Woman restrained in open back latex skirt used roughly by leather-clad man in dark room

Agent Phillips stared through the two-way mirror at the lewd scene and sighed wearily. The room beyond was mostly dark, the occupants lit only by a single spotlight. They made an odd pair: the woman all but naked, her only attire being the open-backed latex skirt that was buckled tight to the metal pedestal. In stark contrast the man who was fucking her roughly from behind was clothed from head to toe in leather, the only visible patches of skin being his lips and the flesh of his dick as it plunged in and out of the woman he was apparently abusing. Even his eyes were concealed by a dark mesh inlaid in the mask, and Phillips knew well enough how essential they were and that, for all that it looked to be an assault on the woman, the scene before him was paramount to the continued existence of humanity.

He could still remember the first time he had laid eyes on her: leaning over the balcony of the town hall being fucked from behind as the people of the town fought off his advancing squad of agents. She had been laughing all the while, even as they had wrestled the man out of her and dragged her into custody. Phillips was acutely aware of how lucky they had been that day: she had not banked on the tactical gear masks of his agents being able to deflect her charms, and if she could not look them in the eye she was powerless to control them. Without them, there would have been no stopping her.

Even after spending decades researching it was still unclear how she had arrived. Many of his staff assumed she had been summoned by some stupid teenagers who didn’t know what they were getting into. Others thought that she had been locked up for centuries beneath the town and something had finally allowed her to break free. In truth, he knew if he had asked his entire staff their theory they would have replied with everything from an alien invader to the result of government experimentation. Phillips himself had never come to rest on a personal opinion. He made do with the facts and refused to fill in the blanks with conjecture or fantasy.

What he knew was that thirty years ago, when he had barely joined the agency, something had awoken in that town. The woman, as their research had led them to discover, had once gone by the name of Danielle. For the past three decades, however, Danielle had been dead. Whatever force had possessed her all those years ago had not weakened, and while Agent Phillips felt every one of those thirty years she had barely aged at all. He was convinced the entity within her was of supernatural origin, though that was as far as he let himself imagine.

Over the years, the woman’s claims of identity had been consistent, as she had repeatedly identified herself as a goddess of lust, though she had given countless names: Tlazolteotl, Qetesh, Jiutian Xuannü, Freyja, Lofn, Hedone, Aphrodite, Peitho, Rati, and many more. She held that she was all of these at once, to which many assumed she was the truth behind the legends, the inspiration for these various deities as it were. By her account, ‘her time on Earth had come’ and Danielle had ‘always been destined to serve as vessel to a being greater than herself’. She said that once humanity had worshipped her and those like her, but now they had strayed from that worship. Her brothers and sisters had perished from the lack of belief, but unlike them she had been able to survive on the carnal lusts of humanity, before mustering the strength to take one as her host and ‘remake the world in her image’.

Once she had been locked in the facility, the agency had been forced to take drastic action. Only sexual intercourse appeared to weaken her powers, but that in itself was a tricky game given that if any man climaxed in her her powers grew drastically. In the early days of her incarceration she had almost escaped numerous times when condoms had split during the act.

By now, the process was down to a science. To ensure her powers remained drained she would be fucked once per hour every day. The men who engaged in the act with her had been vasectomised to prevent her drawing power from their seed, and there was a rotation of fifty men or so in the program. When entering the room with her they had to wear the head-to-toe leather attire of the man currently in the room in order to drastically reduce the risk of falling under the woman’s sway. Though eye contact was impossible to resist, the years had taught them that her voice, her scent, and increasing levels of skin contact beyond the minimum required were all capable of mentally twisting men to her will. No CCTV was permitted inside the room to prevent her stare potentially affecting those watching, and the glass of the mirror had been specially designed to ensure immunity to those stood behind it, as well as being concealed as though part of the wall in the room itself. Agents Phillips’ office was the only entry point to the detainment room itself, and the act was always monitored by either himself or another high-level member of the agency. He often wished he had been in charge of anything else, but there was little he could do about it if that was where he was stationed.

Still, he had witnessed the sight of the woman being fucked relentlessly countless times before, and he found it distasteful to watch even if he did know the critical nature of it. As a result, he turned away to fill in some paperwork.

That one decision changed the fate of humanity.

Having turned away, he did not notice the woman turn to face the man with a manipulative smile. Nor did he see the man slowly reach up to remove his mask before staring with endless longing into the woman’s eyes, no longer in control of his own body and his mind utterly hers. Phillips had been desperately tired when the man had entered and had forgotten to check the man’s ear pads were correctly in place. A few words had been all it had taken for the goddess to work her way into the man’s mind, and once she had convinced him to remove his mask his fate was sealed.

Phillips also did not notice as the man unbuckled her from the skirt and untied the heels that were attached to the floor. Stepping down from them she stretched as though waking from a long nap and reached up to stroke the man’s face, giggling. She said something to him, in response to which he nodded and marched across the room with her skipping behind him.

Agent Phillips frowned as he heard the door behind him open: the allotted slot would not be over for another ten minutes. Turning, he was about to reprimand the man when, to his horror, he saw the woman framed in the doorway. Her eyes meeting his he felt a wave of deep calm overwhelm his body, and though his mind was frantic he found he could neither move nor respond. His body was no longer his own, and it never would be again.

She giggled girlishly and stalked across the room to him, an expression of deep hatred on her face. She followed his eyes, which flickered occasionally towards a gun holstered at the side of his desk. Leaning in, she whispered into his ear. ‘If you wanted to use that, you should have done so a long time ago.’ She pulled away and stared into his eyes. ‘Go on,’ she breathed, her voice barely audible, ‘try and pick it up. Try and take back control.’ The veins on his neck and temples throbbed prominently as he urged his body with all his mental capacity to move, but it would not respond to him. She laughed. ‘That’s right, you can’t. You’ve lived in that body for decades and all it took was a single glance into my eyes and it gave in to me. You’re pathetic, aren’t you? Tell me you’re pathetic.’

