Brunette receives triple penetration from muscular men

Only yesterday, Anthony had just about been able to fool himself into believing his marriage was a happy one. But now, impaled on the massive cocks of muscular lovers, tossed around like a rag doll in their strong arms, and with his wife just off to the side rubbing her glistening pussy he could no longer trick himself into such a false belief.

If he was honest, he’d had his suspicions for some time now. All the late nights at work, the rejected phone calls, all the night’s she came home exhausted and dishevelled. But even with the evidence piling up he had managed to dwell in his denial. Though he now saw it to be misplaced, he’d kept faith in his wife and the strength of their bond. They loved one another deeply and there was nothing that could possibly shatter that love.

Nothing except a strip of condoms in the pocket of her jacket clearly not intended for him. For one thing, they had not had sex in months. For another, they were far too large to fit him properly.

The discovery had made him sick to his stomach, but that love and trust he had always held for his wife had once again led him astray. He had believed confronting her and giving her a second chance would solve all their issues: she would stop her infidelity, fall lovingly into his arms with incessant apologies and they would move on just as in love as they had been before this awful bump.

As it turned out, his wife had other ideas. He had confronted her only this morning, yet now a few hours later he was being fucked mercilessly. Her initial response had been just what he had hoped for – apologies and remorse – though it soured soon after. Offering to make them both a drink to talk things over, he had never expected she would spike his.

The change had been swift and intense, and within seconds he had been sprawled out on the sofa, breathless, sweating and in the body of curvy black-haired bombshell. According to his wife, she had had the pills for some time on account of her lovers urging her to transform him so they could have some fun with him. The tiny thread of affection she still had for him had kept her from using them on him, but with her affair discovered she knew there was no going back.

Unable to process what was happening, Anthony had watched in mute horror as she had text her lovers – all three of them – to pay her a visit.

As it turned out, they were very happy indeed that she had finally fulfilled their wishes. Within seconds they had unleashed their monstrous cocks and now Anthony was skewered on their massive meats with no hope of escape.

What terrified him the most, however, was that he didn’t want to escape. He had never imagined sex as a woman would be so intense, so mind-blowingly erotic, and after so long without sexual release being fucked with such strength and passion was bending his mind. With each passing minute he blamed his wife less and less for turning to lovers better than he could ever have hoped to be: in her shoes he would have done exactly the same.

Soon enough he was not just allowing them to use him, he was engaging wholeheartedly in their twisted debauchery. Rocking his hips he took the men as deep as he was able into his twitching pussy and tight ass, and the room rang with sloppy gagging as he devoured the third cock.

Watching from the side, his wife moaned happily. ‘I knew you would understand if you saw things from my perspective. They’re just so much better than you and now you can see why. Guess what, sweetie, I have some good news for you. That pill in your drink, that wasn’t just a normal Pink Pill. That was a Swap-Lock. This is the new you and there’s no changing back. I can’t see that being an issue though, can you?’

In response Annie increased the pace of her twerking ass, moaning around the cock in her slutty lips as she did so…

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As I mentioned in the comments on my Monday release, this is another of those stories I wrote during an inspiration slump and is one I am not really happy with. I wanted to add to the comments on that piece by saying that during this slump I learned something else about the supporting media I use in my pieces: just because something is hot that doesn’t mean it would make a good caption.

When I first started writing erotica I made a big long document of supporting images from which I could take inspiration based on what I thought was hot and just started working through them. Over time, however, I have found that even if I find an image hot that doesn’t always translate into a spark of inspiration. Especially when dealing with out-there concepts such as possession and transformation, an image will not always fit neatly into a story idea. For me, the quality of the image is also a big thing, since I find blurry or badly lit images a bit of a turn off.

However, when I was just basing my ideas on gifs and images I found appealing, I wasn’t taking into account image quality, lighting or anything else like that. The result are stories like this week’s – stories I thought were okay at the time but have dropped into mediocrity in my mind since.

Of course, this is not to knock any reader who thinks a story is hot that I might not like. That is the very reason I release these kinds of stories, because I know my readers may have different tastes and not read my work with the same critical eye that I do.

Instead, what I’m trying to say is that moving forward I definitely plan on tweaking the way I select my supporting images. A project I am currently working on has given me new appreciation for still images, so I will likely be using more of those alongside my usual gifs. In the end I’m continually learning, as any writer does, and I like to try and explain how my methods develop to any readers interested in that kind of stuff.

Also, the female model in this piece is, as far as I can tell, Asa Akira. I realise now I haven’t used her much in my work, which is a big shame since she is an absolute powerhouse of sexual attraction. You can find lots of her work on her PornHub profile here: and I highly recommend you do so since she is one of the porn industry’s stand-out models.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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