Lake Fantasy – Chapter Eight: Picture The Scene

Hiking boots and socks on tiled floor

‘Ow, ow, ow,’ Nancy winced.

‘Sorry,’ Darren replied, shifting her weight so he could push the door open. With Nancy leaning heavily on him they hobbled awkwardly into the cabin. ‘You want the lounge or the bedroom?’

‘The lounge. No way I’m tackling stairs with this foot.’

Nodding, Darren assisted her into the lounge. Easing her down onto the sofa he raised her injured foot onto the large pouffe over which was draped a soft faux fur blanket. Nancy sighed her relief.

‘Remind me to insist on hiking closer to my cabin next time.’

Darren laughed. ‘I’ll make a note of it. Here, let me get your boots off for you.’

It had been over an hour and a half since Nancy tripped on the trail. She’d gone down hard not long after Josh, Ashley and Spencer had left, twisting her ankle badly in the process. Obviously unable to continue the hike, Darren had offered to help her back down to the Rivera cabin.

Unfortunately, the trail they’d chosen to hike that morning was on the opposite side of the lake and it was mid-afternoon before they arrived back in Nancy’s quarters.

They had removed the boot of her injured foot earlier to prevent it constricting the swelling, which Darren had tied to his belt by the laces. Now removing the other boot along with Nancy’s hiking socks, he dumped them beside the door.

Nancy and Josh were staying in a small wing branching off the main Rivera cabin, which was more or less a log mansion. The wing was more compact than the adjoining building with everything arranged on one floor, though for two people it was still huge, boasting two bedrooms with large en suites, a spacious living area and a kitchenette with mesmerising views of the lake.

‘You got a first aid kit in this place?’

‘Yeah, there’s one in the cupboard under the sink.’

Darren was soon rifling through the contents of the small green box. ‘You don’t think it’s a break, do you?’

Nancy shook her head. ‘Pretty sure it’s just a bad sprain. A bandage and some painkillers should do the trick. Oh, and there’s an icepack in the freezer. Though it doesn’t look like I’ll be on my feet much for the rest of the week. Pity, some of the trails around this place look really beautiful.’

‘I’m sure you’ll get your chance. Something tells me we’ll be back here next year – everyone’s loving it so far.’

Applying the bandage, Darren handed her a strip of pain killers before pouring a glass of water and grabbing the icepack. She downed the pills as he laid it over her foot, sighing at the soothing chill.

‘You want some company until Josh gets back?’

Nancy scoffed. ‘I’d be surprised if he gets back before midnight. Didn’t Brenda tell you? He and Elliott are having a Switch tournament tonight.’

‘Oh, right, of course. I can still stay a while if you want?’

‘I’d like that, thank you,’ Nancy smiled.

As is often the way when two friends are reunited, Darren and Nancy soon lost track of time. They had been close friends for decades, ever since Darren and Brenda had first met in school and she had introduced him to her friendship group. Even after all that time though, he still marvelled how Nancy was so different to her sister.

As the saying goes, Melissa and Nancy were different as chalk and cheese. Nancy’s elder sister had earned a reputation among the group for being loud, vain and controlling, traits that had eventually landed her a matriarchal role among the collective. Melissa was always the one to organise their trips, forever chasing up payments and planning out timetables with an urgent energy nobody could match. Over the years they had grown used to her quirks until it was considered normal.

In the presence of Nancy, however, Melissa’s intensity was highlighted in stark relief. Quiet, meek and sensitive, Nancy had never been the outspoken sort, though she had drawn into herself drastically in the years since Josh’s father left. Her self-esteem had taken a devastating blow and, though she had her friends to support her, the mental and emotional scars of the ordeal still cut deep.

After a while, their conversation inevitably turned to their kids.

‘Yeah, Elliott’ll be heading off to university soon,’ Darren was saying. ‘He’s got a real drive for drama these days, so I guess we’ll be looking up where offers good acting degrees in the not too distant future.’

Nancy looked a little uncomfortable. ‘Don’t you ever worry about him?’

‘How do you mean?’ Darren frowned.

