Models: Abella Danger, Phoenix Marie, Jada Stevens & Karlo Karrera

Coming home to hear giggles echoing through his house was unusual to Terry for two reasons. Firstly, he lived alone. And secondly, the instant they met his ears, he felt the sudden urge to laugh along with them.

Fighting the compulsion, he followed the voices of the intruders into the kitchen. But considering he was expecting to find a bunch of balaclava-clad teens raiding his drawers, the sight that met his eyes stunned him into silence.

The room was a scene of utter chaos. It looked as if somebody had set up a buffet of every childhood treat they could think of then released a horde of hyperactive kids on the lot. Crumpled crisp packets, half-eaten cookies, nibbled chocolate bars and sweets of all kinds littered the worktops. Popcorn and marshmallows and pop cans and sticks of rock and liquorice and crackers. Wafers and pretzels and jellybeans and sherbets and toffees and caramels and nougat and bowls of ice cream and ice lollies and normal lollies and gummies of every conceivable variety.

The cutlery drawer had been ripped open and the contents scattered, some of the knives now embedded in the walls. Several cupboard doors had either fallen off or were dangling by one hinge, while one of the houseplants from the lounge was now on top of the cupboards. The stools for the breakfast bar where nowhere to be seen, but the shattered window gave Terry an idea of where they had gone.

And at the centre of the destruction were three beautiful women.

Two were perched amongst the clutter on the central island sipping on cups of marshmallow-topped hot chocolate. One had long brown hair, the other a shorter pixie cut.

As he watched, a third woman – a busty blonde with her incredible cleavage on show – snapped her manicured fingers. With a puff of glitter and a little tinkling sound, a canister of squirty whipped cream appeared in her hand. Sticking her tongue out and tipping her head back, she set about devouring the contents.

All three were wearing very sparkly, very revealing Santa’s outfits which boasted more flesh than they hid.

Terry didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know where to look – although he found his eyes were drawn to a few rather sordid locations. He frowned, scowled, his anger fighting to reach the surface.

And yet as they sat there sniggering, their slutty bodies bouncing and jiggling, Terry just wanted to laugh along with them. He couldn’t help it. He could feel his fury slipping through his fingers while childish amusement infected his thoughts. It was like someone had forced him into a gas mask and pumped laughing gas straight into his face.

‘Hey girls, look whose home.’

It was the long-haired brunette who had spoken. Dropping her green mug amongst the rubbish she ignored the steaming cocoa which spilled out across the counter. Turning to face Terry, she beamed as he ogled her tanned cleavage.

The busty blonde abandoned the whipped cream, although a fleck remained at the corner of her smile making her look as though she had just indulged in a much naughtier meal. ‘We hope you don’t mind us making ourselves at home. We got a little bored waiting for you. I’m afraid this year you’re on Santa’s naughty list – the big guy isn’t a fan of adulterers. You know what they say: he sees you when you’re sleeping,’ she smirked, wagging her finger disapprovingly. ‘And anyone on the naughty list is fair game for us to play with. After all, we elves work hard all year – it’s only fair we get to blow off a little steam at Christmastime too.’

‘Oh goodie, now we can really have some fun,’ the elf with the pixie cut said, tossing her own mug aside to smash against one of the walls. She came bouncing over to Terry and ran her manicured down his chest. ‘Mmmh, he’s so strong and manly. I’m so going to enjoy playing with him.’

‘Well I think he’s more excited to get his hands on me than on you, Twinklerose,’ said the blonde. And she wasn’t wrong: her curvy figure had Terry mesmerised. He eyed her big fake tits and inflated ass hungrily, an erection already swelling.

‘Oh who cares, Sunblossom. All I care about is tasting this big, juicy cock.’ Twinkle ran her hand over Terry’s crotch. Then her pretty face broke into a grin. ‘I call dibs!’

Terry didn’t resist as Twinklerose dragged him into the lounge. In fact, he actually chuckled softly. His mind was a fog, the presence of the three women seemingly working its way inside his head. He was no longer angry or shocked, he was simply horny.

