Note: I think the comments I make on this piece are very important so, if you can, please read them once you finish this story.

Blonde woman in black dress and heels lies on white hotel bed

Lying back on the soft white sheets kicking her heels childishly in the air, Selina allowed herself a satisfied smile. After all, tonight was the culmination of all her hard work and she would soon reap the rewards she was owed for her effort. Knowing tonight would be the final blow to the foundations of Charity’s throne only broadened her smirk, the idea of the bitch’s horrified face when her rule came crumbling down making Selina squirm with delight while she waited for her lover to arrive.

He would be here soon. Even as her mind wandered and retraced the path which had led her here she listened intently for his arrival, for his familiar steps and the click of his key card in the door.

It was funny to think he had never looked at her before. Well, not in the way she knew he would once he strode through the door. He’d only ever surveyed her with vacant respect when she was shuffling nervously onto the stage to accept an award for some academic accolade or another – the type of respect that was fleeting and insincere, only mustered at all to maintain a reputation. But that had been before. When she had been a lesser woman. Now she was so much more and while she waited she took the time to think back on her rollercoaster transformation.

She remembered that initial horror with all the clarity of a mountain lake’s waters; the stab to the gut when she had groggily come to her senses on Charity’s sofa with her bully stood over her grinning manically, her bitchy acolytes flanking her giggling amongst themselves. Selina had known immediately something was wrong – she hadn’t felt at all like herself. Certainly not like the skinny, dry-haired, acne-ridden social reject she had been when she arrived at Charity’s house several hours before. She felt larger, fuller, heavier, like she was a balloon and somebody had pumped her up. The soft breeze that surged over her naked breasts through an open window a moment later had kick-started her brain into overdrive: she didn’t have breasts. At least not of the size now hanging on her chest. She had always been flat-chested, but when she looked down she found two huge plastic tits.

Busty blonde woman lies on sofa wearing only pink panties

Scrambling to the mirror she had discovered they were not the only plastic thing about her now. She didn’t even recognise herself. Her lips were puffy with filler, her new curves were swooping and artificial, her supple skin perfect and unblemished. She was wearing nothing but a pair of panties, which she noticed with embarrassment were dominated by a dark wet patch, though while she had been sleeping the girls had brushed make-up across her face to accentuate her beautiful features.

Perhaps if she had been a different woman she might have thanked them for what they had done to her, but when she saw her fake, slutty reflection she had screamed. When Charity and her friends had invited her to join their sorority she had expected they might put her through some form of initiation, but this was not that – this was a cruel, devastating prank and they laughed at her despair.

‘What?’ Charity smirked when Selina turned to face her. ‘You seriously thought I’d want you in my clique? You’re just a pathetic little teacher’s pet, you don’t belong among queens like us. All you do is spend your life as a nerdy virgin, pretending books and tests can replace what’s really important: beauty and sex. You pretend if you were as beautiful as us you’d be popular but you won’t be. All it took was a pill crushed into your drink and now you’re everything you hate: plastic, busty and built for sex you’ll never have. Even with a body like this you’ll never be a real bitch, just a virgin trapped in her nightmare body.’

Charity and her pretty sorority sisters pointed and laughed, prodding Selina’s new body invasively as she fled from the room. They had hidden her clothes while she had been unconscious so she was forced to snatch up a pair of heels that were too big for her and a coat from the rack by the door. They jostled her roughly while she made her escape, tugging on the panties until they came away in tatters.

Then she was outside in the cold night air, the chill biting at her naked body beneath the coat. She quickly ditched the heels given they only slowed her down and, clutching the coat tight around herself, ran hard down the street with the laughter of her bullies ringing through the night behind her. She supposed she must have looked like a distraught hooker to anybody she ran by, what with the coat hardly covering her bare ass and the flashes of her breasts they must have seen when she would occasionally lose her grip on the coat as she ran.

Busty blonde woman kneels on floor

She hadn’t stopped until she was back at her apartment. While they had been humiliating her the girls had told her how they had flushed her phone and keys too, but fortunately she kept a spare under a loose floorboard in front of the door and once inside she burst into her bedroom and threw herself onto the rug sobbing hysterically. The stolen coat had slid to one side as she released her grip.

That night had been the worst of her life. At the time it had felt like her entire existence was over, her humiliation complete. What future was there for her like this? How could she show here face in class again? She would be ridiculed out of the school – a virgin in a nympho’s body.

She hadn’t a clue how long she had lay crying on her bedroom floor. Her sense of time that night had been decimated by her period of unconsciousness on Charity’s sofa and once she got home she was so overwhelmed by the simultaneous relief of being away from her bullies and horror at what they had done to her she didn’t much care to keep track of time. All she knew was when she finally let out her last shuddering sob and lifted her head from the wet rug the birds were singing outside her window and dawn was staining the horizon.

