The Academy: Part III

Indoor stone corridor and staircases

Shadowing Mr. Ridge as he marched through the corridors, Jaimie did not bother to conceal her smirk knowing it would only irritate him to see her so indifferent to her punishment. Her suspicions were confirmed on the rare occasions he chose to peer back at her, clenching his fists and turning away with a furious huff when he caught sight of her amused lips. He looked so tense it was a wonder he did not lock in place completely and topple over stiff as a board, petrified by his rage. Somehow he managed to press on, and as they made their way through the maze of stone corridors Jaimie felt the weight of anticipation settle across her shoulders.

She had expected to be nervous, but that was not the case. Even with the understanding her carefully devised plan could crash off course at any moment she was calm, collected, and doing a remarkable job of maintaining her composure. She wanted nothing more than to pounce upon the handsome professor and set about tearing his clothes to shreds to fuck him right here, where anybody could walk past, but that would only result in failure. If her plan was to work the atmosphere had to be just right, the professor’s temper at breaking point, and every movement made with sensual precision. As such she ignored her impulsive desires and skipped along behind him humming merrily.

All through the remainder of the class Jaimie had continued to act out. Gossiping while Mr. Ridge was teaching, asking redundant or insulting questions and sniggering loudly whenever he said anything remotely suggestive. By the time the lesson was over even the super-vixens had started to look at her with some confusion. To quell their concerns, as they had filed off to their dormitories and Mr. Ridge had demanded she follow him to the detention hall she had surreptitiously tapped her nose with a long wink.

The longer she followed him the more Jaimie realised the academy was far larger than she had first realised. In addition to the many sprawling wings interconnected like a vast stone warren there were also subterranean levels into which they descended until the idle chatter of passing students had died down and they were alone. For the most part the rooms in these lower levels were storage chambers or old, disused classrooms, but here and there she did notice an occupied office, keen eyes peering at her over computer screens as she passed by.

At length they came to a broad wooden door. Producing a ring of keys, Mr. Ridge slid a particularly large one into the lock and turned it. At the same time, Jaimie focused her thoughts and felt her heart thud a pace faster. This was it.

The key snapped in the lock with a sharp grinding noise, and Mr. Ridge’s furious grip had been so firm he was almost thrown to the ground when his half came free.

‘Blast!’ he bellowed. His curse echoed down the corridor but nobody was there to hear it.

Jaimie did not let herself relax. Her second spell had done its work preventing them from entering the detention hall but she knew she had to use her third right away. Honing her thoughts again, she rested a hand on Mr. Ridge’s shoulder. When he turned to her the smirking, disruptive girl was gone in favour of large, pleading eyes and a look of concern.

‘Mr. Ridge, you seem very tense. Maybe you need a little rest. I would be happy to serve my detention in your chambers if you would like? I think some comfortable surroundings would do you the world of good.’ Her words hung in their air like smoke, drifting about in ethereal, resonant wisps.

For a moment he stared at her and she worried her scheme was going to fall apart then and there. Had the spell worked? Would he be able to resist the magic suggestion she had infused into her words? What would she do if he could? Then, just as her hope was beginning to falter, he nodded. His face was still set with grim fury but he regained his composure, smoothing down a ruffled lapel and slipping the keys back into his pocket. ‘I think you might be right, Miss Jaimie. It has certainly been a long day and you’re only making it longer. Why should I put myself under further stress when it is you causing me the inconvenience? I hope you are not expecting a more lenient punishment just because we will not be in the detention hall though.’

‘Not at all,’ she insisted, ‘my punishment should match my transgression regardless of where we are.’

Nodding curtly the professor strode back the way they had come, beckoning her to follow. As they went her cunning smile returned and she muttered under her breath. ‘And I’m going to make sure you punish me like the slut I am.’

Mr. Ridge’s chambers were beautifully decorated. A stark contrast to the bare stone of the corridors and the cosy atmosphere of the dormitories, he had spent his considerable wage lavishing his rooms of residence with décor that looked as though it had been hand-picked by an experienced designer. The lounge and kitchen area were neat and tidy, and she thought for a moment he might gesture she sit at the marble kitchen counter. To her delight, however, he led them into the bedroom and pointed to the broad desk at the back of the room – a huge wooden thing that looked like it weighed more than all the rest of the furniture put together. She certainly did not envy whoever had carried it up all the flights of stairs to reach his apartment, which was at the top of one of the academy’s huge towers.

