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Kelly had known from the moment she laid eyes on the big black bastard that he would be the one to set her free, and as she watched Tyrone force the slutty blonde to gag on the cock she had stolen from him she had to admit she could not have chosen a better victim. It was still a little strange to see her old body from the outside, like a dream she could not wake up from, but she was growing used to it. Besides, since she had switched bodies with him she had made some changes to her old body – puffier lips, bigger tits, plastic curves – so it felt more like she was watching a caricature of her former self, inhabited by an owner who didn’t quite know what they were doing.

She shuddered as the blonde slut emitted a wet coughing noise midway through taking Kelly’s big black cock deep in her throat, then allowed herself a satisfied smile as the gagging morphed into a sultry moan.

Meanwhile, the other blonde was salivating as she waited her turn. Massaging Kelly’s balls, she licked her lips and frequently failed to notice her tongue lolling out as she made little moans of anticipation watching her friend worship their master.

Several months before, all three of them had barged into her store. The result was a satisfied smile settling on Kelly’s lips. Before that day she had been preparing herself to make her move once the right man came along, somebody who could meet her high standards, and it was easy to see that there could be nobody better for her to swap with.

For years she had worked herself to the point of exhaustion building a name for herself in the industry, catering to the most elite clients in the country: playboys, film stars, millionaires, all of them wanted her to find them their perfect mansion, or penthouse, or country estate. Her popularity, she knew, was due to the high standards she had of all her associates, and which themselves had defined her success and singled her out as one of the most ruthlessly efficient businesswomen in her industry. She had lost count of how many early mornings and late nights had been spent emailing builders, phoning sellers and meeting architects all in the pursuit of satisfying her clients’ endlessly materialistic needs.

Over time, however, she had grown tired of the vulgar men and their giggling lady friends. With each new client sold their perfect house her resentment had grown, a cold hatred roiling in her stomach as she watched them drowning in wealth while she barely made enough to afford a small place of her own. That hatred had solidified into icy determination, and thanks to a magic pendant gifted to her by one of her few appreciative clients – a beautiful Oriental woman with eyes that could have cut steel – she had known just how to turn the tables.

Having used it a few times before to switch bodies with some open-minded friends she knew it worked, and she had kept it safe on her person at all times should she ever decide to use it again.

Any time she met with Tyrone he always had a pair of snow bunnies on his arms – rarely the same ones – giggling and fawning over him in a display of girlish, slutty desire that was as terribly concealed as it was hideous to witness. Maintaining her professional demeanour while working through the process of finding him his ‘pad palace’ as he called it, Kelly’s true motives were perfectly hidden as she led him on. Quietly cancelling all upcoming appointments and closing down her business piece by piece, she had awoken each day with the weight on her shoulders a little lighter: Tyrone would be her final client, and he had no idea what was about to happen to him.

Finally, the day had come to show him around his new house and with the usual pair of fresh-faced blonde sluts in tow she had given him the full guided tour. By the end of it, stood by the pool, she had been elated to see the barely contained rage in his face. None of this was what he had asked for: he had wanted a country mansion not a hillside villa, four bubbling hot tubs not an infinity pool, a king-sized bed not an elaborate vintage four-poster. How could she claim to work to such high standards, he had raged, when she could not meet the simplest needs of her clients? Informing him that she had already confirmed the purchase with his money had sent him into a frenzy, and for a second she had thought the towering black man was going to attack her.

But of course, Kelly had not bought the house for him.

A quick flash of the magical pendant and her victory was complete. Now she was the one towering high, her huge black muscles rippling with power and the weight of her new cock sending thrills up and down her spine. Tyrone had blanched as he realised what had just happened, but without his powerful body he had proved even more pathetic than she had anticipated. Whining uselessly, he had cried out as she had snatched the pendant from his now slender fingers and brandished it with a grin.

