As she busied herself with sorting through her great-aunt’s belongings, Mary sighed. She had only met the woman a handful of times, but she had always had an aura of excitement and mischief about her. They had always got along well whenever they spent time together, and the understanding that she was no longer around was still a blow to the gut even if they hadn’t been that close.

Their family had never been particularly large, and as a result Mary was her closest living relative. As a result she had been saddled with a significant quantity of her great-aunt’s possessions to organise. For the most part it was just clothes and jewellery, the large majority of which she intended to donate to charity, though there were a few items that she intended to keep for herself: a set of earrings, some necklaces, a nice dress and an assortment of other things.

As she distributed everything into different piles her mind wandered and she sighed again, this time out of frustration. She often found herself loathing the mundanity of her existence: sexless marriage, distant husband, dead-end job, fading beauty. It was all so tiresome. It felt as though any hope of excitement had died long ago and now her body was just waiting to catch up. All she wanted to do was tear everything down and start over, but at her time of life that was far easier said than done. Where exactly was she going to find a lover who would revitalise her buried sex life? Who would want to love her deep in every sense of the word? What career could she hope to shift to that would truly fulfil her? How was she supposed to turn back the hands of time and reclaim her beauty?

At that moment, soft material caressed her fingertips and she was jolted from her thoughts. From the jumbled pile of clothes Mary pulled a pair of long, white, silk evening gloves that shimmered in the sunlight. They were exquisitely cared for, the silk breathtakingly smooth and the material as sleek as the day they had been made. They looked like the sort of thing she imagined royalty might wear to an important event. Running them between her fingers she realised how long it had been since she last indulged herself in a little luxury, and – glancing across at the door to check nobody was watching her – she rolled them up and slipped them on.

The material felt like a cool breeze coiled around her arms and she ran gloved fingers up and down her forearms, savouring the sensation against her skin. For the first time in years she felt truly relaxed and, to her surprise, attractive. A tingle zipped up her spine as she imagined herself in full lavish attire, mingling with handsome young men and beautiful women in an opulent ballroom.

The tingle hit the top of her spine. However, rather than stop, it seemed to spread, forking out across her shoulders and around her front. As it crossed her chest she shivered and stared in amazement as a rapid transformation overcame her sagging breasts. Pulling up and in they shrank a little, but firmed up, a youthful tenderness the likes of which she had not known for years returning to the flesh. As they did so, the tingle continued to race through her body – along her arms, circling her stomach, descending her thighs – and her eyes bulged as years sloughed from her ageing body. The blemishes and wrinkles that plagued her skin faded and smoothed until every inch was soft and perfect, while everything seemed to tighten and pull in. Her significant stomach sucked in sharply, as did the dangling flesh of her arms and the draping folds around her neck. Her already large behind, saggy from years of sedentary work, did not change in size but certainly altered in structure, the muscle returning and the skin stretching tight like a shirt over large breasts. She noticed a brief flutter of motion in her peripheral vision as her dry, silvering hair gave way to shoulder-length blonde locks.

Blonde woman looks shocked with bra on show

By the time the tingle had faded away Mary looked thirty years younger. Scrambling for the hand mirror she had discarded into a charity pile earlier on, she squeaked at the sight of her reflection before tearing open her shirt to admire her new breasts. Amazingly, the physical transformation had been reflected in her attire, and even though she was wearing the same black bra and dull grey shirt she had been beforehand they were now perfectly fitted to her fresh, young body.

Holding up a hand she admired the gloves and giggled. This was amazing! She hadn’t the first idea of how the gloves worked but in truth she didn’t much care. Along with the physical changes she felt a newfound mischievousness injected into her personality and she began to wonder what she might do with her new body. After all, her boring husband wasn’t going to be back from work for hours, and there was a lot she could do in his absence.

An idea popped into her head with all the clarity of a eureka moment and grinning wide she rummaged through the rest of the pile. Without knowing how, she was drawn to the item she knew she would find at the bottom of the pile: a pair of thick, pink leather cuffs. If she had found them before she knew she would have frowned and tossed them into the trash pile in distaste, but as it was she knew it would not do for her gloves to slip off if her idea was to play out as she hoped it would. Buckling them tightly around her wrists she allowed herself a sly smile and set about removing her clothes…

Charlie was sat on his laptop when he heard the door open behind him. He flinched and panicked: he had not expected his mum to finish sorting out her great-aunt’s stuff so soon and with her out of the way and his dad at work he had taken the opportunity to play some video games. Of course he had been planning on cleaning the kitchen like his parents had asked him to, just not until he thought his mum would be almost finished.

Expecting to see his mum stood in the doorway with a face like thunder, he was met by a beautiful blonde girl whose entire attire consisted of a pair of silk gloves and a leather cuff on each hand. Other than that she was completely naked, her bald pussy and perky tits proudly displayed. Leaping up from his chair he looked away and tried not to let his eyes stray back to her naked person.

‘Oh, uh, who are you? Was the front door unlocked or something? Do you need help? I, uh, how about you put some clothes on before answering any of those questions, okay?’

The girl giggled and sauntered over to him, backing him up into a corner. ‘Oh, baby, don’t you recognise me?’

