Sluts, Schemes and Sordid Secrets: Cameron

Models: Nicole Aniston and Spencer Scott
This is a collaborative piece written with the help of the wonderful EternalsTG – head over to Eternals’ blog to read this story from Victoria’s perspective!

Blonde MILF and blonde young woman sit on bed comparing lingerie

In the master bedroom of the de Rouge manor – a place only the most privileged men and women were ever lucky enough to see – an unusual fashion show was unfolding.

An ostentatiously patterned duvet served as a runway for the pair of pretty socialites lounging on its sheets. The two models, both flawlessly beautiful and accustomed to the attention of envious admirers, sat alone in the depths of the palatial estate.

Though the casual onlooker might have assumed this a private viewing party for two friends, nothing could have been further from the truth. Because despite their proximity on the bed, the relationship the women shared was no different than the lingerie strewn between them: flimsy, full of holes, and completely for show. Their amicability was an entirely unsubtle competition between two ladies of the exclusive Eternal Fantasies gated community: an unspoken dance to establish whether the hot new thing or the established pattern would stay in style – to see who was in and who was out.

Although Cameron had little interest in the scheming machinations of the community at large, even she knew that Victoria, with her sprawling manor and ultra-rich husband, was the vixen in vogue. Simply put, to be a member of the neighbourhood was to accept Victoria as the reigning queen of the community – a queen who would not tolerate disruption in her court.

Given Victoria’s all-encompassing command over Eternal Fantasies, Cameron had expected they would come to blows sooner rather than later. After all, having spent the last few months fucking her way through most of the men in the community, wantonly sinking her manicured claws into the marriages of Victoria’s neighbours and carelessly riling up the trophy wives, sugar babies and mistresses who called the gated community home, it was safe to say she had already made quite a splash.

But what she certainly hadn’t expected was to run into Victoria while shopping at the hyper expensive galleria nestled at the heart Eternal Fantasies. More surprising still was the fact that the beautiful woman had been all smiles and warmth and had invited Cameron back over to her decadent mansion to compare hauls.

In truth, Cameron was acutely aware that Victoria’s amicability was almost certainly masking hidden intentions. The young slut was under no allusions that her angelic beauty, divinely sumptuous figure and brazen attitude were traits Victoria surely considered a threat, and she suspected the older woman was taking the opportunity to analyse her new rival up close for the first time, trying to discern her secrets just as she did every other member of the community.

But Cameron had one secret she knew Victoria would never learn. And the knowledge that Victoria would never be able to control her in the same way she controlled all her other subjects swelled Cameron’s confidence to arrogant proportions. She wasn’t just hotter than Victoria, she was better. Naughtier, sluttier, more corruptive. Any man was hers with just a bat of her eyelashes.

Unsurprisingly, with their lovers so easily stolen by Cameron’s blonde bitchiness, every woman she came across wanted her to burn in hell.

And if she could prove herself better than Victoria in the queen’s own home, her throne was Cameron’s for the taking.

‘What’s your opinion on this one?’ Cameron asked, holding up a lacey bra for Victoria to admire. ‘I think your husband might like it,’ she added with a cunning smirk.

Frustratingly, her taunt didn’t even seem to ruffle Victoria’s feathers. ‘And I think my husband has more mature tastes,’ she replied casually, running her fingers over the bust with a disappointed purse of her lips. ‘Have you even felt it? Sure, it’s a pretty little thing, but it’s basic, and cheap, and seriously lacking in support. Do you really think a rich man would admire this? Or that a superior socialite would even give it a second glance?’ Victoria let go of the bra, shaking her head. ‘I’d have left it on the railing if I were you.’

‘I think I have a pretty good idea of what men like,’ Cameron responded tersely, forcing herself not to scowl but unable to keep the humiliated anger from her eyes. She wasn’t sure what pissed her off more: the fact Victoria had just effortlessly cut her down with nothing more than a few barbed words, or that the older woman’s satisfied smile made it blatantly clear she knew she had gotten under Cameron’s skin.

‘That may be so,’ Victoria said dismissively, ‘but sometimes it’s not about what the man likes at all. Sometimes a socialite needs to feel sensual and sexy while still showing off her assets for her friends to envy and admire.’ 

Several sarcastic retorts tingled on Cameron’s lips, but she forced herself to swallow them down. As much as she knew she was better than Victoria, there was no denying the woman had earned the respect of every other woman in the community. It couldn’t hurt to take on board the lessons she’d learned over the years, especially when Victoria appeared not to realise how easily she was giving them away.

