Lounging back on her soft pink sofa, Baroness Bubbles heard the man’s orgasm approaching through staccato moans and shallow grunts. Puffing a bubble into her gum she angled herself into his line of fire and was soon rewarded with a spray of his deliciously sticky seed. The strings of cum splattered across her face, neck and chest, slithering over her sweaty flesh like oil on water, decorating her beautiful features with little glistening pearls. More importantly, however, it settled across her bubble. It popped when she moaned, prompting her to open wide and wind it back up with her tongue. At the same time the last dregs of the man’s seed splashed over tongue, collecting in tasty white puddles which she promptly chewed into her gum.

His chest heaving the man looked down at her vacantly. She liked it when he looked at her like that – it reminded her how little there was in his brain. She had kept him in her sordid den so long he had been exposed to her special gum in such quantity that it had permanently twisted his mind. He was no more than her mindless drone, and quite honestly she much preferred him this way over the worthless chief of police he had been before. Thanks to her endless tampering his figure was muscular where it had been overweight, and he lived to serve her.

Savouring the salty kick his cum infused into her gum she raised a hand to idly caress his cock, slumping back into her pillow with a contented sigh. It felt good to be powerful. Nobody ever dared challenge her and every day horny bitches swarmed to her underworld dens to get a taste of her yummy cum gum. It had all started with such a simple idea: what if it were possible to create a chewing gum capable of seducing men? The slutty underbelly of society would never be able to get enough of it, she knew, and though it had taken a great deal of time and effort eventually she had perfected her recipe.

Just one stick of gum when chewed could reduce any man to putty in the hands of the naughty minx doing the chewing, and from there they could play with their new boy toy until they decided to dispose of their gum. The demand for her naughty gum had quickly sky-rocketed, and within months she had constructed an underground empire of sex dens, private rooms and orgy bars, much to the chagrin of the local police force and competing drug dealers.

Before long the gangs had begun to grow restless – her gum was cutting heavily into their sales – and the authorities had started to come down hard on any of her naughty customers. A few assassination attempts had been foiled, with the assassins sent back to their gangs in a state of horny delirium, and a handful of her manufacturing outposts shut down before the Baroness decided to take things into her own hands. Once she did, it took less than a day before her empire was back at full strength.

Claiming the chief of police as her own, she had sent a three-hour video of him worshipping her to the station. Throughout his worship he not only revealed any sensitive information she asked for – from system passwords to the contents of top-secret documents – but willingly disclosed all the corners cut and investigations botched by the city force over the years. The note she had provided with the tape had been short and sweet: Back off, or I leak every word and burn you to the ground. Love Bubbles xo

The gangs had been equally as easy to deal with. All it had taken was an impromptu meeting with the head of the most powerful crime empire in the city (beside her own) flanked by her most trusted bitches each concealing a stick of gum pressed against the roof of their mouth. The boss and his men had crumbled to their will almost as soon as they had started to chew, and five minutes thereafter she had slipped from the room with him on her arm to spend some time with one another while their respective aides had their own fun. By the following morning he was her obedient lover, and on his arm no criminal would dare to even think harm upon her, let alone mount an assassination.

With her throne safe, she had experimented on her gum until she offered an entire range of deliciously sensual options – cuckold gum, bimbofication gum and slave gum to name just a few. Her empire had soared to new heights, and from time to time she liked to remind the city who was truly in charge and would flood her gum into supermarkets and corner stores in place of ordinary sticks. She always loved doing that: it disrupted the way of things, maintained her vice grip over the city, and created new customers from the women who were intoxicated by the wild lives she could offer them.

Just then, the doors of the humid room swung open and a young man in a multi-coloured vest top with a camera around his neck was marched in by a trio of leggy blonde beauties. Dumping him down in front of her they sneered down at him.

‘Reporter,’ one said, ‘found him snooping around the production facilities.’

‘Looking to see how he got in now but thought you would want to deal with him yourself,’ added a second.

Pushing her pet back, she eyed the reporter with a wicked smile and blew a bubble in her gum, still salty with cum. When it popped, she saw the man’s eyes haze over and a dumb smile spread across his lips. So young and handsome: she was going to enjoy him. ‘Hello there, sweetie,’ she purred, beckoning him over with a manicured finger, ‘why don’t you come over here and sit down with little old me. I want to hear everything about how you got into my facilities, then we can have some fun together…’

Thanks for reading!

I have to say, upon coming back to this piece after it languishing in my backlog for months on end, I am superbly happy with it. It’s short, sweet and sexy, and is one of those stories that reminds me how effective short content can be. Not to mention the premise itself is really hot to my mind. It’s entirely possible I might add more to this universe in the future (though not guaranteed) as I think there is a lot of potential for growth. The only downside is that bubblegum image galleries aren’t super common, though I think there should be enough to come up with some enjoyable stories. We’ll have to see.

One of the reasons I love this story so much is the quality of the supporting images: to my eye they look like a pop song music video gone explicit, and I absolutely love it. Credit of course has to go to the models here, and they are Desiree Dulce and Xander Corvus.

Until this story, I had never seen Dulce’s work. I’d heard of her, sure, but I’d never actually taken the time to watch her content. Let me tell you, that has now changed. Not only is she hot as fuck, she creates some fantastic content, and her demeanour and style seems reminiscent to that of Abella Danger, at least to me, and that can never be a bad thing. Seriously, if you’re a porn fan, you cannot miss her work, and I hope to showcase some of it in future stories when I can.

As for Corvus, is there really anything I need to say? He has just about the coolest name known to man and is a male heavyweight in the porn industry for good reason. He’s fit, dirty, and capable of keeping pace with some of the horniest female models in the industry, which is no mean feat. He’s worked with some incredible models and he himself is an asset to any scene he stars in, so be sure to check him out if by some stroke of misfortune you’ve managed to go this long without hearing about him.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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