The rest of the room consisted of a large lavender-quilted bed with plush cushions, a full-length mirror erected beside it, a set of drawers and a low bench done in pitted white leather, a walk-in wardrobe set to one side, and a breath-taking view of the academy grounds through the broad window.

‘Sit,’ said the man, sternly. When she did not move to the desk he drew a step closer, attempting to intimidate her. ‘Miss Jaimie, I am not in the mood for any more of your disobedience today. Now sit and let us get this detention over with.’

Moving closer, she diminished the gap between them until her breasts were brushing against his chest. She traced the pattern of his sweater as she stared deep into his eyes. ‘How many girls have been here?’

‘Excuse me?’

Pressing herself against him she eased him back a step. ‘I’m just curious is all. The girls said you hardly ever let students spend time alone with you. Have any of them ever been here? In this room? In that bed?’ Her voice dripped with seductive desire.

To his credit, the professor did not stutter nor hesitate as a lesser man would have done. ‘No, they have not. It is true that in my weaker moments I have given in to the seductions of your peers, but that will not be the case today, I assure you. I am aware of the unique atmosphere which surrounds this academy compared to other institutions, and unlike my colleagues I am not willing to allow myself to be your puppet however much you may wish for me to be.’

‘But you bought me to your bedroom, sir,’ she purred, ‘why would you have done that if you didn’t want to be alone with me?’ Her face was the picture of innocence as she pushed against him, prompting him back a few more steps.

‘Don’t try to twist the facts, I know what you are trying to do. You’re new here, aren’t you? I’ve heard of the game you students play with new starters. You are trying to win me for your showcase. Well it won’t work. The only reason we are here is because you made it so – you broke the key, then filled your words with suggestion so I would agree to your proposition of moving to my quarters. I thought you had rules against such practices, anyway?’

‘There are only rules against directly manipulating you – your body or thoughts, for example. But I didn’t touch a hair on your head or a thought in your mind, I just generated a bubble of suggestion around us. Anybody who had heard me suggest coming here would have agreed it was a good idea, you just happened to be in the area of influence. So I didn’t break the rules.’ Another step forward, this time crushing her soft breasts into his chests. She smirked when he did not immediately move away. ‘But here’s the thing, sir: that spell wasn’t impossible to resist. You could have shunned off my suggestion if you tried hard enough, but you didn’t. I think you wanted me here.’

He shook his head firmly. ‘Oh no, that’s not what is happening here. You deliberately angered me just to distract my mind enough that I would listen to your tainted words. Well I’m afraid you’ve wasted your time, Miss Jaimie. Now I suggest you leave, and we will reschedule this detention once the detention hall has been opened.’

‘But sir, we don’t need the detention hall. I’ve been a naughty girl and I need to be punished.’ Surging forward, she drove him the last few steps to the bench under the window, which he dropped down onto heavily. Standing over him she toyed with the buttons of her shirt, popping them open one by one to unveil deep cleavage.

Removing his glasses, Mr. Ridge sighed. ‘Look, Miss Jaimie…’

Brunette in school uniform crawls over man sitting near window

Before he could continue, she crawled over the bench with an innocent smile to stretch out over his lap like a lounging cat. Her hair brushed his face as she passed by, the scent of it swirling in his nostrils and sending a tingle through his tense body. He smiled the smile of somebody who was trying awfully hard not to lose their temper and forced his eyes not to wander. ‘You were saying, sir?’ she cooed, glancing back at him.

He took a few deep breaths before he spoke, but when he did his words shivered with barely supressed emotion. Her stomach fluttered as she noticed the arousal corrupting his anger. ‘I think this has gone quite far enough. Other students have tried to seduce me, same as you. They’ve worked their little spells into my head and I have resisted them, and now you are doing just the same. I suggest you stop trying to break the rules by manipulating my mind because it is not going to work.’

‘But sir, I’m not in your head. I haven’t cast a spell since back at the detention hall.’

