Busty redhead rides muscular black man

‘See,’ said the enormous gangster stood beside him, ‘look how much she is enjoying it. If you ask me she is a massive upgrade from that whiny little bastard she was before.’

As much as he wanted to, Connor could not tear his eyes away from the sight of the woman who had so recently been his brother being pounded by the black man on his bed. As far as he could tell there was nothing left of Deke anymore. Instead, in his place there was a busty curvy ginger woman who was a total slut for the gangster she was impaled on. She rocked back on forth on his meaty dick and her face was split by a slutty grin. She was crouched over his crotch, her dainty hands groping his muscular chest as he held her up with massive hands clutching her ass cheeks. As she rolled her hips and moaned like a bitch, he thrust up into her, sending shivers through her body.

‘Fuck,’ she gasped, ‘holy fucking shit, this is amazing. You’re so big in my pussy, it feels like you’re in my stomach. Jesus fucking Christ, I’m your slut baby, fuck me like you mean it.’

She moaned all the louder as the gangster began to slam into her harder and one hand raised to her head. Running a hand through her hair she bounced up and down energetically, filling the house with the moans of a whore addicted to black cock.

Connor’s fiancée, Meena, was away for the weekend so he and his brother had decided to have a guy’s weekend while she was away: video games, beer, pizza. His fiancée had even told him he could go to a strip club if he really wanted to. As they had been halfway through a co-op mission, however, the two massive black men had busted through his door and dragged them both upstairs. Ignoring their protests they had immediately thrown Deke on Connor and Meena’s bed and poured a vial of liquid down his throat.

The transformation had been almost instantaneous: his hair had grown out, his chest had swollen and his figure had radically changed until rather than a scrawny ginger nerd he was a curvy redhead bombshell. It had soon become apparent that Deke was long gone as the new woman could not even remember her name when Connor had screamed it, and he had been forced to watch as his ex-brother’s new slutty impulses found him making out with one of the thugs, then proceeding to grope him, before sinking to her knees to deliver a deeply enthusiastic blowjob which in turn gave way to her current activity of riding him hard on the bed.

Still watching in horror, Connor implored the other thug. He was heavily tattooed, all gold chains and rings, and twirled a knuckleduster in one hand to ensure Connor did not decide to do anything stupid. ‘Please, just turn him back, I’ll do anything. Whatever you want, just please, God, give me my brother back.’

The thug shrugged. ‘No can do I’m afraid. The change is permanent. Your brother is dead now. What did you say his name was? Deke? Right, well say hello to Daisy. Once we are finished here she’ll be coming back with us. Oh don’t you worry, the boys will take very good care of her. Sure, she’ll be screaming a lot, but they’ll only be screams of pain if she misbehaves, and based on her enthusiasm I don’t think we’ll need to worry about that.’

‘No, don’t take him, please.’

His plea was met with a sigh. ‘Her. Her, dude, not him. Not anymore. And listen, you bought this on yourself. You owe us money, and you’re overdue payment. I’m sure you can understand that we can’t just go letting people skip out on us, that wouldn’t be good business at all. This is just our way of taking that money back.’

‘What do you mean?’ Connor asked, desperately regretting ever getting involved with the gang in the first place.

‘Well when you’re overdue, your interest goes up, buddy. We told you that when you came to us, just didn’t say what the interest was. Daisy there, she’s your interest, and she’s going to make us a pretty penny or two once we start whoring her out. And the longer you go overdue, the more interest you’re gonna have to deal with. So if you ain’t paid us back in two days, we’re going to pay a visit to your dad. Another two days and it’ll be your mum. Then your older sister. And if you ain’t paid us back in a week, well then we’ll be coming back here. We’ll make you watch as we gangfuck your fiancée before we give her the slut serum, and then watch for even longer after we give it her. And once she is lying giggling in a pool of our cum, we’ll pour a big old vial of that serum down your throat and change you into a horny little slut addicted to our big black cocks.’

Busty redhead groped by eight black men

The thug leaned in and wrapped an arm around Connor as though he was an old friend. ‘But none of that has to happen. All you gotta do is pay us sixty big ones in the next two days and we’ll leave you be, you get me?’

Connor nodded dumbly, too terrified to answer, desperately trying to figure out how he would be able to come up with over a year’s worth of his salary in two days. To his increasing horror, he began to realise that he had absolutely no idea how he would be able to find the money.

As for Daisy, she didn’t care about that silly white man. After her black lover had climaxed in her so hard she thought she might have coughed up some cum, the two sexy bulls took her back to meet the boys. On the way over they repeatedly assured her that she would be very popular indeed. As soon as she arrived in a freshly-purchased swimsuit she was thrilled to find that the boys appreciated her taste in attire, as well as a few other things…

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