Stealing a glance at Victoria’s exposed bosom, Cameron’s pulse quickened. The white lace hugged her supple breasts, pulling them into deep cleavage while simultaneously contrasting with her perfect golden skin. The crown of her areolas peeked over the tops, and Cameron realised with a start that Victoria’s lingerie was having the same effect on her as it was no doubt intended to have on any man lucky enough to catch her wearing it: she couldn’t tear her eyes away.

Clearly Victoria noticed where her frenemy’s heavily painted eyes were looking.

‘Take my bra, for example,’ she continued. ‘I can already see you’re envious of it. You’re enjoying my selection – maybe even what’s inside too. But this piece is also perfect for me because the elegant lace softly caresses my skin even while boasting my breasts. Here, come feel how soft it is against your cheek.’

Young blonde woman pulled into cleavage of blonde MILF

Cameron was a little startled by the surprisingly tender way Victoria cupped the back of her head and drew her closer to her breasts, but she did not resist. Any sign of weakness in front of Victoria was something the socialite queen could potentially use against her, and if she was hoping Cameron might concede defeat at a little flaunting of her undeniably mesmerising body, she was wrong.

Besides, every man Cameron knew – and most women, for that matter – would have sacrificed ten years off their lives for the chance to be this close to Victoria’s magnificent breasts, while she was enjoying the privilege for free.

She couldn’t deny the intimate closeness was stirring to life the part of her she’d pushed aside months earlier – the attraction to beautiful women that her new life had mostly dulled.

Once the older woman guided Cameron deeper into her cleavage, however, then she did resist. What was Victoria doing? Though her hold was still tender, like a mother comforting her child, there was an unmistakably erotic undertone to her movement as she squeezed her tits around Cameron’s face, using the hand in Cameron’s hair to rock her head slowly from side to side.

Cameron’s resistance did not last long. With the soft caress of the lace replaced by the erotic warmth of Victoria’s skin, her arousal swiftly swamped her hesitancy. Closing her eyes, she enjoyed the heat and the sweet perfume filling her nostrils. Without even realising what she was doing, she lifted her hands to gently grasp Victoria’s sumptuous breasts and stroke her soft torso.

When Victoria broke contact and pulled away it felt like a slap to the face. Before Cameron could even catch her bearings though, Victoria had pivoted her around and begun to slowly remove the straps of her designer minidress.

Although Cameron made a few half-hearted attempts to protest the delicate precision with which Victoria pulled on her dress didn’t only relieve her of her attire, it stripped away any remaining resistance as well. Unable to help herself, Cameron moaned sensually as Victoria’s experienced fingers slid over her exposed breasts.

Again, she felt like a man caught in Victoria’s web of seduction. The thought cut through her arousal just enough to revive her bitchy attitude.

Young blonde woman stripped by blonde MILF

‘Trying to measure my cup size?’ she said, trying her best to sound sarcastic as Victoria pulled her dress down still further. ‘As much as I enjoy getting manhandled in a rich man’s home, I’d be happy to tell you – oh!’

Her sarcasm was sharply cut off by a pinch of her nipples, Victoria’s elegant nails drawing a cry from her lips and sending a bolt of pleasure zipping up her spine. Struggling not to lose herself to the orgasmic euphoria of Victoria’s groping, squeezing hands, Cameron fought to think.

What was Victoria doing? Was she trying to turn Cameron on enough that she’d spill all her secrets? Was she trying to demonstrate her experience in the hope it might make her feel inferior or outmatched? Or maybe she’d heard rumours of how soft and fuckable Cameron’s nubile body was and had decided to have a taste for herself?

A thrill of ego burst through Cameron at the last thought, ego which only swelled as she noted the lesson the socialite queen was unintentionally teaching her: this was what truly made a queen. Not a pretty face or a quick wit or a sharp mind, but the ability to reduce any man or woman to a gasping mess without even saying a word.

Cameron was so proud of herself for extracting another lesson from Victoria’s actions, in fact, that she did not realise just how methodical Victoria’s exploration of her body had become. Roaming over every curve and crevice, her fingers crept beneath the cascading curtain of her platinum blonde hair, closing over the nape of her neck.

And by the time her hot breath was swirling in Cameron’s ear, it was already too late.

‘Oh, I already know everything about you, Cameron. I’m sure you think you know a lot about me, too. But you still have so much to learn. And the first thing I want you to learn is that I can be your…’ She paused, adding extra emphasis to her final word. ‘Aphrodisiac.’