‘I don’t know, I just – I don’t know what I’d do if Josh wanted to move away. I mean what if something happened to him? What if he needed my help and I was hundreds of miles away? There’s so much that could go wrong, isn’t there?’

Darren shrugged. ‘You’ve got to let them go sometime, right? And Josh is a good kid, he’d make friends real easy, I’m sure.’

‘I suppose,’ Nancy nodded, shuffling awkwardly in her seat. ‘To be honest I don’t think I’m really worried about him. I think I’m worried about myself. I know Josh could handle a big move like that. But me? I don’t know. Since his dad left he’s been my whole life. I don’t know if I can give that up. What would I do without him?’

Darren did not reply straight away. Instead he chose his words carefully. ‘Well, maybe it could be a fresh start for both of you. Josh would get the chance to cut loose and be independent, and you’d get the opportunity to live for yourself again, maybe even put yourself out there.’

Nancy blushed. ‘You mean… date? I’m not sure about that.’

Nancy thanked her lucky stars she wasn’t a man then, for the extent of embarrassment her arousal could deliver were rigid nipples and wet panties, neither of which Darren would be able to spot.

For almost two decades, Nancy had stifled her sexual needs in order to raise and provide for Josh, content to sacrifice her sex life if it meant she didn’t have to face her ruined self-esteem. While most of her friends had been getting hot and heavy, Nancy had been changing nappies and reading bedtime stories. In that time, infrequent masturbation had been her sole sexual outlet.

Now, however, that excuse was nearing its limit of use. If Josh moved away she’d have no reason to ignore her needs any longer, which might not have been so bad if her stifled cravings were not eating her up from the inside. As it was, the very mention of dating – let alone sex – made her unbearably horny and the young, sensual woman she had locked away all those years ago fought to break free.

Unfortunately, she could not imagine being that woman again. She was no longer the lithe, energetic woman she had been with Josh’s father, and her nerves were far too fraught to even contemplate romantic involvement. The net result was a sexual hunger she could not hope to satisfy gnawing on her insides, oft driving her to the verge of tears at the thought of living out the rest of her days unable to experience the passion she longed for.

Desperate to change the subject, Nancy blurted out the first thought that entered her head. ‘So has your Elliott found a girl yet? Ashley and Brad have broken the seal now – eventually we’ll have all the kids bringing their other halves.’

Darren chuckled to himself. ‘I’m afraid Elliott might refrain from taking us up on that offer. No, no girlfriend. I don’t think a relationship is really on his horizon.’

‘Really? Why not?’

‘He’s… finding himself,’ Darren said, careful to maintain Elliott’s secret.

‘Well I’m sure he’ll find the right girl when the time comes.’

Darren nodded, though he wasn’t really listening. ‘Can I ask you something, Nance?’


‘Do you ever struggle to understand Josh?’

‘We don’t often argue, if that’s what you mean.’

‘No, that’s not it. I mean do you ever look at him and wonder why he’s the way he is? Like did something you do push him in a certain direction or was he always going to be like that?’

Nancy frowned. ‘I’m not sure I follow.’

Darren sighed in frustration. ‘Yeah, I guess I’m not explaining it very well. I mean I love Elliott, but sometimes I look at him and I don’t understand him. I can’t fathom how he came to be the person he is and I worry people are going to judge him for who he is. I never want him to feel like he can’t be who he wants to be, you know? But what if the person he wants to be isn’t somebody people will understand or might even hate?’

Darren didn’t really know why he was telling her all this. He hadn’t discussed his feelings with Brenda or Elliott, so opening up to Nancy felt somehow wrong. The truth was he hated himself for feeling the way he did.

When Elliott had come out he had been blown away by the courage it must have taken for his son to take such a leap. Yet even now, a year later, he struggled to understand him. Comfortable in his own skin Darren had never doubted his gender identity, so having his own son wrestle with who he was and wanted to be was a shock to the system.

Part of him felt guilty, as though he had somehow caused Elliott to be born in the wrong body. Mostly, however, he felt fear. If he as Elliott’s father could not understand his son’s emotions, surely those who did not love and care for him wouldn’t either. Knowing how the world could be to that which it does not understand he often worried over Elliot being ostracised purely for who he was.

