Lake Fantasy – Chapter Three: Yoga

Dirt hiking trail in pine forest

The warm breeze meandering through the canopy added a chorus of rustling leaves and creaking boughs to the orchestra of the forest. A dirt path wound through the stands, frayed at the edges by swathes of grass, nettles and low ferns. It was seldom used, evidenced by the gnarled roots that riddled the path with wooden veins, yet as the orchestra played on two figures picked their way up the slope chatting amiably.

Cade was already exhausted, though he didn’t want to complain. Daniel was having no problem ascending the steep slope and given he had offered to help Cade in the first place it would be unfair to protest his methods. As such, Cade tried to mute his laboured breathing and ignore his burning legs. When they weren’t talking, however, he chastised himself for being so unfit. All the video games, pizza and TV binges sure hadn’t done him any favours.

‘So, you ever done any yoga before?’ Daniel was saying.

Cade shook his head. ‘No. Mom does it quite a lot, but you know what she’s like – if she knew I’d given it a go she’d drag me into doing it with her. I’m not about that life.’

‘It’s really quite relaxing. I’m surprised nobody has suggested it to you before.’

‘I suppose, but the guys I hang around with aren’t exactly into that kind of stuff. Where did you learn?’

Daniel shrugged. ‘Nowhere in particular. I’ve just picked it up over the years from different people: a gym me and my friend went to, a yoga instructor I dated for a little while, this spa I went to with an ex. Just here and there.’

Cade stifled a chuckle. That was so Daniel. The Klein son was a bottomless pit of knowledge acquired from a slew of unexpected places. Cade didn’t know anyone else like him. Everybody liked Daniel, from the meek Mrs. Silva to the boisterous Mr. Weaver and everyone in between, and it seemed his popularity extended far beyond his family friends. If his stories were any indication he was as fondly regarded among a crowd of bellowing frat bros as he was in the company of a knitting club, which likely explained his encyclopaedic knowledge of anything you might ever need to know.

Aware of Cade’s familial frustrations, Daniel had offered a little of that knowledge to help his friend relax. Cade’s parents were deeply unlikeable people – his father and idle layabout living in his own little bubble, his mother an overbearing, increasingly plastic busybody constantly thrusting her nose into the business of other people – and he often retreated to his room for days on end to escape spending time with them. Fortunately he wasn’t entirely alone for his sister was just as tired of their parents as he was.

But Ashley wouldn’t be around much longer. She and Spencer had a deposit on a house and it looked like she would be moving out with the month. While part of Cade was happy for her, he was also agonisingly jealous, which only exacerbated his sour mood.

Though Ashley had offered him the chance to stay over whenever he liked, Cade would have to go home at some point. It was a stab to the gut seeing his sister preparing to leave knowing he could not follow.

Ashley’s approaching departure had Cade even more highly-strung than usual, which Daniel had noticed at the barbecue, prompting his offer.

‘You’re gonna need something to keep yourself sane,’ he’d argued, ‘you might as well take the chance to learn it now while your parents are otherwise occupied.’

He wasn’t convinced it would do any good, but Cade had agreed if only to get out of the cabin. After all, with dad at the lake, mom pampering herself in the cabin and no desire to embarrass himself by slowing the hiking group to his pitiful pace it was the only way he was going to avoid his parents for the day.

Then again, with sweat coursing down his back and saturating his shirt he was starting to wonder if staying in his room might have been the better option.

Cresting the slope they found themselves in a small clearing. It was an isolated spot, walled on one side by an even steeper incline, dropping away sharply on the other and fringed by low-hanging trees including a broad spreading willow.

Through the gaps in the trees the view was astonishing. Outspread far below the lake was a shimmering patch of satin, their cabins just visible dotted around the circumference in little green clearings. Yet it paled in comparison to the mountains, which looked even more magnificent now they were standing on the back of one; the great grey peaks looked resplendent wearing their cloaks of green as sweeping waves rolled across the canopy.

‘Wow,’ Cade breathed. All at once he wondered how much natural beauty he had missed while fused to his phone.

