Lake Fantasy – Chapter One: Somebody To Love

Pink smoothie in mason jar on marble counter top

Pouring the smoothie into her favourite mason jar Paige stirred it with a paper straw. Clutching the chilly glass she took a long, refreshing gulp and gave a contented sigh. The smoothie almost made it feel like she hadn’t had an entire bottle of wine to herself the night before. It was her favourite thing to drink before her morning run: blueberry, raspberry and mango, with a sprig of mint for an added kick.

These days she doubted she would function without her morning run. It kickstarted her day better than a triple espresso. Better still, if she was lucky she’d meet a cute guy out jogging. Not that that was going to happen today, of course – the only guys she was likely to see were the dads lounging on the lake shore.

Donning a pair of bulky headphones she continued to sip at her smoothie. Usually she preferred her earbuds on a run, but though she knew she’d packed them they were lost somewhere amongst her clothes, so she’d borrowed Annabelle’s headphones. Her little sister used them mostly for studying, but given she was out with Lauren Paige didn’t think she’d mind her using them.

With the smoothie boosting her energy she felt the sleepy morning cobwebs dissolve. It certainly felt odd being the last one awake. Usually she was the early riser of the family – mum and dad would just be getting up when she left for her run, and she would have been back for almost half an hour before Annabelle or Daniel began to stir.

Today thought she was the last one in the cabin. Her parents had joined the hiking party and had been gone by the time she woke up; Annabelle and Lauren had left while she was in the shower to take a walk of their own, and Daniel had been darting out the door with a pair of yoga mats tucked under his arm as she came downstairs.

Opening  her music library, Paige frowned. At the top of the list was a new file with her name as the title: Paige Klein – By FF Records.

Weird, she thought, that wasn’t there yesterday.

Maybe it was some kind of courtesy thing from the owners of the cabin – she’d had to log in to the local Wi-Fi network with her details, so perhaps that’s why it had her name on it. It was probably just a welcome message or something.

Still, Paige’s curiosity was peaked. Half-expecting it to be a top-secret message just for her she pressed play.

The music that filled her ears was soft and gentle. It sounded like ocean waves played on a piano and harp. It was immediately soothing, flowing through her thoughts and softly washing them aside. An idle smile spread over her lips as she sipped absentmindedly on her smoothie. Then a voice addressed her and she forgot what she was doing entirely.

‘Paige Klein. The innocent girl. The lonely virgin. Pretty in pink, waiting for her prince. Paige Klein. The innocent girl. The lonely virgin. Pretty in pink, waiting for her prince. Paige Klein…’

Over and over the soft voice repeated itself. She felt like she was a little girl again with her mother singing a lullaby. Like the first rain along a parched riverbed they churned up her thoughts and stripped them away, revealing deeper truths she had long since suppressed.

The guilt of her one-night stands. At one time she had believed in true love, but with each drunken lover her belief had chipped away until isolated nights of drunk sex were all she looked forward to. The desperate lust behind her secret crushes and naughty sexts as she looked for love. Then, dragged up from deep inside by the strengthening mental current, her jealousy of her sister.

The thought sprang tears to her eyes. Paige had always been the sporty one surrounded by jocks, but truthfully she longed to be like Annabelle. Her sister was so innocent and sweet, so blissfully naïve. She believed in love and beauty and passion – all the things Paige had given up on. Annabelle could be as girly as she liked while Paige had to live with gym bro banter day in day out. Her friends were her friends because they liked the brash, tomboyish Paige, not the quiet, innocent girl she yearned to be. After so long living the lie she had no choice but to maintain her facade.

Before her tears could fall, however, the strange music had stripped away her jealousy too. Paige had faded away and now it began to build a new woman in her place. Kind, thoughtful, hopelessly innocent, and forever dreaming of her prince. Without knowing why she sank onto the sofa. As the smile returned to her face and the pretty pink swirl on the album cover drew her eye, she didn’t notice her body subtly changing.

