The Academy: Part II

Brunette wearing school uniform shushes those around her

‘Quiet, I think I hear them coming,’ hissed Melanie, pressing a finger to her lips. The other girls fell silent, straining their ears to listen. Sure enough the familiar beat of Penny’s strut could be heard in the corridor and a moment later she was striding through the door, cheeks rosy and hair in a mess. Her uniform was on, just about, but she had dressed poorly with buttons in the wrong holes, the knot of her tie lower than her breasts and one sock missing. A faint string of cum even smeared her chin. She looked like she had just come in from a windstorm and to their surprise she was a little breathless.

It was morning, and the girls had woken to find Penny and James missing. Of course, they’d known she would show the new boy his true purpose eventually, but none of them had expected her to take him quite so soon, thus they had waited excitedly for her return hoping she arrived back before classes started. They could hardly wait to see how James was going to turn out – they’d all undergone the same experience at some point and they knew how intense a first time was.

Still, they had not expected them to return in such a state. Even when carrying a passenger Penny always took great pride in her appearance: neat as a pin and sharp as a dagger. She’d never looked so dishevelled before and they crowded around her giddily as she flopped down onto her bed.

‘What happened to you?’ asked one. ‘You look like you’ve gone all night at a gangbang.’

‘Was it the headmaster, is that who you were with?’

‘How did James do? Is he okay? Is he like us now?’

Mildly concerned for her queen’s exhaustion, Melanie stepped in and ushered the girls back. ‘Give them some space, ladies. It looks like they’ve both had a long night.’ Then she turned to Penny, ‘You look rough, babe,’ she stated.

Penny grinned devilishly. ‘You should see the other guy. I wouldn’t bank on seeing the headmaster out of his chambers today: when we left him he was babbling like a lunatic on his bed. I know we used the book to improve him but I don’t think even he is made to fuck that much.’

‘So James did well?’

‘I’ll say. I’ve never known anybody take on their new personality with such relish. All this,’ she gestured to her unkempt appearance, ‘none of it was me, if you can believe it. Jaimie wouldn’t stop all night. She’s a bloody animal. You’re going to love her.’

The girls chattered excitedly among themselves. It was always exhilarating meeting a new slut for the first time, and if Jaimie could use up Penny’s magically enhanced body like this she was going to be the most interesting addition to their clique for quite some time.

Sprawled on the bed, Penny heard Jaimie shift in the back of her mind. Can I come out now? Can I have the body you promised me? Ever since Penny had told her about the new, hot form she would take on once she was released, Jaimie had been swirling around in her head like a hyperactive puppy.

Sure, she replied. Throwing out a hand she waited for Melanie to help her to her feet. Once she was up she leaned on her friend heavily and prepared to expel Jaimie’s presence.

Tensing up, she forced her passenger out in the form of a ball of bright light which glowed under the skin of her chest before slipping through her pores and hovering several feet above the ground among the mesmerised students. Then, in a flash of blinding light that filled the room, it burst. Once the light died away, the girls admired the stunning naked brunette standing in their midst.

Busty brunette stands naked in front of white curtain

She was gorgeous, with swooping curves and mellow skin that glowed in the morning sunshine. Long dark hair tumbled down, framing her pretty face and hugging her ample breasts gently. A neatly trimmed triangular patch of hair nestled above her thighs, the pursed lips of her pussy just visible beneath already attracting the touch of her playful fingers, which slipped down and parted the folds to tease her swollen clit. Her ass was broad and cushioned and she possessed a handful of small tattoos here and there to break up the rolling perfection of her supple skin. Backed by the fresh white of a softly rippling curtain she looked divine, almost ethereal, though her soft moans as she felt her new body tainted her aura with a delicious naughtiness that set the girls squirming with excitement.

‘Thicc,’ one of them murmured, her fingers sinking down her skirt.

As the new girl explored herself, Melanie lay Penny down and tucked her into bed. She’d carried enough passengers in her time at the academy to know how taxing it could be, and by the looks of things Jaimie had been so wrapped up in her fresh desires she had forgotten she was riding somebody else’s body. As much as it was admirable that the new girl had managed to exhaust both Penny and the headmaster, it would take her friend a while to recover her strength, so she would have to take things from here.

‘Hello, Jaimie,’ she smiled, ‘glad you could join us.’

