Busty blonde woman in lace lingerie stares at herself in mirror

Admiring himself in the mirror, the same apprehensive thought continued to niggle at the back of Kenzo’s mind: was this really the right thing?

One thing was for sure, it was undeniably convincing. The seal of the bodysuit which ran up his back was concealed so expertly nobody would have noticed it without it being pointed out, and as for the rest of suit… Nobody would have ever imagined that contained within was a desperate young man just trying to make ends meet. The tits were heavy and soft, the legs long and alluring, and the face was crafted with such expert attention to detail he knew he would be the hottest blonde bombshell anywhere he went from now on.

It was a strange thing, being sealed in the suit. It felt almost as though he was being subjected to a visual illusion given that his mind told him he should see himself in the mirror, but in fact his reflection was that of one of the most beautiful women he had ever laid eyes on. If he didn’t know any better, he would have said he was looking at himself through a virtual reality headset and this was all just a simulation, but there was no escaping the feel of the bodysuit tight over every inch of his skin.

The sensation was beyond anything he had expected. The vendor had explained that the suit would bond with him in such a way it did not feel like he was wearing a suit at all, but he had not believed it would be this seamless. The weight of his tits was so realistic he at first felt a dull ache in his shoulders and upper back before he got used to them; the sensitivities of his groin – including his new pussy – fed so perfectly into his body that part of him was convinced he no longer had a cock at all, and it had been replaced by a quivering vagina by some surgical genius; even the breeze that brushed over his skin sent shivers through him and raised goosebumps as though it were his actual flesh subjected to the cool air.

Running his hands through his silky blonde hair, he allowed himself a cautious smile: he did look good. Feeling the sensations of a woman’s body was more than just liberating, it was erotic, and his heart fluttered as he realised how nice it felt being somebody else. It was like a clean slate, a fresh start for him to lead a new life untainted by the burdens of the one that came before.

As new as everything felt, however, he knew he was still tied to the man he was underneath the suit: the man who had days left to pay his rent or be thrown out onto the street; the man who had lost his job thanks to cutbacks and could not find a replacement; the man who had been so desperate he had agreed to rent out a bodysuit knowing he could not afford to pay the vendor back for it. Sure, it was better than getting involved with a loan shark – at least this way he could try and earn some money back – but if he couldn’t pay for the suit within the month, Kenzo knew he would be a hunted man.

But what other choice did he have?

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Startled, Kenzo jumped and his heart was set hammering in his chest. Slipping the straps of his lingerie back over his shoulders, he took one last look at his new body in the mirror and donned a confident look: this was it. He was only doing this for the money. It wasn’t a big deal, just a little anonymous sex and some cash at the end of it. It was weird, but it was necessary, and once he was back on his feet he could pay for the suit and give it back before moving on with his life as though this never happened.

Still, his new body thrilled with excitement as he imagined what attractive man lay behind the door. He had made sure to seek out a pimp who dealt exclusively with the higher classes, and a flutter of anticipation filled him as he wondered who the oily guy had rustled up. Reminding himself he should introduce himself as Kenzie, he took a deep breath and turned around.

Slinking across the room, Kenzo allowed himself a small smile: just because he was desperate, it didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy himself a little…

Busty blonde woman stands in high rise apartment with cleavage on show

Standing up from lacing his heel, Kenzo glanced down at the handsome black man still sprawled across the bed. The bedsheets covered his modesty, but that was not to say they concealed it and he allowed his eyes to linger a moment on the thick snake bulging prominently underneath.

‘You want more, don’t you?’ he said with a grin.

‘Depends,’ she replied. ‘Can you pay?’

The man shrugged. ‘Afraid not, sweetheart. You know I love our time together, but damn you know how to charge. It’s over on the table as usual.’ With that he slumped back into the pillows and took up his phone.