The soft push of her swelling breasts stretched the material of her top taut. She had never been flat-chested, but soon she sported a pair of supple orbs and deep cleavage. With their growth her areolas bloomed like dark flowers. Her innocent smile grew cuter still as she developed two little dimples. A dainty little mole rose on her right cheek, followed by a second, fainter one a little further up. Far from marring her beauty, they enhanced it. Her skin tanned a shade, smoothing and softening in the process.

Her clothes changed too. The leggings she had donned for her run grew thicker as they peeled away from her hips and descended her legs to become cosy knee-length woollen socks. Revealed by their retreat, her black panties were fringed with lace frills and crowned by a small silk bow. To round everything off her running shirt contracted, shrinking into a tight vest that further accentuated her curvy figure.

Semi-naked brunette masturbates while wearing headphones

A soft moan passed her lips as the voice in her ears changed. She recognised it immediately, though it took her a little while to figure out whose voice it was: hers. And it was telling her to play with herself. She loved playing with her tight virgin sex. Some nights she spent hours teasing and toying with her sensitive clit, trying to keep her moaning quiet so her parents didn’t hear her.

But her parents weren’t here. Nobody was. She was alone, and the voice was telling her she didn’t have to keep quiet. She could moan all she wanted: nobody would hear her.

That’s so naughty, she thought, imagine if someone found me playing with myself.

Smirking, she pulled up her top absently. Her tits felt unusually hot. She didn’t have time to worry about it though because once her top was riding over her breasts her fingers caught a nipple and sparked electric sensation across her chest.

Taking one nipple in her fingers she massaged it slowly, noting how much more sensitive it felt than usual. She liked it. With each burst of erotic energy she shivered, tittering girlishly. Her other nipple ached for attention, but she didn’t want to tear her eyes from the pink swirl on her phone. Was it moving? She stared at it harder to see, and the room around her seemed to fade. Where she was didn’t matter: all that mattered was the music and the way it made her feel.

The voice – her voice – encouraged her. In the pauses between sentences, however, she noticed a new whisper repeating one word: Peta… Peta… Peta…

She teased nipples in time with the music as though she was tuning herself into the rhythm. The melody felt like it was part of her, enhancing her pleasure, drawing out excited gasps. She moved almost without thinking, as though her body was guided by the will of the rhythm rather than her own volition, and when the pitch descended a little her fingers followed, snaking down her torso to run over the soft fabric of her panties. Cautiously, she slipped her fingers underneath.

Her moan was loud and low, but she didn’t care. Her clit throbbed with pleasure and her pussy was already wet.

Agile fingers twitched over her sensitive nub, trembling with the shock of the sudden burst of pleasure it had flared through her hips. She didn’t remember ever being this sensitive: it was like it was her very first time and she was uncovering new sensations all over again. She didn’t know how or why, but all the nights of playing with herself in her pastel pink bedroom seemed to have faded away and everything felt new.

Soon she had pulled her panties aside and started to really explore herself. Delving her fingers into her hot slit she moaned shamelessly, grinding to the rhythm and the soft encouragement of her own voice. Her moans dipped and swelled to the gentle beat as she became one with it. All thought of where she was and why she was there faded and she lost herself to the bliss of masturbation…

Brad was looking forward to a day at the lake: booze in ample supply, no need to do anything remotely energetic and the chance to show off his hot girlfriend as she splashed around in a skimpy bikini. Better yet, while Destiny was off in the water making Kyra and Alexis look like bratty teens, he’d be able to regale the dads with how dirty she was in bed. He expected Vernon – when he wasn’t on his phone – would give him some gruff encouragement, while his dad as always would slap him heartily on the back and laugh uproariously, boasting about how his son had laid the entire cheerleading team, of whom Destiny was the last.

‘Onto the netball team, next,’ he’d say, and he, Brad and Vernon would nudge one another with lurid grins while eyeing her lithe figure in the water.

No doubt Trevor and Glenn wouldn’t join in. Mr. Rivera was more interested in golf magazines than sex these days, while Mr. Foster would rather drown himself in the lake than be drawn into their salacious discussions. Instead he’d curl his lip and turn away muttering about poor parenting and a lack of respect.

