Woman in black and translucent latex gropes breasts while fingering in padded white room

When the agent entered the room, he found the woman fingering herself and moaning sensually. One hand groped her naked, engorged breasts while the other hammered latex-clad fingers into her slick wet pussy. She was sat towards the back of the padded room, her eyes closed. For all that she appeared oblivious to his presence he ensured that the taser remained levelled upon her person: she had the capability of ferocious violence and he knew it.

Opening her eyes she fixed him with a stare of scheming mischief and a soft smile plucked at her lips. He shivered and tried not to look as she continued to finger and grope herself. He knew she was trying to get to him, and she knew it was working. The only visible flesh on her person was limited to that of her enormous breasts, her scarlet lips, her piercing eyes and her dripping pussy. Everything else was encased in glistening latex of either translucent cream or jet black. Her black hood matched the waist-crushing corset she wore, and he knew that when she stood she was a good head height taller than him on account of her towering platform heels. She eyed him with a look that was both desire and loathing, an expression he matched.

‘Welcome to my room, Agent, please make yourself at home. I will be with you shortly.’

Brandishing the taser he curled his lip. ‘Get up, you sarcastic bitch. We make the rules around here, you should have learned that by now. Not a step closer though: you know I’ll use this.’

Sighing as though she were dealing with a small child she pulled her fingers from between her thighs, licked the black glove clean and rose to her feet, pressing herself against the wall. The agent coughed briefly, ignoring her girlish giggle as he did so. As he had grown to understand, unless she was otherwise occupied it was almost impossible for the woman to keep her hands off of herself. Ever since her transformation she had harboured a constant craving for pleasures of the flesh and even as she stood before him her gloved hands roved across her perfect form, groping her breasts, feeling her curves, brushing her pussy. All the while her gaze was fixed on him.

Woman in black and translucent latex gropes breast while staring at camera

‘Are you here to kill me, Agent?’

‘No, you know I’m not.’

‘Are you here to fuck me?’

He felt his loins tingle for a moment but pushed his arousal to the side. ‘Definitely not.’

‘Then why do you persist in visiting me each day? You know those are the only two things worth doing to me. Tell me, wouldn’t you just love to feel my latex rubbing up against your skin? To let me take your throbbing, juicy dick in these soft, red lips?’

Coughing again, he jabbed the taser in her direction. ‘Shut up. I am here to ask questions. Questions you will answer or take a mighty strong shock from this little beauty. Then I am going to leave and you are going to rot in here for the rest of your natural life, whatever that even is anymore.’

She laughed – a lilting, tinkling sound. ‘Stupid little man, you know nothing. Fortunately I don’t need you for your mind, just your body will do.’

After months of visiting her cell daily to interrogate her, he had grown both used to and tired of her riddles, so he shrugged off the comment with an irritated grunt. Still, for all his interrogation he never seemed to be able to unearth any information the agency did not already know. Before they had raided her laboratory as the result of an anonymous tip that she was conducting illegal chemical experiments, the woman had been a highly-respected scientist by the name of Lucia Carson. However, by the time they had arrived and taken her into quarantine the woman she had been was gone.

As far as they had been able to surmise she had exposed herself to some form of homemade virus that had dramatically altered her physical and mental state. The copious latex had become like a second skin, fusing to her flesh and coating her in a permanent latex outfit that flaunted her figure. Even without it, however, she would have been unrecognisable from any photographs of her prior self given the intense physical changes she had undergone: her breasts had ballooned, her ass was enormous, her figure was all curves, her lips had plumped up and even her eyes had shifted in colour. On top of these developments, her already impressive intellect had soared into genius-level intelligence and she was capable of manipulating most men to her will through words alone. Only he had shown any level of resistance to her charms and as a result he had been tasked with attempting to extract information from her. Why had she done it? What did she intend to do with the virus? Had she created any additional doses? But even when he had tried to persuade her with so many volts coursing through her person, her riddles and smokescreens seemed utterly impossible to break through.

Holding his hand over his throat he coughed hard and tried to ignore her smile. ‘So, Lucia –’

‘It’s L. You know I don’t go by that name anymore.’

He sighed. ‘Okay, L, why did you create the virus?’

She giggled. ‘I wanted to improve the world, Agent. Make it a little more… interesting.’

His heart beat a little quicker: that was new. Perhaps today was the day he would crack her. He fought desperately not to show his relief.

‘And how would the virus improve the world?’

She gestured to herself. ‘It improved me, didn’t it? You can’t imagine how much more powerful I feel post-exposure. It is like I have fire coursing through my veins every second of every day. All I ever wanted was a little fun, and now I have the perfect body to do that.’

‘You mean you planned on exposing others?’