Kenzo could barely believe how his life had turned around. It had been several months since that first night in the suit, and by now he could more than afford to put Kenzie away for good and still have enough left over to keep him going for a year or more. But the money was so damn good! He was earning more in a night now than he had earned in a week at his last job; Hell, with the right client he could do one night of work and kick back for the rest of the month if he wanted to.

Not that he did, of course. Among the many ways the bodysuit had surprised him was in just how intense the pleasure sensations it provided were. After extensive practical research, he had by now determined that a female orgasm in the suit was significantly better than any meagre climax provided by a short wanking session, and by now he was more than happy to admit he preferred the sex in his new body than his old one. He enjoyed it so much, in fact, that he far preferred heading out each night to earn some extra income than staying at home relaxing.

Even at home, however, Kenzie was taking up most of his time. Though he would never have admitted it to anybody, he was spending most of his waking hours in the confines of the suit. Many nights he would fall asleep in it after a long night working, and these days he was going days at a time without taking it off. Kenzie, after all, felt so much better than Kenzo. Her body was softer and smoother, the way she turned heads everywhere she went sharply contrasted the disinterest with which he was regarded in public, and it was no stretch to say that the erotic hormones the suit fed him when in use were more than a little intoxicating. He had come to hope he saw a fit guy while wearing the suit just to feel the familiar, leg-weakening thrill of lust when he did.

In fact, Kenzo was so comfortable as Kenzie, he had even chosen to invest a hefty chunk of his earnings into improving her. Once he had paid the vendor back for the suit, the man had been more than happy to collect the extra cash in return for making a few changes. Her waistline was now even tighter, while her heavy tits had been blown up to incredible size ensuring no man could hope to pass her in the street without shamelessly ogling. Her long hair was now a perfect bleach blonde, and he had puffed up her lips more than was perhaps necessary but was all in the pursuit of providing the perfect blowjob. Enhanced sensory receptors had been installed into the nipples and the groin of the suit, and though it had cost him a month’s wages, he had had the suit’s stamina levels tripled and an orgasm catalyser installed so that he could orgasm any time he pleased: he had discovered there was no greater pleasure in the suit than climaxing as his lover came, and he had been unable to resist treating himself to the improved functions.

What was more, to match his enhanced suit, his dress sense was changing too. More and more he was picking out designer clothes that flaunted his incredible figure, and it was rare indeed to see him wearing anything even vaguely modest. Baring his cleavage and boasting his curves was almost as much of a thrill as luring in a hot guy, and by now there were only a handful of outfits left in his wardrobe for him to wear on the occasions he removed the suit.

Deep down, Kenzo knew how things were going to play out though he still sometimes tried to convince himself that he would give Kenzie up one day soon. With each passing day, however, the truth grew more undeniable: Kenzie was his future. Like a science nerd falling for the head cheerleader, he had fallen irrevocably in love with the woman he was in the suit. The sex, the money, the power, the body, there was nothing he could fault about his life as Kenzie, and sooner or later he knew he would make the ultimate improvement to the suit: the permanent seal procedure.

Crossing to the table, he took up the thick wad of cash and flicked through the notes, satisfied. The quality of his clients was only escalating, and if anything this fistful of notes was on the lower end of his nightly earnings: the Black Beast, as he called the man, was just too good of a fuck for him to give up. Not to mention that he was Kenzo’s first, the man who had first filled him in that hotel room and opened his eyes to this new life.

Admiring the stack of cash was the final nail in the coffin of his former life. How could he ever go back to what he had been before? Scrounging a living in a dumpy apartment, what kind of life was that when he knew he could be a goddess among women?

