Models: Eufrat Mai & Leila Smith It wasn’t the first time Ellie had let her inner sadist take hold. Yet as she watched Layla transform, leaning over her with a cold smile playing on her lips, there was still a part of Ellie that continued to marvel at how easily she could do such heartless things to the woman she loved. Layla’s sensual moaning filled the small attic, infusing the

Bouncing around with all the excitement of a giddy child, Lexi danced along to the Christmas playlist blaring through the expensive sound system with unsuppressed delight as she hung yet another brightly coloured bauble on the tree in front of her. She had spent the entire morning decorating it, and in truth she had to admit she might have gotten just a little carried away: the branches were sprayed almost

His eyes rolling back in his head, his body tensing suddenly and his fingers gripping the sheets with white-knuckled ferocity, Lincoln once again thanked his past self for taking the steps of revenge all those years ago. He had spent enough nights in dark rooms with other gay men to know what a good blowjob was, and after months of practice his secret lover was hands down the best cocksucker

‘Oh you poor little thing, there’s no use struggling. I’ve tied up enough bitches like you to make sure you can’t get out, so trust me when I say it isn’t worth wasting your energy trying.’ When the young woman continued to wriggle in her bonds, Erica rolled her eyes and shrugged. ‘Well, I suppose I wouldn’t trust me either.’ The girl looked adorable all bound up in duct tape

Even as she rode Chance’s incredible cock, part of Verity felt unbearably guilty. He would never have wanted this. How could she have betrayed him so completely? She was supposed to be his best friend. If anything had gone wrong with her plan he would never have been able to look at her again. But her plan had not gone wrong. And only part of her was guilty everything had

The internet really was a fantastic place. These days it was the work of but a few clicks to indulge in one’s most twisted desires and if you wanted to go that bit further there were always those who were willing to supply you with what you wanted. One thing he was more than happy about though was that, just as it always had, money spoke volumes. All of those

Amanda loved her new job. She was so much happier now that she spent her days maintaining the moral of the office men, instead of sitting in her office ordering them all around. And if the copious quantities of cum that dripped from her silk shirt were any indication, office moral must have been at an all-time high. Only a month ago she had been the CEO of one of