‘Not so fucking cocky now, are you?’ spat Louisa, staring daggers of loathing at the semi-naked woman below here as she relished the sensation of her new dick plunging into the tight twenty-something’s pussy. The raven-haired girl was so hot inside, her pussy constricting around her lover’s hard dick, and she spread her legs wide with a coy smile so that Louisa could fuck her deep. Louisa had to admit,

‘See,’ said the enormous gangster stood beside him, ‘look how much she is enjoying it. If you ask me she is a massive upgrade from that whiny little bastard she was before.’ As much as he wanted to, Connor could not tear his eyes away from the sight of the woman who had so recently been his brother being pounded by the black man on his bed. As far as

‘What the Hell are you doing, Jessie?’ Sean’s cry of shock only drew a giggle from her lips and she squeezed the upturned bottle harder. More of the shimmering oil spilled down onto her groin and added to the rivulets that were dribbling down Sean’s dick. ‘If you could feel what this felt like you would be doing exactly the same, lover. God your dick is so fucking good in

For all the technology and science that humanity strove to develop, it was in fact the advancements in sexual technologies and sciences that drove the human race to the state of peace, prosperity and utopia that had for millennia seemed unobtainable. Through extensive work, the nature of humanity to crave after sexual intimacy was taken as the unifying factor across every corner of the species, and once this unification was

‘Tell me who your supplier is!’ roared the man, bringing the flog down hard on her bare stomach. The stinging pain lanced through her torso and she screamed loudly, though there was nobody for miles to hear her. She was tied spread-eagled to a wall by her wrists and ankles and the consistent beating at the hands of the man had left her sweating uncontrollably such that her skin was

Stealing the bodysuit had been a good idea at first. Now though, given he was tied blindfolded to a chair with a vibrator to his false pussy and his first female orgasm rapidly building towards a point of no return, he was deeply regretting his decision. After being imprisoned in one of the Yakuza’s many locations across the city for over a week, Junichi had managed to escape his captivity

Tate had to admit that the place wasn’t as bad as he had been expecting. He had been reluctant at first to join his gay friend Mick to the gay club, but he had thought it better than to let Mick sit in and mope all night again. It had been almost a month since Mick’s boyfriend had dumped him and he hadn’t taken it well at all. Perhaps a

As the wall opposite was battered by another volley of gunfire, PC Thompson flinched, pressing himself as close as he was able into the wall beside the doorway. It was no exaggeration to say that he was in life-threatening danger. The old buildings in the disused office complex had long been used as on-off drug dens, though by now the police sweeps of the buildings were so widely known that

Rubbing his face into the woman’s ass, both of them laughed coldly. As the brunette woman – the one who had called herself Mistress M – held his face there, the dark-haired woman whose ass was crushing his nose, and who had identified herself as Mistress S, coiled a hand around and gripped his hair tightly. Ordinarily, he would have found both women intensely attractive. Mistress S’ black corset was

The taste of his cum as he erupted in her mouth was divine, but the moment she felt him shoot his load her eyes bulged with shock and a sharp panic overwhelmed her. Already she could feel her new body reacting to his cum: her skin tingled, her breasts ached and her pussy was positively dripping within a matter of seconds. Attempting to pull away she found Jake’s hand holding