Brad felt a pang of guilt at that. Every year spending time with Glenn sparked a doubt in him he was unable to shake for months. At home, Brad idolised his father. Brad was Andrew’s favourite son and his dad was always lavishing him with expensive gifts and urging him to live wild and free. His position as captain of the football team and the almost god-like status he enjoyed in their hometown allowed him his pick of all the girls he could ever want, and there was rarely a party he wasn’t invited to. Why wouldn’t he love his dad?

But the briefest glance from Glenn could rattle the very foundations of Brad’s belief in his father. He started to wonder how the Fosters could have so much less than his family yet be so much happier. Brad wasn’t stupid. He knew how broken their family was, even if his father wouldn’t acknowledge it.

But if his dad was willing to ignore their familial issues could he really be trusted? Were his decisions really in Brad’s best interests?

Inevitably his doubts would lead where they always did and he would be left with one fundamental question: what was it all for? The parties, the sex, the girls. It didn’t feel like it was about him anymore. Could it be he was just something for his father to brag about?

Even worse was the way Glenn looked at whichever girl was on Brad’s arm that year. Something between pity and disdain that unearthed the troubling thought that would drift through his mind sometimes when he was alone with nobody to impress: who could really love him? None of his many exes ever had, and Destiny certainly didn’t. He was as much a trophy to her as she was to him and they both knew the other was cheating. He’d never had a relationship that was anything more than an arrangement of lust. What must it feel like to genuinely love somebody?

Just then, as he was passing the Klein cabin, he heard a sensual moan from inside. He’d been marching down to the lake after sleeping in late. Destiny was already down there, keen to earn the envy of the Foster twins and the lustful eye of the dads. His dad and brother were there too, with only mum left at the cabin.

The moan dragged him from his thoughts and his uncertainties faded away as the brash jock he usually was settled back in. Brad grinned like a naughty child; Richard and Jessica must be taking the chance to get some action with the kids out of the house. And he was going to watch. Jessica did have a MILF thing going on, after all.

Scrambling up to the cabin he made sure to keep out of sight as he followed the moans around the side and onto the patio. Expecting to find the Klein parents going at it like rabbits he was shocked to discover Paige masturbating passionately on the lounge sofa. She was moaning loudly, apparently oblivious that anybody walking by could hear her. Laid back with her eyes closed she rode her fingers to a visible rhythm, which he assumed must be something to do with the headphones she was wearing.

Man in grey shirt watches semi-naked woman masturbating while she listens to headphones with eyes closed

Brad grinned. He’d have been lying if he said he didn’t think Paige was hot, and from the sound of it she was deeply horny. He could only imagine what his dad would say if he laid her – the Kleins would never live it down! Testing the door he found it open. Slowly easing in he shut it quietly behind him and crept up behind the sofa where he could admire her body up close.

Her breath fluctuated between laboured and staccato and her fingers moved over her clit with almost robotic frequency. Her soft tits jiggled alluringly as she moved and her perfect skin was radiant in the morning sunlight. Following the cable down to her phone, abandoned between the cushions, he read the track name: Peta Klein.

Brad frowned. Weird, he’d never heard of the artist FF Records before, and was Peta some kind of nickname? Come to think of it, had she always been this busty? He thought he’d have remembered such magnificent tits.

Pushing his questions to the side, he watched her with a spreading smile. Any minute she might open her eyes and find him there but watching her was making him hard and he wanted to savour it a little longer.

After a minute or two his cock was a steel rod in his pants. He decided to make his move: gently, he removed the headphones. She let out a gasp and glanced up at him but didn’t stop teasing herself.

‘What you listening to there, Paige?’ he grinned roguishly. ‘Or should I call you Peta? How about I take a listen?’ Emboldened by her continued masturbation and lack of protest, he slipped the headphones on only to frown: nothing. Glancing down at the phone he could see the track was still playing but he couldn’t hear a thing. ‘I don’t hear anything.’

Peta giggled, snatching up her phone with her free hand. ‘That’s because it’s my track silly, it’s not for you.’ Swiping back onto the music library she squealed excitedly as she found a track with Brad’s name on it and pressed play. ‘This one is yours, baby.’

