Models: Michael DelRay & Dahlia Crimson

Down on all fours amongst the tangled covers of Brandon’s bed, Aleesha smiled as the horny stallion drove his twitching cock into her ass.

‘That’s it, baby, slide it all in. I want every inch. My ass is all yours, gorgeous, so don’t be shy.’ Reaching back she clutched one of her plump cheeks with a tattooed hand and pulled it aside, spreading her hole wider as he continued to feed in his hefty manhood. ‘Fill me, Brandon. Fill me like you fill her.’

Aleesha’s words were as sultry as they were parasitic. When she had first plotted her revenge she had intended to seduce her prey herself, but as it turned out the spell she had used on herself had a happy side effect: she was irresistible. Just a few seductive words could tempt anybody into her clutches, compelling them to do as she said while at the same time draining away their intelligence and inhibitions. Her very presence seemed to capture their attention so completely that they could think of nothing but satisfying her. It wasn’t quite mind control, but it was close enough, and Aleesha was happy to exploit it for her own gain.

She had already reduced Brandon to a dumb drone. It hadn’t taken long – after all, there hadn’t been very many IQ points to remove in the first place – and his mind had provided only a feeble resistance once she began working her magic. Now he was pumping steadily, his face blank despite the pleasure rolling through his insides.

At the back of Aleesha’s mind, the voices were moaning. Usually whenever they weren’t hurling insults or whispering threats they were pleading for release, their desperation echoing through her thoughts. Once she started fucking, however, the pitiful voices were overwhelmed by the pleasure and all thought of escaping their prison inside her head was forgotten – instead they formed a chorus of desire as they groaned and gasped and begged for more.

Oh god, he feels so big…

Fuck, it feels amazing when he stretches us wide like that…

It’s like he’s in our stomach with every thrust…

This is so hot it hurts, we’re going to cum…

No, you’re not, Aleesha cut in, her inner voice dominating the rest. You’re never going to cum again. All you can do now is cling on to my pleasure. You’re just rats feeding on the scraps while I get to feast.

Her words did nothing to quell the voices. They were far too horny to focus on anything but the orgasmic ecstasy flooding through Aleesha’s insides, gluttonous for it no matter how much she verbally humiliated them.

Soon Aleesha heard a new voice. But this one wasn’t in her head – it was coming from downstairs.

By the time Selina entered the room, Aleesha was riding Brandon’s flagpole cock. Her pierced tits on show, her black thong pulled to the side and her little cock cupped in her hand to keep it out of the way as she bounced up and down, she watched the door open with a thrill of relish and anticipation.

‘…I’m not sure where Cindy has got to, and Mia isn’t answering her phone…’

Selina froze in the doorway. A second later her phone hit the floor. Emotions cascaded over her face, cycling through heartbreak, shock and grief several times over before settling into a mask of rage.

‘What the fuck is this?!’ she shrieked. ‘You dirty cheating bastard!’

If looks could kill, Selina’s would have eviscerated Brandon, thrown his innards into a meatgrinder, chopped up his corpse with a hatchet, then doused the mushy remains in petrol and set them alight just for good measure. But Brandon didn’t notice. Selina’s screams fell on deaf ears as he continued to pump up into Aleesha’s tight ass without so much as an apologetic glance at his girlfriend.

Aleesha giggled impishly. ‘I’m sorry, but Brandon’s a bit preoccupied to chat right now. I guess I’m just irresistible.’

Selina glared at her. ‘And who the fuck are you?’

‘Don’t you recognise me? Oh, Selina, I’m offended. I mean, I always thought I was your favourite victim. You even gave me a nickname.’

Realisation crossed Selina’s face and confusion shifted to raw, icy loathing. ‘Leech,’ she hissed.

Removing her hand from her crotch, Aleesha allowed her little cock to drop down and bounce about with every thrust Brandon gave. ‘The penny drops. And believe me, you have no idea how ironic that nickname is now.’

