A fiendish smile played over Greed’s lips as the man strode into the bedroom. Fixated on the screen of his phone, he was oblivious to her presence nestled in the corner between a towering brass-framed mirror and the panelled white doors of the room’s walk-in wardrobe.

Clad in a luxurious black suit and a crisp, snow-white shirt, the principal of Sofia’s university cut an undeniably fine figure. He was broad and impressively muscular, the gleam of his stubble and hair giving him a silver fox allure. A flutter of warmth stirred through Greed’s loins and she realised with a twinge of arousal that her attraction to the man wasn’t all her own; somewhere deep down Sofia had the hots for her principal too – she had done since long before Greed ever possessed her – and that desire was bubbling to the surface now she had him alone.

Before she even said anything, Greed’s magic was already playing through his mind without him realising. He was a book for her to read, every want he had ever had as plain as the sleek black tie he habitually flattened against his chest while tapping on his phone. Within seconds she understood him better than any ordinary woman ever could. Armed with this knowledge, she finally spoke up.

‘Are you meeting somebody special tonight, Mister Graves?’

The principal started, yet when he looked up at her there was only vague bemusement in his eyes, as though her presence was merely unexpected rather than alarming.

‘It’s Sofia, isn’t it?’ he asked with a frown. ‘Is there something I can help you with, Sofia?’

Greed smiled. He was already swathed in her aura, her power erasing the panic he should have been feeling upon finding a relative stranger in his house. ‘As a matter of fact, there is, sir. You see I’m looking for someone to show me a good time, and I thought you might be able to help me with that. You don’t have any plans, do you?’

‘Well, as a matter of fact, I am supposed to be meeting my wife at a gala this evening,’ he said as if discussing his schedule with a friend. ‘She has been out with friends today, but we…’

‘Your wife can wait,’ Greed purred, a sharp edge to her voice. ‘You’re spending your night with me now. That’s what you want.’

His expression grew vacant. ‘That’s what I want,’ he murmured absently. Then he seemed to snap to his senses again, his eyes sharp and clear when he looked at her. ‘I want to spend my night with you, Sofia.’

Greed fixed him with a mischievous stare. ‘Oh, Mister Graves… I’m so much more than just Sofia now.’

Slim woman with black hair holds riding crop while wearing silk harness lingerie

Greed’s transformation was swift and breathtakingly erotic. Running her hands through Sofia’s bleach blonde hair it was as though her palms were infused with ink, for the hair came out as black as the silk lingerie her clothes had rapidly restitched into, the closefitting panelled basque, sleek thong and sheer stockings bestowing her with an almost hypnotic allure. Her formerly rounded features were suddenly delicate, though the arch of her dark brows and the hard edge to her stare gave her the air of a woman who should not be crossed lightly. Every line of her figure honed into supple-skinned perfection, and as her full lips twisted into a smirk a long black riding crop materialised in her grasp.

Although her host was undeniably beautiful, the moment Greed had possessed Sofia she had immediately started imagining ways she might enhance her vessel. Until now she had managed to resist the urge to shed Sofia’s body, her desire to have the principal witness her change winning out.

But she hadn’t just been waiting for the chance to turn him on. Tonight was about much more than that. Tonight was about corrupting him so completely that even when Greed was long gone and had left only a warped version of Sofia behind, the principal would remain a puppet for her to manipulate however she pleased.

To do that, she had needed to know his innermost desires. The unspoken cravings he would never utter to his wife. She’d needed to know what he wanted above all else – or, more accurately, who he wanted.

And who he wanted was exactly who she’d just become.

Clearly astonished that the woman of his dreams was standing in his bedroom, the principal opened his mouth to say something, but the words would not come. He dropped his phone as she ran her red nails up her stockinged thigh, tapping the head of the crop against her shoulder.

‘Mmmh, this body feels so good, Mister Graves. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m generally partial to a more buxom vessel, but this one is so tight and lean. There’s only one thing this body is made for.’ She eyed the riding crop with a smirk before fixing him with a look of pure mischief. ‘Tell me, sir, why was this in your fantasies? Do you want to use it on me?’

Slim woman with black hair holds handcuffs while wearing silk harness lingerie

Analysing him for a second longer, her smile grew wicked. ‘Oh no, it’s not to be used on me, is it? It’s to be used on you. You want a dominant woman. Someone who will fuck you as hard as you fuck them and take control when you least expect it. You want a woman who will ride you until you can’t hold off your orgasm any longer and then keep riding you until you’re broken and breathless and nothing more than an obedient slave to satisfy her desires.’

The principal flushed, but he couldn’t tear his eyes from her perfect body. Shuffling uncomfortably, he only grew redder as she went on.

