Blonde woman double penetrated on hammock

As much as he knew he should be resisting, Nathan couldn’t help himself. Following Reagan’s orders just felt too damn good. It was like she was inside his mind directing his every move or using him as her personal marionette.

Despite the painful betrayal cutting through him, all he could do was kneel by her side as the two guys from next door fucked his fiancée on the hammock he’d given her as an engagement gift. One man had her firmly by the hips and was filling her tight cunt with his thick cock; the other stood over her, one hand tangled in her blonde locks, the second guiding his cock into her mouth. She sucked on him hungrily, the sloppy noises sending shivers down Nathan’s back.

Doing as she had ordered, Nathan stroked his cock while he watched. Being so hard at the sight of his fiancée getting used so shamelessly made him want to throw up, yet at the same time he could not deny it felt good. After all, Reagan had been very specific: he was not allowed to cum until she said so. Given her preoccupation it did not seem he would be allowed relief any time soon. Their neighbours had been fucking her for close to an hour and Nathan had been obediently edging all the way through. By now his aching dick was sensitive to the softest brush of his fingers and his entire crotch burned, desperate for release.

Finally, Reagan gestured for the man fucking her throat to move away. Nathan’s heart soared for a few seconds. Could this be his chance to cum? But then she turned to him with a mischievous grin. ‘Oh, I’m sorry baby, I’m hogging all the fun. Here, you have some.’ His joy turned to horror as she pushed the man over to him and his mouth opened without hesitation.

Laughing at Nathan’s pathetic state, the man took him firmly by the head and sank his throbbing cock down his throat. Tears stung his eyes and he gagged on the man painfully, but he was unable to disobey Reagan’s orders. Soon he was allowing the man to fuck his face rough, all the while edging himself to the brink.

While her remaining lover continued to hammer her pussy, Reagan smirked down at him. ‘You know, sweetie, I’d like to say I’m sorry for this, but I’m really not. It’s all your fault after all. You’re the one who bought me that perfume. Bad choice. If you ask me, you were asking to be cucked. I mean why else would you by me a fragrance to make me irresistible to any man I meet? I know, I know, you thought it would be hot to show me off and have men drool over me but not be able to have me. But you really thought I’d settle for your tiny cock when I could get so much more? Dating and seduction are too time-consuming normally, but now I can just snap my fingers and have men come running. Huh, I guess I’m more of a slut than I thought.

‘I know you’re probably gagging on that cock thinking I’ll be yours again someday, but I’m afraid you’re sadly mistaken. It’s the other way around, honey: you are mine. You are my property and from now on you’ll be my loyal cuck. Not like you have a choice; thanks to this perfume you obey everything I say. So while I’m out getting laid tonight you’re going to make sure I never run out by spending your savings on hundreds more bottles. I’ll be back late, but when I do get home I might be nice enough to let you taste the cum I’ll be leaking.

‘Oh, and about our wedding. You know that big black guy you work with, you’re going to be quite happy asking him to be your best man then watching him be my best man too…’

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