‘Of course,’ she said. ‘Why make a virus if I was only going to expose myself? If I had planned on it just being me I would have merely made a chemical solution and taken that.’

‘So you created more doses then? Where are they?’

She smirked. ‘No. No more doses. Just the one. Just me.’ The agent frowned before all but collapsing in a desperate fit of coughing. His vision blurred and his head throbbed as he sank to his knees, but he continued to aim the taser squarely at her heaving chest. ‘Oh dear me, agent, you do seem to be under the weather. Have you caught something? You seemed okay yesterday.’

His vision returning he glanced up to see the latex beauty grinning coldly. Terrible realisation dawned on him and he glared up at her. ‘You’ve done this to me. What is it? What have you done?’

She laughed as one hand dropped to her pussy and began to toy with her clit. ‘Oh, God, you are all so hopelessly dull. I mean how much more obvious could I have made it? You’ve seen how violent I can be, you’ve seen how easily men bend to my will, and yet you didn’t once question how little resistance I put up when you took me in. I’ve been exactly where I wanted this whole time agent. I didn’t just expose myself to the virus, I am the virus. It’s raging around inside of me just waiting to be let out. And I made sure to pack it with lots of clever tricks before I gave your agency that anonymous tip that had you come running. It’s just that they wouldn’t all manifest straight away.

‘You already know how I wind men around my little latex finger. It’s not rocket science after all, just pheromones. But see, before I exposed myself I specifically designed the virus so that it would mutate in a way I wanted. Just gave it that little push to reach its full potential. Like, for example, bonding with my pheromones to create an airborne strain.’ She laughed as horror swept across his face and he coughed again. ‘Took a little time of course, but I had to be sure I would be in custody here before it took effect. You see you’ve got all these lovely weapons in your walls I can make such good use of. I think gas canisters filled with my pheromones are going to be my favourite, but of course I’m sure I can use your kit to transmit the virus in all sorts of lovely ways.

‘As an added bonus, I just happen to be able to control the pheromones I send out, and as luck would have it the virus bonds with different pheromones in different ways to affect different hosts… well, differently. And as I’ve been saying for weeks now, I only want your body.’ Leaning down, she swatted the taser away from his shaking hand. Her grin was pure ice. ‘Welcome to my army of latex, agent. You’re the first drone in the ranks.’

Holding his hand up in front of his face the agent cried out in horror as it began to shake and his fingers twisted as though he was trying to grip something invisible. All at once a thick black liquid began to seep from every pore, the pinpricks of liquid merging and spreading across his flesh until his entire hand was wrapped in shimmering black latex. Wrenching the sleeve of his shirt up he grunted and screamed as the liquid worked its way slowly up his arm, enveloping his limb in a blazing burning sensation that was part agony part pleasure. The same sensation began to burst into being across the rest of his person: chest, thighs, back, ankles. Tearing his clothing away from each location he found patches of black and red latex spreading rapidly across his skin.

Soon he was writhing on the floor, his clothes entirely torn away and though he started out almost naked his exposed flesh was rapidly consumed by the spreading latex. His groin was devoured by waves of black and he felt explosions of that strange sensation rip through him as his penis was reduced to nothing and a tunnel of red latex sank into a new orifice. As it spread so it twisted his body into something more reminiscent of the woman who watched on laughing.

In less than a minute all that remained of the agent was his head, sat on the top of a latex bimbo’s body. He screamed and screamed as the latex raced up his neck and enveloped his lower jaw, clawing at it with his gloved fingers. It swept over his scalp, muffling his screams as it coated his ears. He scrunched up his eyes only for it to wrench them open and settle over his vision, tinting it black and lacing the edges of everything with lustful red. As it invaded his nostrils he felt it working up through the inside of his skull towards his brain.

Everything burned. It was as though he had been plunged into a vat of boiling tar, yet the pain was somehow arousing. He screamed desperately, only for the latex to cascade down his throat and claim him completely.

Faceless woman with big breasts wearing latex from head to toe

L clapped her hands giddily and admired her first creation. It was more perfect than she could ever have hoped. What fun she was going to have fucking those virgin holes. She could barely hold herself back. Still, there was work to do, and strutting over to the agent’s discarded clothes she plucked the access card from his belt loop and swiped it against the control panel of the door.

It slid open to reveal a room full of techs frantically hammering their keyboards, raising alarms all over the base. ‘Good news, gentlemen,’ she said, spilling pheromones into the room with ten times the intensity she had subjected the agent to, ‘you’re under new management. Don’t worry, this will only hurt a bit.’

Laughing icily, she watched in satisfaction as the men crumpled to the floor coughing uncontrollably and began to scream…

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