Now the professor did falter, his mouth opening to respond before he had fully processed what she had said then closing slowly as he considered her words. ‘But… but I feel like I feel when they are in my head. No. It feels stronger. If not magic, how are you doing this?’

Jaimie swayed her ass teasingly. ‘I’m not like the other sluts, sir. All they do is sit there and try to work spells into your thoughts to seduce you. Or  they spread their legs like cheap whores hoping you’ll fall prey to their lure. They don’t understand that real lust is so much more powerful than any implanted desire. I’m not like the others.’

‘No, you’re not…’ His voice trailed off. He looked at her as though for the first time then, his incredulous gaze drinking in her curves, her beauty, her innocent smile, slowly descending to her partially exposed ass. A roll of her hips laid it bare, only her black thong concealing her modesty. His hand rose to hover over it, his breath deep and shuddering, but after a moment he shook his head and lowered his trembling hand. ‘But this is not how a tutor should conduct himself.’

‘Maybe not in other places, but you said yourself this place is different.’ She rose up until she was so close she could feel his breath on her face. He did not pull away. ‘If you really hated this so much, you would have left by now,’ she whispered, the movement of her lips brushing them against his, ‘so being professional isn’t why you don’t want to do this. Why is it really? Why is it so important to you that you don’t give in?’

He stared at her for a moment, struggling to comprehend how deeply she was examining his inner thoughts. It was like she was in his mind, playing with it like a cat with a ball of yarn. He had felt this before, of course, when the girls had worked their spells into his head, but this was different. Jaimie wasn’t using any spells, just her raw seductive skill. The fact she could pick him apart with such effortless ease without so much as a hex to help her aroused him in his very soul, and deep down he knew she knew the answer to her question. As such, he felt no shame in admitting it in a tremulous whisper. ‘Because if I choose to give in, I know I’ll never stop.’

Jaimie kissed him then. A deep, soft, sensual kiss he did not resist. Her hot lips pressed against his in an explosion of lust and though he didn’t wrap his arms around her neither did he push her away. Instead he allowed her to finish, breaking away only to stare deep into his glazed eyes.

‘You won’t have to stop,’ she breathed. Sinking back down, she shook her ass to get his attention and when he looked at her there was something new in his eyes: hunger. Though his system still coursed with uncertainty the primal desire she had awoken in him rapidly began to corrupt his thoughts. ‘You want to punish me, don’t you, sir?’

‘Yes,’ he said, ‘after your attitude in my class, I want to punish you very much, Miss Jaimie.’

She shook her ass again, the roll of her hips pressing up against his growing boner. ‘Then do it. You know as well as I do that having me write lines or come up with an apologetic essay isn’t going to stop me. But if my ass is stinging so bad I can’t sit down, well that might make me think twice about misbehaving. I know you want me, sir. And I’m yours to have. You just have to let me in.’

Man spanks brunette wearing school uniform over his lap

Mr. Ridge pressed his lips into her ear and her breath caught in her throat for an instant. Then he growled, ‘Fuck you, you little slut, you win,’ and spanked her plump ass. She moaned with a combination of pleasure and relief: Mr. Ridge belonged to her now. Her plan had succeeded, and now she could enjoy her reward.

His strikes were sharp and hard, splitting lances of blissful pain across her soft behind. She could hear in his heavy breathing how he was enjoying letting out his frustration, and in an effort to drive him further into lust she twerked gently compounding the lascivious bounce of her fat cheeks with the massaging rub of her stomach against his crotch. Her little scheme worked and he slapped her harder.

‘That is for ignoring the academy dress code,’ he barked, landing a stinging blow. ‘That is for leaving my class under false pretences,’ he said after another. With every justification he struck her harder. ‘That is for insulting my teaching. That one was for disrupting the learning of my other students. That’s because you disrespected me. That’s for back-chatting. For disrupting my class, for putting on a lewd show, for gossiping, for asking stupid questions, for laughing at childish innuendo. For breaking me key and having me agree to bring you here. And these,’ he leaned in closer, his hand hovering just over her ass, ‘these are for breaking me. You dirty, scheming little slut.’