Jaimie smiled a little bashfully: as much as she was thrilled with her new body when it came down to it she wasn’t a completely new person. Echoes of her former self remained, and she found herself a bit sheepish what with all the pretty girls staring at her naked figure. ‘Hey there. Did it feel like this for you?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I feel so good. But it’s not like anything I’ve ever felt before. I feel like my insides are on fire and every time I think about last night I’m tingly all over. I feel so thirsty but I don’t need water, and I feel hungry but it’s not food I want to fill me. It’s so strange but…’ she shuddered, her eyelids fluttering, ‘but it makes me so wet.’

Melanie glanced at the other girls, who were exchanging knowing smiles. ‘Pretty much,’ she nodded. ‘That’s just how it feels being a naughty witch, I guess. And you’re going to need that energy if you want to stay in this dorm.’

Jaimie frowned. ‘I thought this was my dorm?’

‘Not yet. It can be, but you have to earn it first. The girls in this dorm belong to the Inner Circle. They’re the girls who have proved themselves worthy of the queen’s praise. There’s a hierarchy here, you see, and it’s important you understand that. Right now, you are an aspiring pledge. Dependent on how today goes will decide on where you land on the ladder.

‘The cliquey minxes make up most of the academy. They’re hot bitches I wouldn’t recommend messing with, and they often form their own groups to compete with one another – which group can fuck the most professors in a day, for example.

‘Then there are the competitive sluts. They are the girls who’ve taken part in a naughty competition within their own cliques and gained bragging rights when they won. Generally these are the leaders of each clique, and it’s survival of the sluttiest to keep their position at the top.

‘Above them you have the alpha bitches. They’re a clique of their own and accept only the best competitive sluts to join their ranks. They have their own clubhouse of sorts – an entire wing of the academy purely to themselves – and by all accounts it’s a sordid, naughty place. If we are goddesses and the minxes are mortals, think of the alpha bitches as whorish angels. They are ruthless and powerful, and when we aren’t present they are the ones in control.

‘And that leaves us, here, in this dorm. We are the highest echelon you can ever hope to reach and the envy of every other girl in the academy. Only we have access to the entire contents of the book; the lesser bitches are only permitted to access certain areas to meddle with. This dorm is our command centre. We are the super-vixens, the empresses, and the only way you join us is by impressing us. Really impressing us.

‘Beyond us there is only Penny. The queen. The goddess. Think or her as every hot slut you could imagine – the boss bitch, the sorority president, the head-cheerleader – all rolled into one. Her word is final, and she commands the undying loyalty of every girl below her.’

As Melanie spoke, Jaimie felt her respect for Penny surge to new heights. Not only had she transformed the lives of so many lost souls for the better, but even when Jaimie had been a passenger in the queen’s mind she had managed to conceal all this information from her. All Penny had allowed her to see was what she wanted her to see, and given how exhausting the night had clearly been for the blonde beauty Jaimie commended her on her impressive restraint.

Then something Melanie said crossed her mind. ‘So if I want to stay in this dorm I have to be a super-vixen. And to do that I have to impress you. How do I impress you?’

‘We call it the showcase,’ Melanie explained. ‘And it’s your one shot to get in straight away. If you fail, you are demoted to a lower level dependent on the calibre of your performance. Sure, you can make it into the Inner Circle by climbing the ranks, but that’s a longer road. You’ll still enjoy life at the academy, but becoming a super-vixen is the only way to get access to everything the queen offers.’

‘So what’s the showcase?’ Vaguely Jaimie realised she was feeling less and less concerned with her nakedness. In fact, seeing some of the girls admiring her thick body with the folds of their skirts trembling as they masturbated prompted her to thrust her chest out a little further.

‘It’s your way of proving you deserve a place in this dorm. You have to pick a member of staff and seduce them into fucking you before the end of your first day and you’re in. If you succeed, whichever staff member you chose is then off-limits to every other member of the academy besides us.’

‘Sounds too easy,’ Jaimie said, raising an eyebrow.

Melanie’s lips twisted into a smirk. ‘Because there’s a catch. It might not look like it, but the staff here aren’t predisposed to fuck us, it’s more complex than that. We used the book to make them hot, but it’s us who make them crave us. Every girl at every level has access to seduction spells and other little magical ploys to wrap the faculty around their little fingers, and the higher your level the more powerful the spells you can use.

