Man has sex with woman on table while second woman in corset is tied beneath table

‘Not so fucking cocky now, are you?’ spat Louisa, staring daggers of loathing at the semi-naked woman below here as she relished the sensation of her new dick plunging into the tight twenty-something’s pussy. The raven-haired girl was so hot inside, her pussy constricting around her lover’s hard dick, and she spread her legs wide with a coy smile so that Louisa could fuck her deep.

Louisa had to admit, it was a strange experience looking down at the body she had occupied for almost forty years. Seeing herself from the outside was so different to being on the inside. Perhaps it was more due to her new male body focusing elsewhere than an actual lack of them, but all the little things she had worried about simply didn’t seem to be there; no sets of wrinkles on her neck, no imperfections in her skin, no zits or blemishes. Instead Louisa’s old body was beautiful, her soft breasts deeply arousing as they were pushed up by the tight corset, the faint glisten of lust on her pussy lips enticing, the delicate structure of her face so ready to be face-fucked.

If it was not for the knowledge of who now occupied that body, she would have dropped down and fucked her former self until both participants were screaming. As it was, however, she knew that her husband Gavin was now locked inside, and the sight of him tied up spread-eagled beneath the glass table they had received as a wedding gift almost twenty years ago made her more horny than even the most passionate nights they had spent together.

‘Fuck me, baby,’ moaned the girl beneath her, toying with her clit as Louisa used Gavin’s body to pound her. ‘Mmmh, you’re so much better than he ever was. You know what a woman needs, baby. I’ll be your slut any time you want.’

Fresh waves of lust crashed over Louisa and she fucked the little bitch harder, shaking the table as she did so. As much as the girl was a perfect example of a cold-hearted slut and had been entirely complicit in her husband’s marital betrayal, Louisa could not hate her for what she had done. Partly because, at the end of the day sluts like her were bound to try and seduce married men, and it was her husband who – having made his vows – should have turned her down. But mostly because her tight pussy was too good for her to stay mad. Besides a little slut sounded like a good pet to have around the house.

‘Louisa, listen to me, I can explain everything.’ Gavin’s fear was conveyed through her old face, and she smiled as he strained at his bonds. ‘She’s a lying bitch, don’t let her come between us. We love each other, don’t we?’

Loved,’ Louisa corrected. ‘I did love you. Then you decided to lie to me, and keep lying. You’re still doing it now. You think I didn’t know you had fucked her in our bed? Our bed, Gavin. I found her fucking thong under my pillow! You didn’t even notice when I came home early the next day just to be sure I wasn’t overthinking everything – you were too busy fucking her over your fucking desk!’

Gavin’s shock contorted his now female features into an expression of despair and confusion. He tried to stutter a reply but nothing would come out.

The most sickening thing to Louisa was that they had hired the girl as their maid almost three years ago: for how much of that time had her husband been fucking her? With Gavin working from home and her own job regularly taking her away for days at a time, it wasn’t like he hadn’t had the opportunity. Once she found out he had been cheating she had wanted nothing more than to see him fall off a bridge. As enticing as the idea was, however, she had quickly decided upon something far more fitting.

Though far from a practicing sorceress, she was descended from an ancient line of experienced witches, including her mother, her grandmother and many female ancestors before her. All manner of spell books and dark arts paraphernalia had been passed down to her by her family, and she had known better than to reveal her secret talents to Gavin. After all, her family had kept their secrets well for centuries, and she would not be the one to reveal them. It had taken little imagination for her to decide upon her final plan, and late one night she had put together the potion that would allow her to swap bodies with her cheating husband while they slept. Gavin had not even noticed the slightly metallic tang in his wine that night, and before she had retired Louisa had cast a sleeping spell on her own body to ensure that Gavin did not wake up sooner than she wanted the following morning.

That had been last night, and though she had taken a little while to explore her new male body when she had awoken, she had soon tossed her old body over her shoulder and descended the stairs of their large house to tie her up beneath the table where she now lay.

The maid had arrived shortly after and had taken less convincing than Louisa had expected to believe her story. All it had taken was for Louisa to recite a few examples of times the two women had been together that Gavin could not have known about and the little slut was all too eager to be boned by her lover’s wife. Removing the sleeping spell from her husband-turned-wife, Louisa had revelled in the desperate shock that had crashed over him. Coupled with the horny moans and hot, wet pussy of the maid clenching around her dick, it was a wonder she hadn’t nutted immediately.

‘Okay, I admit it,’ Gavin wailed, ‘I’m sorry. But Louisa, she seduced me. You have to believe me. Just swap us back and things can go back to the way they used to be.’

Slamming particularly hard into the maid so that she gasped and then moaned deeply, Louisa glared at her husband. ‘I don’t want things to go back to the way they used to be you lying bastard. I’m the cheater now, and it feels so damn good. No, let me tell you what is going to happen. I am going to fill this little slut up with your cum, and then I am going to get down there and fuck your new face like you’re a cheap whore. Then I am going to go and use your computer to order you a nice pretty chastity belt, which you are going to wear every single day from now on so that you can’t even play with yourself as you watch me fuck our maid. Then you are going to quit your job and get a new one at the strip joint in town. Whenever you aren’t there earning us money, you will be here doing my job for me, since I’ll be busy burying my cock in the skank you cheated on me with. And as for you,’ she turned to the girl who was staring up at her adoringly, ‘you’re going to get used to my dick in your holes. I don’t suppose you have any slutty friends who would be up for a good pounding as well, eh?’

‘I’m sure I can persuade a few to meet you,’ she said with a wink.

‘That’s a good fucktoy. Don’t worry, I will make it worth your while. There’s plenty more in my books than body-swap potions, and I think it is time I set up a little coven of magical sluts to fuck…’

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