And he wasn’t the only one.

They had barely stopped before Terry’s trousers were around his shins. As her friends hurried into join them, Twinklerose dropped to her haunches and slipped her ruby claws into the waist of Terry’s boxers. Looking up at him, she played with it, giggling at the dumb smile he was wearing.

‘Mmmh, do you want me, baby? Do you want my slutty lips around your fat cock?’ The long-haired brunette was pressing herself against Terry now too. Twinklerose turned to her with an impish smile. ‘What do you think, Flutterleaf? Do you think he wants to fuck my throat?’

‘Of course he does,’ Flutterleaf nodded, ripping open his shirt and stroking his firm abs. ‘Just look at him. He’s already desperate for all of us. Humans really are so easy to mess with. Go on, bitch, blow his mind.’ But as Twinklerose made to tug down Terry’s boxers, Flutterleaf’s hand shot out to stop her. Her eyes flashed naughtily. ‘But how about you tease him a little first?’

Twinklerose’s eyes lit up. Then she was eagerly following her friend’s advice. Caressing the snake in his underwear, she leaned in to kiss it over and over again. Her ruby lips soon left imprints across the material as a patch of precum blossomed to one side.

All the while, Flutterleaf encouraged her. But she wasn’t the only one offering sordid advice.

Sunblossom had her hand looped around Terry’s neck as her lips worked their ways down the line of his jaw. Her huge tits were pressed against his chest and her free hand groped his ass, slapping it every now and then. As she ground against him she whispered into his ear like a particularly depraved devil on his shoulder.

‘Play with Flutter’s panties. You want to, I know you do. It’s okay. She wants it. Grope her ass – make her squeal.’

By now Terry was little more than a plaything for the strange women to manipulate, so he nodded dumbly and followed her suggestions without question. Pulling on the cords of her outfit, he tugged Flutterleaf’s underwear tight between her fat ass cheeks before roughly grabbing her soft rump. He smiled as she gave little horny gasps, the thought that he was turning her on making him hornier at the same time.

Before long, his underwear was fully tented. His thick shaft was visible from Flutterleaf’s vantage point. She bit her lip as Twinklerose finally pulled back and made ready to pull down Terry’s boxers.

Then, as his huge manhood was finally released, the brunette beauty could contain herself no more.

‘Get out of my way,’ she snapped, pushing Twinklerose away hard. Next thing she had shoved Terry down onto the coffee table and with a snap of her fingers reduced his clothes to a puff of glitter.

‘Hey! You little bitch!’ Twinklerose shrieked. She had landed amongst the presents beneath the Christmas tree. But Flutterleaf had already swallowed Terry’s cock and was too occupied to hear any of her friend’s indignant complaints.

Terry’s head fell back and his eyes rolled up into his skull. The hot, wet grip of Flutterleaf’s throat and lips gliding over his shaft sent mind-bending waves of pleasure crashing through his system. Usually it would have driven him mad with arousal, would have sparked a primal lust deep in his core he could have channelled into fucking her face hard. But the elves’ magic had drained him of so much intelligence he didn’t have the mental capacity for that anymore. All he could was slump back and chuckle dumbly as his entire body throbbed with ecstasy.

Then again, Flutterleaf didn’t need any help when it came to pounding her pretty face. Her rhythm was so hard and so fast she was almost a blur. The sloppy wet slurping of her shameless throating filled the room and Terry groaned as her tongue swirled around and around as if she was trying to physically unscrew his cock from his body. At first she used her hands to jerk him off into her mouth as she went down on him, but before long she abandoned that in favour of simply opening wide and plunging her head down until her throat bulged, smiling giddily all the while.

No matter how hard Twinklerose tried, nothing could pry Flutterleaf from Terry’s cock. Eventually she gave up and settled for making out with Sunblossom instead, which only turned Terry on even more as he watched their smoking hot bodies grinding up against one another.

When she finally pulled back, Flutterleaf’s lips were smeared with a frothy blend of saliva and precum. She pouted, her eyes glazed with arousal as she caught her breath.