‘As an aspiring pledge you won’t have that luxury. All you get is three spells, and seduction magic is off the table, as is any attempt to directly affect your target in any way. To cast a spell, you just need to think what you want to happen, and that’s what will happen. If you can tempt one of the unclaimed staff members before the end of the day without exceeding that limit, you’re in. If you can’t – that is if you exceed the limit or it takes longer than that – then how many more spells you used or how close you were to achieving your goal will dictate what level of the hierarchy you land in. Make sense?’ Jaimie nodded. ‘Good, then we should all get going.’

With a snap of Melanie’s fingers, Jaimie suddenly found herself wearing an academy uniform. The sexy fishnets – exclusive to super-vixens and there to give her a taste of some of the small luxuries she would have access too if she succeeded – clung to her thick legs, and the breeze through the window whispered over the deep cleavage exposed by her low-buttoned shirt. Taking the rucksack one of the girls offered her, she slung it over her back and followed the Inner Circle from the room, her mind already whirring with ideas of how to pass the showcase…

Girl in school uniform gropes ass of another girl wearing fishnets

By the time the bell rang to dismiss students to lunch, most of a plan had formulated in Jaimie’s scheming mind. After extensive thought she believed she had devised a method of seducing whomever she selected as her target using nothing beyond a handful of spells and the raw sensuality of her new body which, thanks to her extended time learning the intricacies of Penny’s figure, she hoped she’d be able to wield well enough to drag her prey into her slutty grip.

The only thing she had to do now was pick a target, and that was proving more difficult than she had expected. So far she’d met several new faculty members she hadn’t seen the day before, but none of them met her needs.

Mr. Barrows was the academy’s languages tutor, and though the handsome man made her weak at the knees with his thick accent and barrel chest, he was already Melanie’s claim and thus off limits.

The P.E. tutor, meanwhile, was equally attractive and she had wondered if perhaps he might be a possibility, but one of the Inner Circle had warned her against him: every slut wanted Mr. Welch and they always got him. He was such an easy lay the super-vixens considered him well below their standards and even seducing him without using a single spell wouldn’t impress them enough to grant her access since any basic bitch was capable of that.

Finally, she had eyed up the mathematics tutor, Mr. Park, but if she was quite honest, she didn’t find him all that attractive. He was a mountain of a man sure enough, but something about his ungodly size put her off, not to mention his mismatched proportions; he was one of those men whose shoulders were practically wider than his legs were long. Though his bulk was undoubtedly impressive and surely attracted plenty of school sluts, Jaimie resolved it would be better to try for a man she found attractive and fail knowing she could have her way with most of the remaining faculty, rather than going for the first suitable prey and risk being saddled with a lover she didn’t like if she succeeded.

It was as she was crossing the quad heading for the dining hall that she was approached by a slight blonde thing with sharp grey eyes. Lost in her thoughts, the first Jaimie knew of her were her skinny fingers crawling under her skirt to squeeze her thick ass.

‘New pledge, eh?’ said the girl, her voice like dripping honey, ‘I thought I heard Penny breaking someone in last night. I’m Carly.’

‘Jaimie,’ she replied. Earlier, Melanie had told her how to identify where in the hierarchy any given student was: the academy logo. The embroidered image was picked out in different coloured stitching for each level, which magically changed to reflect any ascension or demotion of the wearer. Carly’s was pale pink: a competitive slut.

‘It must be your showcase today, right?’


‘I thought so. A word of advice: if I were you, I’d go for Mr. Samson. He’s the academy’s history tutor. I hear he’s quite the prize. You can find him in the east wing if you’re interested.’ Before Jaimie could reply Carly scurried off and joined a group of giggling minxes who swarmed around her like flies on a corpse.

Girls in school uniform hang up their schoolbags

The dining hall, like the rest of the academy, was old and beautiful. Panelled floor to ceiling in rich, shining oak, the vast space looked less like a place to eat and more like an old-timey social club. Dominated by plush armchairs and broad leather sofas clustered around heavy wooden tables, it was buzzing with conversation as Jaimie came in. Following the example of the other arriving girls she hung up her rucksack on one of the many pegs in the entrance hall then joined the queue for the food hatch.