Nancy waited to see if he was going to continue for a few seconds. When he merely settled into a puzzled frown she leaned into his line of sight to meet his eyes. ‘Have you considered trying to put yourself in his shoes?’

Darren started. He had forgotten there was anybody else in the room. ‘Huh?’

Nancy chuckled. ‘Whatever you’re struggling to understand it’s clearly bugging you. Maybe trying to look at things from Elliott’s perspective might help. If I disagree with anybody that’s what I try and do. It doesn’t always help, but it’s often a start towards me understanding them.’

Now it was Darren’s turn to shuffle awkwardly. If there was one thing Elliott’s coming out had done, it was shake up his father’s personal perceptions, and he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t wondered what life as a woman might be like in the year since. Though he knew he wasn’t trans he could not shake off the curiosity that overcame him from time to time.

What might it be like to try on lingerie? How would a pair of breasts feel on his chest? What did sex feel like as a woman? He wasn’t sure he wanted the answers, yet as intrusive thoughts they had persisted and, frustratingly, showed no signs of fading.

Darren made to reply, only to pause. A small camera had caught his eye on the shelf behind Nancy.

‘Neat,’ he said, rising and crossing to the shelf. He returned to the sofa turning the camera over in his hands. ‘This yours?’

Nancy shook her head. ‘No. It’s just a decorative thing.’

‘Maybe not.’ Darren nodded to the wall beside the shelf. A broad corkboard was suspended there with dozens of polaroid photographs pinned across. ‘Maybe it’s for that. You know, like if you want to add your photo to show you were here, you can. Kind of like a big scrapbook. I mean some of those photos look pretty old and it looks like they were all taken around the lake or in the cabins.’

Nancy shrugged. ‘Maybe we could get a group photo before we go and pin it up. I didn’t know you were into photography.’

‘Eh, a bit. My dad had a real photographer’s eye. I guess he kind of rubbed off on me. I’ve never seen anything like this though.’ Squinting, he read the name inscribed on the side. ‘Fantasia. Must be the brand. It’s real weird though. I mean it’s definitely a polaroid camera, but it’s like old and new spliced together. The screen and lens look brand new, but the case is super worn and it’s got an old school timer on it.’

‘A timer? Like a delay?’

‘Looks like it,’ Darren nodded.

‘Well I think I’ve got a pretty unique photo to go on the board – Nancy: the cripple.’ She laughed and ushered Darren to set up the camera on the pouffe. ‘Go on, see if you can get it working. You can be in it too.’

The timer was easy enough to figure out and as it ticked down they both pointed at Nancy’s bandaged, icepack-clad foot with exaggerated grins. Chuckling to himself, Darren retrieved the photograph and waited for it to develop. When the image became clear he blanched sheet white.

The photo was all wrong. Where Nancy should have been there was a strapping young man with messy black hair and an athletic frame, while a petite brunette with a dazzling smile and an even more dazzling body sat in his spot. They were cuddled up on the sofa, the girl in a tight white shirt and denim shorts and the guy just in jeans.

‘Weird,’ he muttered. ‘Sorry Nance, I think this thing’s busted… Jesus!’

Darren dropped the camera as he jumped, startled by Nancy’s shifting appearance. It landed with a bounce on the pouffe. 

A suave grin twisted Nancy’s lips and she stared at him with one eyebrow raised. ‘What? You intimidated, old man? You should be: this is what a real man looks like.’

Nancy flexed her arms for him to admire. Except they weren’t her arms, not anymore. Her skinny limbs were packed with muscle under tanned skin. Her mousy brown hair had slid back into a messy black mop and her figure had started to fill out. The rest of her body was soon devoured by a shocking transformation as her figure changed to match the cocky, masculine personality which already overwhelmed her mind.

Darren quickly came to realise what was happening: the athletic frame, the baggy jeans, the chiselled features – Nancy was becoming the man in the photograph.

But if she was becoming the man in the photo…

‘Oh my god!’