Aleesha groaned. Her body was a tempest of pleasure and the voices in her head were moaning and gasping like pornstars in an orgy. But more than that, the mischievous anticipation of what was about to happen was elevating her arousal with every passing second, and when combined with Brandon’s simple-minded obedience it was almost enough to make her cum on the spot. She had already taken her revenge on Selina’s sorority sisters: now it was time to deal with the alpha bitch herself.

Slowly, Selina realised something was wrong. Analysing Aleesha’s incredible body she frowned. She studied Aleesha’s tits and curves, her hair and brows, her tattoos and piercings – then she stared harder as if trying to convince herself her mind was playing tricks on her. Aleesha could almost see her mentally connecting the dots and a wicked smile warped her lips as Selina’s hatred changed to apprehension.

‘No… that’s not possible.’

‘Oh but it is,’ Aleesha grinned.

‘I… I don’t understand. They’re Mia’s tits, she had them pierced last month. And Emerald has tattoos just like those. Kayla just had her hair dyed yesterday but you always have yours cut short. And Cindy was telling me how she’d had her nails done but two popped off and she wanted a refund. And… and now none of them are answering their phones…’ Selina paled, apprehension giving way to fear. ‘What have you done to them?’

Aleesha’s grin was pure evil. ‘Well since you girls were always telling me I leeched the fun out of everything, I guess you could say I leeched the fun out of them. They’re all in here now.’ She tapped her temple. ‘Horny and moaning and begging for more. Some of them even beat me to the punch – at least three of them already slept with Brandon behind your back.’

Shifting position, Aleesha spread herself out on the bedsheets, her elbows on the duvet and her chin raised on her palms as she smiled sweetly up at Selina. Wordlessly Brandon moved to suit her, planting his hands beside her and driving down into her bare ass. Her eyelids fluttered as he sent fresh pleasure blossoming through her and she had to resist the instinct to roll her eyes as he thrust against her P-spot.

‘I really tried to fit in with you,’ she said, her voice like liquid lust. ‘I wanted to be friends. I wanted to be slutty besties who gossiped about boys and makeup and how big their body count was. But all you ever wanted to do was goad and humiliate me. So I decided if I couldn’t have that life for myself, I’d just steal yours. All it took was a simple assimilation spell and I could merge with anyone I wanted.’ Concentrated mischief gleamed in her eyes. ‘The seductive aura was just an added bonus. Can you feel it?’

At first, Selina’s face had twisted with horror at Aleesha’s words. But slowly that expression had faded and now she stared at her former victim with a look of longing. Entranced, the only response she could give was a nod.

‘If you ask me, it’s the combined sluttiness of an entire sorority being concentrated into one body. Or maybe I just got lucky when casting the spell. It doesn’t really matter though, because the end result is that I can play with your mind. I can play with anybody’s mind. Brandon here is my puppet. And I’ve already made him promise to call over his friends on the football team so I can work my magic on them too.

‘But first I have to deal with you. Tell me, Selina, do you want to join me? Do you want to feel his thick cock plunging into your ass? Or driving down your throat? Do you want his hands on yours body? His lips on yours? You can have it, you know. Come closer. Join me, Selina. You know you want to.’

Inside Aleesha’s head, the voices were a cacophony.

Take her, consume her, make her ours.

Yes, yes, bring her to us.

Steal her mind and drown her with pleasure.

Join us, Selina, join us and moan.

Assimilation is good. Assimilation is bliss.

Drawn in by Aleesha’s seductive words, Selina came to kneel at the foot of the bed. All the panic was gone from her eyes now, replaced by mindless subservience. She was under Aleesha’s spell and she would never escape it.

Taking Selina’s head in her hands Aleesha grinned wickedly. ‘You know, Brandon tells me you have a very talented tongue. I think that’s what I’ll take from you. After all, you won’t be needing it anymore, but I’m sure I can put it to good use. And I want the last thing you taste to be your boyfriend’s cum on my lips. Kiss me, Selina.’