All around her girls collected in their own pockets of gossip, forming cliquey bubbles spread throughout the whole hall. As Melanie had said, for the most part these consisted of minxes gathered around their designated leader – often a competitive slut but occasionally a minx who’d clawed her way to power over the rest of her clique – while the more elite of the student body looked down on them. Literally. In the centre of the room rose a wide two-tiered plinth. On the first tier was a ring of tables occupied by the alpha bitches, the hot pink stitching of the academy logo bright on their uniform, while the tier above was solely for use by the super-vixens and their queen. The table of the Inner Circle was wide and round and made of a wood so dark it was almost black. From their ornate, cushioned thrones the girls observed their domain with all-seeing eyes.

Collecting her tray of food Jaimie was about to head up to join them when she paused. They were the only friends she had made so far, but she wasn’t a super-vixen yet. Would they even acknowledge her if she went up there?

Her concerns were eased when Penny – who had recovered enough to walk among her subjects again – beckoned her over. Ascending the shallow ramp leading up to the top, Jaimie took her seat at the table and began to eat. When she looked up she found the rest of the table staring at her.


‘So? How’s it going?’ one of the girls asked. She had bright red hair, and according to Melanie was an exceptional artist of sordid scenes: if you wanted a naughty picture, you went to her.

‘Yeah,’ piped up another who Jaimie understood to be the mischief maker of the Inner Circle, ‘have you planned anything yet?’

‘Well, kind of. I mean, I think I know how I’m going to go about things, I just don’t know who I’m going try it with. None of my tutors so far have fit my needs and I don’t know where to start looking for staff that would. Although this girl I met outside did mention the history tutor might be a good one to try.’

‘Back off, bitch,’ snapped the girl opposite. She spent much of her time archiving the spells from Penny’s spell book should anything happen to it, but now she glared death at Jaimie.

‘I’m sorry?’ Jaimie retorted. The girl might have been an empress, but she was not about to talk to her like that.

‘Who told you about Mr. Samson?’ asked Melanie, overhearing the conversation as she arrived with her tray.

‘She said her name was Carly, why?’

‘I knew it!’ exclaimed the archivist, ‘That little bitch won’t know what hit her when I get hold of her!’

‘I don’t understand,’ Jaimie said, hoping she had not scuppered her chances of success by pissing off one of the vixens.

‘Mr. Samson is Abby’s claim,’ Melanie explained, ‘he’s been off limits for months now. The thing is Carly has a bit of an obsession with him. He was her favourite fuck before Abby won rights to him in her showcase and she never really got over it. She’s always scheming to try and claw her way to the top, but if she can’t be a super-vixen she doesn’t think anybody should.’

‘She’s a bottom feeder,’ Abby snapped. ‘She’s screwed the chances of two other pledges by pushing them to go after my man.’

‘So who should I go for?’ Jaimie said. She was beginning to worry she was running out of time to put her plan into action and if she failed she could easily end up as the shoe-shiner for a manipulative bitch like Carly.

Melanie shrugged. ‘Depends how ambitious you want to be. Some staff members are more desirable than others. At the minute I would say the top prize is Mr. Ridge.’ A murmur passed around the table and one of the girls fanned herself briefly. ‘He’s the English tutor here.’

‘I have English next!’ Jaimie said.

‘If he’s who you decide to go for that’s up to you, but don’t think it will be easy. I’ve lost count of how many pledges have failed their showcase trying to bring him under their sway. He’s as strong-willed as he is strict and he barely ever succumbs to our seductions. He’s still ours, of course, and he’s a mind-blowing lover, but most students prefer those staff members who take less effort to seduce. If you could claim him you’d be the envy of the whole school.’

Almost at once, Jaimie’s mind was made up. ‘That settles it then. Mr. Ridge it is.’ A few of the girls stared at her, staggered. Melanie regarded her with an expression of admiration, while across the table a smile played over Penny’s lips. Then something occurred to her. ‘Hang on. How do I know you girls aren’t trying to trick me like Carly?’

The girls looked affronted, all save Penny and her second in command. They each raised their eyebrows and shared a wordless admission: she’s good. Silent until now, the queen spoke up. ‘Because we have standards, my dear. Unlike the detritus who would sell their own parents just for the chance to be the dirt on our shoes, we understand the value of sisterhood. It is the opinion of the Inner Circle that true sluts are capable of achieving their goals without the need for lying, and thus dishonesty is strictly forbidden in our ranks. Those beneath us do not have such standards.