Darren hadn’t felt his transformation, but now he looked he found he too was changing. The height loss was dramatic as he regressed into a more diminutive figure, delicate and pale. His hair tumbled down as the weight of his gut rose to swell out two fleshy tits. His legs went weak, dragging him to his knees beside the pouffe as his attire shifted into the same denim shorts and shirt as the woman in the photo.

Staring in horror at the man who had been Nancy, he was about break down in a panic when all at once he was struck dumb. It took him a second to realise he felt deeply shy. A moment later, Darren had faded away entirely and Dillion was peering nervously at Nate.

Shirtless man takes photo of himself kissing brunette in white top

‘I’m not sure about this, Nate,’ she said.

She worried he might look disappointed, but he simply smiled. Dillion liked Nate’s smile – it made her feel warm and loved. Rising from the sofa he came to crouch beside her.

‘I know you’re not, baby, but you don’t have to worry. You know I love you, right?’

Dillion nodded meekly. ‘I know, but –’

Nate raised a finger to her lips, shushing her softly. ‘No excuses now, baby. I know just as well as you do how much you want this. It’s time for you to learn what love feels like.’

She nodded again, barely daring to speak. Nate was right – she wanted this. She had wanted it for months. She was merely more nervous than she had expected now the time was here.

‘What if somebody walks in?’

‘I’ve already locked the doors, baby. It’s just us. Besides, your mum is out hiking, right? We have the place to ourselves. We can take things as slow as you like. You want to remember this moment, don’t you?’

‘Of course.’

Nate smiled and kissed her neck. ‘Here, let’s take a picture.’ Taking up the camera he held it at arm’s length and snapped a photograph of him kissing her cheek, which quickly printed out. Waiting for it to develop something stirred in them both, a kind of half-memory that made them think the camera flash would do something more. When the image developed, however, it showed Nate kissing his beloved girlfriend – the camera knew which bodies they needed and it wouldn’t do to take them away just yet.

Softly, he eased her around to face him with two fingers on her chin. He leaned in so close she could feel the heat of his breath across her lips. ‘It’s okay,’ he whispered, ‘I know how you feel. If you want to stop, you just have to say, okay?’

Dillion said nothing. She simply stared at Nate’s lips. Forcing aside her nerves and trying not to think what she was doing in case her courage faltered, she kissed him.

Shirtless man and brunette in white top kiss

Melting into Nate, Dillion felt all the tension ebb away. She had kissed him before, of course, but this time was different. It felt like she was approaching a waterfall and she had crossed the point at which she could swim away. Now the current had her, pulling her closer, and the inability to fight it eased her nerves. In fact, she tingled with anticipation for the freefall.

After a moment Nate’s strong fingers curled around her neck, blossoming heat through her nape. He pulled her in a fraction harder, just enough that her nose slotted beside his, while his other hand guided her fingers to his chest.

She flinched as he planted her hand on his hot skin, but before long both hands had snaked up to tangle in his hair. She wrapped her arms around him and allowed her arousal to take hold.

Her pussy tingled – this was really happening! Nate had been patiently building her confidence for months: making out, sensually eating her sex, kissing every inch of her naked body while assuring her how beautiful she was. All in the pursuit of showing Dillion she had nothing to be worried about.

After years of being bullied by the popular girls – the kind of shallow whores who would jump on anything with a pulse – Dillion had never believed anybody could love her, but right now, with Nate, everything just felt right.

Three images of shirtless man removing brunette's bra and top while groping her groin and kissing her neck

As though reading her mind, Nate took her face in his hands and stared deep into her eyes. ‘You are so much more than anybody gives you credit for,’ he whispered. ‘I’m so glad I can show you how perfect I think you are. Are you ready, gorgeous?’

Dillion paused just long enough to think how much she loved Nate. Then she was nodding and her love was pushed aside by desire.

Helping her up, Nate slowly peeled off her shirt. Holding her close he felt the tension of nerves return down her spine and across her shoulders and immediately moved to soothe them. Dillion had a weakness for neck kisses. Once he started to work his lips over the soft flesh beneath her ears the tension swiftly melted away.