Daniel nodded. ‘I know. I was in a hiking club at university – god, you should’ve seen the views on some of the trails. And if you ask me you’ve never made the most of yoga unless you’ve done it somewhere like this.’

Daniel handed Cade a yoga mat and a bundle of clothes. Slotting the mat under his arm, Cade held up the grey vest and shorts. ‘Where did you even get these things?’

His companion shrugged. ‘There’s a home gym in our cabin, I just got them from there. Figured they’d do for a first time.’

Abruptly Cade’s cheeks flushed. ‘I, uh, I don’t know if these are going to fit me.’ He wasn’t obese by any means, but he was far from athletic. He glanced unhappily at his thick arms and gut.

‘Don’t worry, yoga clothes are pretty forgiving. And if you want you can get changed under the willow.’

Parting the willow’s curtain of branches, Cade hurried inside, making sure to draw them closed behind him. He didn’t think he could have faced the embarrassment of changing in front of Daniel: the Klein son was so much fitter than he was. Fortunately, in the little isolated pocket provided by the willow he felt much more comfortable and he breathed deeply the rich, earthy aroma.

Retreating from the edge just to be sure Daniel couldn’t see him, Cade started to change.

Outside, Daniel had already stripped off his t-shirt. Tossing it aside he reached for the pale green top.


It wasn’t a top. It was a sports bra. Unravelling the accompanying shorts, he found they weren’t shorts at all but a set of sleek, feminine leggings with a band of matching green around the waist.


For all the things Daniel was good at he was a horrific liar, so when he had been picking out the yoga gear that morning he’d wanted to get out of the cabin before anybody noticed him and started asking questions, just in case it got back to Cade’s parents – especially his mom – that he was taking up yoga and why. Mom and dad had already set off hiking and Annabelle had left early too with Lauren in tow, but he’d forgotten about Paige. She was always out of the house by the time he woke up, so when he’d heard her coming downstairs he’d snatched up the nearest set of clothes and bolted for the door. Now it turned out he’d lugged a woman’s yoga outfit all the way up here. Cade was going to split his sides laughing.

Grumbling to himself for a minute or two, Daniel eventually shrugged.

Ah well, just another funny story to tell, he thought.

Besides, nobody other than Cade was going to see. Better yet, if Cade was in a good mood he would be too occupied to feel embarrassed, even if that good mood was at Daniel’s expense.

With a sigh of resignation he slipped on the bra and leggings. They were a little tight but fit better than expected, moulding his legs into sleek curves and bunching his chest up and in a little. The spandex stretched to accommodate his broad build and he couldn’t deny they were fairly comfortable all things considered.

Running a hand over the feminine curve of his leg he smirked. ‘Not half bad.’

Daniel clapped a hand over his mouth. That hadn’t sounded right at all – his voice had never been that high. Testing his voice again he confirmed it hadn’t been a trick of his ears and blanched as his words came out in an unfamiliar nasal tone.

Hands clamped over his mouth once more he felt something brush against his wrist. Frowning, he let out a shocked squeak as he found his hair growing rapidly, spilling over his raised hands like a river parting around a rock. The late morning sun shone on the silky locks and when tugged them frantically they were sumptuously soft.

‘What the fuck?’ Daniel gasped.

Seemingly catalysed by his words, his body was struck by a barrage of rapid changes. The dark hair across his arms and chest withered to leave his bare skin visible, skin which itself was tanning and mellowing, smoothing over assorted scars and breaking down moles and zits. His hips widened in a series of cracks, a growth which prompted his ass to expand and stretch his leggings tight. Like inflating balloons a pair of cute, plush breasts swelled to fill the bra, the sudden growth of which snatched a gasp from his lips.

Before he could catch his breath an explosive sensation ripped through his groin, robbing it again. As his senses returned a strange void nestled between his legs. It felt as though a heavy burden had been removed, one he had not known he was carrying. Shortly he felt a warm moisture in the area.  

Brunette in pale green yoga clothes holding purple yoga mat standing in sunny clearing

Dazed, Daniel staggered about for a moment. Then, feeling deeply exposed, he snatched up his yoga mat and tried to cover himself despite there being nobody around to see him.