He volleyed off a dozen or more keen spanks, only stopping once her ass was burning red and she was shaking over his lap. At first he thought she was crying, but when he looked down he could see a broad grin splitting her pretty features. ‘I knew you couldn’t resist punishing me, sir. I know you’re livid I managed to break you, so how about I make it up to you?’

Straddling him with her back against his chest, she took up the glasses he was still holding in his spare hand. Slipping them over his nose she coiled one hand around the back of his neck and pushed her chest out. ‘You’re going to need both hands for this,’ she giggled.

Man in glasses rips open shirt of brunette and gropes her breasts

He tore open her shirt without hesitation, freeing her huge tits for the first time. No sooner had they dropped free than he was groping them hard, the knots of his strong fingers grinding into her soft flesh. To the soundtrack of her sensual moans he tugged and squeezed with ruthless force, his enthusiasm fuelled by his anger at falling for her. When she pushed her tits harder into his grip it only drove him to abuse them all the rougher.

‘I missed a spank,’ he said between the wet kisses he was laying on her cheek, ‘you should have had one for not wearing a bra in my class. To think these fat fucking tits were so close all that time shows just how naughty you are.’

‘Maybe you should make an example of me in class tomorrow? Show all the sluts the punishment for tempting you. A rough groping like this would definitely put off some of the weaker sluts.’

Mr. Ridge laughed gruffly, his hot breath sinking down her collar and swirling across her back. ‘You have quite the filthy mind, Miss Jaimie. I like it. But I think something a bit more explicit is in order. Something like this.’

Man in glasses fingers brunette wearing school uniform in front of window

While he had been speaking she had failed to notice one hand snake down to her groin, but now he pulled up her skirt, wrenched down her thong and ground thick fingertips against her swollen clit. Jaimie’s gasp melted into sensual moans as he worked her sensitive nub. She was soon rubbing up on his fingers. The pleasure was electric, crackling through her groin with sharp shocks of satisfaction that popped like miniature fireworks.

When he sank his fingers inside she gave off a slutty laugh. Every second that passed he was falling deeper into her control, growing hungrier for her as he fell. Each step was one he could never revoke and the more he toyed with her nubile body the more he wanted; he couldn’t blame this on spells or magically corrupted thoughts, but it was clear from the enthusiasm of his fingering he didn’t much care anymore. He was hers, and he was going to make certain she knew it.

Still, that didn’t mean he was in charge. Even in his horny state he knew she was the dominant force in their relationship – a slut, yes, but a slut who had succeeded in persuading him to break every standard he had ever set of himself without so much as a magic word in his thoughts.

And Jaimie was ready to prove that he would never need any other slut ever again.

Brunette in school uniform gives oral sex to man in front of window

Dropping to her knees her intent was obvious, and Mr. Ridge did not need a second invitation. Tugging open the crotch of his trousers his thick boner bucked out and was almost immediately wreathed in Jaimie’s slender fingers.

A smile of horny surprise twisted her lips as she slowly jerked him. ‘My, my, Mr. Ridge, you are well-hung. You know the girls told me you were big, but they didn’t do you justice. You’re even bigger than the headmaster. I wonder if you taste as good.’

‘Why don’t you find out?’ he growled.

‘Anything for you, sir.’ Putting to work the skills she’d spent so much time learning the night before, Jaimie sucked up his meat with a wet slurp.

The room soon echoed with the sloppy gulping of a cum-hungry slut. Mr. Ridge’s thick shaft was hot and juicy and she went down on him with great excitement until strings of spit hung like white garlands between his balls and her lips. But she had learned how to suck in a body belonging to an expert in the task and wasted no time in demonstrating her full range.

Brunette's eyes roll while letting man thrust into her mouth

Starting to take him deep with the odd long bow she was quickly gagging. His thick shaft stretched her throat, bulging the walls out until there was sizeable lump wedged in her neck which she giggled around. Her mirth came out in light gargling noises.

Mr. Ridge seemed shocked as she swallowed him all and began to lick his balls. ‘None of the students I’ve fucked have ever been able to take me to the base. Fuck, you really are a hungry bitch, aren’t you?’ Jaimie nodded without pulling back. Her eyes rolled as he began to thrust. ‘Well then, if you’re so hungry, let me feed you.’