The moment the music started to play, Brad’s mind ground to a halt. His eyes glazed over and he was immediately lost to the music. It was like the breeze through tree boughs played on a violin. A familiar voice came soon after repeating words only he could hear, though as he slipped deeper into his state of peace he failed to notice the voice was his.

Before long Brad Weaver was gone, sloughed off for something new. The lifelong weight of living in his father’s shadow, the cruel streak he used to bully his little brother, the entire playboy personality, it all faded away.

Meanwhile Peta continued rubbing, shivering with delight as she watched him succumb to the transformative words. She watched his muscles bulk further and the shadow of his beard darken a touch. As she focused on his swelling chest his features took on a more chiselled cut, while the crooked line of his nose, broken several times in bar brawls, straightened up.

Soon her attention was drawn to the bulge in his jeans. Her hand snaked up to rub it, breaking his trance. His powerful stare tingled the back of her neck and butterflies swirled in her stomach when he removed the headphones and placed them down purposefully beside the phone. Neither of them noticed the track title, which now read Brandon Weaver.

Semi-naked man and semi-naked woman kissing

Brandon was still for a second. He felt like he was waking up from a dream, the last vestiges of which were dissipating as he tried to grasp them. Then his half-memories faded and he glanced around hesitantly.

‘Nobody’s here, babe,’ Peta purred, ‘it’s just you and me.’

Grinning, Brandon bounded around the sofa tearing off his shirt as he came. Peta surged up to meet him with a kiss. Her soft breasts crushed against his chest, the stud-like nipples tickling his abs, while his straining boner rubbed over her bare thigh making her tingle.

They’d been planning this for ages. They’d been dating for the better part of a year, but Brandon’s work as a theatre actor kept him busy and with Peta on her last year of university spending time together had been difficult. Fortunately, Peta’s parents had had no problem with him joining their family getaway.

Once they knew they’d be spending the summer together, Peta and Brandon had devised a plan to consummate their relationship when everyone was out of the cabin. They’d wanted their first time to be special, and with the vacation marking the end of Peta’s education and the chance for them to build a life together it had felt like the perfect place to demonstrate their love.

Now, after waiting for so long, they were both eagerly passionate.

Brandon’s hand quickly worked into her panties, grinding against her swollen clit to draw a gasp from her lips. Until today they had only ever made out and she hadn’t anticipated the explosive tingles his fingers now sparked through her body. Finding her sensitive nub easily he gently circled his fingers.

‘You’re so wet, gorgeous,’ he growled, breaking away to kiss her neck.

‘How could I not be? All morning I’ve been playing with myself thinking of you.’

‘Mmmh, that’s my good girl. I’m hard for you too. Feel.’ Guiding her fingers to his groin, he lay them over his rod. She rubbed his length, moaning shallowly.

‘You’re so big. I don’t know if I’m ready for you.’

‘Let’s see, shall we?’ Before she could reply Brandon plunged two fingers to the knuckle in her hot pussy.

Her legs buckled but he caught her. Wrapping her in his strong embrace he fingered her slow and deep. Peta gasped intermittently, gripping his arms with white-knuckled ferocity as she struggled to manage the waves of pleasure rolling through her. His experience was obvious and for some reason knowing he’d done this to others before her sparked a naughty hunger in her: she wanted to prove she was better than them all.  

Brunette looks up at man while removing his trousers

With a trembling hand she pulled his fingers out. Seeing the glistening digits sparked a filthy idea: lifting them to her mouth she licked them clean. Then she was sinking to her knees until her face was level with his groin. He looked even bigger here, and she felt butterflies swirl in her stomach. But her excitement rose as she unzipped his fly and the unmistakable scent of precum filled her nostrils.

She shuddered with excitement: she was really doing this.

‘I want to jerk that big cock, babe,’ she said. ‘All those girls before me were just sluts. They couldn’t love you like I can.’

Brandon smirked. ‘I didn’t know you could be so naughty.’