Smiling to herself, Kenzie turned back to face the man on the bed. ‘Now I think about it,’ she said, reaching around and undoing the ties of her top so that it fell away, exposing her magnificent rack, ‘I’m celebrating tonight. A toast to my future, I guess you could call it. And since you’re such a loyal and…’ she shuddered, eyeing up his cock which was already beginning to swell beneath the covers, ‘gifted customer, I think I want to celebrate with you…’

Blonde dominatrix in red latex stands in front of throne

When he was younger, Kenzo had spent hours on end playing video games, and he always loved discovering the final form of the creatures he collected. Right now, stood in her own dungeon with a paying slave salivating at the sight of her immaculate, latex-clad ass, Kenzie could not help but feel that she had evolved into her own final form.

The permanent seal procedure had been like a rebirth. A phoenix rising from the ashes of her former self, Kenzie had shivered with delight as the seal closed for the final time and the man she had once been was bound forever in her superior figure. With the suit locked, her male form would slowly bond with the suit until they were utterly indistinguishable from one another, and the night of her rebirth had been celebrated noisily with her favourite client, the Black Beast.

If she was honest, their companionship had gone far beyond professional lovers and they both knew it. Neither of them was the kind to settle down and devote themselves to one partner, but the fact remained that she had elected to exempt him from payment months ago and they still found themselves in one another’s arms most nights. It was purely for the sex, of course, and they both knew that too, but with a combined libido between them that could have put the collected employees of most porn companies to shame it was little wonder they were so desperate for one another.

Whenever she was not in his arms, however, Kenzie was working on making her own way in the world. The property in which she had constructed her place of work had not been cheap, but then money was no longer a concern and the results of her expensive tastes spoke for themselves. Three floors dedicated to ultimate sexual bliss, with rooms ranging from a faux medical studio to a darkened dungeon complete with stocks and fucking machine.

Kenzie’s Kink Manor, as the neon sign in the lobby said, was her proudest achievement and she had never felt more content than when she was striding through its corridors or filling it with the wails of her clients.

Speaking of whom, said clients were practically falling over themselves to acquire her services. Providing everything from the hotel-room passion she had first began with, to intense domination sessions, Kenzie had tapped into the depraved underbelly of society and she was having money practically thrown at her to meet their needs.

Glancing back at the man tied to the table behind her, she smirked knowingly. ‘You want me bad, don’t you, pet? You want to feel my body against yours and feel the crack of my whip across your ass knowing it might please me. You want me to sit my hot ass down on your face and never let you come up for air.’

‘Yes, Mistress,’ panted the man, sweating with anticipation, ‘yes, yes I want your perfect ass, please let me taste your ass.’

Stalking over to him, Kenzie savoured the tight grasp of the latex she wore over her flesh. It was so sleek and sumptuous, and as with all of her new latex outfits it drew the eye of any man around. It reminded her of how the suit had felt when she first wore it: liberating, sensitive, and oh so hot.

Leaning into his face she smiled coldly. ‘I wonder if I was ever as pathetic as you,’ she thought aloud. ‘But then that doesn’t matter anymore, I suppose. You could never be as perfect as me. All you’re good for is snivelling under my heel and begging to lick my ass.’ Jumping onto the table and straddling his head, she dropped her ass down sharply and sat on his face. The man’s moan was cut off by her thick flesh, but almost immediately his limbs began to flail. ‘Well, you know what the say, pet. Be careful what you wish for…’

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I have to say this is one of those pieces that really sticks out to me, and I am especially proud of it. Not just because I think it is a well-written, interesting piece (though I hope it is), but because it was written after such a catastrophic failure as the story before. If you read my comments on my Monday release, Standards, you will know that that story was a real struggle for me to get right. When I initially wrote that story – which was called Denied the Cock and I later deleted to start again – I was very unhappy with the result. It was really bad writing and when reading it you could easily tell that it was an awful piece. Despite that knock, the very same night I managed to write this story up and I have barely changed a word of it from that first draft to this published piece. Honestly, I really don’t know how I managed to produce two stories on complete opposite ends of the quality spectrum in one night, but this piece was definitely a course correction and I am so happy with how it turned out.

Next week is a somewhat unexpected long read that I only just finished writing, but I’ll explain more on Monday.

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