Brunette in plaid skirt and tie gives oral sex to man holding her hair

Still buried halfway down her throat, Mr. Ridge continued to roll in deeper as he stripped off his shirt and sweater. Jaimie followed suit, but though she was able to shrug off her shirt she did not get the chance to remove her tie before his hands were in her hair and he was yanking her head down hard while simultaneously slamming his cock into her puffy lips.

The bliss of allowing herself to be used while still knowing deep down her lover was hers to control thrilled Jaimie with fresh waves of slutty desire, and she felt her insides squirming with anticipation of what would come next.

They both ignored her retches when he pounded the soft muscle at the back of her throat, just as they ignored the red so deep it bordered upon purple that flushed her face as her lungs begged for air. Air did not matter when she starved for cock. Food, water, air, it was all secondary to the new existential need Penny had taught her to crave in every waking moment.

Eventually Mr. Ridge pulled out, decorating the carpet at his feet with thick ribbons of spit. Jaimie whined briefly, but then he was peeling off his trousers and lying down on the bench and her squirming insides felt like they were about to burst free. This was it. There was no going back for either of them. Once she mounted him he was hers forever and her position among the super-vixens was solidified.

She paused for a moment, staring up at him with an expression that was almost fear. In one day she had become an entirely new woman, and this was the climax of that transformation. Then his wicked grin was beckoning her and before she knew what she was doing she had eased herself down onto his perfect, throbbing dick.

Brunette in plaid skirt gyrates on man in front of window

Jaimie let out a trembling moan. She had done it. She was complete.

And what a cock to complete her! Taking him all the way it felt like his head was delving through her intestines. She wanted so badly to ride him until her brains were mush, but Penny had taught her that the best fuck came when the lover was tormented into a frenzy. Keen to make the consummation of their bond no less than divine, instead of ride him she slowly gyrated her hips to swirl him around inside.

She heard the thud of his skull against the windowsill almost immediately after she began. Unable to maintain his composure under such teasing pleasure his head lolled from side to side capable only of grunting and huffing as she continued to writhe. His dick felt like it was on fire, but despite the fact he burned like he was at the peak of the most mind-blowing orgasm of his life she was just getting started.

‘You know I think you’ve been waiting for me, sir. If you hadn’t been you would have given in to an aspiring pledge long ago.’

Between his tormented grunts, Mr. Ridge managed to form a breathless sentence. ‘And how do you come to that conclusion?’

As if to reward him for asking she circled her hips all the harder. He was growing more desperate, she could hear it – soon he wouldn’t be able to wait any longer. ‘Because you’re a clever man, sir, and the benefits of allowing a pledge to claim you are so obvious a blind man could see them. I mean you’re always wanting the thirsty sluts in your classes to stop exposing themselves and casting naughty little spells to seduce you, right? Becoming the property of a super-vixen would stop that overnight. And now it will. Because any bitch who tries to make a move on my man will feel the full wrath of me and my sexy sisters. The only girls you will ever have to worry about dealing with from now on are me and the super-vixens, and something tells me you are going to enjoy dealing with us very much. Really, an idiot could see the simplicity of it.’

Her finishing insult, albeit playful, was the straw that broke the handsome man’s back, for it catalysed him into motion. ‘You teasing, devious, foul-mouthed bitch,’ he said, wrenching her around to face him. Yanking her down so that her heavy breasts massaged his naked chest he manhandled her roughly until satisfied with her position. ‘It’s time you shut that dirty mouth and learned why I have such a powerful reputation.’

Brunette in plaid skirt laughs with pleasure while riding muscular man

Jaimie’s pleasure came out in a high-pitched noise that was part laugh, part gasp as he slammed up into her. She had thought he’d been as deep as he could get before, but he bucked his hips so hard she half expected to feel the head of his cock tickling the roof of her mouth. With a firm grip on her skirt – which, in truth, was now more of a belt – he held her just so, allowing him to hammer his full length into her tight, virgin cunt.