‘Only for you,’ she grinned. Then her fingers were coiled over the waist of his boxers pulling down. His impressive cock stood to attention, twitching slightly as she took it in her long fingers. The skin of his meat was softer than she had expected, like silk, but the muscle just under the surface was hard as rock. She stroked him slowly. With a pang of shock she realised was salivating.

‘You want to taste it, don’t you?’ Brandon said.

‘I… I do.’

‘Then what are you waiting for?’

His words made her understand she’d been hesitating: she’d dreamed of this moment but never entirely thought it would actually arrive. Now it was here she was more nervous than she had expected. But she wanted him more than anything and so, with a wanton grin, she willingly discarded her innocence to suck his cock between her sweet lips.

Brandon groaned as Peta worked his cock. Fuck, he loved blowjobs. Something about having a girl surrender her mouth for his pleasure was so fucking hot and he loved thinking of all the people she’d talk to after this who’d never know what naughty things she’d done with those lips.

He tangled his fingers in her hair briefly, then lowered his hand to caress her cheek as she started to bob. Her fingers were hot over his balls as she massaged the base of his shaft gently. Glancing down he watched her lips slide over the contours of his cock – the sight was so hot he almost nutted right there.

Peta could feel how horny she was making Brandon. His cock twitched in her mouth and he moaned gruffly. Nevertheless, his pleasure paled in comparison to her own; how had she never considered how good he would taste before now? Sure, she was a virgin, but she’d watched plenty of porn and for all the blowjobs she’d masturbated too she had never pondered the taste.

But it was incredible! The salty tang that coated her tongue was addictive, laced with faint traces of precum. He tasted amazing!

Peta worked her panties down and off so she could play with her clit, but she found it distracted from her work and abandoned her own pleasure to devote herself to worshipping him instead.

Brandon’s cock felt like it was on fire. He’d had plenty of girls go down on him before, but it turned out Peta had been right: they hadn’t been able to worship him like she could. He knew all those girls had only been after him for his looks, but Peta loved him for his heart and her passion was conveyed in her dedication to his pleasure. At last he knew what it was like to be truly loved.

He didn’t want to finish in her mouth – at least not yet. This was their first time and he wanted it to be perfect. It was a struggle, but he managed to pull away.

Peta looked up at him with doe eyes, a string of shiny precum lacing her chin. ‘What’s the matter, baby? Did I do something wrong?’

‘No, sweetie, you almost made me cum. But I want my first orgasm with you to be in your hot pussy, not your mouth. Get on the sofa.’ She giggled and did as she was told. She expected him to slide into her straight away, but instead he smiled as he kicked off his jeans. ‘Besides, I need to return the favour.’

Man fingers semi-naked woman on sofa

He only slid one finger inside her this time, but Peta barely noticed since the shock of his heavy tongue diving into her pussy blew her mind. She gasped as he pushed her raised leg back, spreading her wide so he could feast. He was ravenous, sucking pleasure from her like a sensual vampire. Every so often he would pull up to wind the tip of his tongue around her swollen clit until she was thrashing on the sofa. Then he would sink down again, filling her with a deeper pleasure that swelled heat through her body until beads of sweat pricked her forehead.

‘Oh my god, oh yes, right there… don’t stop, Brandon, please, you feel so good…’

Brandon grinned into her pussy. He knew her better than she knew herself. It was part of why he loved her so much – being her first filled him with such power. He’d spent years honing his skills on shallow sluts and now he knew it had all been for Peta. He could blow her mind with a flick of his tongue and he could play her body like he’d been practicing for decades.

Peta’s bucking hips smeared Brandon’s face with her sweet nectar. Her gasps and moans were music to his ears. He thought of letting her cum for a moment, but he didn’t think she’d like that, not just yet. She’d want to finish together and all he wanted was to make her happy.

Peta didn’t really register what Brandon was doing at first. She felt his tongue slide free of her pussy and vaguely registered movement between her legs, but her head had fallen back so she was staring at the ceiling and he continued to finger her sensually. She just assumed he was moving to a better angle.

