Neon green lighting illuminates crowd in club

Envy was reeling with sheer, mindless ecstasy. Each time she returned to the mortal realm it seemed a little more suited to her: hypersexualised celebrities strutting about inspiring insatiable jealousy into the masses with their perfect bodies and vast wealth; social media addicts perpetually wishing they were living the lives of influencers or brand ambassadors or even just friends who seemed far happier online than in reality; the endless pursuit of drink-fuelled raves and casual sex instilling a deliciously hedonistic craving for more in the youth of society. In every new host she discovered fresh magnitudes of jealousy festering and corrupting than the last.

But tonight she had truly found her nirvana.

The nightclub had a raucous, pulsing atmosphere, the music so loud it shook the very foundations and set her teeth chattering. Still, all she could feel was the envy on the air. To her it was like a fog, thick and cloying, and she bathed in it with a blissful smile, allowing it to soak into her pores and feed her sinful soul.

It didn’t just feed her either; it fuelled her. Every step induced a new craving. The body of her host was hardly unattractive – in fact she could readily understand how Liv had seduced her way into the pants of the many studs swimming through her memories – but for Envy’s tastes she was somewhat mundane. As always, she wanted more, and this den of drunken delirium was the perfect place for her to acquire it.

It was the woman’s sublime golden skin that caught Envy’s eye. Held up by one of her friends just off to the side of the dancefloor, she was swaying alarmingly as Envy broke free of the crowd and sauntered over to her, a naughty smile on her lips. The woman looked up once Envy was close, her pupils huge. She didn’t even flinch as Envy laid a hand on her shoulder.

‘I want your skin,’ Envy smiled.

The effect of her words was immediate. As if the woman had been dipped in some kind of bleach, the burnished gleam of her skin rapidly faded until she was almost sheet white, her flesh desperately pale under the flashing neon lights. At the same time, Envy’s tan darkened just as quickly, blissful tingles of pleasure weaving over her flesh as her stolen complexion settled into place.

Within a few seconds the exchange was complete. The woman and her friend, however, seemed unperturbed.

‘Can we help you?’ her friend asked, her own tan suddenly stark against her friend’s blanched skin.

Envy shook her head. ‘I’m sorry, I thought I recognised you. My mistake.’ Then, still smiling, she slipped back onto the dancefloor savouring the pleasant warmth swelling through her.

The next feature Envy stole was the full, plump pout of one of the women on the dancefloor, including the particularly vibrant red lipstick she was using to stamp sultry marks over the neck of the man she was grinding against.

Sweeping up to her, Envy took the woman’s chin in her fingers with a scheming smile. ‘I want your lips,’ she whispered, the woman’s eyes glazing over dreamily as though the loss of her cushioned lips was the most blissful sensation in the world. By the time Envy strutted away chewing on her new cherry-flavoured lips, the woman’s smile was thin and colourless.

Asset by asset, victim by victim, Envy worked her way through the club indulging the insatiable jealousy roaring through her. A bleach blonde bimbo fawning over her heavily tattooed lover by the bar provided her with an incredibly expensive manicure; a distinctly effeminate gay man was so drunk he barely noticed her before she had made off with the pretty butterfly tattoo adorning his right arm; Liv’s flat chest was quickly usurped by a pair small yet perky tits stolen from a pretty young thing sagging sleepily in the arms of her friends. Envy’s keen eye even picked out a shameless couple making out in a darkened corner, the man’s roving hands lifting the woman’s shirt to reveal the studded leather harnesses she was wearing beneath – harnesses Envy all to quickly relieved her of.

By the time she spotted the club’s handsome owner sat in a booth overlooking the dancefloor, Envy had honed herself into the ultimate image of sultry feminine beauty. Wearing only the stolen harnesses, pilfered jewellery and the sleek black heels she had taken from the same stunning woman who had also provided the glossy raven locks now tumbling over her tanned shoulders, she shamelessly boasted her bare breasts and supple curves as she strutted up to the booth. Entranced by her supernatural allure, nobody so much as batted an eyelid.

Envy didn’t need to dig very deep into Liv’s memories to learn all she needed to know about Armando Cruz. The club’s owner was infamous throughout the city as one of the most eligible bachelors around. A serial womaniser, incredibly wealthy and rumoured to be a truly incredible lover, he was nonetheless unspoken for and seemed to delight in the endless stream of women who threw themselves upon him in the hopes of taming the wild man. Indeed, as Envy approached he was surrounded by no less than a dozen mesmerising vixens lounging in and around the booth like his own personal harem.

Once she drew up to the table, however, he had eyes only for her.

‘Holy shit,’ Armando breathed, eyes bulging as he smiled roguishly. ‘I think the heavens must be missing an angel tonight. How can I help you, gorgeous?’

‘I want you,’ she hissed, planting her hands on the table and leaning forwards so he could admire her bare cleavage. ‘I want just you and nobody else.’  

Immediately he was waving aside the other women. ‘Out of my way, ladies, I have an angel to entertain in private.’ Taking Envy by the arm, he eyed her with raw, unrestrained desire. ‘This way, milady. Allow me to escort you to my office.’

