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Though her body burned with lust, Ellie was still trying to keep her grip on reality. The trouble was it seemed Sammy had already allowed his horniness to take over. Still, as the woman Sammy had become leaned in with a sordid smile Ellie tried to reason with her.

‘Listen, Sammy, we have to stop. We have to…’ A hand coiled gently around her neck and Ellie’s voice faltered. A heartbeat later her friend’s lips found the sensitive skin beneath Ellie’s jaw to draw out a meek ‘Oh God.’

‘You don’t sound like you want me to stop. And I’ve told you already, my name’s not Sammy. Not anymore. I’m Sasha now, and I never want to stop. Everything about this body is so much better than the one I used to have. Don’t try to tell me you don’t feel good like this?’

Ellie’s breath came in shallow gasps as she struggled to fight down the urge to just give in. ‘Yes, I do. Of course I do. But that’s not us. That’s the magic. It’s–’

‘Who cares?’ Sasha interrupted. Her voice was low and sultry in Ellie’s ear. ‘You can give it all up if you want, but I’m never going back. And something tells me you won’t either.’

Ellie was doing her best to think straight, but with Sasha’s nubile body pressed against hers turning her on from the outside and the erotic magic fuelling her arousal from within, she was worried she was fighting a losing battle. 

To make matters worse, the pleasure of transformation continued to tingle through her like lustful aftershocks, a constant reminder of what awaited her if she gave in to the temptation like Sasha.

Already her memories of how the night had spiralled out of control were beginning to slip from her grasp like the tide going out, and the longer she spent with Sasha the less they seemed to matter. Still, she knew this hadn’t been their plan. At least not to start with.

They had been working together for years, though it was only recently that they realised they had a mutual interest in magic, at which point Ellie had shown Sammy the spellbook passed down by her grandmother. Until then she had only used it to cast the occasional good luck charm here and there, but now she had somebody to practice with properly they had eagerly scoured the pages to see what else the book contained.

That’s when they’d found the asset stealing spell. For such a powerful spell, it was remarkably simple: a simple incantation and a clear view of the subject was all it took to make the magical transfer. What was more, the spell rewrote reality itself to accommodate the change. As a result, the caster could rob any feature they pleased from their victim and nobody would notice the difference. Admittedly the book warned that the spell was both mildly addictive and increased the libido of the caster, though Ellie had never experienced any negative effects when using other spells in the past so she assumed it wasn’t a major concern.

Then again, she’d never cast the same spell several dozen times in one night.

Because instead of starting small, Ellie and Sammy had decided to put the spell to use at the busiest event on their calendar: the work Christmas party. And with such a wealth of unsuspecting donors at their disposal things had rapidly gotten out of hand.

‘But these bodies aren’t really ours,’ Ellie tried again even as she fought down a groan. ‘We stole them.’ A gasp escaped her lips as Sasha squeezed her ass.

Sasha giggled. ‘Don’t be silly, beautiful. You know what they say: what’s yours is mine, right? Or in this case, what’s theirs is ours. Besides,’ she went on, ignoring how inaccurate her phrasing was, ‘don’t think of it as stealing. Think of it as… repurposing. We’re making much better use of our new assets than their original owners ever did. And we both know nothing ever felt this good before. If you really wanted me to stop, you wouldn’t be letting me fondle you. And you certainly wouldn’t let me do this.’

Ellie was on all fours before she knew what was happening. But even once she did, she didn’t resist. She was a puppet for Sasha to manipulate, and rather than protest when her friend slipped down her panties to reveal her winking ass she moaned softly instead. Because despite everything, she needed to be fucked.

Without even realising what she was doing, she reached up and released her tits.

‘That’s it, don’t fight it. Your body wants this – you just have to let your mind catch up,’ Sasha encouraged as she did the same, peeling up the mesh of her bra to set her own plump rack free. Then her hands slid down to her crotch to pull aside her bulging panties and release something else entirely. ‘Here, let me help persuade you, baby.’

And with that, Sasha’s cock was inside her.

All new pleasure flooded Ellie’s body. Every inch of her ached, and as Sasha began to thrust in long, deep, sensual strokes, Ellie realised that she was aching for more. Her pussy throbbed as if welcoming Sasha’s womanhood and, already wet with arousal from the foreplay, her slick sex allowed the invading dick to slide in with ease.

‘Oh fuck,’ she breathed, one hand subconsciously shifting back to spread herself wider. ‘Oh… fuck…’

While Sasha’s pace began to gradually increase Ellie’s words melted into orgasmic groans. Reaching forward, Sasha took her lover gently by the neck as well as more forcefully by the arm and using both to keep Ellie in position while she pumped in with all her lust. Her bare tits bounced about with every thrust while the ripple of Ellie’s ass had her mesmerised, her eyes fixed on the fleshy pillows of her friend’s stolen rump.

‘Mmmmh, yeah, you feel so fucking good, babe. I’ve been craving the chance to fuck this cunt ever since I saw how horny it made you stealing it off that ditzy intern. Does it make you feel naughty knowing you robbed her off this pleasure?’

Ellie moaned; Sasha grinned.

As an ocean of lust slowly rose to submerge the small island of rational thought Ellie had managed to cling onto, she knew it wasn’t just the spell that had done this to them, it was the way they’d used it.

They had decided to test the spell first before using it steal anything big, just in case the reality-changing effects weren’t as strong as the book promised. To do so Ellie had transferred a single cup size from her boss’s tits to her own. It had worked perfectly: her boss had been completely oblivious to the shrinking of her bust, while nobody noticed the inflation of Ellie’s nor the way her dress restitched itself to accommodate the new volume.

