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‘How does he feel now, bitch?’ Leah hissed, spreading Zoey wide for Kurt to bury himself inside.

‘You regretting lying to us yet, Little Miss My-Boyfriend-Has-The-Biggest-Cock-I’ve-Ever-Seen? You really thought you could pull the wool over our eyes?’ Freya’s goading came in breathless tones and groaned as Zoey frantically ate her out, tipping her head back as pleasure surged through her.

The petite blonde herself looked worryingly fragile impaled on Kurt’s enhanced cock. She was so small and slight it seemed a wonder she didn’t crumple up like a sheet of paper when he thrust into her, and based on the unyielding grip Zoey maintained around Freya’s ankle she had the sense that even Zoey was wondering how much more she could take.

But as far as Leah and Freya were concerned it served her right.

Zoey’s friends had not asked much of her, just her undying allegiance. After all, it wasn’t easy maintaining their privileged position as the alpha bitches on campus. It took determination, cunning, and above all loyalty to one another if they hoped to cling to the top spot. If any one of those foundations gave way their whole carefully cultivated empire would come crumbling down, crippled by the inferior skanks who were constantly scheming to usurp them.

Yet if it had been left to Zoey the founding principles of their bitchy success would have been thrown out and their kingdom razed to the ground all because she had let her eye wander.

The three of them had ruled for years, an unholy trinity of wrath and scorn capable of withering any competitor where they stood with a single look or forcing their enemies to humiliate themselves out of pure fear for the consequences of ignoring their orders. They had access to the hottest jocks in school, their hefty cocks sheathed inside the sluts more often than they were in gym shorts, and as a unit they’d defied the schemes of dozens of envious bitches.

That was until Zoey had let her guard down. At first they hadn’t been particularly suspicious of her claims that she had met a new guy from out of town. Then, when she had skipped a spa trip to spend the day at his, supposedly in the hope of a good fuck, they had let it slide knowing how promiscuous Zoey could be.

After a few excuses, however, Freya and Leah had become deeply concerned by Zoey’s behaviour. It was like she had been replaced by an entirely new woman. A woman who buttoned her shirt to the top, held the door for her inferiors and even heeded the requests of her tutors to remove her gaudy false nails! Yet despite this blatant transformation of her personality, she still seemed to be trying to act as though nothing was wrong; half-heartedly insulting the other students, feigning disinterest in her classes and visibly forcing herself to engage in scandalous gossip. Above all, however, she had continually insisted her new boyfriend was jacked and hung so often it had become glaringly obvious that something was very, very wrong.

They had discovered what while following her after college one evening.

When they first set eyes on the boy Zoey had skipped a slumber party to meet, Freya and Leah had barely held down their lunch: a nerd! Zoey, once a proud, ruthless bitch, had fallen for one of the science nerds from their college! She was so smitten she had laughed genuinely at his jokes, and kissed him softly on the cheek, and held his hand as they took a slow, meandering walk.

It was sickening. Something had to be done.

They had never even considered trying to redeem her. Zoey had allowed herself to fall for a nerd – the lowest of the low – and worse still she had lied to her fellow queens about it. She had known the consequences of her actions, had known they would never approve, but she had gone ahead with it anyway. It simply could not be tolerated.

So they had taken a different approach. Seducing Kurt had been a thankless but mercilessly simple task and, though he had resisted at first, once they had filled him with body-enhancement pills – courtesy of the science department, who they had blackmailed to create the pills – he had been theirs to command. Thanks to them, now he really was jacked and hung, just like Zoey had claimed. And with him as their puppet, they were going to make her pay for her transgressions.

The sweet, innocent girl Kurt’s affections had moulded her into had been easy to intimidate into submission. Presenting her improved boyfriend to her while in the gym sauna, the door to which was guarded by some beta bitches to ensure they were not disturbed, they had smirked as Zoey had broken down in tears.

All it had taken were a few chilling threats and she was as much their plaything as her former boyfriend.

Kurt belonged to them now, but there was still one way she could be with him: serve them as their slave. If she ever wanted to so much as speak to him again, all she had to do was submit to their will. Among other things she would lick his cum from their holes, assist them in preparing to go out with him on their arm, suck him to erection before watching him pummel their tight cunts. In return, she would be able to be with the man she now loved, and even get the chance to fuck him once per month, so long as she wasn’t disobedient. She had fallen from grace, and this was her punishment.

They weren’t asking much: just her undying allegiance. Only this time she had an incentive to stay in line.

When the rest of the college heard what the alpha bitches had done to one of their own their rule became absolute. After all, if Freya and Leah could force a bitch as ruthless and cold as Zoey into obedient servitude, what chance did anyone else have against them? As for Kurt, the love he had once felt for his beautiful Zoey was effortlessly twisted into raging lust for her friends, and with the promise of a night embedded in their tight cunts he was happy to serve as their protective muscle against any unruly subjects.

The trinity may have been dead, but on the foundations of Zoey’s downfall, the remaining alpha bitches built an empire that nobody would dare challenge. And at the heart of it was the misguided slave who had made it all possible, her groans of breathless pleasure as Kurt used her as his cumdump to the encouragement of her former friends masking her heartbreak at what he had become…

Two blonde women and a brunette woman give oral sex to hung man in sauna

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The models in this scene are Alaina Dawson, Piper Perri, Elsa Jean, Danny D.

Dawson’s work is unfamiliar to me, however the very fact she is rubbing shoulders with the other models in this scene who are all porn royalty should really tell you all you need to know about her talent. Perri is one of my all-time favourite models and if you’re into petite girls taking big dicks you would be out of your mind not to check out her work. I have to say I genuinely don’t think I’ve showcased Jean’s work in my stories before and that is frankly criminal of me, so I shall endeavour to give her a little more love in future. And as for Mr. D, he really needs no introduction – he is one of the kings of the adult industry and is a truly tireless performer, so if you have any sense you will head over to his profile right now and enjoy his vast portfolio of work.

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