Just as in awe of Envy as Armando, the rejected women stared after her as he led her away, swooning as she blew a kiss back their way.

Guided away from the throbbing music and sweltering heat of the dancefloor, Envy’s new plaything escorted her through quieter corridors, a satisfied beam on her stolen lips: tonight was shaping up to be one of the best she’d experienced in a long time.

As they arrived at the door to Armando’s office, however, Envy’s eyes fell on the burly guards standing outside and she realised there was one more thing she wanted. Far too focused on getting Envy somewhere private Armando didn’t even notice her lean in to whisper in one of the guards’ ears as he showed her through, nor the sudden changes overcoming the guard as the door closed behind them, his bald head sprouting long blonde hair and his masculine frame compressing into muscular yet distinctly female proportions.

Latina trans woman wearing erotic harnesses poses against metal screen

To call the room Armando led her into an office would have hardly been accurate. Instead, the space was dominated by large grey couches and lush houseplants set in large pots, with large metal grille screens separating the area. To one side, a large abstract bookcase was attached to the wall, while the glass shelves behind the small bar opposite looked ready to shatter beneath the weight of the many bottles they held. The whole place was illuminated by soft red lights set along the edges of the ceiling, the extravagant chandeliers more ornamental than functional.

Quite clearly, this was a pleasure lounge. There were even several sets of lingerie draped over the furniture as if to testify how avidly Armando enjoyed ‘entertaining’ his guests.

And once he had closed the door behind them, he wasted no time in trying to seduce his latest lover.

Envy was stood up against one of the honeycomb grilles, her plump ass on full display as she turned to face him. The hunger in his glittering eyes was unmistakable, and she made sure to exacerbate it by pushing out her rump a little further and fixing him with a sultry stare.

‘You really are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on, you know?’ he said. ‘How a woman as radiant as yourself can find herself alone on any night truly astounds me. But then, perhaps that’s for the best given that no man out there could hope to treat you with all the desire you deserve.’

‘And you think you can?’ she purred, although she had to stifle a scowl – Armando’s ego was practically palpable. Fortunately, she already had plans to remedy that.

‘Of course, señorita. I have experience you cannot begin to fathom. There’s only one man in this whole city who could fuck you right, and he is standing before you. You need a man like me – someone who knows how to use that perfect body of yours. I assure you, by the time the night is through, you’ll never want for another lover besides me ever again.’

Envy rolled her eyes. ‘God, my sister would love you. So arrogant and proud.’

If Armando was offended by the insult or the sudden disdain in her expression, he didn’t show it. Instead, his face brightened. ‘You have a sister, you say? Is she here tonight? Perhaps she might join us. Three certainly isn’t a crowd in my book.’

Ignoring him, Envy gripped hold of his lapels and drove him down to the sofa.

‘Ah, you’re a direct kind of girl. I like that. You know, I usually enjoy a little foreplay, but if–’

Latina trans woman in erotic harnesses puts ball gag in mouth of man in suit

‘I want you to shut up,’ Envy hissed, taking him by the collar.

Immediately a glossy black ball gag materialised in the man’s mouth forcing him into silence, and he closed his eyes as the pleasure of satisfying her demands flowed through him.

Armando’s sudden obedience sharply catalysed Envy’s arousal. Her shiny leather underwear began to stir and all at once a fiendishly mischievous streak tore through her mind, driving her to tighten the gag until the leather strap was digging into Armando’s cheeks.

Leaning over him, she stroked his oiled hair and smiled wolfishly. ‘There, that’s much better. You’re far more tolerable like this. Since you asked, no, I’m afraid my sister won’t be joining us tonight. But maybe if you play your cards right Liv might allow you to fuck some of her friends once I leave her body and go back to sleep. Right now though, you’re all mine. And I have a surprise for you.’

Her lover’s eyes fused on her as though he was physically incapable of looking away, Envy sat back and spread her legs, his gaze drawn to her crotch as she ran her fingers over her underwear – underwear that appeared decidedly more swollen than when he’d last looked.

‘I want you naked.’

Armando’s attire dissolved in a heartbeat, leaving his stocky, muscular body bare and vulnerable. A large, intricate tattoo sleeved his right arm from wrist to shoulder and spilled out over half of his chest. No longer restrained by his trousers, his rigid cock rose flush to his stomach.

‘Tell me, baby, have you ever taken a dick in your ass?’

Armando shook his head.

‘Have you ever wanted to?’

Another muted shake.

‘Unlucky, stud. Because I’m afraid your angel is packing a little more than the slutty cherubs you’re used to.’ Pulling aside her underwear, Envy’s stolen cock bucked free, thick, long and rock hard. She’d used a little magic to keep it subdued so far, but now her erection was intimidatingly large, the sight drawing a whimper from her plaything.

But Envy wasn’t in the mood for a wailing, snivelling lover. She wanted to hear him howling with pleasure as she pounded him. So, pushing him down onto all fours as she did so, she claimed his mind with a single sentence.

‘I want you to crave me.’