‘I am pathetic,’ he repeated without missing a beat.

‘I’m glad we agree.’ She was suddenly angry. ‘You really thought I would never escape, didn’t you? You cocky bastards. I’m a fucking goddess! And you lock me up like some petty criminal. You stupid fucking mortals! I told you my time had come and that time is now, and you are going to return to me the powers you robbed. Strip.’ Obediently Agent Phillips removed his clothes, tossing them aside urgently as he rushed to complete his order with a deep enthusiasm that was not his own.

As he did so, she looked down at herself and frowned. ‘I may be weak, but let’s see if I can add a little extra sex appeal for my first victim.’ Waving her hand, she materialised a set of sleek black stockings that rose to her thighs and a silver necklace about her neck. Looking up at Agent Phillips she scowled. ‘Uck, you mortals are so disgusting. Those thirty years haven’t been as kind to you as they have to dear Danielle here. How do you live with all those wrinkles? No, it won’t do. I have standards.’ Snapping her fingers, his body was suddenly twenty years younger: his figure was athletic, chiselled, the muscles he had lost in years of office work swollen back to their full size and his dick both larger and also rock hard.

Slinking over to the desk, the goddess lay back and spread her legs for him, staring him in the eyes. ‘Fuck me.’ Without so much as a pause, he strode over and sank his dick into her wet, waiting hole and let out an animal grunt. She was so hot inside, so tight around his shaft, and somehow it was that which assured him she was a supernatural creature: fucked every hour of every day for the past thirty years and it still felt as though he were fucking a virgin pussy.

Woman in stockings screwed on desk

Her lip curled as he rocked her back and forth on the desk, impaling her on his rigid member and obediently following her command. She eyed him with unconcealed disdain. ‘I fucking hate you,’ she hissed, curling her legs around his back to pull him deeper inside her, ‘more than I’ve ever hated anyone. I saw you on that day, when you were just a rookie, and now I find it is you that has been the one keeping me locked up all these years. You who had the audacity to treat me, a fucking divine goddess, like a cheap whore. I’m glad it’s you though. Because now you get to see the sheer magnitude of your mistake. You are going to be the one to destroy everything you’ve strived to protect.

‘When I first arrived I just wanted some fun. Is a town of lovers really too much to ask? You are feeling what they were feeling, and just try to tell me it isn’t better. It is so easy to submit and live for my pleasure. You robbed me of that. Now I’m going to rob you of everything. The world will bow at my feet. First I will bend every man and woman in this base to my will. Then we will march on the nearest town. Then the next. Then the next. Everywhere we go my army of lovers will grow and I will not stop until the entire world is mine. And it’s all your fault.

‘But while I am out there crushing your civilisation, do you know what I am going to do to you?’ She grinned coldly, and though what little that remained of him inside was horrified by her words his body continued to thrust relentlessly in and out of her dripping hole. ‘I’m going to put that big dick of yours in the smallest spiked chastity cage I can cram it into and then I am going to make sure you are permanently aroused so that your dick ruins itself. And just to add insult to that injury, I’m going to lock you up in that room you’ve had me in all these years in that latex dress and have this handsome gentleman visit you every hour of every day to fuck your ass. Now what do you say?’

‘Thank you, Mistress.’

‘Good, now give me my powers back so I can take the world as my own. And shut that room out. I can’t bear to look at it anymore.’

Brunette in stockings screwed over desk

The other man dropped the set of blinds that hung above the two-way mirror to conceal the room beyond while agent Phillips span the goddess around so that she was leaning over his desk, one knee on it to spread herself wider for him. Gripping her by the back of the neck and the hip, he hammered into her roughly and felt his orgasm build rapidly.

The goddess let her inner slut pour out as she was pounded. For decades she had gone without cum and now she was more ready for it than she had ever been for anything. This mortal bastard was about to give her back her powers and the sensation they granted her alone was euphoric, like an orgasm crashing through her every time she used them. The feel of his enhanced dick pummelling her hole was delightfully slutty and she moaned lustfully, descending into the personality of a cock-crazed whore. As he thrust into her she would rock back to take him all the way to the base and feel him stretch her insides until they began to hear frantic knocking at the door as people began to realise something was wrong.

All at once, Agent Phillips climaxed and unloaded deep into her pussy. The goddess screamed with ecstasy, long dormant power coursing through her system and setting her shaking. ‘Oh yes,’ she screamed, ‘at last, I am whole again! Yes! My imprisonment is finally over! My time has come!’ She laughed with a mixture of relief and joy, milking the last remnants of her lover’s seed from him and revelling in the little aftershocks of additional power that it granted her.

When she had taken it all she slid herself free and turned to Agent Phillips. ‘You have served me well, mortal. But I am a goddess of my word.’ Snapping her fingers, she was alone in the room. Giggling, she crossed to the mirror and lifted the blinds. Her giggle grew to a laugh as she laid eyes on Agent Phillips: locked up in the latex dress, his massive dick twitching in a tiny spiked cage and the leather-clad bald man lining his own dick up with the man’s ass. The vision of Agent Phillips screaming aloud as he was impaled all at once warmed her heart, and she waved teasingly at him before turning to the door.

Waving her hand it swung open to reveal a corridor full of concerned workers. Meeting their eyes one after another she grinned as she felt them fall under her sway.

‘Hello boys,’ she beamed, ‘let’s get started, shall we?’

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