Gaypril: Ripped Off

Brunette trans woman receives anal sex and handjob from male lover

Allowing her head to roll back, Casey groaned breathlessly as the head of Mason’s cock slammed into her P-spot again and again. His deep thrusts were threatening to tip her over the edge into a state of delirium, and combined with his firm grip jerking her she-cock it was all she could do to remain conscious.

She loved how her tight, delicate body rocked with every thrust. It made her feel as though he held complete power over her, able to rough her around however he pleased. And she did want to please him: the hornier he was, the harder he was likely to nut in her winking ass, and then perhaps she would be able to fuck him as a full woman.

Her own libido was rising as he fucked her, and the thought of riding him hard was beginning to fill her mind. She wanted to be his sissy slut, and she could see in his eyes he wanted it too.

It had been a week since she had found herself in this situation – that is, almost entirely female, but not quite – and if she was honest her motivations for acting like such a whore were beginning to shift.

As a guy she had been known as Corey, and she had long yearned to become an alpha slut. For years he had jerked off reading transformation stories, watching kinky sissy videos and had even dabbled in writing his own erotic pieces focused on men being transformed into women. As far as he was concerned, it would be a dream come to true to be able to live the life he truly wanted as a bitchy, gold-digging seductress with the ability to wind any man she pleased around her expensively manicured little finger.

Inevitably, he had come into contact with a dealer purporting to sell all kinds of transformative products: the Pink Pill, X-Change, Elixir, whatever he needed the dealer had assured Corey he could get his hands on it. Opting for the Pink Pill, Corey had been practically paralysed with excitement once he had laid his hands on the strip of pills in exchange for a handsome sum of cash.

Getting them home, he had been so excited he had downed two and the transformation had rapidly taken hold of him. The tightly curled brown hair he had always known cascaded down in long silky locks of blonde, brushing up against narrowed shoulders and delicately pronounced collarbones. His skin had tingled all over as his body hair had retracted beneath the surface, leaving his porcelain skin seductively smooth. The alteration of his facial features had felt deeply odd, like somebody was holding a powerful fan to his face and the air was honing and shaping his appearance into something new. By the end his features were slender, aquiline, perfectly feminine and alluringly beautiful. The most erotic change by a country mile was the urgent growth of his large tits, his nipples perking atop the perfect mounds of flesh that he bounced excitedly.

Then, with his transformation almost complete, everything had stopped. Waiting for a few minutes to see if it was simply a delay in the transformation, Casey had gradually realised that her perfect female form was saddled with an unwanted cock.

Downing the rest of the pills had done nothing, and with his supply now empty he had frantically tried to locate his dealer only to find the lying bastard was in the wind. A little internet research had informed him that several dealers had been known to sell unreliable product: defective batches the manufacturer sold off cheap, for example, or rip-off imitations incapable of completing the full transformation. In some cases, a dose of cum could induce the rest of the transformation, but for the most part the changes were permanent and irreversible.

Brunette trans woman jerks off while riding male lover

Desperate to transition fully, Casey had immediately started hunting down willing fuck buddies to fill her tight ass with cum in the hope it would push her the rest of the way into femininity. So far, however, it had not worked. With each new lover she had told herself she was only doing this to complete the transition: once she was a full woman, she would only go for the rich bastards she could bleed dry. Once the alpha bitch was here she would rule the city’s dating scene, not let guys fuck her ass like she was merely a set of holes.

But by now she had dropped the façade. No amount of cum was going to complete her transformation, but she didn’t care. Who needed a pussy when you could be fucked and wanked at the same time? This felt far better than any amount of cock in a wet cunt ever could, and besides, just because she had a surprise between her thighs it didn’t mean she couldn’t still manipulate the city’s elite into lavishing her with millions to live the lifestyle of a naughty goddess. If anything she could extort them more: she was sure her rich lovers would be willing to pay far more to keep the facts quiet if they were fucking and being fucked by a trans woman like her than some basic hooker everyone already knew catered to the top brass.

Pretty soon nobody lovers like Mason would be a thing of her past. She would be fucking in penthouses, mansions and CEO’s offices while he was trying in vain to find anyone who might compare to her. Still, it did not do to waste a good cock, and before she left him behind for good, Casey was determined to make the most of their time together…

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Another trans piece thrown into the mix for you. The model in this is Casey Kisses, and you can find much of her work here: Personally I am not super familiar with her work as finding these images was the first I had seen of her, however I have seen a few snippets of her content and it is all great, so if you’re into trans content I highly recommend her work.

You’ve got one more trans piece on the way before the end of the month and it is a real kicker!

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