was no longer the case; the sheets were dishevelled and, based on the frizzy hair of some of the women and the lipstick smearing their lips, it appeared there had been some forceful making out among them recently. They were scantily clad, wearing bikinis that left little to the imagination, and all five were deeply attractive. Glancing down, Craig noticed their bulging panties and his own cock twitched at the thought of what lay beneath.

Mrs. Johnson hopped onto the bed immediately, the women welcoming her with kisses and caresses. Craig, meanwhile, suddenly found Zara pressed up behind him pushing him toward the bed.

‘Go on, pet,’ she whispered softly, ‘can’t you see how much they want you? You belong to me now, and they’re my girls. I’d do anything to make them happy. Right now, you’re what makes them happy. So they’re going to use you, and I’m going to watch. Don’t worry though: you’re going to enjoy every second.’

As she’d spoken she had edged him forward and now he stood at the foot of the bed. Moving in unison, the six women leaned in close, gripped hold of him by the arms and torso, then yanked him onto the bed.

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The next few hours or so were mostly a blur to Craig. When one she-cock left his body, another swiftly filled the void it had left. Pinned to the bed among the tangle of bodies, he felt as though he were contained within a living cage of limbs and horniness.

At first, they all sank down and worshipped his cock, taking turns to gurgle and slobber on his meat before pulling away just early enough that his mounting orgasm never quite broke the banks of his tolerance. In this way they edged him for what must have been the better part of an hour, while around him those who were not filling him with oral bliss were making out noisily.

Only when Craig was so desperate for release he was practically in tears did they finally allow him to cum, and in a fitting turn it was Mrs. Johnson – the woman who had first drawn him into this mad, hedonistic lifestyle he now lived – who sent him over the edge. He bucked hard as he came and splashed thick strings of cum all over her grinning face.

Slumping down onto the bed, he watched a change come over the women. Like shattering glass, the sight of Mrs. Johnson’s cum-covered face seemed to smash the sensual facades they wore into pieces and reveal the truth beneath: they were animals. Primal forces of sex and lust, they set upon Mrs. Johnson like vultures on carrion to lick the cum from her face with wet slurping sounds.

For a moment they came away content, savouring the taste of his seed on their lips. Then, like sharks sent into a frenzy by the scent of blood they rounded on him with their intentions clear in their eyes: they had tasted him, and now they wanted more.

Five latino trans women and one cis man engage in orgy by side of pool

From that point on, Craig was little more than a repository for their cocks. They pounded him ruthlessly, some holding him down as others used his holes, making out above him as they did so. His vision was filled with cocks and tits and nails and tattoos, and it was not long before his own lips were smeared with the seed of all six of the perfect women. He could feel it dribbling down his chin, coating the inside of his mouth, trickling down his throat. It was his nectar of life, sweeter than honey and more refreshing than midnight water.

Glancing through the shifting forest of limbs he occasionally caught a glimpse of Zara. She was spread out on a sunbed stroking her cock slowly as she sipped on a glass of blood red wine. The sight of her always made him moan louder: he was pleasing her girls, and in turn was pleasing her.

The longer they used him, the rougher they became, and the rougher they became the more they were fuelled by insatiable lust. After some time – he had no clue how long exactly – even using him like a fleshlight was not enough. They began to fuck one another over and around him, and the seven of them devolved even further into a sinful mess, entangling themselves in all kinds of strange arrangements; Craig, at one point, found himself with two dicks plunged down his throat and two more in his ass, with the remaining two women tag-teaming his cock; later, one of the women was swapping cum with him as they were both hammered from behind, while the remaining three had shifted to one side and were in a horny triangle – one laid back with an ass on both her face and cock, with the other two making out as they straddled her; later still, Craig was in an enthusiastic sixty-nine with Mrs. Johnson while his ass was forcefully pounded, one of the women rimmed Mrs. Johnson and the remaining three shot their load all across his face.

All Craig knew about the passage of time was that when Zara finally called a stop to their fucking the sun was setting, the room cast in deep reds through the skylight. Sticky with cum and breathless with excitement, they collapsed to the bed, caressing one another’s bodies softly.

Stalking over, Zara took Craig by the legs and dragged him down the bed so she could stand over him. ‘It seems to me like you have never been part of an orgy before?’

‘No, Mistress.’

‘And you liked it, didn’t you?’

‘Yes, Mistress.’

Sinking down to straddle his chest she traced the line of his jaw with her finger. ‘Mmmh, I remember my first time. You never have to worry about stamina: while you’re out for the count there’s always someone else you can suck or jerk or have fuck you. Perfect sexual bliss, if you ask me. Especially for the ones like you who are born to be filthy cumdumps. That’s what you are, isn’t it? A cumdump. But not just for the Johnsons anymore. You’re open for business for all my girls too, aren’t you?’

‘Always, Mistress.’

‘That’s right. Now you have this nice big house I’m sure my girls will be paying you plenty of visits, but before that there’s one last thing I have to show you. Follow me.’

Wordlessly, Craig obliged. He did not ask why Mrs. Johnson was not coming with them. He did not ask where they were going. He simply obeyed, following Zara back into the house then down a flight of stairs to the basement.

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Once they reached the bottom, for the second time he found himself speechless. He had been in the basement once, before they had moved in, and remembered it being a dank, dusty room filled with old boxes.

Now, however, it had been completely transformed.

In one corner, a gloryhole cubicle had been set up with half a dozen slot to be filled with anonymous cocks, while another corner was lined with lockers like they were in some underground gym. The rest of the space was dominated with more naughty furniture: a set of stocks, a leather sling, a bondage table, an assortment of cages, dangling ropes and chains for suspension bondage and a large fucking machine, among others. It was a dark, hot space, the walls, floors and ceiling painted black and the lights low to give a distinct atmosphere. Yet perhaps what surprised him most was the occupants.