When she stopped sobbing, however, she realised she had exhausted her grief. It had ebbed away through her tears and into the rug. In its absence something new filled the void it had left behind, something Charity had not anticipated Selina would be able to feel when she transformed her: confidence. The powerful, dominating confidence only an alpha bitch can understand, flowing through her like a river through a parched land. It had filled her with new life and suddenly a sharp clarity had overtaken her thoughts slotting everything into place.

Charity had been right: she was letting her studies get in the way of what was really important. But beauty and sex were not what she should be striving for, they were simply a means to achieve her goals. Her true aim should be to tear Charity’s kingdom down brick by brick then cast the snivelling bitch in the shadow of a throne far more magnificent than the one she had formerly occupied.

Busty blonde woman in blue leather dress and gold choker carries pink handbag

The following night had seen the first blow to the foundations of Charity’s rule when Selina had turned up at the club she frequented. Everybody knew the club was Charity’s dominion and almost every night you could find desperate wannabes grinding against hot guys in the club in an attempt to impress the queen they adored with almost violent intensity. What was more it was a rule universally known that no bitch, however beautiful, would dare dressing to turn more heads than Charity.

But Selina was not bound by such rules.

Strutting into the club she hadn’t just turned heads, she had spun them so fast they threatened to pop off entirely. No man had been able to keep their eyes off her in her figure-hugging leather dress and glittering platform heels. Her shiny golden choker was thick around her neck, the separate bands like fingers around her throat while a large ring hung from the front daring any man brave enough to attach a leash. She was made up with expensive products, wielded jewel-encrusted acrylic claws and cut through the swathes of admirers with designer handbag and new phone in hand.

Since a young age Selina had fastidiously saved her earnings with the intention of spending it on a car, perhaps a house when the time came. Now revenge was far more important and she had blown almost all her savings on developing a look that would make Charity look like a street urchin. Not that it mattered, of course – she had a plan and once it came to fruition she would have more than enough money to lavish herself with. 

The night had gone just as she had envisioned: deprived of the attention she craved Chastity had grown increasingly frustrated until her anger culminated in an explosive fit that had only made her look pathetic and needy in front of her admirers. Realising this, she had stormed out and left Selina to make a sarcastic joke of which Chastity was the punchline and spend the rest of the night invading her kingdom.

As difficult as it had been she had held off on taking a guy home with her. Any man or woman she asked would have jumped at the chance but she wanted her first time to be special and also drive forward her scheme of revenge.

Just then hurried footsteps echoed up the corridor outside. A moment later the door opened sharply and a flustered man bustled in, slamming it behind him as though terrified he might have been followed. Scurrying up to the bed he tossed down a heavy briefcase like it had burned him.

‘There,’ he said breathlessly, ‘it’s all there. Every note. Now please, leave me in peace. I want no part in your schemes anymore.’

Selina slid across the bed to the briefcase, her movement alluring and cat-like. Popping it open a smile wreathed over her lips as she ran her hands across the thick wads of green notes packed inside. By her count there were tens of thousands in notes just waiting to be spent on luxury clothes and designer jewellery. Certainly plenty enough to ensure she remained the most glamorous woman in any room she entered for the rest of her life.

Looking up she fixed Charity’s father with a wicked look. ‘Hello, sir, how nice to see you. Doesn’t this room bring back some good memories? Our first night together: the heat of your chest on mine, the firm thrust of your –’

‘Please don’t,’ he said, wincing like she’d slapped him, ‘I’m not here to relive my mistakes.’

She chuckled coldly. ‘All in due time, sir. Won’t you sit and talk to me for a while? The room is ours all night, after all.’ He looked ready to refuse but a sharp glare saw him slump down in the chair opposite the bed, seemingly exhausted.

‘Why did you do this to me?’ he asked after a while.

It was a wonder her grin didn’t split her pretty face as she lay back on the bed temptingly. Her dress was pulled up to display the top of her thighs and she pushed her ample tits together for him to admire her cleavage.

It had been hopelessly simple dragging him into her plot. Charity’s father was the principal of their university and thus the primary reason Selina’s bully was capable of getting anything she wanted, whenever she wanted it. It was an open secret her rule was substantially founded on her father’s position and as such there was nothing any potential usurper could do to dethrone her even if they wanted to. At least, not unless they removed her father from the equation.

Unfortunately for Charity the bitchy confidence she had granted Selina when she transformed her had combined with her natural intelligence and lust for revenge to mould her into a devastating force of nature. It had taken her less than ten minutes in the principal’s office and he had fallen for completely, hanging on her words like a fish on her hook. Despite the fact she had barely spoken to a man before that time, let alone attempted to seduce one, the new Selina was simply irresistible. After all, she had watched Charity deftly coil men around her little finger for years. What was more her new body seemed to come with a natural seductive talent: the principal never stood a chance.