‘Well, at least that’s want you want some of the time. Because there is something you want to use on me, isn’t there?’ All at once the riding crop was gone and a pair of handcuffs were in her hands. ‘These are what you want to use on me. You want to cuff me, gag me, blindfold me and drive me into the sheets while fucking my tight cunt and spanking my ass.’ She gave a sensual groan, relishing his unease. She didn’t fail to notice the movement stirring in his trousers either. ‘Mmmh, you’re so naughty sir. I like my men naughty. I can be both, you know? I can be dominant and submissive – whatever you like. I’m the woman of your dreams, after all. So how about we get to know each other a little more intimately?’

Striding towards him, even the way she walked was erotic, a sway in her hips and a determination in her step.

Greed’s power washed over him in waves, eroding his hesitations like the surf dissolving a sandcastle. Even so, as she pressed herself against his chest she could feel the tension in his shoulders, the compulsion to run clear in his tormented expression. She had to give him credit; he wasn’t breaking as easily as her usual victims.

But in the end he’d crumble. When faced with a woman whose very presence could compel them to do whatever she wanted, everyone did. And with the principal’s desires swirling through her thoughts, Greed knew just how to ruin him.

Slim woman with black hair gives oral sex to hung man in suit

Pushing him down into the sofa set at the foot of the huge white bed which dominated most of the room, Greed sank down beside him with arousing grace. Every movement she made was both elegant and somehow depraved in equal measure.

Keen to corrupt her prey, she didn’t bother wasting time on foreplay. Before he realised what was happening she was running one hand up his inner thigh, the other deftly undoing his zipper. In a heartbeat she had pulled his rising erection free from the confines of his trousers and was stroking it slowly, her soft fingers working him fully hard in a matter of seconds.

‘That feels good, doesn’t it, sir?’ she purred, her voice dripping with seduction. ‘You don’t need to deny it. I know your wife doesn’t do this to you. In fact, she barely fucks you at all, does she? But I’m so much better than your wife, baby. She’s a boring little prude. She doesn’t know how to make love to a man like you. And she certainly doesn’t know how to worship a perfect cock like this.’ She smiled up at him, her large eyes sweet and innocent. ‘Let me show you what you’ve been missing out on.’

Then she was swallowing his cock, his cries of ecstasy ringing through the room.

The principal was impressively well-hung, yet despite his size Greed sheathed him in her throat with effortless ease. After all, she wasn’t just his perfect woman on the outside. Every facet of her body was specifically tailored to him, including her throat, which was moulded to take his cock balls deep without so much as a splutter. As such, wet gagging sounds soon filled the air and Mr. Graves was gasping and groaning uncontrollably as she swirled her hot tongue around his shaft, over his balls, across his head.

Acting on instinct, he pulled her hair out of the way. The action seemed to startle him, his eyes going wide as he realised how easily he’d moved to assist her. He froze, staring down at the immaculate woman gorging herself on his meat with a mixture of shock and guilt, statuesquely unmoving.  

But he did not stop her. And with every bob of her head the regret in his eyes dimmed, replaced by fiery arousal.

‘You taste so fucking good,’ Greed gasped, pulling away with a pop and jerking him off as she peered up at him. ‘Your wife is a fucking moron for refusing to go down on you. Because she does refuse, doesn’t she? She says it’s demeaning and vulgar. She says only sluts suck cock.’ She grinned, her lips frothy with precum and saliva. ‘Mmmh, but that just means there’s all the more for this slut to feast on.’

Bowing her head again, she renewed her sinful rhythm. Only this time, the principal was no longer still.

Warmth blossomed over Greed’s plump ass as his hand slid over her cheek, removing her thong. A second later, his hips began to move, slowly at first but with increasing vigour until he was thrusting up hard into her mouth, his lip curled with what might have been hatred as he gave in to his own desires and fucked her face.

Greed smiled around his shaft as he took hold of her head and held her in place so he could drive in deeper: his corruption had begun.

Slim woman with black hair in silk harness lingerie anally rides hung lover

It wasn’t long before Greed found herself kneeling between Mr. Graves’ legs. With her hands now free she set about sensually removing his clothes, starting with his trousers before reaching up to slowly unbutton his shirt and slip off his jacket, all the while allowing him to use her slutty mouth as roughly as he pleased.

A shiver of arousal tickled her spine as she wondered how long it had been since this bedroom had borne witness to such a depraved scene. And with the thought came a sudden burst of inspiration on how she could both corrupt Mr. Graves further and also push their passion into even more sordid territory.

By now Greed’s claws were so deep in Mr. Graves that the instant the desire to take things up a notch rose in her mind her lover’s hands fell away, allowing her to pull back.

