Candles and fairy lights in dark room

It wasn’t like she had wanted this. Not at first, anyway. She had been so thankful when her sister and her brother-in-law had offered to let her stay with them until she could get back on her feet. The break up with Clint had devastated her, and she had no idea what she would have done if they hadn’t been there to help when he kicked her out.

But when Tim had walked in on her, her spellbooks spread out across her bed, a number of candles illuminating the arcane figures she had fashioned from twigs and string, and her fingers glowing as they worked her pussy, she hadn’t known what to do. She had thought both of them had been at work, or she would never have dreamed of doing anything. Instinctively she had disabled him with a quick verbal spell that froze him where he stood.

She was far from a seasoned witch, and she had only ever used the books to engage in a little pleasurable experimentation. It always made things so much more intense, elevating her orgasms to a level higher than any ordinary human could understand. Outside of sexual spells she knew very little, and she was thankful that she had learned the immobilisation spell.

She had dragged him into the other bedroom, away from the smoke and the clutter, and had laid him down. For a while, she had paced, wondering what to do. She had neither the experience nor the ingredients to concoct any form of mind-wiping potion, and time-reversal spells were highly temperamental at the best of times according to her books. As she had fretted, he had lain there, his chest rising and falling evenly, blinking slowly as though content.

Still, the panic she felt could not ward off the spells she had already cast on herself. The waves of horniness she was trying so hard to supress broke over her harder the more she pushed them away, and her legs began to quiver. Her pussy felt as though it was gaping open, and ordinarily she would have filled it with a dildo weaved from pure magic; she craved the tingling, full sensation it would give her. She paused, the spells crawling deeper into her head.

Tim had seen her. He couldn’t move, and he wouldn’t be able to until she removed the spell. He was just laid there. Ready. Waiting. Without thinking about what she was doing too much, she leaned over to remove his shirt. His chest was muscular and tense, and she ran her fingers along his abs, suddenly jealous of her sister. Fighting to keep her dirty thoughts at bay, she couldn’t help but leap onto the bed, straddling him at the waist. She moaned as she looked at him laid out beneath her, imagining what her sister must feel like riding him. He was so handsome, so strong. More waves of horniness crashed through her mind, and the next moment she found herself kneeling over his face. She could not control herself: the spells were too strong, the temptation too intense and she had soon rolled up her dress, pulled her vest top down to reveal her nipples. Untying her long black hair she let it cascade down and she felt suddenly sexy. Opening his mouth with trembling fingers, she pulled his tongue out and eased herself down onto it.

Woman grinds vagina against man's face on bed

The sensation of his tongue running along her wet pussy was incredible alone, yet enhanced by the magic she had used on herself it was like fireworks of ecstasy erupting inside her and all up and down her legs. She moaned, staring down at him with an expression that was part pity, mostly lust, and proceeded to grind. As she lost herself to wilder and wilder thrusting, her fingers working into his hair to pull him in more, he lay motionless and pliant. Moving one of his hands she inserted a finger up her tight ass and she only moaned all the louder. As she rocked back and forth, a plan began to formulate in her mind, fuelled by lust and desire.

Though she had never used them, she had seen a number of spells in her books that could be of use. A body-swap perhaps: if she swapped with her sister, she could kick her old self out of the house and ride Tim’s dick every night herself. Or a reality-shift: twisting the world to have Tim as her husband, rather than her sister’s. Of course there were downsides. Swapping bodies with her sister would mean she would have to go to work every day, and shifting reality would still mean that her sister was in the house all of the time, having so recently broken up with Clint. Working her pussy harder on his tongue sparked a fresh idea, however. One she could not see a downside to: brainwashing.

It would take a few spells to fill their heads with new wants and needs, but she was convinced that with a little time she could have her sister and Tim ready to do whatever she desired. Each day she could send them out to work to earn a living, and when they got home they could service her magically-enhanced needs. Her sister could be the maid of the house, cleaning and cooking whenever she was not working, and Tim could be her personal bull. No doubt she could tweak his body a little to suit her, but if that failed she could always bring back other men to fuck her in their bed. In fact, even if it did work she would do that. Her sister would sure be lucky to watch her husband and a random hunk fucking her sister. And she wouldn’t have to hide her magic anymore, instead able to use it for constant sexual satisfaction. Sure it would take a little practice, but she could just keep the two of them immobilised until she could pull it off. It was perfect!

Deciding to reward herself for her great idea, she leaned backwards and unzipped Tim’s jeans. Tugging them down, she revealed his limp penis. A few uttered words and a touch from glowing fingertips and it rose to a full erection almost immediately. Smiling, she realised how much she was looking forward to this: frozen as he was, he would not cum unless she enabled it, and with the spells coursing through her system she had enough stamina to ride him well into the night. Easing her aching pussy down onto his dick, she began to bounce. Moaning, she groped her tits, imagining the look on her sister’s face when she came home to find her sister riding her husband hard. Then all it would take would be a wave of her fingers, and she would be frozen, soon to wake up as a completely new person…

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