‘What the fuck? What the actual fuck?

Despite his panic, he couldn’t help admiring his new body: damn, I look hot. Where’s the football team when you need them?

The intrusive thought took him by surprise. Dashing it, his lip curled in a scowl: of course he suited this body. Wasn’t that the story of his life?

As much as people envied Daniel’s popularity, the source of his many friendship groups was a deeply isolating lack of personality. He’d never really figured out who he was, where he belonged, and by extension never found peers he could relate to. Over time he had learned to mimic the personalities of others, from jocks to nerds alike, allowing him to insert himself into any crowd with practiced ease. The truth was he was something of a social chameleon. Having grown accustomed to his lack of self long ago he operated mostly on instinct, but sometimes as he blended into a new group he was reminded of the lie he was living.

Now, it seemed, he was blending into a woman’s body just as easily.

Cade’s grunt ripped him from his thoughts. How had he forgotten about Cade? More to the point, if his clothes had done this to him, what would Cade’s do? Twisting to face the willow, Daniel realised he was already too late.

The sunlight silhouetted Cade against the drooping branches. His shadow shifted rapidly, putting on over a foot as the paunch and pudgy torso sucked in to form in a chiselled frame; his shoulders broadened, his muscles bulged, and his unkempt hair swept into a short quiff.

It was like watching something from a science-fiction movie and if he looked closely Daniel could see patches of skin and material through thin gaps in the branches. He was so mesmerised, in fact, he did not notice his memories fading away. By the time Cade stumbled through the branches into the clearing, only Dani remained.

The two of them stared at one another briefly, a persistent murmur at the back of their minds telling them this was wrong. Something about this was strange. It felt like they had walked into a room and forgotten what they came in for, only in this case it was who they were they couldn’t quite pin down. As Dani’s eyes lingered on his bulging biceps, however, her mind filled in the blanks.

Man and woman do yoga in sunny forest clearing

‘What took you so long, Caleb?’

‘Oh, just had a little trouble fitting these shorts on,’ he replied, sauntering over and taking the mat from her arms. ‘You weren’t watching, were you?’

‘Of course not,’ Dani said, blushing furiously as she remembered the bulge in his pants she had spotted when he turned at the right angle.

Taking the mat by the end Caleb unfurled it with one sharp flick and laid it flat over the grass. Grabbing his own he repeated the process before gesturing Dani join him. ‘We doing this or what? I’m not going to learn anything just standing here.’

Nodding her agreement, Dani took her place and started to stretch. Under her guidance Caleb mirrored her movements, watching closely, carefully, logging every fragment of wisdom for later use. After all, he’d be hard-pressed to find a more experienced teacher after this week, he wanted to make the most of Dani’s tutelage.

Once they were suitably stretched Dani moved on to the first pose of the day.

‘Okay, so we’ll get started with improving your balance first. For that we’ll use the tree pose. It’s a pretty easy one to start, but you have to make sure you have a good posture for it. So, stand up straight then lift one leg and place it against the other, like this. Good. Now, the more confident you are with the pose the higher you can lift your leg. As for your arms and hands, there are a few things you can do. Some people hold them above their head or do hands on hips, but I like what’s called the prayer position.’

Caleb was a little unstable as he followed her instructions, swaying slightly on his foot, but for a beginner he was picking it up well. His brow furrowed with concentration as he slowly bought his hands in, then he looked up with a smile once they were together.

‘Awesome. Now stay there and I’ll come and take a closer look.’

Butterflies swirled in Dani’s stomach as she approached him. She could barely believe she was finally doing this. But the wheels were in motion now and nothing was going to stop her.

She had been crushing on Caleb for years, but given she’d grown up with him she had never made a move – it just felt a little weird. What would their parents think? Besides, it wasn’t like she often saw him these days; he was always busy with his work as a personal trainer, and when their families came together there was rarely a chance to get him alone. Over time she had accepted they simply weren’t meant to be and tried her best to put him from her mind.

Until now. When she had arrived yesterday she hadn’t expected Caleb’s news: he had landed a new job on the other side of the country. Excellent pay, flexible hours, a cutting-edge venue and high-profile clients, he would be moving away the very next week. It was entirely possible this would be the last time Dani would see him for years.