Without hesitation Selina obliged, pressing her lips against Selina and tasting the smeared streaks of Brandon’s seed from the blowjobs Aleesha had given him in her absence.

Her eyes closed, Aleesha smiled as a new kind of pleasure coursed through her. Like the sensual embrace of a doting lover erotic heat engulfed her as she assimilated Selina. For a few mind-bending seconds Selina’s psyche was flooding through hers. Every thought and memory, every dream and desire and sexual fantasy she’d ever had tumbling through Aleesha’s mind like the waters of two rivers meeting and swirling through one another. At the same time her body was fading. Though her eyes were closed, Aleesha could feel Selina’s cheeks becoming less and less dense before they were little firmer than tissue paper.

Then Selina was with her friends. Her mind was stashed away as a voice in Aleesha’s head, her body had ghosted away into nothingness, and the only suggestion she had ever been there at all was the forgotten phone lying on the carpet by the open door.

Aleesha opened her eyes, breathing heavily. ‘Fuck. I’m never going to get tired of that feeling.’ She paused. ‘Oh, new tongue. That feels weird. But very agile. Oh yes, I’m sure I can make use of this. Thank you, Selina. Shame you were the last slut on my list.’

No, pleaded the voices. Don’t stop. Assimilate more. We need it. It feels so good. Assimilation is bliss.

A smile spread over Aleesha’s face. Behind her Brandon was still dutifully driving in and out of her tight hole. ‘Perhaps I don’t have to stop just yet. I mean, Sara has some very nice DSLs. And I’ve always envied Regina’s tits. Plus Max has quite the hefty cock, and he did spill coffee on me that one time, so it’s only right he compensates me for that. And just imagine what naughty assets I’ll be able to steal from all the studs and sluts at the club.’

As her smile broadened she had to force her imagination not to run away with her. Fortunately, she knew just how to distract herself. Twisting around to face Brandon she fixed him with a mischievous look.

‘You know what, baby, I think it’s time I tested out this new tongue. After all, I’ll have to get some practice in with it if I’m going to impress all your friends when they come over later.’

Reclining amongst the pillows of the bed Brandon once shared with Selina, Aleesha allowed him to feed his long cock between her lips and swirled her stolen tongue around his shaft. Soon enough her face and torso were decorated with pearly ropes of his cum as her wet slurping filled the room. And all the while Brandon’s girlfriend was locked away in the slutty depths of Aleesha’s mind, her orgasmic moans echoing through the thoughts of the naughty assimilatrix…

Thanks for reading!

As usual I’m making up words again, and to be quite honest this one might be my best one yet. The very idea of the assimilatrix is pretty damn hot if you ask me, though I am of course distinctly biased. I also kind of like the idea that the assimilatrix could release her prisoners but they’d be warped and corrupted by the time spent in her body, which might be a fun concept to explore at some point.

With this one I also wanted to do something a little different. Typically, any trans characters in my stories become that way via transformation, but in this one I decided Aleesha should be trans before any assimilation went on. At one point I had the thought that maybe she had assimilated all her sorority sisters’ boyfriends to get her dick, but then I asked myself ‘Why can’t she just be trans already?’

Something that concerns me when I’m writing trans stories is that I don’t want to imply being trans is any way humiliating or bad. Of course, in the context of some stories that is the opinion of the characters who become trans, or the narrative itself is an indulgence of trans-adjacent humiliation fantasies such as sissification. And of course I’ve written plenty of trans stories where the trans character is the dominant force in the story and definitely not a humiliating role. In this one though I just thought it would be good to have a character whose trans nature has no real bearing on the nature of the story. Aleesha is simply trans and no magic or assimilation made her that way. I like that about her, and I’m sure I’ll include this approach for other trans characters in future stories too.


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