Terry barely even noticed her absence. Before his sluggish mind even grasped that she had moved, Sunblossom had dropped to her knees and started gorging herself on his twitching manhood. At the same time, Twinklerose knelt between his thighs to suckle his balls, staring up at him innocently even as his groans grew ever more orgasmic.

Slowly, Flutterleaf came to her senses. As the fog of lust lifted, she crawled up onto the coffee table to straddle his stomach. Both Sunblossom and Twinklerose were blocked out as Flutterleaf’s nubile body filled his view, but Terry could feel the two horny sluts sharing his cock. His eyes rolled, his mind saturated with pleasure.

‘Do you like playing with us, baby?’ Flutterleaf purred as she leaned down and took his face into her cleavage. ‘I hope you do, because tonight is just the beginning. Once we’ve fucked you senseless we’re going to take you home with us. Santa let’s his helpers keep a little doll’s house back at the grotto and we’re going to shrink you down, throw you in and lock it up after you. Don’t worry though, you won’t get lonely – you’re not the first one on the naughty list we’ve visited. There’s plenty of other sluts and studs in there just as dumb and horny as you. And besides, there’s always one of the elves who needs somebody to play with, so you’re going to spend plenty of time serving us and all our friends. Doesn’t that sound fun?’

Terry nodded vacantly, chuckling like an imbecile. ‘Going to cum,’ he said, his voice slurred. ‘So close…’

There was a sudden chill around his cock as Sunblossom rose up. ‘In that case, get your ass on the floor.’

The coffee table vanished in a puff of glitter, dropping Terry onto the shaggy rug beneath. Flutterleaf collapsed at the side of him, giggling deliriously. Disoriented, he was immediately swarmed once again by the impish elves.

Sunblossom straddled his waist, the crotch of her outfit pulled to one side as she aligned her twinkling pussy with his rigid cock. Nestling the head between the folds of her sex she sank back onto all fours as she began to descend, although Terry never saw her do so. Instead, Twinklerose’s ass blocked out the world as she sat on his face, her wet cunt pressed against his lips and her plump ass bouncing against his head.

But that wasn’t to say he didn’t feel Sunblossom drop onto his cock. White hot orgasmia rushed through him as she took him deep and he moaned his ecstasy into Twinklerose’s sex. Desperate for a way to channel his arousal, he set about hungrily worshipping her pussy, his powerful hands pulling her in harder until all light was blotted out by her jiggling rump.

Further down, Sunblossom was bouncing needily. Flutterleaf had tugged down her friend’s outfit to unleash her massive tits, which she teased with her tongue as she played with Sunblossom’s flushed clit.

‘Go on, gorgeous, make him cum,’ the brunette purred. ‘Drain him of every last drop. Make him ours.’

Sunblossom didn’t reply – she was far too horny to muster a word, let alone form a sentence. Instead, her orgasmic cries grew louder and louder as she bounced hard on Terry’s huge meat. And when he finally came, firing his load deep into his busty lover’s tight hole, the three naughty elves laughed mischievously: Terry was going to make a very good addition to their collection…

Thanks for reading!

I can’t lie, I had a whole bunch of fun with this one. Sure, that probably has something to do with the fact the scene involves two of my all-time favourite models in Phoenix Marie and Abella Danger, but it’s not just down to that.

Often when I’m writing erotica I try and write what I think others will like. Don’t get me wrong, I still write what I enjoy writing, but sometimes I’ll snip some of the sillier ideas or avoid more experimental writing styles in the name of consistency.

But over time I feel like I’ve become more willing to just say ‘screw it, let’s be stupid with this’. For example, in this one I wanted to give the elves really silly, nonsensical names. So that’s what I did. Sure, they sound like fairies out of a children’s book, but so what? I just think that makes it more fun, especially given the contrast between their overly innocent names and their very naughty actions.

At the end of the day, sometimes you’ve just got to be a bit silly with your writing. It’s more fun that way.


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