Crawling up his body, Greed gave him time to savour the heat of her nubile body against his, the enticing softness of her skin, the silky sweep of her hair brushing over his chest. She didn’t just want him to worship her – she wanted him to need her. By the time she was finished, she wanted him to fall asleep every night dreaming of her and wake up the following dawn hard for her. She wanted him to feel breathless and hollow when she wasn’t by his side. She wanted him addicted to her. Because if a man like him – wealthy, well-connected, respected – was addicted to her, then she would never want for anything ever again.

They both gasped as she eased down onto his cock. While Greed’s gasp melted into a slutty giggle, however, Mr. Graves was suddenly overtaken by a primal lust that burned so hot in his eyes they shone like hot coals once realisation hit him: he wasn’t inside her pussy.

Instead he was buried inside her ass, the ring of anal muscles clutching tight around his shaft. So tight, in fact, it felt almost as though she was jerking him off as she began to rock her hips against his.

‘Mmmh, this is something else your wife never did, isn’t it handsome? I know you’ve wanted it though. It’s all you can think about when you see those slutty cheerleaders on your campus running after their dumb jock boyfriends; you just want to take them in your office, bend them over your desk and fuck their tight asses.’ She added a little rotation to her hips, drawing a shuddering groan from his lips. ‘Oh, poor Mister Graves, always wanting to fuck like an animal but never able to find the right woman to do it with. Does it feel good sinking your cock into my ass? You don’t need to answer that, baby – I know everything about you. And I know you’re loving every single second of this.’

‘You’re a fucking whore,’ he spat, a sudden venom in his voice. But even as he glared at her with open hatred, his hands rose to cup her supple thighs and he began to thrust in time with her rocking.

Staring deep into his eyes, Greed saw the truth. He didn’t hate her; he hated himself. He hated the fact that he had betrayed his wife so easily. And he hated that he had no intention to stop fucking this beguiling beauty who had caught him in her web. He loathed his own infatuation, and she could tell it would not be long before he took that anger out on her holes.

Which was exactly what she wanted.  

Pulling softly on his lips, she smiled. ‘And you love it,’ she whispered. ‘You’ve wanted a naughty anal whore for years and now here I am. I’m all yours, sir. But you’re holding back. When you think of those nympho cheerleaders, you don’t want to fuck them slow, do you? You want to take them hard and rough.’ Greed gave a long, low groan, like a pornstar trying to draw out her lover’s inner deviant. ‘I like it rough too, sir. You can use me however you like. So if you want to fuck me so bad, why don’t you do it already?’

Slim woman with black hair in silk harness lingerie receives anal sex from hung lover

Like a lion springing from the undergrowth, Mr. Graves suddenly burst into motion.

Pushing her up, he rose to his feet, a wicked gleam in his eye. In one swift motion he hooked one arm around her midriff before taking her arm with the other and forcing her forwards so her twitching holes were exposed and vulnerable. Then he was back inside her ass, thrusting in a relentlessly forceful rhythm that sent ripples across her cheeks and thighs.

Her glossy hair swaying in time to his strokes, Greed’s lips curled at the edges as she glanced back at him. The hatred was gone from his eyes, that all-consuming desire in its place once more. He wanted her. And just as she’d hoped they would, her sultry words had drawn out the inner dominant he’d been suppressing, the man who had wanted to handcuff and degrade her.

Saturated with pleasure, Greed allowed it to overwhelm her for a while. Lifting one leg onto the adjacent chair, she spread her ass with one hand so he could ravage her deeper and began rocking against him, the sofa creaking beneath her as she moved with increasing vigour.

All the while the principal’s lean, muscular body pressed against hers. His breath came in shallow, gruff bursts, swirling over her nape and sending shivers down her spine. She could sense the greed tearing through him. It was almost comparable to her own.

A short, sharp laugh escaped her lips: Mr. Graves was hers. His addiction was complete.

Now was her time to strike.

Slim woman with black hair in silk harness lingerie erotically choked by muscular male lover

In four simple words, Greed cut through the principal’s orgasmia with clinical precision.

‘I’m telling your wife.’

For a moment his grip on her arm loosened, and though he continued to thrust his pace drastically slowed, the motion clearly instinctive rather than deliberate.

Then he seemed to snap, the dominant persona she’d unearthed taking control. Her arm suddenly burned with pain as his grip tightened again, his knuckles going white. In the same heartbeat his other hand was around her throat, the soft flesh of her neck bulging around his fingertips as he choked her.

‘Don’t you fucking dare,’ he growled, pounding into her harder than he had all night as if fucking her brains out might ensure she couldn’t divulge their sinful affair. The clap of his thighs against her ass rang out like volleys of gunfire.