However, the flush of arousal that came with it took Ellie completely off guard: it was all she could do not to groan aloud as her new bust throbbed with hot pleasure. Under the pretence of ‘double-checking’ the spell really was effective, she’d stolen a few more cup sizes in the same way, and by the fourth theft her addiction was sealed.

From there, rather than go about stealing entire assets, both Ellie and Sammy had composed their new bodies from dozens of tiny changes. Their pretty faces were a combination of half a dozen others; the softness of their skin had left at least twenty of their colleagues rougher to the touch; the lines of their sultry figures had been painstakingly leeched from almost every woman in the room. Everything about them was a blend of numerous spells, each one feeding their lust while also making them hungrier for more: corruption by a thousand pleasures.

Ellie had found a particularly unique thrill in stealing tattoos, the pleasant tingles as the ink appeared under her own skin unexpectedly erotic. As a result, once she was satisfied with her body she’d gone around and robbed every last tattoo in the room.

Sammy, meanwhile, had been drawn to anything feminising. Ellie had expected him to steal assets from all the guys in the room, but after watching Ellie’s pleasure stealing her boss’s rack he had succumbed to the temptation of trying it himself, and from there he had eagerly set about moulding himself into the hottest slut in the room – albeit still packing extra in his underwear (a decision which Ellie was currently very pleased about).

Blind to how dramatically they had gone astray, they had only stopped once their arousal overwhelmed them. Unable to keep their hands of one another any longer, they had finished things off by stealing the lingerie of some of their sluttier colleagues, before heading to the most expensive suite in the hotel hosting their party (paid for with a money charm, of course).

By now, Sasha had Ellie on her back. Holding one foot against her shoulder, and pushing the other gently into the sheets, she used the leverage to thrust deep into her friend’s tattooed cunt. Sasha’s eyes glittered with deviant intent and she smirked as Ellie’s hands rose to grope her own tits.

‘Mmmmh, you’re so fucking tight, babe,’ she purred. ‘I could really get used to fucking this cunt every night.’

Little by little, the orgasmic conflict was ebbing from Ellie’s expression. The confused frown as the war between resistance and pleasure raged over her pretty face was starting to fade, and though her eyes remained closed small sighs of pleasure issued from her lips.

‘Would you?’ Ellie breathed. ‘Would you really keep screwing me like this?’

Sasha’s pace slowed as she replied. ‘Are you fucking kidding? This is the hottest sex I’ve ever had and it’s all because of you. Hell, thanks to you I can transform myself into whatever kind of body I like. And let’s not forget,’ she added, lowering her voice to a sultry whisper, ‘I can always use that spell to add as many inches as I like to this cock. But no matter what body I choose, I promise I’ll always use it to fuck you. Again… and again… and again…’ She emphasised each promise with a deep, hard thrust that banished the last of the uncertainty from Ellie’s face.

And when the tattooed woman’s eyes snapped open, the lust finally succeeded in twisting Ellie into something new.

Elsa fixed Sasha with a gaze horny enough to make a succubus weak at the knees. ‘I think I could get used to that, too,’ she smirked. ‘But only on one condition.’

Sasha raised an interested eyebrow. ‘And what might that be?’

Elsa’s smirk spread into a devilish grin. ‘That you take my cock just as often as I take yours.’

Before Sasha could respond, Elsa pounced. Though the absence of Sasha’s cock in her pussy left a void within her, she had other desires on her mind and she knew it would not be long before a new kind of pleasure was filling her insides.

Forcing Sasha down onto all fours, she exposed her friend’s winking ass and shifted into position behind her. One of the few things she had used her spellbook for before tonight was to transfer sex toys from her imagination into reality. As such, it was the work of a moment to summon a hefty strap-on, the straps clutching her hips tight and the ribbed shaft already glistening with lube.

Sasha stilled as Elsa pressed the head of the toy against her hole.

‘You ready to be my bitch?’ she purred.

With a groan, Sasha eased back against the dildo, eager to be filled. ‘The question is, do you have what it takes to make me your bitch?’

‘I guess we’re about to find out, aren’t we?’ she said, planting a tattooed hand on Sasha’s bare ass and squeezing. Then she was driving in, their united moans combining as she sank her rubber dick deep into Sasha’s waiting hole. She grinned as Sasha began to rock against her hips, taking the dildo needily with every thrust she made.

‘Oh fuck yes, that feels so good, Ellie. Keep going. Mmmh…’

The tattooed slut grinned. ‘You should know, my name’s not Ellie. Not anymore. I’m Elsa now. And I never want to stop…’

Thanks for reading!

I promised you all a corruptive one in my comments to last week’s story, and I hope this didn’t disappoint.

Overall, attribute theft is one of those TG niches that doesn’t show up very often on my blog. And to be honest, I think that is kind of a shame. This is up there as one of my favourite stories of the month, and given how much I love basically all of the others that is no small feat. The thing is, when it comes to attribute theft stories I tend to feel like the hottest ideas involve the characters slowly become more addicted to the thrill of stealing and corrupt themselves little by little, rather than all at once. Since those kinds of stories lend themselves to a slow burn style, I often simply don’t have the time to write them.

Having said all that, I feel like I managed to keep this one pretty concise, not to mention that I really enjoyed writing it. So who knows, maybe I’ll explore the premise more in future pieces? Until then though, if you liked this I do have a handful of other attribute theft stories on my blog, so I’d love for you to check those out too!

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