Plump black-haired girl in cheerleader outfit lies back on sofa with open legs to let muscular man use her

Pounding the plump, tanned cheerleader, Coach Green was increasingly certain he had made the right decision. At first he had been concerned that he had gone too far, had been worried that he wouldn’t be able to spin this, but the more he fucked the bratty bitch, the more he decided that giving his star player those football socks had been the best thing he could have done. He grunted with every slam into her hot pussy and marvelled at how tight she was. It was a wonder he could even fit inside her, but then he supposed she was technically a virgin, and for all the bravado she had had as a dude, she had never been particularly big where it mattered and perhaps that carried over from one side of the transformation to the other. Inevitably, given that he could not stop thinking about how tight one of her holes was, his thoughts soon began to drift onto another.

Fucking her rough, he stared down at her with uninhibited loathing. A few hours before she had been the best player on the team – a six foot, muscular pretty boy with the body of a god – but for all his skill, Zac had been nothing short of a grade A bastard. Spoiled practically to death by his loaded, stuck-up parents, he had been one of those people who made it almost impossible for anybody not to hate them. Rude, whiny, spoiled and entitled, yet infuriatingly talented all the same, his loathsome personality had grated on Coach Green within moments of meeting the boy. Quite how he had put up with over two years of it even he couldn’t fathom.

That morning, however, something had snapped in the coach. After training he had overheard Zac complaining about him to the other players and for no particular reason other than the kid was a smug little bastard Coach Green had finally given in to his hatred. Delving into the depths of his office drawer he had pulled out a pair of blue and white football socks and eyed them coldly.

The last time he had used them had been with one of the stuck-up assistant teachers. The man had only been in the position temporarily, but he was an infuriating little know-it-all who had driven the coach to the edge of his reason. Fortunately for him, the runt had managed to piss off one of the science tutors as well, and that was where he had made his fatal error. The science teacher, Mr. Benson, was barely a few IQ points below a genius, and he had quickly produced something that went a long way to help them both satisfy their lust for revenge.

Everyone had heard of the Pink Pill, of course, but Mr. Benson’s fierce intelligence allowed him to replicate the transformation through a simple item of clothing. Green hadn’t a clue how the fuck he had managed it, but somehow the scientist had infused a pair of football socks with the transformative properties of the pill, as well as a potent amnesia effect that was specifically activated by the pheromones and enzymes produced during the transformation, thus causing the wearer to remember nothing at all of the time spent under the effects of the socks nor anything just before or after they wore them. For several weeks, the two men had stormed into their victim’s office at the same time each evening, wrestled him to the floor and forced him into the socks. Their night had then been spent hatefucking the bastard before leaving him in exactly the position they had found him.

After a few weeks of consistently blacking out at the same time every day the man had left on account of illness, and the socks had dwelled in the back of the coach’s drawer ever since. Zac, however, had inspired him to make use of them again.

It had been an absurdly easy thing to request Zac in his office after hours. Catching him before he left the changing rooms without anybody noticing, he had took him aside and told him that he resolutely could not tell anybody about their meeting: ‘I’ve been approached by somebody who could use your talents, Nelson. They want to meet with you tonight after hours, but they want it all just between us for now. I’m sure you can understand that, right? Good. Then be at my office by 5pm sharp. Nobody with you, nobody knows, got it?’ Zac had practically fallen over with the shock, but as he left the room he had worn a face of utter composure. If there was one thing Green knew about the boy for a fact it was that he was a compulsive liar, a fucking good one too. He had no doubt that with something so momentous at stake, Zac would not fail to come up with a solid excuse that put both of them completely out of the any suspicious picture that might arise.

Zac had arrived early, and no sooner had Green locked the door than he had pinned the entitled bastard to his desk and torn off his shoes and socks. In seconds Zac was kneeling at Green’s feet coughing and clutching his throat with the socks crammed over his feet.

Just as with Green’s first victim, the transformation had been practically instantaneous. In a few seconds the athletic footballer had become a curvaceous cheerleader. Shorter, stockier and all tits, ass and gropable flesh, Green had torn off her male uniform and stuffed her awkwardly into the matching cheerleader outfit he also had hidden away in the depths of his drawer. He couldn’t have wished for a more perfect result: those stick-thin brats that stalked around campus had never been his type. He liked a girl with a little more meat on her bones, a little more weight to watch ripple as he fucked her rough. Of course she was far from overweight, but he loved the fact that when he threw her onto the sofa and spread her legs wide her stomach bunched up between her groin and tits. He loved that he her thick thighs rippled with every slam into her tight opening.  She was the most perfectly curvy cheerleader he had ever seen, and he had not been able to wait to get inside her.

Fortunately, Benson’s alterations to the formula had provided everything Green could have wanted in a fuck toy. While turned, the wearer was practically empty. Dumb and pliant they would listen only to their lovers and obey without question and were barely conscious of anything besides that. As an added benefit, the socks induced a permanently horny state so that they were dripping wet as soon as the transformation was complete. They never complained, they barely spoke and they were permanently horny for anyone who wanted to fuck them. All of this meant that Green’s erection that had rapidly grown watching Zac transform was inside her in under a minute.

Thinking about all of his whiny complaints, all of his smug entitlement, Coach Green only fucked the new Zac all the harder. He spat on her face and tits, slapped her across the cheek whenever his rage bubbled over and felt his balls begin to ache from the sheer force he was slamming into her with. All the while she moaned softly, a dumb, blank expression on her face.

When he looked back on it, Green thought that it was probably that face that pushed him over the edge. Zac had always been so sarcastic, so deeply smug and as a consequence his face was always begging to be punched. Yet behind that face had been an evident and intense intelligence: that was gone now. Only an obedient drone remained. Zac’s new body was empty of thought, and Green could not contain himself seeing how far the boy had fallen.

Feeling his orgasm rapidly approach, Green yanked her harder and harder onto his dick, his white knuckles wrapped around her lower legs. Benson’s alterations had not robbed the Pill of its side effects: to be safe they had always fucked the assistant teacher with protection. But with Zac, Green didn’t care. He was in raw, and he wanted nothing more than to trap the spoiled rich kid in this empty body for the rest of his life. He would fill her up with his seed and there would be no going back: with or without the socks, Zac would remain as she was. After that, he would take her home, lock her up. He knew full well that he would fuck her even more senseless than she already was every night when he came home, but he wasn’t stupid. After a few weeks he would leave her in the hands of some pimp in the city, who would no doubt end up selling her to some more unfavourable characters. He didn’t care, he would have had his fun by then.  

His parents would cry and probably go on the news, but Zac’s cover story – whatever it was – as told by his friends would paint the coach utterly out of the picture.

Roaring with release and victory, Coach Green unloaded into the mindless bitch, flooding her insides with his seed. He felt her tense a little and her body shuddered. Cautiously he removed her socks. A cruel grin split his features when he determined she was not showing any signs of changing back. Pulling out of her pussy, he shifted his meat down a little. He pressed against her tight ass and laughed. ‘I know you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, but I find it fitting that you were always a pain in my ass and now I’m going to be a pain in yours.’ Pushing beyond the ring of muscles that resisted his entry, Coach Green sank into her tight virgin ass and began to thrust…

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