A fiendish smile played over Greed’s lips as the man strode into the bedroom. Fixated on the screen of his phone, he was oblivious to her presence nestled in the corner between a towering brass-framed mirror and the panelled white doors of the room’s walk-in wardrobe. Clad in a luxurious black suit and a crisp, snow-white shirt, the principal of Sofia’s university cut an undeniably fine figure. He was broad

Emma knew this was wrong: her husband-to-be was waiting expectantly in the church just outside, her whole family too. Today was supposed to be the best day of her life, yet somehow it had turned into a nightmare. This wasn’t her. She was loving, and faithful, and she adored her fiancé with all her heart. She would never cheat! She had to stop. But to her horror she realised she

Taking her rightful place as a naughty snow bunny addicted to the throbbing dark meat of her black masters was the best thing Ashley had ever done, but it hadn’t been easy. When they had first shown up in the office reception where she worked she had been a shy, inexperienced little thing without the confidence to shoo a pigeon, but despite this – or maybe because of it, she

‘Dean?’ Eris said, slinking down the corridor in her attractive black gown. ‘Dean, you down here?’ In the low light of the corridors it was difficult to identify anyone until they were close, but it soon became apparent her husband was not here. Briefly dipping into the antechamber at the end of the corridor she found a few party attendees who had stepped away from the packed ballroom for some

As much as he knew he should be resisting, Nathan couldn’t help himself. Following Reagan’s orders just felt too damn good. It was like she was inside his mind directing his every move or using him as her personal marionette. Despite the painful betrayal cutting through him, all he could do was kneel by her side as the two guys from next door fucked his fiancée on the hammock he’d

Marissa let out a horrified shriek and staggered away as Greg crumpled to the ground. His seemed to fold in on himself, like a bouncy castle with all the air suddenly sucked out, and when he hit the floor he landed as a pile of empty skin. Bracing herself against a chest of drawers and trying not to hyperventilate, Marissa’s eyes bulged in horror. ‘What have I done?’ she gasped.

Only yesterday, Anthony had just about been able to fool himself into believing his marriage was a happy one. But now, impaled on the massive cocks of muscular lovers, tossed around like a rag doll in their strong arms, and with his wife just off to the side rubbing her glistening pussy he could no longer trick himself into such a false belief. If he was honest, he’d had his

‘Not so fucking cocky now, are you?’ spat Louisa, staring daggers of loathing at the semi-naked woman below here as she relished the sensation of her new dick plunging into the tight twenty-something’s pussy. The raven-haired girl was so hot inside, her pussy constricting around her lover’s hard dick, and she spread her legs wide with a coy smile so that Louisa could fuck her deep. Louisa had to admit,

It wasn’t like she had wanted this. Not at first, anyway. She had been so thankful when her sister and her brother-in-law had offered to let her stay with them until she could get back on her feet. The break up with Clint had devastated her, and she had no idea what she would have done if they hadn’t been there to help when he kicked her out. But when

‘Hey honey,’ she said as her husband picked up the phone, desperately trying to hold back a moan. ‘I was just ringing to say I will be home a little late tonight.’ Licking her lips seductively, Gemma felt her boss speed up a little as he pumped his dick into her hungry pussy. She had spent the last half an hour beneath his desk, teasing his dick with soft lips