‘You see this,’ she had growled, savouring her deep voice, ‘this is the only thing that could ever switch us back.’ Allowing him a moment to stare, Kelly had then pulled back and launched it high with all her might. It had soared beyond the edge of the infinity pool out over the sprawling city below, rocketing through the sky like a falling meteor before it was lost to view entirely. Turning back to Tyrone she had burst into mocking laughter – the pathetic bastard was crying.

Since then, Kelly had revelled in her life of luxury. Tyrone – or Tess as she had taken to calling him – had been easily suppressed into just another willing slut for Kelly to fuck senseless. By now he followed orders with relatively little complaint. Of course, he had no choice in the matter, but Kelly suspected that he had come to secretly crave the thick cock he had once owned filling his tight new holes. Kelly’s close friends – those who already knew about the pendant – had applauded her lifestyle shift and would from time to time visit her in her dream house to have some fun, while as far as anybody else was concerned she had simply fallen for Tyrone’s charms and moved in to become another of his loyal whores.

Even better, it turned out that Tyrone had been a big name pornstar, meaning Kelly was able to make a living fucking the hottest, naughtiest bitches from all over the world: better than selling houses, that was for sure. Then, when she came home, she could always expect her pet Tess waiting for her on her knees at the door, ready to help the sluts Kelly bought back with their duties of worshipping her big black cock. Most of them knew by now that Tyrone’s body was under new ownership, but to add to his humiliation none of them could have cared less. After all, it was his cock they were after, not his personality.

Folding her muscular arms behind her head, she grinned as Tess hammered the blonde’s head down even rougher. Amusingly, the former pornstar seemed to be getting a taste for the other side of the fucking experience and appeared to be deeply dissatisfied with the woman’s performance. Raising an eyebrow, Kelly noticed she was right – her technique was shoddy and she seemed to be limited to no more than the head of her throbbing cock. She may have had her dream house, dream body, dream job and dream life, but that didn’t mean Kelly was about to let her standards drop: this one wouldn’t be tasting her cock again.

Fortunately, Kelly had made use of her slave Tess many times since they had switched bodies, and if there was one thing she had learned it was that there was no experience quite like nutting inside a slut. The climax might not have lasted as long as the orgasms she had known as a woman, but the peak was indescribable.

Growling her lust, she motioned for the blonde to move away and for Tess to prepare herself. ‘Master wants something a little tighter around his cock.’

‘Yes, sir,’ Tess cooed, sinking onto her back and rolling up her skirt to reveal her bare, moist holes.

Before long, Kelly was rolling her hips forcefully, thrusting into her slave’s tightest hole of all as the mind-bending climax she had grown so addicted to mounted within her, building to an almost agonising peak which would soon overflow into a glorious crescendo…

Black man gives anal sex to brunette in red silk shirt as he sucks blonde's breast and blonde in maid outfit masturbates

Thanks for reading!

This piece is one of those stories that took a lot to get finished. I absolutely loved the initial gif and knew I really wanted to make use of it, but actually doing so proved a lot harder than I had wanted. When I first worked on it I had been riding a creative high for a while, but crashed midway through the writing process and when I read back what I had written I deeply loathed the result. Consequently it became the first erotic piece I have ever written which I completely deleted and started again with. Thanks to some advice from Lex and some internet puppy hugs from Spindizzy ( I left it for a week or so and found my groove again. When I came back to it I put a lot of effort into making sure it was good and this is the result. I am super happy with it for plenty of reasons, but mostly I am just proud of myself for being able to step away and come back to it further down the line which is historically something I have struggled to do.

Thursday’s release is going to be the first story I wrote after this, which is another piece I am very proud of and the one that most helped me get back into my creative flow. Both of this week’s stories would ordinarily have taken a lot longer to arrive on here since they are recent pieces and I have a backlog of forty something stories to get through, but I really wanted to be able to put them out as soon as I could.

Anyways, I’ll catch you all on Thursday and I hope you enjoyed this one!

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