Amanda loved her new job. She was so much happier now that she spent her days maintaining the moral of the office men, instead of sitting in her office ordering them all around. And if the copious quantities of cum that dripped from her silk shirt were any indication, office moral must have been at an all-time high. Only a month ago she had been the CEO of one of

Sir Vincent, honoured knight of King Arthur, crept through the darkened corridor with his sword drawn, calculating each step carefully. It was no exaggeration to say that his very life depended on his caution and to put a foot wrong could spell his doom. All alone in the heart of the High Sorcerer’s fortress, he was lucky to have survived this far. He would have felt significantly more at ease

‘Do you like what I did to your sister?’ growled Ryan, glaring at his ex-wife with a mixture of disdain and amusement. The bar gag between her teeth might have stunted her speech, but it could not conceal the expression of defeat she wore as she looked first at him, then at her sister gorging herself hungrily on his enlarged dick, and then back to him again. ‘Personally, I think

‘Hey honey,’ she said as her husband picked up the phone, desperately trying to hold back a moan. ‘I was just ringing to say I will be home a little late tonight.’ Licking her lips seductively, Gemma felt her boss speed up a little as he pumped his dick into her hungry pussy. She had spent the last half an hour beneath his desk, teasing his dick with soft lips

Consciousness came slowly to her, and with it a sense of sudden dread. Something was very wrong, she could feel it in her gut, but at first she could not pinpoint what it was. As the drugs in her system wore off, her mind cleared and clarity flooded her system. Her first instinct was to run. It seemed to be a leftover reaction, as though it was the last thing