Woman in evening gown walks down castle corridor lit by red lights

‘Dean?’ Eris said, slinking down the corridor in her attractive black gown. ‘Dean, you down here?’

In the low light of the corridors it was difficult to identify anyone until they were close, but it soon became apparent her husband was not here. Briefly dipping into the antechamber at the end of the corridor she found a few party attendees who had stepped away from the packed ballroom for some space, but no Dean. With a huff of frustration, she turned and headed down an adjacent hall.

He had left the main party about half an hour before, explaining that he was headed out for some fresh air, but when he had failed to return Eris had set off to look for him. After all, she had been on enough long-distance car journeys with him to know his sense of direction was hardly his best attribute; he had probably got lost in the castle’s maze of corridors.

Not that she was surprised: the castle was a honeycomb of twisting halls and random antechambers that could have confused even the keenest navigator. Sure, renovating the old place into a club had been an awesome idea on the part of the owners, and it was one of the most popular places to party in town, but she dreaded to think how many drunken revellers had spent the night aimlessly wandering the place until they chanced back upon the main ballroom.

Coming into yet another corridor, her eye was caught by a large ornate mirror. The elaborate pattern of curling ivy carved into the frame seemed distinctly old, as though the mirror had been an original instalment in the castle, yet it was immaculately clean. Pausing to catch her breath and allow her feet a rest – castles and heels, it turned out, do not mix – she checked her outfit and makeup in the mirror.

The man approached from behind slowly, emerging from the shadows of the corridor behind her like a phantom. She started, then placed a hand over her chest as she realised he was just another reveller. Turning around to face him…

She found nobody. Eris was alone in the corridor. Yet when she looked back to the mirror he was there, standing over her like a guardian angel. To her surprise her interest won out over her fear, and she leaned in closer to analyse the figure.

He was bald, powerfully built with a tanned complexion and dressed in a casual suit. He framed her, the black of his suit an outline around her reflection. The detail was uncanny – the fine layer of stubble on his chin, the seams of his shirt, the glow of the red lights over his skin. Anybody would have thought he was real, standing just behind her in the otherwise deserted corridor. And yet he was not. He must have been a projection, an image of some sort cast onto the mirror to fool people.

Eris’s theory shattered when he lay his hands on her. Big, muscular hands, he planted them around the waist of her reflection and to her shock she felt them on her own hips. Not quite solid but undeniably there, the fingers shifting slowly as he caressed her. It was almost as though the air had taken shape, forming itself into digits and palms, and though it lacked the substance of true flesh and blood it still provided the sensation of touch across her skin.

Taken aback, she did not notice the man loosen his belt and drop his trousers until her own clothing began to move. Lifted by the man’s ethereal hands her gown slid up her legs, passing her thighs before the man bunched it around her waist. With the same firm touch he slipped down her tights and underwear, reflecting her naked sex in the mirror. Despite herself, she realised she was wet.

With the man’s groin concealed behind her in the reflection she could not see his cock, though she could also sense his movement. The strange, wind-like touch brushed up against her bare ass, and she could tell he was stroking himself up, ready to enter her.

This could not be happening. She must be hallucinating. She had been vigilant about her drinks in the club, but she could only assume she had been spiked.

She knew she should move away and try to find somebody to help her, but she could not bring herself to do so. The ghostly touch of the man in mirror was sending thrills through her body, sensuality and pleasure unlike anything she had ever experienced, and the search for Dean no longer seemed important. All thoughts of her husband and everything around her – the club, the castle, the party – slowly faded away. The only thing that mattered was the tall, powerful man in the reflection.

And if he did not matter before, he certainly did as he plunged into her from behind.

Bald man in suit and woman in stockings have sex in front of mirror in red-lit castle room

Eris gasped as he entered her. He was big, bigger than any man she had ever taken and definitely more well-endowed than her husband: like navigation, Dean had never been the best at lovemaking.

The contours of the man’s shaft slid effortlessly between her pussy lips, stretching her wide. A swelling hotness rose through her body, the pleasure filling her like the light of a candle in a dark room. Reaching out a hand she gripped hold of the mirror frame in an attempt to ground herself in reality, though it did nothing to snap her out of it.

As he took her by the hips her gasps turned into groans. She watched herself get fucked with an expression of unbridled desire. Unlike the feel of his otherworldly hands, the feel of his cock plunging into her was far more tangible. He felt rigid, hot even, the wetness of his cock as he pulled out only to sink in again impossibly real. When she looked up at him she saw him smiling, a hunger in his eyes that seemed almost primal.

Lifting one of her legs up to prop her heel on the mirror frame, he increased his pace a little, and all at once Eris reached around to grasp his arm. Impossibly, she succeeded. Though when she looked there was nothing in her hand she could feel the cuff of his sleeve, the rough, warm skin of his hand, and even when she put weight on him as the pleasure reduced her legs to putty the invisible support did not give way.

As the man continued to fuck her, a strange shift overtook her. Staring into the mirror she felt as though she was being drawn into it, pulled inside by unseen hands. Her eyelids fluttering, when she looked up once more she found that the man fucking her was no longer in the reflection. Looking closely she could see the handprints on her dress where he was holding her, the spread of the skin on her fingers where she was gripping his arms, even the soft depressions in the carpet where he was standing behind her. However, it was the grunts and huffs that drew her attention to the fact that the man in the mirror was now behind her, pumping his thick cock into her with increasing vigour.

Glancing to either side, she realised that she was no longer where she had been. Beyond the immediate reflection of the castle the corridors changed. Still bathed in lustful red light, the walls were dominated by red curtains, the floors faded from carpet to wood, and in the distance there was a low, perpetual moaning. It was as though a light was being shone through the mirror, illuminating a small pocket of reality in this strange place, but with nothing to reflect beyond what was visible through it the rest of the world was something else entirely.