Latina trans woman gives anal sex to hunky tattooed man

The change in Armando was instantaneous. The tension in his frame evaporated instantly and he began swaying his exposed ass temptingly, eager to submit his virgin hole to Envy’s use.

And Envy was more than willing to satisfy his needs. Planting one heeled foot on the sofa beside him and the other firmly on the floor, she grabbed hold of his hips and buried her cock inside, his howls of ecstasy ricocheting through the room as his hole stretched to accommodate her.

The raw pleasure was so intense the beast within her broke free for several seconds. Her jaw falling slack, her dainty fingers abruptly elongated into massive leathery digits tipped by monstrous claws that coiled around Armando’s midriff and pulled him in with animalistic fervour. A primal roar tore from her lips, her pretty smile shifting to serrated fangs, her eyes glowing vivid green and her tits bouncing with every powerful thrust.

Envy’s loss of composure did not last long. Within seconds she had stifled her true demonic nature and her mesmerising beauty returned once more. Even so, the beastly hunger continued to possess her. She wanted to fuck him until he passed out; she wanted him to fuck her so hard she couldn’t breathe; she wanted the night of depraved, unadulterated hedonism she had been dreaming of for what felt like eons.

But right now, with her cock sheathed in Armando’s ass, what she really wanted was to hear him scream.

Latina trans woman rides hung male lover

Angelic as she appeared on the outside, there was no concealing Envy’s demonic depravity once her arousal had taken hold. Her body sang with blissful ecstasy as she rolled her hips rhythmically, plunging her cock deeper into her lover with every new thrust. Her tits ached, her balls too, and before long her manicure had scratched long marks over his back as she sought to release her desire.

And beneath it all, the need for more throbbed like a second heartbeat. A need which, as always, Envy relished satisfying.

If anything, Armando’s screams once his cock was buried in her ass were perhaps even more orgasmic than when she’d had hers buried in his. Sucking on her tits and pounding relentlessly into her tight hole, he caressed her body eagerly, his large hands roving over her soft golden skin, always returning to her plump ass which he delighted in groping and spanking and jiggling.

The pleasure burning through Envy’s system was equally intense and soon her breathless groans were dancing through the air with his, her stolen brows knitting together with each euphoric gasp.

‘I want you to fuck me,’ she cried over and over, pouring her unearthly power through Armando’s consciousness. ‘I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me.’ He was her puppet now – even after the night was over and Envy was sleeping again, Liv would be the only woman for him. The city’s most desired stud was a slave to her every whim. ‘I want you to fuck me. Oh yes, right there. I want you to fuck me so fucking good…’

Eventually, she allowed her voice to trail off. Her eyes rolled back and her jaw fall open as he hammered into her prostate. The pleasure was so intense she couldn’t even moan.

Then Armando grunted two words that dragged Envy back to reality.

‘I’m close.’

Suddenly possessed by an impish desire to truly corrupt her host, Envy slipped from his lap and down to her knees with a wicked grin. ‘I want you to cum on my chest,’ she said, licking her crimson lips hungrily. ‘I want you to brand me as your slut. Once I’m gone, Liv is going to make every night with you a memorable one, but I want your first time painting her tits with your seed to be right now, with me in the driver’s seat.’

Armando barely managed to get into position before firing his load all over Envy’s perfect golden flesh. Milking out every last drop, he groaned as his cum trickled down over her tits, decorating the black of her harness with strings of pearly white.

Throughout it all Envy moaned softly. Continuing to lick her lips she pushed out her tits, savouring every drop of hot cum that splattered over her chest. When he slumped down into the sofa she gave a chuckle, yet when her eyes opened they were blazing with such intense hunger he could not hold her gaze.

‘You don’t really think I’m finished with you, do you?’ she hissed. Crawling atop him, she seized his softening cock firmly. ‘I want you hard again.’ Immediately, his shaft was rigid and he gave an agonised gasp as unbearable arousal tore through him. But Envy only smiled. ‘There’s one thing you have to learn about me baby: I always want more. And you’re the one who’s going to give it to me…’

Latina trans woman in erotic harnesses takes cumshot over chest

Thanks for reading!

The models in this scene are Pietra Radi and Victor Hugo.

Radi is a trans model who has kind of always existed on the edge of my knowledge of trans performers; as in, I’ve been conscious of her for quite a while, but I’ve not often sampled her work. But that’s mainly because when I’m in the mood for trans content, I can rarely resist going straight to the work of my favourite models since I adore them so much. In the future though, I’ll definitely be enjoying Radi’s work more often because she is an amazing performer and I love how smoking hot she is in this gallery. Granted, she isn’t as prolific as some other trans models I’ve featured on my blog, but she is absolutely worth checking out if you’re into trans content.

Hugo, meanwhile, was completely unfamiliar to me. Unfortunately he didn’t have a particularly good presence on any of the usual websites I source – his XHamster profile, which is the link I’ve provided, was the best but even that is somewhat limited. Still, it seems clear he primarily performs with trans models, and I for one really love what work of his I’ve seen since he is willing to both give and take when it comes to dick. So if you like tatted guys who are as eager to go down on hot trans sluts as they are to be the one doing the face-fucking, Hugo certainly won’t disappoint.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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