Their affair had been passionate but brief, just as Selina had wanted. Every few days they had found themselves tangled up together in this hotel, driving one another wild with their shameless affair. With each new night of passion he had fallen further under her control until one night she had explained what she really wanted from him: money. Specifically, Charity’s sizeable inheritance. Unless he paid up, she would send all of the videos she had recorded on a hidden camera to his wife.

With no option but to comply, the briefcase before her was his payment. Not that it would do him any good, of course.

‘Because you raised your daughter to be a spoiled, brattish bully. She made me into this plastic bitch just because she could, because her precious daddy would block her from any consequences of her actions. As far as I am concerned it is about time she learned that a status you earn and deserve is far more powerful than a status you inherit.’

He sighed heavily, ‘You’re right, I suppose. It always seemed easier to give her what she wanted and look where it’s got me. I’ll have to discipline her more from now on.’

Selina didn’t believe a word. As impressive as he was under the sheets, it didn’t change the fact he was the kind of man who would say anything to appease a critic or weasel his way out of an argument. Fortunately, she had no need to trust his judgement. ‘Don’t worry,’ she purred, ‘you won’t need to: I’ve already ruined her life to teach her the lesson she should have learned long ago. First I humiliated her in front of her admirers, second I used you to steal her inheritance, and finally I destroyed her status as the principal’s daughter. She has nothing and nobody left.’

Charity’s father leaned forward, a fearful frown creeping across his features. ‘What do you mean you destroyed her status? I’ve paid you everything you asked for, that should have been the end of it.’

Selina smirked coldly. ‘Oh, did I not mention? By tomorrow morning you won’t be the principal anymore. I promised I wouldn’t send the videos to your wife – I never said anything about the university’s board of directors. There’s a highly scandalous email waiting in all their inboxes ready to show them the principal having an affair with a student. I can’t imagine they’re going to be best pleased with you once they see it. And unfortunately news tends to travel fast, so I would imagine your wife will get wind of our naughty nights sooner rather than later. So you see now Charity will no longer have your protection to bully innocent girls like me whenever she pleases.’

The man was sheet white and looked like he was about to vomit. He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing would pass his lips. All he could do was stare at her, eyes bulging and hands trembling.

Smiling at his silent despair, Selina rose up from the bed and unzipped her dress. It slipped to the floor to reveal her bright red lingerie. Slinking over to the window she undid the clasp of her bra and stared out over the city. ‘So the way I see it you have two options. Either you scurry on home like the worthless rat you are and spend your final night as principal trying not to throw up, or you stay here with me for one last night of passion. What will it be, sir?’

After a few seconds she heard him groan, then there was the unmistakable sound of an opening zipper. ‘That’s what I thought,’ she said…

Blonde woman in red lingerie sways ass in front of window looking out over city at night

Thanks for reading!

Okay, so I wanted to take this opportunity to lay out some of my standards when it comes to selecting the content for my work, since this piece touches on them quite a lot.

It probably goes unnoticed by my readers but I put a great deal of thought into what content I use to support my work and more explicitly who the men and women included in those images or gifs are. Of course, in many of my pieces I use pornstars and of those pornstars many are models whose content I am familiar with. Not only do I enjoy using these models to support my work because I like the content they create, but I also feel comfortable writing stories with their content. Obviously I am aware that every person is different, but in general I feel like men and women in the porn industry would not have much of an issue with their work being used in an erotic story given that their work is of an erotic nature, hence I don’t feel like they would condemn me for using their work in the way I do. I am not saying every model would accept my use of their work, but without meeting them all personally and asking I can’t do much more than place a lot of thought into whose content I use.

Beyond models I am familiar with and models I can identify as members of the porn industry I feel I have to be more careful. I am acutely aware that not every sexually explicit image on the internet is there by the decision of the subject of the image, such as in the case of revenge porn. This is one of the reasons it is very, very rare you will find selfies or mobile recordings in my work, because using images and gifs that look to come from professionally produced scenes, photo shoots and even amateur scenes that have clearly been intentionally uploaded makes it far less likely that I will wind up using a supporting image that is on the internet without the subject’s permission.

In the same way, I ask myself a lot of questions when picking images for my work if I cannot identify the subject as a pornstar or erotic model. I ask questions like is this image sexually explicit? Is it sexually suggestive? Does it look staged or natural? Does it look like an image the subject(s) would intentionally upload to the internet? Does the subject look aware the image is being taken? Do the actions of the subject imply that they are comfortable with the image being taken? Is the subject of the image identifiable?

These questions contribute to why I personally prefer gifs, as I find it is possible to gather more contextual information from even a short clip than a still image.