‘You know what else you overlooked?’ she giggled. ‘Super-vixens have access to the queen’s book. Power no other sluts can harness. That means every naughty desire you’ve ever had, every late-night lust, I can give you them all. You want me to be your sexy nurse; I can magic up an entire ward for us to fuck in every bed. You want to tie me up and torture me for days; I have endless rope and dungeons the size of football fields at my disposal. All of your fetishes and fantasies are just a whisper away.’

‘You’re right,’ he said gruffly, ‘I didn’t consider that. But right now my only fantasy is fucking you like the whore you are.’

Brunette almost breaks down with pleasure while riding muscular man

To prove his point, he abruptly doubled his pace. Her lower lip trembled and her brow creased in an almost sorrowful expression as her pleasure was laced with intoxicating pain lashing through her with the intensity of a white hot flail. She was certain of it now: he was bigger than the headmaster. And the additional size drove her to the very edge of delirium, stretching her so wide she was almost sure when she dismounted her hips would be significantly broader.

Her legs shook and her grip tightened around the back of his neck, the soft caress of his hair on her fingers the only thing grounding her when the remainder of her body was overwhelmed with such otherworldly desire.

Brunette in plaid skirt rides muscular man in front of window

Mr. Ridge’s thick meat was filling her in ways she had never thought possible – certainly ways the headmaster had not. Her pussy felt as though it was ready to split apart at any moment, and the harder he ploughed her the more convinced she became she was going to shatter under the merciless assault. But if she was to fall to the man’s dick, she would die happy, because she could not envision any scenario filled with more passionate desire than the one she was currently living through.

Though she had not thought it possible, when his strong fingers closed around her throat her pleasure doubled. The snatches of oxygen she could gasp through her quivering lips was enough to seal the truth in her mind: cock was more important. She would dive to the deepest trench of the ocean without scuba gear to reach Mr. Ridge’s pulsing rod, and if he asked her to starve herself to death just to taste the smallest lick of his shaft before she expired she would do so without question.

The thought of tasting him again sprang a fresh hunger in her mind. As far as she was concerned it had already been far too long since she had last tasted him, and within a matter of seconds she had dismounted and slammed her open maw down so hard it was a wonder the head of his cock didn’t punch through the back of her skull.

Brunette gives deep oral sex to muscular man in front of window

With his cock suitably inhaled her eyes rolled, the arch of her back inconsequential as she continued to ignore her screaming lungs. Their pleas for air were of little interest and she was content to work him deeper like a python swallowing… well, she supposed she was swallowing his python. Soon her lips were massaging the crown of his balls, and he chuckled at her wet gagging.

‘You know what, slut, I’ve just had an idea. How about we show the world I’m now yours?’

Pulling away with a sucking pop, she jerked his cock feverishly. ‘What did you have in mind, sir?’

Brunette in plaid skirt gives oral sex to muscular man on all fours in front of window

Again, he manhandled her, hefting her up onto the bench so she was visible from the courtyard below. On all fours in front of her lover, Jaimie opened her lips expectantly and a moment later his shaft was burrowing between them. Then, with her long hair knotted up in his large hand, he fucked her face.

His thrusting was piston-like, hard and unyielding, and in a matter of seconds strands of low-hanging spit glittered in the sunlight. His moans, along with the wet slapping of his dick in her throat, drifted through the open window and down where they attracted the attention of passing students. Looking up and pointing they gathered in their cliques to watch Jaimie claim the most sought-after tutor on campus as her own.

A handful stormed off in a huff, furious that they had failed where she had succeeded, and when she glanced down Jaimie thought she saw Carly’s blonde locks vanishing into a nearby building. Most, however, admired the thick slut, rubbing themselves through their uniform. A select few, passing by with one tutor or another, took their companion by the hand and scampered off to engage in some equally sordid activity.

And dotted amongst the growing crowd were two or three super-vixens. They regarded her with a respectful smirk and clapped their dainty hands.

Brunette woman pulls down muscular man to kiss

Only when her lungs threatened to rip themselves to shreds did Jaimie pull away. Stringy rivulets of saliva dribbled down her chin as she grinned up at him. ‘You have more stamina than the headmaster too,’ she purred.

