Neon lit staircase leading down into a sex toy shop

Lingering at the top of the staircase, Helena fought off the urge to turn, burst through the door back into the dark alleyway and sprint all the way home. Actually being so close to achieving her goal felt so much more intimidating than she had anticipated and as much as she tried she could not stifle the nerves that wriggled uncomfortably in the pit of her stomach.

Indistinct groans floated up the staircase as though to welcome her and she felt a shiver of illicit excitement zip up her spine. She could not quite believe she had mustered up the courage to get all the way here and now the thing she had been imagining for months was only a few steps away.

The small platform on which she stood was lit only by the strips of red lighting that ran down the steps, and the doorway at the bottom was illuminated brightly like some perverted neon gate to Heaven. Convincing herself that somebody would open the door behind her at any second she tentatively tiptoed down the steps.

The tiny establishment was more or less an open secret among the younger residents of the city. It was common knowledge that it contained several rooms of gloryholes in addition to a number of private rooms deeper below. It was one of those places where those who used it used it regularly, while those who knew about it but did not use it often imagined themselves doing so.

Helena was no different. For months she had imagined herself descending these steps and entering the sordid place, though she had no intention to make use of anything besides the gloryholes. In truth she did not think that she’d ever have acted on any of her notions had it not been for the relentless bullying at the hands of her slutty older sister. While her sister spent most of her weekends wrapping her thighs around one muscular bull or another, Helena had never gone any further than a little drunken flirting.

The fact that she was still a virgin seemed to delight her bratty sibling, and there was rarely a moment they spent together where Helena was not subject to relentless teasing over her lack of sexual experience. For whatever reason the jibes over her oral inexperience always struck Helena the hardest: laughing at her virginity was one thing, but insulting her ability at a task she had never even tried seemed oddly more painful. For all her sister knew, Helena could have had a natural talent for the act, but she had always felt deeply self-conscious about not knowing one way or the other.

Eventually the idea of visiting the gloryhole had formed in her head and since then it had never really left. The longer she mulled it over the more she craved the opportunity to prove to herself that she could suck dick as well as her sister.

It had taken some time to overcome her hesitancy, but at last she was finally treading those steps. At last she was going to do it.

Having entered the building she was relieved to find that the gloryhole was not far inside. For all that she was determined to prove herself, her nerves were persistent and she was all but certain that any setback would see that determination fail her. It was a larger room than she had expected, and she was equally relieved as dismayed that it was occupied. A number of women were on their knees bobbing their heads on the dicks they were intent on servicing.

For a short time Helena stood in the doorway watching them. Something about the way they went about their work was subtly unnerving. Nothing else seemed to matter except the dicks they slobbered over. Their rhythmic motion and repetitive moans looked to be automatic, like they could not resist going down on the anonymous men, and Helena felt suddenly self-conscious as she noted how starkly difference in figure they were to her: every one with heavy chests, a swollen ass and an almost impossibly curvaceous frame. She, on the other hand, was flat-chested and skinny.

Shaking off her hesitancy she focused on the fact that she was not here to look attractive but to prove to herself what she was capable of. Scurrying over to one of the unoccupied holes she crouched down in front of the cock jutted through it. Beside her a television screen cycled through a sequence of live cams and people had scribbled phone numbers and sordid words on the walls around.

Knowing that the longer she put it off the more likely she would be to bail, Helena took the waiting dick in her hand and wrapped her lips around the head.

The taste was more intense than expected. Sharp and salty, it nevertheless tasted much more appealing than she had anticipated and, combined with the scent of the man’s natural musk, she found herself enjoying the flavour. Daring to take more of him she slid his dick as far down as she dared before pulling back and licking her lips.

Now the seal was broken she was less apprehensive to go back in for more, and she quickly took him again, though this time she did not pull away. Before long she was bobbing her head softly, spiralling her tongue around his shaft and head as she rolled her lips back and forth. She was surprised and invigorated when she felt the wall shudder briefly and the man behind moan, though she was outright shocked that she moaned back.

Her nerves quickly melted away and she shivered with satisfaction as she heard him moan again. She was good at this, and she had a man on the brink of orgasm to prove it. His cock twitched and bucked in her mouth but she refused to let it break free and only went down on him harder as his breathing became frantic.

She was so enthralled by the delicious cock she failed to notice the sudden changes beginning to overcome her body. Helena had heard of the bimbo virus before of course, but given that she had never had any real sexual interaction until that point it had not crossed her mind that any of the men at the gloryhole might be carriers of the fast-acting disease. Unfortunately for her, her carelessness had indeed led her to a male carrier, and the moment she had taken him into her mouth it had been too late.

The first visible changes took hold of her lower half, her ass and thighs bulging to enormous size and stretching her leggings almost to breaking point. Soon after her flat chest was heavy with massive new tits that had grown with such speed they had peeled her shirt up and back such that they were naked and visible for all to see. Her twig figure filled out and developed astonishing curves while her mousy brown hair tumbled down her back where it grew darker and softer. All the imperfections of her skin faded away and even as she sucked on the dick her facial features shifted: cheekbones elevated, lips engorged, pimples smoothed off. As an added benefit her gag reflex practically dissolved and she was quickly taking the man deeper and harder than she could have ever hoped to beforehand.

As the physical changes progressed her mental capacity completely broke down. The shy, intelligent virgin evaporated and was forcefully replacing by a cum-guzzling cock-addicted bimbo. Now, just like all the other bimbos in the room, she simply could not stop herself from devouring the dick before her. She could not remember the woman she had been just minutes prior, but it did not matter: there was a dick available to her and she needed to feast on it.

By the time the man came her transformation was complete and she swallowed his load greedily. Pulling down her leggings to her knees she shivered as air struck her wet pussy and she toyed with herself for a few moments. But once she had gulped all of it down an inexorable truth formed itself within her mind: she needed more. Desperate to feed on him again she planted her hand on the wall and set about extracting a fresh load…

Latino woman gives oral sex while semi-naked at gloryhole

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