‘I like your enthusiasm. And based on last night if anybody can bring Mr. Ridge to heel I’d say it’s you. I for one would be very impressed if you were able to succeed in such an exploit and I know we would all welcome you into our ranks if that were the case. And don’t worry, I will not stand for the manipulation of aspiring pledges.’ Leaning back on her throne, Penny snapped her fingers. A second later a shriek of despair rose from a corner of the room and Jaimie saw Carly flee the dining hall in tears, desperately trying to conceal the stitching of her uniform, which was now the sky blue of a minx rather than the pink of her former rank as competitive slut. ‘Justice is swift,’ Penny said.

Handsome man with glasses sitting against window

The vixens were certainly right about one thing – Mr. Ridge was breathtakingly strong-willed. Standing at the head of the class he barely batted an eyelid with half his students spreading their legs and biting their lips in his direction. He seemed impervious to their attempts at seduction and initially Jaimie found herself intimidated by his resilience; if all these sluts were failing to get him to take notice with a host of seduction spells no doubt playing through his thoughts, what chance did she have?

As the lesson progressed, however, an unexpected confidence slowly took hold of her. The queen herself had expressed her belief in her skills, and the expressions of the other girls had been of quiet admiration when Jaimie had pointed out it was better to shoot high and fail than go for an easy prize and wish she had done more. She wondered if some of them had initially planned to take on Mr. Ridge but backed down when they heard of the difficulty involved. If she could do this she could command the respect of everybody in the academy and no scheming bitches like Carly would ever dare to cross her again. The years of spending her life alone would be over: she’d be part of the in-crowd.

More to the point, the more she watched him the more she realised there simply was no other man she would rather have for herself. He was handsome, muscular, and intelligent, with an air to him that told her he could make passionate sensual love just as well as he could rap a cane across her ass when she misbehaved. The thought of making him off limits to all the lesser sluts was intoxicating; she could barely stay focused for one minute wondering what he must be concealing in his trousers to get them all so worked up.

Halfway through the lesson, Jaimie made her move. Raising her hand, she asked for permission to use the toilet. Mr. Ridge rolled his eyes, clearly frustrated at the interruption – just as she had hoped – but nodded with gritted teeth.

Slipping out, she hurried to the toilets and into a cubicle but didn’t bother to take a seat. Instead she stood there, steadied her nervous breathing and focused on what Melanie had told her that morning: to cast a spell, you just need to think what you want to happen, and that’s what will happen. Blocking out all distractions she closed her eyes, honed her thoughts, and…

A whoosh of air swept through the cubicle, swirling up her skirt and top and frizzing her hair before sharply dissipating. Opening one eye she braved a look down. Perfect! The red blazer, striped tie and black skirt were gone. In their place she wore a different uniform composed of a plaid skirt even shorter than its predecessor, matching tie, and violet blazer. Even her stockings were gone, switched out for crisp white socks almost to her knees, which themselves extruded from the white pumps taking the spot of the glossy black shoes she had been wearing a moment before.

Giddy with excitement, Jaimie hurried back to class, pausing briefly outside the door to calm her throbbing heart. The fact the organ was in her throat was also a concern but given she had spent her life worrying about what others thought of her it was hardly a surprise. She was about to humiliate herself in front of the entire class – she was terrified. Still, if things went her way it would all be worth it in the end. Taking some solace in the fact that her audience of peers would probably see what she was about to do less as a humiliation and more as a show of strength, she swallowed her nerves and barged through the door.

Brunette wearing school uniform stands against curtain

Strutting across the room she ignored the bewildered looks cast her way. Slinging her blazer across the back of her chair as she passed, she crossed to the window with its long white curtains and pulled them aside to stare out into the quad.

Even Mr. Ridge was taken off guard. It took him a moment to find his voice. When he did, it was cold as steel in winter. ‘Miss Jaimie, might I ask what you are doing at my window?’

Jaimie curled her lip as she glanced across at him. ‘Oh, just looking for a class more interesting than yours.’ A gasp rippled through the room (not the two super-vixens in the corner, they were watching with great interest), but she ignored it and pointed to a classroom in the opposite building. ‘That one looks about as fun as watching paint dry, but they seem to be enjoying themselves more than I am.’

‘I’m afraid education is not always fun, Miss Jaimie. I suggest you sit down and keep quiet if you wish to get through this lesson unscathed. But before you do, would you be so kind as to explain just what you are wearing?’