The sudden shock she might lose him forever had hit her hard and, as it is wont to do, her infatuation had taken hold. She knew she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she let him go without acting on her feelings, so she had convinced Caleb to let her teach him a little yoga before he left.

Now they were isolated and far away from anyone who might interrupt them: her chance was finally here.

Brunette gropes man's crotch through shorts while he performs yoga in forest clearing

Circling her prey her keen eyes scoured his impressive physique and she felt her sex shiver. His heavy cock was visible through his short and she salivated in anticipation of the taste. She had to stifle a giggle sparked by his concentrated face; the furrowed brow and pursed lips made him look like a caricature painting. To distract herself she set about improving his stance. Straightening an elbow here, improving the angle of a leg there until she was stood close behind him.

‘You know, there’s one more thing you can do to improve,’ she whispered into his ear, her voice dripping with seduction. Then her hands were around his hips and her fingers groping his shaft. ‘You can let me have a taste of this.’

Caleb was frozen by surprise. He didn’t even break his pose, remaining on one foot with Dani’s body pressing up against his. His mouth hinged open and closed uselessly and all that he could muster was a faint gasp as she caressed his length. The pleasure she rubbed through him thawed his frozen stance, but even then he could only shudder as his arousal built.

Brunette exposes ass and breasts on yoga mat in forest clearing

Watching Dani slink across to her mat, Caleb’s mind was in turmoil. This was Dani, the sweet, loving girl he had grown up with. She was like a sister to him. Wanting her felt wrong. But as she spread out on the mat she tugged down her sports bra and the waist of her leggings to reveal her perky assets and as he met her sultry gaze a stronger force took hold: hunger. He didn’t care who she was, they were alone and she wanted him.

Dani could see the conflict in his eyes. A smile crept over her lips and she pulled her leggings down a little further. ‘I need you, Caleb. I’ve needed for years. All that time I’ve tried to ignore my lust. But I couldn’t let you leave without taking the chance to show you what we could be together. I don’t care that we’re friends. If being with you is wrong then you make me want to be very, very naughty.’

Rising to her knees, Dani slid her leggings back up but left her tits on display. Sunlight dappled shifting patterns over her soft flesh as the branches moved. ‘Nobody is going to interrupt us, Caleb. It can be our secret. Nobody will ever have to know unless we want them to. So, are you going to let me have a taste?’

Closing her eyes and opening her mouth, Dani waited patiently for him to break. It didn’t take long.

Caleb’s lust rose sharply, tenting his shorts. He could almost feel her hot lips gliding along his cock. As though she had removed a mask, he realised she wasn’t the girl he had grown up with anymore. Dani was a woman now: sexy, alluring, with needs he had never considered. Having always considered her a sister, he had never imagined he might be what she needed. But now he saw Dani was a naughty bitch and she wanted to be naughty with him.  

Striding over, Caleb dropped his shorts and kicked them away with his boxers. His thick cock swung free, jutting out and straining to reach her mouth. With every step Caleb grew harder knowing once he reached her there would be no turning back. Giving up their friendship for something so deliciously taboo was almost painfully erotic and by the time he reached her he was harder than he thought possible.

Carried by his momentum, Caleb slotted his cock between her lips and burrowed down her throat.

Brunette with breasts out gives oral sex to man in forest clearing

Caleb groaned as pleasure blossomed through his dick. Dani’s mouth was so hot and wet, her lips pursed so tight she sent bursts of electric desire through his groin.

With his heavy meat laid over her tongue, Dani let out a chuckle of satisfaction. Her slutty laughter only drew another groan from her lover as she vibrated his penis.

Dani wasted no time proving to Caleb he had made the right decision. She bobbed her head rhythmically, focusing all her efforts on delivering the best blowjob of her life. It was a sensual sight. In artistic terms, her performance might have been considered a masterpiece; indeed, if there was a school of sex, the blowjob Dani gave Caleb in that secluded clearing would have taken years of study to fully deconstruct.