Cameron’s arousal left her in a single breath and she gasped in panic as the sound of a clicking lock met her ears.

The instant Victoria spoke the code word Cameron the felt the small zipper of her bodysuit surface on her flawless skin. Though she immediately attempted to pull away her adversary crippled her escape plans before she could even move. More sensitive than her own clit, a single gentle tweak of the zipper was all it took to have Cameron screaming with a mixture of arousal and desperation.

‘No! Stop! Stop, you fucking bitch! Don’t you dare touch that!’

A little of Cameron’s panic melted away when Victoria calmly acquiesced. However, with her slender fingers still resting on the tanned curve of Cameron’s neck Victoria wordlessly assured her that any sudden moves would not be tolerated; it would be the work of a heartbeat to grab the zipper and wrench it down, unceremoniously releasing her from the body she’d lived in for what now felt like a lifetime.

With fear and rage coursing through her, Cameron took a few moments to force herself to stop shaking. Barely daring to speak, she waited for Victoria to break the silence.

‘There we go, that’s better,’ she purred once Cameron’s frantic breathing had calmed. ‘You know foul language like that is very unbecoming of a pretty young lady like yourself.’ She paused, and when she spoke again Cameron could hear the satisfied triumph in her voice. ‘But then again, we both know you aren’t quite the ‘pretty young lady’ you appear to be, don’t we?’

Cameron cheeks flushed a red so bright it even managed to break through her bronzed skin and heavy makeup. Humiliation burned through her, a thousand questions tumbling across her mind.

But she wasn’t the kind of woman to beg and grovel like a pathetic loser, not anymore. That version of herself had died when she first donned the bodysuit. And even though Victoria had undoubtedly stirred to life the part of her that had once craved women like her, Cameron was not going to let the socialite queen rob her of the bitchiness which had become as much a part of her identity as her soft, full lips and plump, sensitive tits.

‘So, you figured out my secret,’ she said with forced nonchalance and an unconvincing shrug. ‘I’m surprised it took someone this long. I stole this suit months ago.’

The chuckle Victoria gave simultaneously excited Cameron’s arousal and sent a chill down her spine. ‘Oh, I’ve known for a while, Cameron. When one of the bodysuits went missing off the factory line – my husband’s factory line – I figured whoever stole it might try making a little trouble in my neighbourhood, especially once I learned a young technician by the name of Carter Cameron had handed in his resignation the very morning of the incident. So when I noticed your little bombshell ass waltz into our little community and start picking off men without a care in the world, it didn’t take much to put the pieces together. I mean, Carter Cameron disappears from a bodysuit factory, then Cameron Carter shows up on my turf – did you even try to make yourself difficult to identify? I simply needed an excuse to get you alone to confirm my suspicions, and ‘accidentally’ running into you at the mall suited my goals.’

She paused, stroking Cameron’s hair with that same tender affection with which she’d cupped her head and guided her into her breasts. ‘But do you know what really caught my eye? How I knew you weren’t a real bitch the second you entered my kingdom?’

Cameron shrugged again, keen to appear as if she didn’t care. Even so, she was unable to mask the mixture of interest and admiration in her expression. Not only was she quietly awed at how effortlessly Victoria had gained the upper hand, but her adversary was also about to reveal what exactly had tipped her off about Cameron’s true identity: information which, if by some miracle she managed to weasel out of this dilemma, she could use to ensure nobody ever bested her again.

‘You had no purpose,’ Victoria whispered, her breath hot and arousing in Cameron’s ear. ‘There are dozens of stunning women her in Eternal Fantasies, each of us with our own goals and motivations. But the moment you arrived in my domain it was blatantly apparent that there was absolutely no rhyme or reason to which men you chose to seduce. A gold digger would have gone for the richest men; a homewrecker would have favoured the happiest; a nymphomaniac would go after the naughtiest; a slut would pursue the most well-hung. But despite all your potential, you were just fucking at random, your only desire to sleep with any man you could lay your hands on.’

The note of disappointment in Victoria’s voice was a stab to Cameron’s bitchy heart. Because she now realised part of her had wanted to impress the reigning socialite queen, to prove she truly deserved the body of an alpha bitch, not that of a pathetic waif of a man. Instead the thoughtless delight which had possessed her once she first donned the bodysuit had been her undoing.

‘So what, Queen High and Mighty?’ Cameron said, channelling her anger at herself into a scathing tone. ‘What do you want from me?’