‘No, no, I definitely don’t, but as luck would have it I’m much better at remembering faces when the person is fully-clothed. So how about you put those clothes on now?’

‘Or maybe you should take yours off,’ she said with a voice as smooth as the silk of her gloves, ‘then you might not be so uncomfortable. It’s alright, peanut, I don’t bite.’

Only one person had ever called him that, and given that he was in his mid-twenties Charlie didn’t imagine anyone would start calling him it now. Looking into the girl’s eyes he gasped and she giggled as realisation dawned. ‘Mum? What the…? How are you…?’

‘You like my new look?’ She twirled around before pressing her naked body up against his. Her hands found his involuntary boner through his jeans and rubbed it. ‘I think I’m going to go by Maci like this, I think it suits me more. How about you take a little time to explore my body, baby? There are all sort of things we can do together.’

‘Listen, mum, I don’t what the Hell is going on but we have to stop. We can’t do this, it’s so wro–’ He was cut off mid-sentence as she ran her silk-gloved hand across his cheek soothingly. A web of tingles coursed through his skin and he shuddered at the sudden arousal that surged through him. All at once she seemed undeniable and the knowledge that she was his mother no longer seemed to matter. He wanted her, and he wanted her now. A small voice screaming at him to stop was forced to the back of his mind and snuffed out before he picked up the small woman, let her wrap her legs around his waist and kissed her hard and deep…

Blonde woman wearing evening gloves gives deep throat oral sex to man

Opening her mouth wide, Maci groaned in satisfaction as Charlie sank his dick down her throat up to the base. She could feel her throat bulging to accommodate him and she could tell from his grunts that he was enjoying both the feeling and the sight of her taking him deep. Still, she doubted he was enjoying it as much as her: the salty taste of his pre-cum was intoxicating and the youthful rigidity of his meat was divine. Her useless husband hadn’t been this hard for as long as she could remember, and even when they had fucked she now realised that she had married a truly small man. How they had managed to produce a son with such an amazing cock was beyond her. Still, she didn’t much care because she was Maci now, Charlie was her lover, and that’s all she was interested in.

Pulling him in deeper by his ass cheeks she moaned louder as cum and spit dribbled in little rivulets around her eyes and down her forehead. Only when she could no longer breath did she release her grip on him, but after a brief breather she tugged him back into her throat, giddy with delight as he fucked her face. He was a perfect mixture of ruthless and sensual, caressing her breasts gently as she sucked on him, and fucking her face like his only goal in life was to degrade her.

Unrestrained delight coursed through her body, setting every inch alight with tingles of lust. This was better than anything she could have ever wished for. Soon he would flip her over and fuck her from behind and once he was on the brink she would pull away and slip him into her ass where he would release his sweet load. She had already swallowed one and she could barely wait for another, nor to feel him fill up her tight, virgin ass. She wanted to ride him for hours until her husband came home so that she could laugh at his pitiful expression when he found the two of them fucking like animals. She wanted him to use her like a slut for his pleasure, to let him explore his most twisted desires with her as his ragdoll. She wanted to be used so hard she ached for weeks afterwards, every pang and throb reminding her of the brutal abuse she had been subjected to at the hands of her own son.

She knew this was all so, so wrong, but the very fact it was so taboo made it feel so, so right. As far as she was concerned this was no more than her husband deserved for neglecting her needs for so long, and it didn’t matter that Charlie would soon be pounding her tight cunt because in this body he wasn’t her son.

As she serviced Charlie’s cock fresh ideas popped into her head and she found that all those questions she had found herself asking not so long were hopelessly easy to answer with her newfound clarity. As it happened, her means of turning back the clock to reclaim a more youthful figure – though not necessarily hers – had been hidden amongst her great-aunt’s belongings all along. More importantly, having donned the gloves, she now knew that they were not the only items amongst the collection in possession of such powers, and she could not wait to try out all of the assorted jewellery and clothing that would keep her in this youthful body.

Blonde woman in cheerleader outfit rides black man in pinstripe suit

As for where she might find a suitable lover, she now realised that she could find one anywhere. One touch to the skin from her new body would render any man putty in her hands, lusting only for her. Perhaps tonight she would make an excuse to her husband and hit the town to find some young, big stud who she could seduce.

That was not to say she did not still want to find a true lover who could fulfil her in more ways than just physically. Fortunately, the resolution to that issue would likely also solve her career problems. Not only was her boss single and rich beyond comprehension, but if rumour was to be believed he was very well-endowed indeed. She was sure an innocent demonstration of what her young body could do would be more than enough to persuade him that he need not be single any longer. And given that he was unbelievably wealthy she knew he would be more than happy to have a horny stay-at-home pet to his name instead of a middle-aged office drone.

From now on she knew that her son would do anything to please her in her new body, and she was sure she could make use of that on the days her new lover was away working. As for her husband, well, he was getting just what he deserved. Allowing her son to pull out of her throat, spin her round and press his head against her quivering opening, she groaned as he entered her. Despite his enthusiasm all she could think about was what it might feel like to take the hard dick of her boss, and the following day, dressed in a cute cheerleader outfit she had picked out in the morning, she found out that he was more than receptive to her horny persuasions…

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