She acted on instinct, yet she was guided by an inner voice that calculated every movement down to which way she weaved her tongue. On occasion she would swallow him entirely, balls and all, so that her cheeks and neck bulged and her eyes streamed. She would never provide any warning, so each time Caleb would let out a bellowing groan that echoed through the forest. His body would convulse but she would remain latched on, a leech of pleasure.

Dani’s tongue was a whip of desire. It swirled and twisted with a mind of its own, extracting every ounce of pleasure from her meal with ruthless efficiency. Her gag reflex went ignored, as did the repetitive pounding against the back of her throat, her focus instead on driving him wild.

His cock was as rigid as steel yet soft as velvet to the touch. The raised veins tickled her lips when they slid in and out, drawing out moans of her own.

Caleb was not the player type, but that didn’t mean he hadn’t laid plenty of girls in his time. Dani was leagues beyond them all. Her oral skills were unmatched and he knew with absolute confidence nobody had ever made him feel so good. Maybe it was the taboo of it all, but Caleb didn’t care anymore.

Sloppy gagging rang through the clearing and raised the hairs on Caleb’s nape. He loved that sound. It was the sound of a woman shamelessly abandoning her pride just to make him feel good. It was so dirty and he loved it.

Like Caleb, Dani had been around the block plenty enough, though she had learned more along the way. For example, she knew the best fuck came from a man driven completely wild with lust. As a result, she didn’t pull away nor suggest Caleb use her. She simply devoted herself to his pleasure and waited patiently for the animal to take control.

Brunette with breasts out taken from behind on all fours in forest clearing

When it did, it hit him hard. Grabbing her with a primal growl, Caleb threw her onto all fours. Before she could respond he had wrenched down her leggings and was running his fingers through the folds of her sodden pussy. She shuddered as he grazed her clit, a crackle of pleasure bursting from her swollen nub.

Coating his fingers in her nectar he slathered it over his cock so it glistened in the dappled light. Then, grabbing her by the hips he slammed inside and they howled as one as they were united.

Immediately, Caleb adopted a forceful rhythm. His powerful body was a factory of lust, each station with its own role to play in using her: his thighs clenched with each thrust to drive him in harder, his fingers kept an iron grip on her hips, his arms pushed and pulled to bring her hips back at the right time to fill her deep.

At his mercy, Dani whimpered and gasped as he pummelled her. He felt amazing. Not the longest she’d taken, but definitely the thickest. That thickness laced her pleasure with a whisper of pain as he stretched her wide: the perfect cock to fill her.

The crazed gleam in his eye might have intimidated her if she hadn’t been expecting it. But this was exactly what she had wanted.

An intimate encounter was a hot idea, and one they would get eventually, but for their first time it would never have been enough. Taking things slowly would have given them both the chance to back out and tentatively repair their friendship. That simply couldn’t happen.

No, their first time had to be rough. Primal. Insatiable. They had to demolish the very foundations of their friendship until there was nothing left to repair. Then, when the dust cleared, they would have to deal with the consequences. Dani hoped those consequences included Caleb inside her regularly.

Multiple images of busty brunette and muscular man having sex on yoga mat in forest clearing

Based on the zeal with which Caleb used her, she assumed it probably would.

Thrown into position after position Dani quickly lost track of time, her body overwhelmed with more important sensations. Caleb’s ferocious pace made her feel like she was burning from the inside out, each thrust splitting her torso with bolts of ecstatic bliss. She giggled as he manhandled her. His rough hands raked across her soft skin sending tingles zipping up her spine and with each thrust he hammered further arousal into her.

Dani was a slave to Caleb’s desires, and she savoured every new angle he chose to fuck her from. Lying on her side with one leg held aloft she could take him deep as he pinched and teased her nipples, but when she was on her back he could pull back further, allowing more intense pleasure in each thrust; straddling him cowgirl she could raise her hips, which allowed him to slam up hard and deep, but reversing the position allowed her to ride with more accuracy and let her tease him with slow gyrations and a view of her bouncing ass.