Nate savoured the cute, breathless gasps she let out when he brushed against her most sensitive spots. At the same time his hands had descended to her shorts, unzipping the fly to slip probing fingers into her underwear.

He didn’t finger her – not yet – he simply caressed the velvet skin just above the crease of her sex. Dillion half-giggled, half-moaned as he did, her body rolling gently in his grasp.

The fingers in her panties successfully distracted her from Nate’s spare hand, which had been working on the clasp of her bra. With a soft rasp it came away and in the blink of an eye he had removed it and tossed it onto the couch.

Shirtless man removes brunette's shorts and underwear

Next were her shorts. Easing her back onto the pouffe, he caressed her thighs before lifting her legs high. Hooking his fingers into the waist of her shorts he slid them off along with her panties, before depositing them with the rest of her discarded clothes.

Dillion had never trusted anybody to see her naked besides Nate, but with him she felt at ease. She closed her eyes, savouring his strong hands on her legs as he lowered them back down.

She only realised he had knelt down when his hot breath washed over her bare sex. ‘You really are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Every inch of you is perfect. Especially this part.’

Shirtless man gives oral sex to brunette laid on pouffe

Dillion’s gasp caught in her throat as Nate licked her pussy. His hot tongue was scorching on her folds, weaving deftly to set her sensitive sex aflame with lust.

Her body hummed with pleasure and rolled in time to the orgasmic waves Nate’s experienced tongue generated. She burned with such desire she thought she might open her eyes and find herself glowing. Yet she could not have looked if she tried, for her eyelids fluttered over vacant eyes.

‘You don’t know how good that feels,’ Dillion breathed.

‘And you don’t know how good you taste.’

‘Please, never stop.’

‘As the lady wishes.’

As Dillion was carried ever closer to the precipice of the waterfall, Nate moved her how he pleased. With strong yet gentle hands he guided one leg out to spread her wider before resting her other thigh against his shoulder.

Once she was in the optimum position he was able work her sex hands-free. His tongue darted and swirled, sometimes slipping inside, sometimes worshipping her throbbing clit, sometimes working her wet folds. With every second she grew wetter and it was not long before his lips glistened with her juices.

Meanwhile his hands were free to explore her body, and he did not waste time in doing so.

One hand slid up to cup her mellow breast. Before she realised what he was doing he had slotted her nipple between his fingers was groping her softly. The motion of his fingers pulled on her trapped nipple just enough to dance on the edge of pleasure and pain and she let out little yelps as unexpected tingles burst over her chest.

His remaining hand patiently prepared the next stage of their passion.

Dillion could feel the freefall approaching, currents of desire clawing at her nubile body. Nate had gone down on her many times before, but there was novel thrill to it this time: she knew what was coming. This time they weren’t going to finish once she came. This time her orgasm was just the beginning.

She no longer wanted to be a passive body for Nate to move, she wanted to be an active part in their love. He had put so much effort into building her confidence and now she wanted to give something back.

‘Nate,’ she murmured, ‘Nate, swap places with me.’ She could almost hear Nate’s frown. ‘Just do it,’ she urged, ‘there’s something I want to do.’

Brunette gives oral sex to male lover

With Nate spread out on the pouffe, Dillion took his shaft in her dainty fingers.

Again butterflies swirled in her stomach, but she pushed them down more easily than before. The excited glimmer in Nate’s eyes was fuel for her confidence; she could see how much he wanted this.

With her supple fingers massaging his cock, Nate opened his mouth to speak, however his words were lost in a long groan. Knowing he would ask her if she was sure, Dillion cut off his question by sealing her lips over his meat.

In a heartbeat she was addicted; his cock in her mouth felt so natural, so right. The shaft was at once supple and rigid, a steel rod swaddled in satin, while the head gave under her tongue, blossoming an intoxicating flavour across her taste buds.

Dillion peered up at Nate and her heart did a somersault. His head lolled back so that the pale fur of the blanket bristled through his inky hair, a smile playing on his lips. She had taken him by surprise and in so doing piqued his arousal. Combined with the tidal waves of pleasure emanating from his crotch he teetered on the edge of mania and he managed a breathy laugh as Dillion continued her work: she was finally ready.