Aware it was hopeless, Cameron nevertheless tried to squirm out of her captor’s grip; in a heartbeat, Victoria’s fingers rose to brush over the zipper, sparking a breathless gasp from Cameron’s lips and prompting her to fall still.

‘I want your loyalty,’ she said simply.

To Cameron’s surprise, Victoria suddenly released her, although she did not give the young woman a chance to escape. Instead she deftly manoeuvred her around so they were face to face.

For a second, Cameron found Victoria’s piercing eyes glittering with a swirling mixture of lust, intelligence and hunger. Then the older woman descended quickly to Cameron’s exposed tits; this time when Cameron began to squirm it was not in an attempt to escape, but as a symptom of blissful ecstasy as the socialite’s experienced lips and tongue played feverishly over her sensitive nipples.

Blonde MILF sucks breasts of young blonde woman

‘This is what I can give you, Cameron,’ Victoria hissed between sensual suckles of Cameron’s tits, rising occasionally from the waves and valleys of her perfect body. ‘Pleasure unlike anything you’ve ever known. I can teach you how to wield it and I can lavish you with it as a reward for your loyalty.’

Cameron’s mind was in turmoil. She knew she should be resisting – she had come here to prove herself Victoria’s better, not succumb to her sexual spell. But try as she might, she could not fight the suffocating orgasmia threatening to overwhelm her. Victoria’s hot lips on her breasts, the wetness of her tongue swirling around her nipples, the erotic sensation of her fingers squeezing her tits: it was all too much. Closing her shadowed eyes she allowed her head to tilt back, exposing the soft curve of her neck.

For the first time since slipping into the bodysuit Cameron felt truly vulnerable.

More than that, she felt innocent. Naïve in the sinful art of being a true alpha bitch. She felt like an angel giving herself up to the whims of a devilish mistress, her bleached hair waving softly as she groaned like a flag of surrender.

‘I cannot deny you are a talented temptress, for sure,’ Victoria continued. ‘And one with a delightfully sordid fondness for depravity, which I adore. But right now you are still a bitchy vessel directed by the urges of a former man who lacks the vision to make you truly special. I can help you change that. Let me fill you with knowledge and skill. Let me show you purpose.’

Cameron gasped anew as Victoria pushed her back onto her ass, her legs splaying out like a fallen fawn. With a satisfied smile she lifted the hem of Cameron’s dress, chuckling softly as she found her pussy bare. Pressing her manicured fingertip gently against the bodysuit’s most sensitive spot, Victoria toyed with her prey, a shuddering groan escaping Cameron’s lips as the older woman massaged her clit.

Once Victoria began probing Cameron’s pussy deeper still, it was all she could do not to whimper. The confidence in Victoria’s movement was simultaneously intimidating and arousing.

Even so, through the pleasure Cameron sensed her adversary was attempting to assert her control, to force Cameron into acquiescence through sheer, shameless ecstasy.

But she had not broken Cameron yet, and while Victoria delved deeper into her dripping pussy as though she owned it, Cameron tried to regain control. After all, if there was one area in which she did have expertise, it was sex.

‘Please… do you really think pleasure alone is enough to make me pledge myself to you? I’ve taken dicks five times the size of your withered finger, old lady, and there’s no way – oh fuck!’

Blonde MILF in lingerie caresses semi-naked blonde young woman

Cameron heard Victoria chuckle as she cried out, but she was too distracted to feel frustrated at falling for her adversary’s skills so easily. The socialite’s slender digits danced around inside her playing a symphony of blissful ecstasy in a way no man’s brutish, clumsy cock could ever hope to compare with. Bursts of pleasure flared through her thighs, her hips, her midriff, each one robbing her breath and leaving her shuddering.

No man had ever made her feel so good, not even after fucking her senseless all night long, and she suddenly realised that she no longer wanted to be better than Victoria at all. That was a foolish goal.

Victoria was the true epitome of bitchiness: she was untouchable. Instead, all Cameron wanted was to learn the ways of her queen, to allow herself to be moulded into the perfect deviant by this sensual, sinful woman.

So when Victoria spoke, stroking Cameron’s ego even as she continued to stroke her insides, Cameron found herself hanging on every word.

‘You know, despite you being a novice, you’re a natural. I mean, mere days after first stealing this bodysuit you were strutting around my neighbourhood with all the bravado of a natural born bitch. In only a short time you’ve managed to make Eternal Fantasies into your personal sexual playground, and for that you have my admiration. Honestly, if you had actually put any effort into your ability to corrupt anyone you touch, you might have even made a formidable enemy even for me.’

