Emma knew this was wrong: her husband-to-be was waiting expectantly in the church just outside, her whole family too. Today was supposed to be the best day of her life, yet somehow it had turned into a nightmare. This wasn’t her. She was loving, and faithful, and she adored her fiancé with all her heart. She would never cheat! She had to stop.

But to her horror she realised she couldn’t. Her manicured fingers worked Danny’s dick with a mind of their own, her tongue swirled over his bulbous, glistening head as though she was dying of thirst and searching for water, and her exposed pussy tingled with shameless excitement she knew she should not be feeling.

If she really should be hating it, though, then why did it feel so good? Danny’s cock was firm and throbbing, his racing pulse tangible through the engorged veins, and his lust for her was like rocket fuel for her libido. She moaned as she kissed him and shuddered as he kissed back harder. Sprawled in the back seat of the wedding car with nobody around to witness them, they were a perfect storm. She knew that, just like she knew how this was going to end, and the more she thought about it the more she realised she no longer cared. The veil was corrupting her, that much was obvious, and she shivered with delight knowing that very soon there would nothing of her original persona left.

Her wedding veil had belonged to her grandmother, and there had never been any question that she would be wearing it to marry her darling fiancé. She had tried it on a handful of times just to check it was a suitable fit, but never for an extended period. As such, it had come as a great surprise when after only minutes in the car on the way to the church she had been overwhelmed by waves of intense arousal, sapping her focus and warping her thoughts. Her mother had fawned over how beautiful she was, yet all Emma could think about was how wet she was, and while her chief bridesmaid had been chattering about the upcoming honeymoon the bride-to-be had been struggling to keep from squirming in her seat.

It was the veil. She knew it was. It couldn’t be anything else. In her day, Emma’s grandmother had not only been a notorious prankster but of an infamously promiscuous disposition, and she had often alluded to her wilder years before her wide-eyed granddaughter. Now, somehow, the veil she had worn all those years ago as a symbol that she would give up her slutty ways was having the opposite effect on Emma. It was as though the veil had stored those naughty impulses all these years and now Emma, always the quiet, faithful type was falling prey to the devilish power it held.

Why else would she be jerking off her fiancé’s best man? And if not for some evil interference why would Danny – who had never even glanced at another woman since marrying Emma’s best friend and chief bridesmaid – give in to her advances without any semblance of protest?

Still, what did it matter if the veil was twisting them into horny fucking machines? After all, with a cock as magnificent as his, Danny had plenty to go around; his wife could hardly complain at Emma for taking her fair share. And Emma had a body most pornstars would kill for: with the veil’s influence sealing her new personality, she was appalled at herself for even contemplating the idea of binding herself to one man for the rest of her life. A body like hers – her huge, plush tits, her tight pussy, her fat ass – deserved to be flaunted; it deserved to be spoiled with every dick she could lay her hands on.

Just like her grandmother before her, Emma was a ruthless slut, and the heart that had once beaten only for her pathetic limp-dicked groom was now cold and icy. Of course, she was still going to marry him: he was devoted to her as much as any man could be, and thus easily manipulated. And that wasn’t even mentioning the savings he had stockpiled for their dream life together, which would now be spent showering her with luxury. Yes, she would marry him alright, but it certainly wouldn’t be the marriage he was expecting.

By tomorrow morning she would have him begging at her feet, a perfect little cuck to serve her any way she pleased. And when Danny’s wife figured out that her husband had been ravaging her best friend it would only take a few minutes in Emma’s grandmother’s veil to turn her around.

If she was going to walk down the aisle on time, however, she would have to get a move on. Coiling a leg over Danny’s waist, she straddled him and eased her pussy over his thick head. Circling her hips teasingly, she giggled when he groaned. ‘Let’s take this up a notch, big boy. I’m a dirty slut now and I need using like one – I’ll even let you use my ass. I hope you have a big load for me, sweetie, because I want to feel your cum leaking from my holes when I say ‘I do’…’

Thanks for reading!

So we’re back to my usual Friday release schedule and we start out with a naughty little cheating/cuckolding piece. As with all the stories this month, this is a piece from my backlog, and it’s one of those rare ones I’m fairly happy with, so I hope you enjoy it.

The models in this story are Danny D and Donna Bell.

Bell’s work is unfamiliar to me, though she appears to be an accomplished model. From what I’ve seen she is primarily blonde in her scenes as opposed to the brunette locks she showcases in this scene, so if you’re into naughty blondes she seems worth checking out.

Unusually, my familiarity with the models in this scene are a reversal of the usual, since I usually know the female model well but not the male model. In this case, I’m far more familiar with the work of Danny D, and I’m sure many of my readers will be too. He is a very high-profile male model and has worked with some of the hottest women on the planet, so you should absolutely check out his work because he is a fantastic creator.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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