She was inside the mirror! How was that possible? This couldn’t be happening. She was dreaming, or hallucinating, or maybe she had drank too much and knocked her head; maybe she would wake up with Dean leaning over her with that concerned look on his face, or maybe –

The bald man’s orgasm assured her just how real everything was. As he came hard and filled her with his seed, she watched her reflection shudder, grip the air with white-knuckled ferocity and tense as her body was overwhelmed with lust. Then her eyes had rolled back and she saw nothing for several seconds.

When her vision returned she was still inside the mirror. Briefly she had wondered if the man finishing might signal the end of whatever strange dream she was having, but no, she remained firmly in his grasp. Though he had only just climaxed he was already fucking her again, fuelled by an apparently unlimited stamina she could barely comprehend.

Eris could feel his cum trickling down her inner thigh – he had filled her, more than any man had done before. Embarrassed, she realised she wanted more. Of him, of this pleasure, of everything. This world on the other side of the mirror seemed to flow with desire, like it was in the walls and the floor and the light, even the air. It swirled around her, filling her up as though she was drowning in it and she realised she had never felt hornier nor more satisfied in her life.

She needed more of it, and as the man increased his pace once more she welcomed the corrupting lust that washed over her.

Her acceptance of it triggered a sudden change in her reflection. The version of her in the real world faded away, dispersing like smoke on the wind. Now as she was fucked in front of the mirror it reflected neither of them, serving only as a portal into the world she had left behind.

Just then, a muffled voice echoed from the other side of the mirror.

‘Eris? Eris, honey, you down here?’

Her husband staggered into view. Eris moaned. Dean had clearly had more than he could handle, and he propped himself up on the mirror. She moaned all the louder when he looked into it. It was so erotic: her husband was staring right at her as she was used by some stranger, yet he could not even see her. To think if he had arrived only moments before he would have seen her stood in the corridor with her tights around her ankles drove her wild with lust, as did the knowledge that in accepting the corrupting embrace of this mirror world she had willingly given up the man who loved her.

Staggering away, Dean was consumed by the shadows of the castle’s corridors, never to find his wife. But Eris did not care: the bald man was fucking her to the brink, and when he came again so did she, hard enough that she crumpled to the ground. The man let her fall, standing over her like a god to be worshipped. And once she looked up she realised she wanted to worship him. She was neither tired nor weak – her orgasm had been world-shattering without exhausting her as it would have in the world she left.

Before she could rise to take him in her mouth, he had slipped his glistening cock back into his trousers and tightened his belt. Jumping to her feet, Eris whined at being deprived and she rubbed his dick desperately through the material. The man merely nodded down the corridor, directing her gaze in that direction.

Over the distant moaning there came a new noise; the resonant clicking of heels on wood flooring. A stunning woman melted from the shadows, the red light washing over her buxom figure barely contained in a sumptuous body stocking. Striding up to Eris she took her chin in her manicured hand and smiled with a chuckle as Eris whimpered needily.

‘Welcome to the Mirrorverse, Eris. You think his is the only cock in this place? Oh no, there are more where that came from. Trust me, you’re going to like it here. Follow me and we’ll show you the true meaning of pleasure.’

Moaning softly and rubbing her dripping pussy, Eris scampered after the departing woman…

Thanks for reading!

I’m back! Very happy to be posting on my blog again, though if you follow me on Twitter you’ve probably already noticed my return given I have posted a few new captions during the week. As I mentioned before my break, this blog will be focused on longer pieces such as this one and therefore I have dropped my release schedule down to one release per week.

That said, I still have plenty of stories written in my backlog, which I’ll be posting gradually, probably interspersed with some fresh work as and when I come up with it. Many of those backlog stories are based on gifs, so while I will be reducing my gif usage on this blog you can still expect more on the way until my current backlog is empty. Where I can, I will be swapping out gifs for images (if you want to read why I’m doing this, please check my previous PSA post) however those I can’t swap out, like this one, will still use the gifs I based them on.

That brings me to this piece itself. Honestly, I absolutely love this one and I’d love to potentially explore the Mirrorverse further. It’s up there among my favourite stories on this blog, although I confess I am slightly underwhelmed with the final product. The reason for that is that I originally had a really cool final image depicting the woman in the fishnets appearing from the shadows in the Mirrorverse corridor, however when I went to find the video in order to create a gif from it, it had been taken down. It’s really frustrating since I think it would have been an awesome closing image, but I’m still superbly happy with everything else about this piece.

That in itself is due in no small part to the model playing Eris: the sumptuous Anna Polina. Polina is a model I actually haven’t used much in my work, if at all, but she’s one I’ve wanted to showcase for a long time. I absolutely love her work since she just exudes lust and sensuality like few other models I know. She has done plenty of work for the Dorcel Club, a big name in the industry, and she is the very embodiment of a sultry socialite. Add to that the fact that in my opinion she has a pretty much perfect body and as far as I’m concerned there is simply no reason not to love her work.

Alas, I’m afraid I don’t know the identity of her co-star in this piece, though if anyone does know who he is please do let me know and I’ll be sure to link his work here.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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  1. Brilliant
    Now – how to find that mirror and enter the Mirrorverse world of lust and pleasure – so many possibilities…

    1. If I find it I’ll be sure to let you know! Honestly this isn’t a story I planned to continue, but you’ve inspired extensions to standalone stories before so maybe I will add to this at some point. At the minute I’m working on a big project so it won’t be for a while, but maybe after that’s released.

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