Taking her firmly by the chin, Mr. Ridge kissed her long and deep (to the distant applause of their voyeurs), his tongue delving almost as deep as his cock. His sweet lips were a stark change from the salty meat she had feasted on, and she moaned softly into his mouth. When he came away he held his forehead against hers, breathing heavily.

‘You’re not the only one who knows a little magic,’ he said. ‘I’ve picked up a thing or two from those shallow bitches who managed to bed me before you. Enough to be able to prolong myself as long as I might want.’

She giggled, her fingers migrating down his torso to tug his thick meat again. ‘That’s not the only thing that’s long about you. Now how about we see just how much it will take for me to extract that delicious cum of yours?’

Falling onto the bench with their lips crushed together the two lovers lost themselves to carnal bliss…

Brunette in plaid skirt caresses man's penis then licks fingers clean

Running a finger over the tip of Mr. Ridge’s dick, Jaimie scooped up a single drop of cum and licked it up. The remainder of the man’s heavy load that she had not already swallowed was decorating her sweaty chest and flushed tits. He stood over her, his chest heaving. Sweaty with exertion he looked somehow more handsome and he laughed as she licked her tits clean.

‘You know, I don’t think I was waiting for you, babe. I couldn’t have been; I didn’t know anybody as perfect as you existed. But I’m glad I held out against all those shallow slags who tried it on with me before. If I hadn’t I would never have known how hot it would be to give in to a super-vixen who truly deserves that title.’

‘You know there are six other girls who’ve earned that title – well, five and a queen, technically – and you’re going to be able to play with them all. You’re one of a privileged few now, and we’re just getting started. Just you wait and see what dirty, unspoken things we’re going to do together.’

Sitting up, Jaimie peered down into the courtyard. When they had dropped out of view many of the students had filed off, too impatient to wait for further action. Nevertheless, a handful remained, lounging around on the lawns only to start into life when they spotted Jaimie looking down at them. And there, underneath a drooping willow with their eyes fixed firmly on the professor’s bedroom window, was the queen and her full Inner Circle.

Locking eyes with Penny, Jaimie felt the girl’s words weaving through her thoughts. Congratulations. We are all deeply impressed. I trust you have no issues if we join you shortly?

Not at all, Jaimie replied. She turned back to her lover.

‘My sisters will be joining us soon. They’ve waited until we are ready, but so have those other thirsty bitches down there. How about we reward them for their patience?’

Mr. Ridge raised an eyebrow. He was stroking himself slowly. There was no need to – his rigid cock was maintained by a simple spell and would not soften until he let it – but he did so anyway, and the rhythmic motion set her dripping again. ‘What did you have in mind?’ he said, echoing her earlier words.

Hopping up, Jaimie leaned against the window, her fat tits pressed flat on the glass. Jiggling her ass she stared back at him over her shoulder with a wicked grin. ‘Take me from behind, sir. Fuck me against this window for the world to see. Let them see my face when you make me cum.’

Mirroring her evil smirk, Mr. Ridge moved in to follow her orders…

Brunette in school uniform stands in front of window

Penny and her entourage of super-vixens found Jaimie staring out of Mr. Ridge’s bedroom window. The glass was smeared with sweat and handprints and slivers of the cum that had still been on her chest when he fucked her.

The tutor himself had opened the door when they’d knocked, his dark trousers back on but his muscular chest bare. As they had passed, one or two of the vixens had traced the lines of his abs with their fingers or took a cheeky grab at his still firm package. He directed them into the bedroom and watched their swaying asses as they passed by, thinking of how much he was going to enjoy pounding them in the future.

When they arrived, Jaimie turned to face them. Her lips were pursed and her eyebrow was raised. ‘And here’s me thinking this was my palace now,’ she laughed.

‘Well it is certainly a magnificent one,’ Melanie said.

‘More than suitable for a super-vixen like you,’ Abby agreed.

‘And that is a title you have more than earned,’ Penny said, stepping forward. ‘We all want to congratulate you, Jaimie. Your showcase is one of the best this academy has ever seen. You have done what so many before you failed to do, what even some of us were not brave enough to take on. You’re one of us now and truly worthy of a place at the top of our hierarchy. As of now, you have the right to rule over the academy just as we do: our emporium of magic and mischief. It is our honour to have you as our sister. Ladies.’