‘Oh this,’ she said as though she hadn’t even realised she was wearing a different uniform to her peers, ‘I think it’s a major improvement. I couldn’t stand what you cretins had me wearing before. Ugh, hideous – I don’t know how you get these airheads to wear it. I mean look at it, it’s ghastly! The rotten old thing just had to go. But this is much better. Actually no,’ she paused, undoing the buttons of her shirt until practically her full cleavage was on show, ‘now it’s better.’

Mr. Ridge looked like he was about to pop an artery. Bright red with rage he was glaring at her with such intensity it was a wonder the glass of his spectacles didn’t shatter. When he spoke his voice was trembling. ‘Young lady, I understand that you are new here, and I cannot attest to the standards of education you are used to, but in these walls we have rules. Rules that are to be followed by all students at all times without exception. Your impetuous display clearly demonstrates you have little regard for said rules, but I warn you if you do not sit down and remedy your unsuitable attire as a matter of great urgency I will be more than happy to provide you with a first class education in the consequences of breaking our rules.’

Jaimie smirked for two reasons; first, she knew it would enrage Mr. Ridge further, and second, he was falling right into her trap. One spell down and two to go and already she could tell the first step of her plan was about to go off without a hitch. To seal the deal she shrugged. ‘Eh, no punishment could possibly be worse than being forced to listen to you drone on in the world’s ugliest uniform.’

It was a struggle not to jump and clap when Mr. Ridge leaned forward, teeth creaking he was grinding them so hard, and spoke the words she was longing to hear. ‘Detention, Miss Jaimie…’

Thanks for reading!

Okay, so believe it or not this entire story originated from just the ass-groping gif used in this piece. I found it while I was hunting down supporting images for another piece that is currently somewhere in my backlog and decided I wanted to use it. However, that gif exemplifies everything I love about the writing process because it demonstrates how completely out of my hands any story I write is.

It may sound bizarre to people who have never written before but much of the time the writing process is not something you actively do, it’s more of a passive task where you’re simply letting the characters write their own story. When coming up with the story to go with that gif I was originally only planning on writing a one to two page piece, but once I started writing the characters simply weren’t happy with that and demanded much more attention. If you were to ask other creators I know many of them would have had at least one similar experience where a story that started out short became gargantuan, and that’s what I absolutely love about writing. It’s what led me to split the story into three parts. I did wonder if two parts might be better because I knew if I split it into three one wouldn’t really have any sex in, which I like to try and include somewhere in my captions, but I figured it would flow better having this second part act as connective tissue while also expanding the story further.

In the process of expanding itself into a bigger piece, this story also became a bit of a love letter to the community I’ve stumbled into over the past year. Without getting too into it, when I started out my blog about a year ago I really had no idea what I was doing and I was basically producing content solo. Shortly after starting I was reading Mara Mischief’s Machiavellian Mistress story and decided to write a sequel to it. It was only when I got in contact with her about said sequel that I actually became part of a larger community when she invited me to Miss Evie Hyde’s Discord.

Suddenly I found myself among creators I had admired for years and it all felt very strange. But over the course of the last ten months or so they have become the closest thing to a friendship group I think I’ve ever had, and I finally feel like I fit in somewhere, even if that somewhere is just an internet server among a bunch of deliciously twisted creators. And the more I wrote this piece the more I realised that Jaimie was a projection of me entering that new group of people, which is what led to this second part of the story becoming such a dedication to that server. I hope members of the Discord will have spotted the easter eggs I put into this piece as they were really just for them, but suffice to say that the academy hierarchy, a handful of the characters in the Inner Circle and a couple of minor details were directly inspired by that awesome community.

I will leave links to the work of Miss Evie Hyde and Mara Mischief below since I’ve mentioned them directly, however there are many other creators and members of the Discord I am so, so grateful to know and appreciate greatly. I won’t link them all here partly because there are too many to list and partly because I’d inevitably end up missing somebody, but I follow many of them on Twitter, so if you’re interested in their work make sure to follow me there.

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As for the model I used in this piece that would be the ravishing Karlee Grey, whose PornHub profile you can find here: She is an excellent creator and you should absolutely check her work out. She’s done everything from hardcore bondage to sensual lesbian scenes and I can’t recommend her highly enough. One of her absolute best pieces in my opinion is the scene I am using to support part three of this story, so make sure you go and give that a read to see her in action, or check out the link below. If you got this far thanks for reading my lengthy rambles and I hope you enjoyed this second part.

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