The waters are further muddied when it comes to stock images. Ultimately, I have decided that anybody included in a free stock image has given their permission for that image to be used freely. However, I also try to ensure any stock images I use do not contain an identifiable person, such as landscapes, scenery or close-up shots. Where they do contain a person, that image is not used in a sexually explicit context – instead it is used to set the stage for a scenario which will have its own images to support it.

Of course, as I have already mentioned, I cannot know if every man or woman who appears in my supporting images would be comfortable having images of them used in an erotic context, which is exactly why on my Info page I have a disclaimer identifying that none of the images I used are my own and that I will remove them by request if necessary.

In general I try to follow a few simple rules when using media including subjects I cannot identify as models:

  • That they appear aware the image has been taken (i.e. they are actively posing for it, or it is clearly staged)
  • That the image is sexually explicit or very clearly sexually suggestive (i.e. a striptease)
  • That the image looks like it could have been intentionally uploaded by the SUBJECT and not a third party without their knowledge

I cannot say I have stuck to these rules 100% of the time. On my Twitter especially I have used images of men and women who I would consider fashion models, for example. Moving forward I will actively try to hold myself to the standards I have laid out above, however when it comes down to it this is a hobby and I do not have the ability to ensure every subject of every image would be comfortable being used in the context of my stories.

This brings me to this story in particular. As a result of the rules I set myself I do not write stories about or supported by images of celebrities. Again, it is possible I have unintentionally used images from films and media I have not been exposed to, but I try my best to ensure none of the images I use include celebrity figures. This is another reason in my mind to use sexually explicit images since there is a divide between porn and film, so if I use an gif of a woman giving a blowjob, for example, that is extremely unlikely to have come from a film and therefore minimises the chance of me unintentionally using an image of a celebrity.

I want to make it clear that I do not condemn erotic fiction writers who write such stories, however I personally do not feel comfortable writing them. I feel that it is an objectification of the celebrity figure themselves, rather than a support of a separate story. In my mind if a story has been written that does not focus on the celebrity themselves then the decision to use an image of said celebrity is a little invasive given a different image could be used, and if the story does focus on the celebrity I find that similarly invasive. I try and think about them as though they were my friends – would I feel comfortable writing an erotic story about my friends? If the answer is no, then I don’t consider it worth doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I do read content like this, however it is exceptionally rare and I tend to find I regret it afterwards. I would be more open to writing pieces based on characters celebrities portray, however I still consider that a problematic area and generally steer away from it.

Again, I understand some people enjoy writing and reading this content, this is just my viewpoint.

However, the images used in this story toe the line not only of my rules but also of my avoidance of public figures. The model in all of the images other than the first image is Courtney Stodden, who is undoubtedly a public figure and of celebrity status. However, in the case of Stodden she has recently made the transition to the adult entertainment industry and as such I feel more comfortable using her content. The final gif, for example, was a shot from an explicit tape she herself recorded and signed a deal with Vivid to release, so she is aware of her presence as an adult performer. Having said that the other images may well have been taken earlier in her career and using images from a time before her current situation I am a little unsure about doing.

As for the first image in this piece, the only reason I am including it is because this piece was sparked from that image as part of an image prompt competition. Honestly, I may well swap it out for something different in the future.

I’m going to be honest and say that this piece is perhaps the most difficult piece I’ve had to release. Not in terms of the work put into writing it, but in terms of the decision to use the images I have used to support it. I am really unsure if I’m doing the right thing here. I know some other creators might think I’m overthinking this and maybe I am, but in the end I have to be happy with the work I produce and the nature of that work means considering how best to handle the supporting content.

If nothing else, I hope releasing this might spark a discussion. For myself this piece is an anchor to what I consider the best course of action and to hold me to the mark as much as possible. For other creators maybe it might help them think more deeply about the images they use if they haven’t already taken the time to do so, though I am sure many creators are already aware of the creative landscape they are part of. And for my readers I hope it is reassuring to know that I do genuinely think about what content I put out. I want you to have confidence I am not ignorant of how dicey this area of content creation can be.

If you have any questions or just want to talk about this please do not hesitate to contact me. I am most active on Twitter, where you can message me, or you can email me though it may take me some time to read it. You can also leave a comment on this piece, which I will respond to as soon as possible.

Due to the concerns I have raised in these comments, I will not be linking any of the still images. Obviously I am aware you could find them yourself, but you could do that with any of the images I use. I will, however, link the video from which I cut the final gif as that is an official scene and I have less concerns including it.

Also, no prompts to follow me anywhere today. I’ve gone on long enough.


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  1. Fantastic work and I genuinely appreciate you explaining your thought process in selecting images and gifs. You produce truly memorable erotica and I am thankful for it and the quality is a testament to how much thought goes into it.

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