Though her mind was swamped with pleasure, wordless whispers hissed through the back of her mind, emotions that didn’t quite feel hers. For the first time she felt she finally belonged somewhere. In Caleb’s arms she didn’t have to pretend to be somebody she wasn’t. Without realising she had been looking she had found someone with whom she felt truly loved. She wouldn’t have to pretend anymore, and her new freedom was intoxicating.

So intoxicating, in fact, that her orgasm approached rapidly and without warning. She howled with release as it tore through her, rocking violently on his cock to leech all the pleasure she could from him. Her reward was a powerful explosion inside as her clenching pussy pushed Caleb over the edge, blasting fireworks of ecstasy through her body. They crested their pleasure together for a brief, glorious moment, then they both tumbled down the other side trembling and spent.

Naked brunette leaks man's cumshot in forest clearing

Pulling up, Dani watched Caleb’s cock slip out and hang limp to one side. He had already finished inside her multiple times and now the seal was broken his thick, sticky seed seeped from her slit to smear her thighs and groin. Dani watched it drip contentedly and idly thanked herself for continuing to take the pill after she split with her ex.

After a few moments admiring the way Caleb’s cum glistened in the sun she sank back onto his chest and murmured happily as he stroked her hair.

‘Well, that was…’ she began, realising after she started she didn’t have the words to describe her experience.

‘It certainly was,’ Caleb chuckled. With his strong hand he eased her head up to meet her eyes. ‘Dani… I think I love you.’

She smiled warmly and leaned in to kiss him. ‘I love you too, Caleb. I didn’t fully realise until now. I’ve crushed on you for years, but I didn’t know I actually loved you. I never knew sleeping with anyone could make me feel so good.’

Caleb put on a face of mock confusion. ‘Funny, I don’t recall doing much sleeping since we got here.’

Dani’s eyes glittered with mischief. ‘You’re right. I guess we’ll have to practice in a bed next time. What would you say to going back down to my cabin to not sleep some more?’

Caleb had been stroking himself while they spoke. Now he moved suddenly to flip her onto her back and cast her in his shadow, the head of his cock pressed against her cum-smeared opening. ‘I’d be very happy to take you up on that offer. But first, we’ve fucked for long enough up here, I think it’s about time we made love before we leave.’

Coiling her arms around his neck, Dani snaked one hand down to clutch his ass. Staring deep into his beautiful eyes she pulled him inside and their unified moan was carried away on the breeze…

Meanwhile, down at the lake…

Assorted beer bottles packed in ice

Thanks for reading!

The model in this story is Dani Daniels, a true star of the adult industry. I highly recommend you check out her work on her PornHub profile here: Daniels is one of those models I always find myself drawn to when I am looking for media to support my stories. She has such a naughty air about her, and I love how devilishly horny she is in all of her work. As with all of the models included in this series, I feel like I don’t get the chance to showcase her work nearly as often as I would like, which is part of why I wrote Lake Fantasy in the first place. Her work is also very varied, so whatever your kink chances are you’ll find something to your taste in her body of work.

As my readers know, I like to share a little of my production process in these comments, and this chapter seems like a good time to point out how I built this story overall. As you can tell, all the images in this story are from the same scene. Most of my stories tend to feature a fairly varied array of images,vcbut for Lake Fantasy, since I wanted to showcase the work of so many models and maintain a sense of continuity, I chose to stick to a particular scene. Using websites such as Fuskator and PornPics I scoured through dozens of scenes for every model before honing that selection down to the one used in the final story. Then, once I had a final roster of scenes, I worked the narrative through them.

This process was very lengthy and also deeply interlinked. For example, sometimes I would have an idea for a setting I wanted characters to wind up in – such as in the forest, like here – so I went hunting for those kinds of galleries. Other times I would find a gallery I absolutely loved but which would take me a bit longer to figure out how to slot into the story.

Once all my galleries were selected it became a lot easier to name my characters too. I wasn’t sure at first whether to use the models’ names, but given how integral they are to this project I couldn’t resist, so for any character who transformed into one of the models all I had to do was come up with a similar pre-transformation name for them. After that, it made it much easier coming up with the names of the rest of the characters since I only had about half as many to name from scratch.

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