A wave of pride washed through Cameron at Victoria’s admission, strong enough that for a few fleeting seconds she once again believed she could steal the socialite queen’s throne.

But then Victoria increased her pace, pumping faster and deeper into Cameron’s slick pussy to flood her with suffocating ecstasy once again, and when she leaned in to hiss in Cameron’s ear she cut down that pride with savage efficiency.

‘But believe me when I say, that is not in your best interests,’ she said, her breath hot on Cameron’s neck even though her words were icy cold.

‘I could destroy you on a whim. I could be subtle and discreetly reveal your secret to my husband, letting him and his executive friends reclaim their stolen asset and kick you to curb, forced to remain a pathetic loser for the rest of your life.  Or I could be aggressive; I could rip this zipper open, drag you out like a soft sissy hermit crab from your false, glamorous shell and expose you for all the world to see. And after what you’ve done to some of my neighbours, I know plenty of men and women who’d jump at the chance to take their revenge by making you their own personal cumdump.’

Victoria leaned in closer still, her lips feathering over the curve of Cameron’s ear. ‘So don’t you fucking forget how merciful I am when I choose to do this instead.’

Blonde MILF eats out busty blonde young woman

Cameron did not resist when Victoria pushed her onto all fours. Partly because the lascivious edge to the socialite’s last words had piqued her arousal again, but mostly because she no longer dared defy the queen bitch in her own home. Ever since donning her new body she had carried herself with arrogant confidence, but now she felt like what she really was: a skinsuit slut trembling in the presence of a superior whore.

Her heart stuttered as Victoria moved in behind her, sinking down so she could run her tongue between the folds of Cameron’s flushed pussy. The same wet heat Cameron had felt as Victoria sucked her tits now blossomed across her slit, addictive and breath-taking. She closed her eyes, surrendering to the pleasure, her lips parting as a long, low groan danced on her tongue.

Victoria’s tongue moved with a sensual experience Cameron could barely fathom. Without a single word she drove home the fact that she knew Cameron’s body far better than the former factory worker who had slipped himself inside her gorgeous form. And it was a knowledge she was willing to share.

Sex, seduction, social status, they were all at Cameron’s fingertips… and all Victoria was asking for in return was her loyalty.

Young blonde woman eats out busty blonde MILF

The woman Cameron had once considered her adversary continued to lavish her with oral ecstasy for quite some time, the line between lover and mentor growing increasingly blurry. Only once Cameron was so overwhelmed by her own arousal that her face was twisted with pure orgasmic bliss, all her reservations clearly gone – so horny that she ground her hips against Victoria’s face and her arms and legs were shaking, struggling to keep her upright – only then did the socialite queen finally draw back.

Her absence left Cameron feeling both eviscerated and overcome. She made a sound somewhere between a gasp and a whimper, every fibre of her being burning with raw erotic energy she had no idea what to do with.

But Victoria did not leave her without an outlet for long.

‘Pledge your loyalty,’ she purred, reclining into the pillows and spreading her legs to reveal her own twinkling pussy.

Cameron did not so much as hesitate. Instead her head of platinum hair was between Victoria’s thighs in a heartbeat, eager to prove to her new mentor that she had made a wise decision in taking her under her wing.

And once Cameron had pledged herself to the reigning queen of Eternal Fantasies, they soon turned their attention to whiling away the hours until Victoria’s husband returned home in as many sordid ways as they could think of…

Thanks for reading!

So as I mentioned at the top of this piece, this story was written with the help of the fantastic EternalsTG. Eternals has both a blog and a Twitter, and she is a truly brilliant creator who devises some incredibly fun concepts. If you enjoy naughty wordplay her work is definitely for you, and I am very grateful to have had the chance to collaborate with her on this piece.

This is the first collaborative piece I have ever really done, although Eternals has contributed to my Metamorphose universe in the past so it made a lot of sense for us to work together on this one. We started brainstorming ideas in mid to late 2021 and eventually settled on the idea to write the same piece from two different perspectives. I found this a lot of fun since it gave us both the chance to show off our respective writing styles while still combining them into a larger collaborative whole. It has taken us a while to get this finally published, but we both agreed we wanted to make sure this story was the best it could be before giving it the green light. And I for one am thrilled with the result!

I definitely hope to be able to do more collaborations in the future, and as I said up top you can check out Eternals’ contribution to this project on her blog. And while you’re there, be sure to explore her other work and her Twitter too – trust me when I say her work is not to be missed!

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