Dozens of naked men roved around, jerking their large cocks and admiring the sumptuous renovations with lustful eyes. They were hefty, muscular men, broad and ordinarily intimidating, but to Craig the sight of their enormous dicks only made him salivate.

Out of the crowd came Mr. Johnson. He too was naked and Craig found himself almost crippled with a craving for the man’s cock: he had not tasted nor felt it in too long, and it was all he could do not to drop and feast.

‘Good to see you, Zara,’ said Mr. Johnson, greeting the naked woman with a polite kiss to the cheek, ‘I see Craig enjoyed his time with your girls. Either that, or you’ve spent a lot of time ordering him to smear his cum over himself.’

Zara laughed. ‘No, you were right the first time. I must congratulate you on an excellent choice of lover: Craig has taken to your horny life much better than I had expected. I know you said he was a changed man, but even I am impressed by how far he has come based on what you told me about the man he used to be. Still, I hope you aren’t going to go easy on him tonight?’

‘I doubt it,’ Mr. Johnson said with a wink, ‘after all I’ve told them these guys have been waiting to get their hands on Craig for months. I suspect it will be a night to remember.’

‘Good. Now, if you will excuse me, after watching Craig have all the fun with my girls, I have a deep need to fuck the brains out of your wife. I’m sure you can handle this one in the meantime.’ With that Zara kissed Craig on the cheek and ascended the stairs.

Mr. Johnson took Craig by the shoulders with a grin. ‘God, I’ve been waiting so long for this moment. Listen, I owe you an apology. Me and my wife both. We know you’ve been feeling rejected lately, what with us stopping the livestreams and ignoring sex and sending you out on errands all the time. But this is why. We’ve been getting this place ready and we didn’t want you to find out about it before we had finished. We still love you, gorgeous, we never stopped, we just wanted this to be a special surprise for you and we had to keep you off the scent until it was ready and we could have a proper housewarming.’

‘But what is this place?’ The men in the room had started to notice Craig and one by one they turned to face him, stroking their cocks and licking their lips hungrily.

‘I guess you could say it’s your new office. We know how much you want to help support us, how much you want to contribute to our relationship, so we came up with a plan to help you do that.’

‘What about the livestreams?’

‘This is more than just the livestreams. Every weekend, we’ll be opening this place for anybody who wants to pay to use it. Zara’s girls, my friends here, and anybody else with a fondness for the kinky. Its a place to fuck and be fucked, to have orgies, gangbangs and all-out fuckfests. But they won’t just come here for the swing or the stocks – they’ll come here for you. Zara was showing you what it is like being a cumdump for a reason: that’s how you’re going to make money. You’re going to be a rent boy for anybody who comes here to use how they please. And since you loved livestreaming so much there are cameras set up around the room that will film everything and stream it to your adoring fans.

‘That is, if you want to.’ Mr. Johnson was suddenly serious. He took Craig by the hands and stared at him intently. ‘This is your choice. We hoped you would like the idea, but if it is too much we will rip all of this out and go back to how things used to be. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, and what you do is all on your own terms. So, what do you say?’

For a few moments, Craig said nothing. Admiring the handsome naked men before him he glanced up into the rafters wondering where the cameras might be. He took a second to consider how he had woken up that morning feeling intolerably rejected but now felt more loved than he had since that first night Mrs. Johnson had appeared at his door.

Then he crossed to the swing and sank back into it, raising his legs up to show his bare ass. ‘So, which one of you is going to ruin me first?’

Muscular tattooed men engage in gay orgy in dark room

Thanks for reading!

Surprise! Again. If you’ve been following my work for any length of time you will already know about the Johnsons, and of course they had to show up in my month of gay/trans content, how could I exclude them? For those who haven’t read my previous instalments of this little mini-series, ‘A Neighbourly Favour’ was one of my very first releases in the first couple of weeks after my blog began. After some encouraging feedback I chose to take the story further and this will be the fourth addition to the story. To say it was a story I initially only planned to have one instalment this is actually probably the storyline I’ve added to the most since starting out as I believe the only other running series with more individual stories is ‘The Vanishing of Aiden and Erika’, but that was a special release over a week and not a long-running piece.

As in other pieces the model I used to portray Mrs. Johnson was Jane Marie. She’s a really hot trans performer and you should definitely check her out. In the first gif she is also joined by Domino Presley, another excellent trans model whose work you can find on her PornHub profile here:

Unfortunately, beyond Marie and Presley I’m afraid I can’t link to all the other performers. For one thing with two separate group sex scenes in this piece there are just too many, and also as I have mentioned before gay and trans models can be pretty difficult to identify at the best of times and I don’t have the time to spend hours hunting them all down. If, however, you know of any performers in this piece and want to let me know who they are I will happily link them here. As always though I have linked the videos I used to create these gifs down below.

There is still one more story to round out Gaypril after my cis piece tomorrow, and it is one of my long pieces – although it is not much longer than this one since the Johnsons kind of ran away with their own story once I started writing, which I really should have expected given the track record of this series.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

Keep up to date with new releases by following me elsewhere:

Tumblr: fetishesandfantasiesworld

Twitter: @Fetish_Fantasy_


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    1. I’ll admit it is something I’ve considered, but I think I’m happy with the dynamic they have right now. I feel like having Craig become trans by the end would be kind of a hard turn having had him become so content in himself after meeting the Johnsons. I think if anything there will be one more addition to the story, but after that I think that will be it. And I will only add that next story if I think it is worth it, because I’m happy with where it has been left right now and wouldn’t want to push the story too far.

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