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Harry couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The mischievous smile on Abby’s face suddenly seemed much more sadistic as he processed her cruel words. ‘What… what do you mean you’re not going to give it back?’

Crouched beside the thick silicone dildo that had ruled Harry’s life for the last week, Abby was naked aside from a pair of platform heels and pink legwarmers. ‘What do you think I mean, dumbass? Your cock is mine now. And you’re never getting it back.’

She giggled as if this was all some kind of game, but Harry could feel his life dismantling around him.

‘But… but you promised!’ he cried, not caring how childish and pathetic the outburst made him sound.

Flicking her long ginger hair back, Abby sniggered. ‘I know. And you actually believed me. How stupid can one person be? If it makes you feel any better, I did plan to give you your cock back at first. But then I realised this is way too much fun to stop. This control – it’s such a power trip. I mean did you really think I’d just give all this up once the week was over?’

Abby’s words were like a stab to the gut, but Harry couldn’t tear his eyes off the dildo. Even now he could feel the air drifting over the sensitive head, the warmth of the sunlight along the shaft. Which was quite impressive given that Harry no longer had a cock of his own.

The spell they had used at the beginning of the week was simple yet effective. After they had cast it Harry’s cock and balls had promptly detached from his body leaving a blank shaven space where they had been, which Abby had teased made him look like a living Ken Doll. Once separated, his genitals had transformed into the very dildo he was now staring at. What made this new toy truly special though was the fact Harry could still feel it as if it was his own dick.

The physical sensation was tied to him no matter how far away he was and over the course of the week Abby had taken great delight in tormenting him with it. On multiple occasions Harry had been forced to keep a straight face during important meetings while Abby was back home pumping her tight pussy with the toy. Everything had felt so real, like he was actually fucking her, and Harry had struggled to keep his cool; more than once he’d had to excuse himself to the bathroom where he had writhed and groaned until she had finished.

They had definitely achieved their goal of spicing up their sex life, but they had both agreed they would only use the toy for a week. After that they’d reverse the spell and find something new to experiment with.

But now Abby was refusing to follow through with the reversal.

‘How can you do this to me? I thought you loved me!’

‘Of course I love you, baby. That’s why I’m doing this. If your cock belongs to me then you’re never going to go out and stick it in anyone else, are you? I’m just doing this to keep us together, gorgeous. When you think about it, I’m really doing this for you. So you can’t be tempted into doing anything that would hurt our relationship.’

Though her words sounded genuine her expression was still twisted with cruel mischief and Harry easily saw through her poor attempt at affection.

‘You scheming slut,’ he said, lunging for the dildo. If he could just press the base against his crotch, the spell would be reversed and he’d have his manhood back.

But Abby was quicker. Grabbing the toy she immediately began jerking it off.

Intense pleasure swamped Harry’s system and he crumpled to the floor mid-lunge, his crotch throbbing with blissful energy. Trying to push himself up he panted heavily as Abby continued to run her fingers up and down the dildo’s rubbery shaft. He was about to lunge again when she ran her tongue along the underside, sending his eyes rolling back in his skull as he slumped down.

‘Stop… give it to me… I… oh fuck…’ Harry groaned, his protests melting into orgasmic gasps.

‘No, I don’t think I will,’ Abby giggled. ‘From now on your cock belongs to me. And that means you belong to me. Something tells me you’re going to be desperate to keep me happy, otherwise I might have to give these silicone balls a good stomping. Besides, I prefer your cock this way baby. After all, a dildo never cums, so now neither will you. You’re going to be hard for me for as long as I need. I hope you made the most of it the last time you finished in me, because I’m the only one who will be finishing now.’

Facedown on the floor, Harry looked up at his girlfriend with pleading eyes. ‘Please… Abby… don’t do this…’

Sinking back against the wall and spreading her legs, Abby gave her pathetic boyfriend a slutty wink. ‘Hush now, baby. Begging isn’t a good look on you. It’s okay though, I’m here. Let me take all your worries away.’

With that she plunged the dildo into her twinkling pussy. Harry’s protests died in his throat as orgasmic euphoria flooded his system, while Abby eyed his flailing body with a satisfied smile, a sinful idea sparking into life as she did so.

After all, no self-respecting slut only had one dildo. And she could think of more than enough exes whose stolen cocks would make excellent additions to her growing collection.

Closing her eyes, Abby smiled, slutty plots already swirling through her thoughts even as Harry whimpered and groaned at her feet…

Thanks for reading!

As a writer, I love how almost anything can spark an idea. Admittedly sometimes it’s deeply frustrating that you can’t force a good idea into being, you have to wait for it to hit. But then you’ll come across just the right stimulus and suddenly you have a concept you can’t wait to write.

This was one of those for me. It was just such a fun blend of naughty and cruel and coming back to it now after writing a while back it really reminded me that this writing thing really is weird in the best possible way. Hopefully you liked it as much as I did!


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    1. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I currently don’t have any plans to continue it, but that wouldn’t be the first time I’d said that about a story only to return to it further down the line. So never say never!

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