Woman lies on sofa and allows man to make love to her

In hindsight, he was. But oblivious to what he was doing she didn’t expect his magnificent cock to plunge inside and shatter her mind. He stretched her virgin pussy further than she thought possible. Peta’s mouth opened in a silent gasp, her brows rising further with every inch he fed inside.

‘Brandon… oh fuck, yes, fill me… oh my g-o-o-o-d…’

After what felt like a lifetime, he was in to the base. When pulled back again he left her feeling painfully empty. Starting to thrust, he watched her beautiful face twist with pleasure. Her body was a mess of limbs she didn’t know what to do with and her eyes rolled as he spilled pleasure through her. At the back of her mind an almost inaudible voice whispered about protection. She ignored it: she needed him raw.

‘Fuck, Peta, you’re so fucking tight. You’re like a fucking vice around my cock.’

‘That’s because you’re so big. Oh my god, it feels like you’re in my stomach!’

Continuing to thrust, Brandon explored Peta’s body. He caressed her thighs and ass, squeezed her incredible tits, stroked her flushed cheeks, always making sure to heighten her ecstasy with each careful touch. He took great care to press the right buttons at the right time, like a pianist performing a complex sonata.

His effort was rewarded as her breathing shallowed and her body began to shudder. It sounded like she was sobbing, but he could feel it was the onset of her orgasm.

‘Oh god… oh god… Brandon I’m so close, I’m so… I’m going to cum…’

‘We can cum together, babe. Cum hard with me. Let’s become one, gorgeous. Deep down you always wanted to be filled, didn’t you?’

Her reply was lost in her ecstatic scream as her orgasm ripped through her. Throwing her arms out she clutched the sofa so hard the fabric started to rip and her back arced high. Meanwhile, her hot pussy clenched tight and catapulted him over the edge of his own climax. Hot jets of gooey cum fired deep and they moaned in unison as their climaxes interwove.

Brandon sank back breathlessly, his cock sliding free. Peta gasped at the sudden void.

She lay trembling for a few moments, her body slowly descending from the euphoric high. Nothing could have prepared her for the sensation of finishing together. She had waited months for this moment, had built it up in her mind to the point she had thought reality could never hope to match her expectations, but in truth it had shattered them. Her body hummed with post-orgasm energy as she glanced over at him.

Brandon was smiling. The satisfied, proud smile of a man who knew he’d just given a woman the best sex she would ever have. That roguish grin drew something unexpected out of Peta: a naughty hunger for cock and sex.

Slinking across the sofa she pressed herself into his chest and kissed him passionately. She had expected to be exhausted by her orgasm. Instead she was more alert than ever. Luckily she knew just how to put her energy to good use and stroked him hard again while they kissed. Her slender fingers glided over his shaft, filling the room with his groans.

‘You’re eager,’ he huffed.

‘I want you, baby. I want you in every position and every hole until we’re so exhausted we can’t move. I want to fuck and make love all week long. That’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to fuck all week. Just because we’re in love, doesn’t mean I can’t be a slut for you.’

‘You’re so hot.’ It was almost a complaint, like he was struggling to comprehend how perfect she was. ‘I never thought I’d meet a girl who loved me as much as they craved me.’

Multiple images of busty brunette and muscular man having sex in various positions on sofa

‘Well right now I’m craving you here,’ she said, aligning his cock with her shivering entrance and sinking down onto him again. They groaned together as she started to rock. This time it was Brandon who could do nothing but lie back and submit to her use. With her weight pinning him down he could only watch as she bounced on his cock and extracted her pleasure from him.

Peta loved fucking him. She loved how his eyes rolled back when she gyrated her hips and how he hungrily stared at her bouncing tits. She loved how deep his thick cock penetrated her and how the slap of their thighs rang through the cabin. She loved it all and she never wanted it to stop. She doubted they were going to leave the cabin at all this week, not when they could fuck like animals in every room. And with a bit of luck maybe they could keep their lust at bay long enough to make love once or twice too.

‘Holy shit!’ Brandon cried before sharply shooting another load. His body went to mush beneath her and he groaned as she milked him. When she didn’t stop that groan shifted into breathless gasps.