As one, Penny and her Inner Circle bowed respectfully. When they rose once more Jaimie intended to bow in return, but her emotions got the better of her. Flying forwards she took Penny in an affectionate embrace. ‘Thank you,’ she breathed, ‘thank you for everything. For treating me like an equal when nobody else would. For giving me purpose. And for showing me the woman I really am.’

‘It was my pleasure,’ Penny said. Then she gave Jaimie a mischievous wink. ‘Now, how about we show Mr. Ridge just what naughty fun he’s let himself in for. I call dibs on riding him first…’

Hot girls in school uniform gossip while walking to class

After that day, Jaimie put her old life behind her. Nothing about who she had been before mattered: she was a super-vixen now, and along with her sexy sisters she had a new purpose. Together they formed a perfectly slutty, perfectly devious family unit whose loyalty to one another was surpassed only by their raging libido.

Mr. Ridge spent much of the time he was not teaching – and some of the time when he was – buried balls deep in Jaimie’s willing holes, and after only a few weeks they had fucked like animals in almost every room in the academy, even the headmaster’s office, a lewd scene the headmaster had watched with bright eyes as Penny and Melanie gorged themselves on his thick cock. In their bubble of sin, set apart from the rest of the world such that it seemed only the ones who needed it ever managed to find it, the vixens and their queen spent their days revelling in their insurmountable power. 

With Penny’s magical tome at their disposal nothing was out of reach, and they skipped to class each morning hand in hand knowing that in a kingdom of sluts they ruled supreme. And nobody was going to get in their way…

Thanks for reading!

And there you go. That’s the last part of The Academy. It is possible I might return to this story again in the future but to be honest I am really happy with how self-contained this all is and I wouldn’t want to add to it just for the sake of doing so, especially since it is such an important piece to me. I explain why fully in my comments on part two if you haven’t read them, but yeah this story became a really influential piece for me and the last thing I want to do is ruin it by dragging it out too long.

There’s not really a whole lot left to say on this. As before, the model is Karlee Grey whose work you should definitely check out and whose PornHub profile is here: I think the video I used to support this piece is one of her best works personally, but to be fair I am probably biased since I did spend quite some time watching it to find the right clips to use to support this. The only other thing I think worth saying is the fact that this is probably the longest sex scene I think I’ve ever written. I tend not to draw out sex scenes to this kind of length and barring different fucking positions I’ll generally only include one example of any sexual act in a piece – one blowjob, one handjob, etc. – but I wanted to try and do a longer scene for this piece and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I also used a lot more gifs than I usually would to support it and I love how well they provided a visual backbone to the piece too.

Other than that I hope you enjoyed The Academy. There’s another piece releasing on Thursday though that is going to be much shorter than this, and I thought I’d point out that there will still be a long piece at the end of the month. For those of you who may not have read the comments on/read my Gaypril stories, I’d love any feedback on April’s schedule. What you liked, what you didn’t like, any suggestions you might have – anything constructive really. Anyway, I’ve rambled enough over these past three stories so I’ll catch you all on Thursday.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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  1. You have out done yourself this time with this 3 part tale.
    It is your best work so far and will be very difficult to do better….

    1. Thank you very much! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Although I will say I am currently working on a project that might just top it. It’s going to be a good while before it is published, but I’m excited to see how it goes.

  2. This teas was so hot that led to a climatic ending.

    This is the first book that I’ve read that had (Naughty)pictures And videos.

    I Would love to purchase an (e) book from you if you had a book for sale.

  3. I love this book.
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    Please keep writing. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I have every intention to keep writing, don’t worry. Having said that I don’t think I will be monetising my work. When I first started the blog I did think maybe that would be an idea, but I’m very aware of the legalities that would get involved. After all, while the ideas are my own none of the supporting media belongs to me, and therefore I would be making money by using the work of other people. And though I could write pieces that didn’t involve supporting media I find gifs and images a great way to visualise the story and add depth to it. I’m glad you liked it though, and I hope if you check out any of my other work you’ll enjoy that too.

      1. I understand. I will continue to follow you here then.
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