After months of gentle encouragement and reassurance she was confident enough not just to let him make love to her but to play an active part herself. He could not articulate how proud he was of her – though he had an idea how to try.

Brunette lying on pouffe moans as hung man slides inside her

With a pang of guilt, Nate took her head in his hands and lifted her from his cock. For the briefest moment she looked like she was about to cry, and his heart broke as he saw the worry that she had done something wrong flash through her eyes.

Then he was moving her and the worry was swamped by excited anticipation.

Switching places once more, Nate spread out her body just as it had been before. She lay on her back looking up at him with twinkling eyes, letting out a little gasp as he took her by the hips and slid her to the edge of the pouffe. Elevating her leg Nate placed it against his chest so her feet nestled against his neck before sweeping the other out to the side. Her pink sex glistened enticingly.

Part of him wanted to plunge deep inside immediately; this moment had been months in the making and his body crackled with lust for her. But this wasn’t about him. This was about Dillion discovering the perfect pleasure her feminine form could provide.

The head of his cock resting on her clit, Nate caressed her thigh. ‘This is it, beautiful. Just tell me when you’re ready.’

Dillion didn’t hesitate. ‘I’m ready, baby. I’m ready for you. I’m yours.’

Pushing in, Nate deflowered her.

Together they let out a breath they hadn’t known they had been holding in, which escaped their lips as long, sensual moans. Their bodies sang as one as they finally connected for the first time.

The motion of Nate pushing inside her felt to Dillion like going over the edge of the waterfall. Now she was falling. Weightless with pleasure, the only thing that mattered was Nate. As he began to thrust each movement flooded her body with ecstasy, slowly drawing a blissful smile across her beautiful features.

It was so much more intense than she had imagined: Dillion felt free. Free from the judgement of her shallow bullies. Free from the shadow of her father who had never understood her. Free even from herself – her self-doubt and paranoia. She was free to be the woman she truly wanted to be, and right now that woman only wanted Nate.

Admiring her from above, Nate ensured he didn’t get too rough. Keeping his pace steady he explored her body with tentative fingers.

God she was so hot inside. Her walls gripped him astonishingly tight, but it was not painful. On the contrary it was like she was made for him, taking him deep with ease.  

Before long a symphony of moans danced on the air and the lovers forgot everything save one another.

multiple images of muscular man and brunette woman having sex on pouffe

As the afternoon wore into evening, Dillion and Nate lost themselves in their own lust.

‘You’re so perfect,’ Nate kept saying, ‘I want to make love to you forever.’

‘Good, because I never want you to stop,’ Dillion would reply. ‘I never knew anything could feel this good.’

Little by little, Nate guided her into new positions. With Dillion on all fours he knelt on the pouffe behind her and rocked on his knees to take her deep. At first he pulled her into him by her hips, but soon was rocking herself, bobbing her hips up and down in time with his thrusts and eventually swinging her entire body as if suspended on a pendulum, like a Newton’s Cradle of passion.

Not long after she was on her side, her dripping pussy angled to provide him easy entry. Then she was riding him with slow, sensual gyrations. Each new position lifted their ecstasy to new heights, and while Nate savoured Dillion’s tight sex, Dillion continued to enjoy the freefall.

When her first orgasm came it was like hitting the water at a hundred miles an hour. It took her breath away, but it was pleasure rather than pain that ripped through her body and for several seconds at its peak she fluttered in and out of consciousness.

She’d orgasmed before, of course, but never with a man inside her. It magnified the sensation tenfold and she was left reeling as it subsided.

Then she was falling again. Like the pool she’d landed in fed its own waterfall, once the peak had worn off she had been overwhelmed with the heat and thrill of Nate’s cock inside her again. Far off, she could feel another orgasm building, and now she knew how it would feel she worked to achieve it all the more.