‘Mmmh, your cock is so good, baby. I can’t believe I didn’t take it earlier. If I’d have known what I was missing I would have been begging for it every day since we got together. Now I’ve got lots of lost time to make up for.’

For the next few hours Brandon and Peta were not out of one another’s arms. Whenever Brandon was not in her sweet pussy lips he usually found her other lips wrapped around his shaft. Mixing in hot, heavy bursts of cunnilingus in which he feasted on her pussy as if her juices were from the Fountain of Youth, plus the occasional aggressive fingering that sent her arms thrashing and raised her screams to fever-pitch, they willingly lost themselves to carnal bliss.

They didn’t care that people might hear them and walk in. In fact, Peta told Brandon while biting her lip that she hoped somebody did walk in to see how dirty she could be for him.

‘I only ever want to be dirty for you,’ she purred as he took her from behind with one of her legs raised on the arm of the sofa. ‘There’s one man any innocent girl will be a whore for and I’ve found mine.’

Brandon struggled to respond through his grunts. ‘Fuck that’s hot. I’m so lucky I found you. It’s so sexy when you’re naughty. I love you.’

Brunette takes man's load over her breasts

‘I love you too, stud. Are you close?’

Brandon nodded as his body started to jerk.

‘Then brand me as your whore, baby. Cum on my tits.’ Easing off his cock and dropping to her knees, Peta’s sudden movement crumbled the wall holding back his orgasm and she was rewarded with thick, hot strings of cum splattering over her tits. She looked up at him with a devious smirk and milked every last drop over her chest.

Once she had finished Brandon’s legs immediately gave way and he slumped back onto the sofa. He watched her scoop up his cum and lay it over her tongue. He didn’t think he’d ever fucked anyone so hard for so long, but a part of him still wasn’t satisfied. He could see in her eyes she too was hungry for more. At that moment he knew he’d never fuck anybody else.

His sweet, innocent girl had become an insatiable slut for him and him alone, and all he wanted to do was satisfy her. With his exes his only drive had been to satisfy his own pleasure, but with Peta his desires were secondary: the greatest thrill was hearing her moan as she hit that orgasmic high.

Man gives brunette a lovebite

Peta giggled as she caught him looking at her. ‘What are you looking at?’

‘I’m looking at the woman I’m going to marry.’

Peta blushed, glancing down and squirming. She inadvertently squeezed her cleavage deeper, rousing fresh desire in him.

‘You know what, I think I’ll take you up on that offer to fuck all week. After all, we’re going to need plenty of practice for our wedding night. How about we take things into your bedroom?’

Peta smiled and nodded, but she was still on her knees when he sank down beside her and kissed her on the neck. His lips sucked tight on her soft flesh and she could feel him nibbling gently. When he came away she could already feel the love-bite blossoming over her skin.

‘There, now everybody can see you belong to me.’

Giggling she jumped up, tugging him to his feet. Giddy with excitement Peta dragged Brandon through the cabin, up the stairs and into her room, locking the door behind them. After a few seconds a wet gagging sound started up behind the door, followed by a gruff groan, but there was nobody in the cabin to hear it…

Meanwhile, in the Weaver cabin…

Brunette woman sits on bed in pyjamas using laptop and blowing hot drink

Thanks for reading!

Here it is! The first full chapter of Lake Fantasy. I have to say, as much as it has sometimes been exhausting writing this series, it has been so, so worth it and I am so glad it is finally going to see the light of day. It started out as an idea of a sordid summer camp before eventually evolving into a sprawling thirteen chapter erotica epic.

Given each chapter is dedicated to the work of a particular model, of course I will be linking to their work. The model here is the amazing Peta Jensen, whose PornHub profile is here: Jensen is an absolute bombshell of the adult industry and has been a personal favourite of mine for several years now. I highly recommend you check out her work if you haven’t already.

I also have to thank Rylem and Jade Diaz for their help on this piece. While writing Lake Fantasy I was lucky enough to have a few other creators critique some of the chapters, and in this case Rylem and Jade were a great help in critiquing the prologue and chapter one, so thank you to them.

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