‘Or what?’ Greed croaked, a fiendish grin on her lips even as she struggled for air. ‘What are you going to do about it? I’m a whore, remember? I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. Certainly not your wife. It won’t be my life that comes crashing down if she were to find out all the naughty things we’ve done tonight.’

If any other woman had threatened him in such a way, Mr. Graves would have stopped fucking them immediately. But he was her puppet now – she wanted him to keep going, so he did. Hard and deep and rough.

She gave a strangled laugh. ‘Then again, perhaps we can come to some kind of arrangement. One where your wife never has to find out about our little secret.’

‘I’m listening,’ he growled, his hold on her neck relaxing a little.

The desire to have Mr. Graves pull out blossomed through her; she wanted to lay out her conditions to him face to face. In response he did so wordlessly, reclining into the seat she’d lifted her leg onto with his chest heaving and his brow shiny with sweat.

Sinking down onto the sofa, Greed coiled her fingers around his throbbing shaft and jerked it slowly, careful not to release his orgasm just yet. With her ass pushed out and her cleavage on show for him to admire, she fixed him with an expression of pure seduction.

‘How about this? I agree not tell your wife, but the next time we do this you give me a little something to compensate my silence. After all, a man as well-off as you can surely stand to lose a little bit of wealth.’

‘And if I refuse?’

Greed’s fingers ran up his shaft a little quicker. ‘Well, I’m not a total bitch – I won’t breathe a word to anyone. I’ll walk out your door tonight and you can go off to your gala knowing I’ll never bother you again. Tonight will just be a lapse in judgement nobody will ever have to know about.’ Her pace increased a fraction more, enough that his cock began to twitch, his orgasm imminent. ‘But you’ll never know pleasure like this again. You’ll spend every night wishing you were with me instead of her. And all the things you’ve spent years wanting to do with a whore like me, you’ll never have the chance to do them again.’ His cock was bucking wildly now, only the fact she wanted him to wait a little longer to cum keeping him from blowing his load. ‘You know, Mister Graves, there’s nothing you can’t get with sex. Money, fame, power. I have siblings who’d happily drown in cum or split a lover in half with a strap-on. But me, I’m a girl of simple tastes. I want to fuck, I want to be adored, and I want the wealth to buy whatever takes my fancy. You can satisfy those wants, sir. All you have to do is pay up and I’ll fulfil your deepest, darkest fantasies. I won’t just be a whore, I’ll be your whore.’

The moment she finished, the magic suppressing his orgasm lifted and he shot his load high. Pearly strings of cum hung in the air, briefly weightless, before falling back down and splattering his midriff in thick dollops, which Greed licked up slowly, her eyes never leaving his.

When she was finished the only cum left decorated the head of his cock, little droplets dripping down around the base of his shaft. Though she still held his hard dick, her hand was still. Glancing up at him, she made sure he noticed the creamy smears she’d let dribble over her lower lip and chin.

‘So, Mister Graves, what do you say? Do we have a deal?’

The principal said nothing. Instead, the hand he’d rested on her lower back stirred to life, rising up over her basque and shoulders and neck to tangle in her silky hair. Then he was pushing her down, forcing her lips over his dick. He groaned, his eyes rolling back as she assumed a slutty rhythm.

Greed, meanwhile, let desire crash through her. Now she had him under her control, she could really enjoy herself. And the first way she intended to do that was gorging herself on another hot, sticky load…

Slim woman with black hair in silk harness lingerie stares at hung male lover with his cum on her lips and his dick in her hand

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While the models in some of the other stories amongst this series have been fairly unfamiliar to me, the ones in this story are models whose work I am far more well-versed in. Probably because they’re both real heavyweights in the industry.

As far as I can remember, Emily Willis has never shown up in my work before, but boy am I glad she has now. I’ve only really come to enjoy her work fairly recently (fun fact: I actually discovered both her and Eliza Ibarra on the same day, Ibarra being another model I desperately want to showcase in my stories) but I had obviously heard of her long before that and I’m sure many of my readers will be aware of her too. Hot as fuck, a real deviant and simply sublime in every way, Willis is a huge name in the industry and her career is only growing more impressive with every passing day. If you’ve somehow managed to go this long without experiencing her work, you would be doing yourself a huge disservice by allowing yourself to remain uneducated any longer. I implore you jump down the Willis rabbit hole, at the bottom of which you’ll find yourself in a wonderful of steamy porn and endless arousal.

Her companion in this scene is none other than the inimitable Mick Blue. Blue has appeared in my work several times, including both Lake Fantasy and Fantasy Resort. As with Angela White, there isn’t a great deal I can say about him I haven’t already said; basically he’s a fantastic model you should not hesitate to check out, and I’m very sure he’ll be showing up on my blog again in the future.

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