Moving as one body, they made love deep into the evening. Over and over Dillion was left gasping by her orgasm, only to fall deeper in love with Nate as he continued to fill her. When he came it felt like tongues of liquid fire licking her insides. At first she wasn’t sure she liked it, but soon she was grinding and rocking and bouncing in the pursuit of the next load.

They didn’t know what time they collapsed onto the sofa together. They merely cuddled up together and basked in the after-sex silence. They were hot, sweaty and breathless, but none of that mattered so long as their naked bodies were pressed close together.

After the last echoes of orgasm had faded and their drumming hearts had settled, Dillion turned her innocent eyes to Nate. ‘Thank you,’ she whispered.

He said nothing, just hugged her close.

‘I don’t think I realised what being a woman could mean. How passionate it could be. How… perfect. If it weren’t for you, I’d never have found out.’

Nate smiled. ‘Then I’m glad I found you, because you deserve so much love.’

They settled into silence again for a few minutes, savouring their naked closeness until Dillion spoke up again. ‘Did you mean it?’ she asked.

‘Mean what, baby?’

‘That I tasted good.’

Nate nodded. ‘Sure. I mean I like the taste of pussy, but now I’ve tasted yours I don’t think I could ever taste another.’

Dillion sighed. ‘Part of me wishes I knew how good it tastes. Is that bad?’

Nate laughed. ‘Of course not. I sometimes wonder what dick tastes like. Some people might think it’s weird, but they’re the ones who’d be too afraid to try. I think it’s better to keep an open mind. Though if I had to make the choice I don’t think I would be able to give up pussy if I tried.’

Just then, he noticed the camera and polaroid on the table beside the couch, where they had moved them before making love. Taking up the photograph he handed it to Dillion with a smile.

‘I want to remember this moment too,’ she said suddenly. ‘When you took this you asked me if I wanted to remember the moment. Now I never want to forget what it feels like lying here with you right now.’

Nodding, Nate picked up the camera and held it out. Dillion nestled into his chest and he rested his chin on her head. She flinched at the flash. The hum of the printing polaroid sounded deafening in the quiet room. Wrapped in the heat of Nate’s body she began to drift off and she was half asleep when Nate nudged her to look at the developed image.

‘You know, I think you might get your wish,’ he said.

Dillion’s eyes grew wide: Nate was not in the photo. Instead she was cuddling a lithe, beautiful woman with a mesmerising body. And, as Dillion clutched the photograph trembling with anticipation, Nate’s body began to shift beneath her.

Brunette gives oral sex to female lover

Several minutes later, Dillion’s pretty face was buried between the thighs of her beautiful girlfriend, Natalia, who moaned long and low as her lover feasted on her slick cunt…

Meanwhile, in the Silva cabin…

Man wearing cardigan works on architecture plans on laptop

Thanks for reading!

Dillion Harper – PornHub profile here: – is the embodiment of the girl-next-door stereotype. I’ve been a fan of her work for a good while now, and whenever I’m in the mood for a corrupt cutie Harper is one of the first models who comes to mind. When it came to deciding on a passionate scene she was at the top of the list of potential models, although selecting just one scene from her impressive body of work was definitely a challenge. Yet another model I wish I could showcase more often, you have to check her out if you enjoyed this piece.

I have already mentioned in previous comments how I felt it was important to flesh out my characters and why I was nervous about doing so, however this series has also raised other questions for me. Before now, all my stories – even my long end-of-month pieces – have dived into the sexy stuff fairly quickly, if not immediately, so there have not been too many stories where I’ve had to worry about long periods without an image.

In Lake Fantasy, however, given there are some chapters with hefty segments of character development I have had my concerns over the long sections of text without any images to break them up. As much as I know erotica doesn’t need images to be hot, my stories always include them so I would assume my readers are partial to images in their erotica. For me, having images that set the scene, however roughly, can be useful to break up text where there is no kinky action, but I didn’t want to throw them in for the sake of it.

As such, several chapters go without an image for a long stretch – this chapter and chapter six, for example – and I am interested to know your opinions on what kind of media you like in your erotica? Do you prefer just sexy images and no scene-setting, or do you like regular images to break up the text, even if they’re just setting the scene? Let me know in the comments.

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