The Academy: Part I

Girls in uniform gossip on bed

The dormitory was occupied by half a dozen girls when James was ushered in, most of them lounging on a single bed halfway down the long room. They wore their uniforms loosely with hanging ties and shirts buttoned low and were giggling at a joke they had been sharing. As he entered, prodded forward by the bony finger of the headmaster – a tall, broad man in his late-forties – they turned to face him. Their keen eyes bored into him and he felt naked, all his secrets lay bare at their feet.

‘Ladies, this is James,’ said the headmaster, his voice rich and gravelly. ‘He is new to the academy and will be commencing classes tomorrow morning. I trust you will look after him and ensure he feels comfortable. James, these are some of your fellow students and your dormitory. I’m sure you will fit in very well here. Good evening, all of you.’

Then the headmaster was gone, the old wooden door closing with a heavy thud behind him. The room was deathly silent. James stood nervously for a few seconds waiting for one of the girls to speak, but when they just continued to stare he chose to break the silence himself. ‘Uh, hi,’ he mumbled, looking down bashfully and rubbing his upper arm as he always did when he was nervous. ‘Which bed is mine?’

As though catalysed by his words all six girls jumped up from their beds and came to stand in front of him. They fanned in a shallow arrow, at the head of which stood a shrewd blonde with piercing eyes and a slender figure. Her stare was somehow more intense than the other five put together. For a second James thought she was going to slap him, but she offered a hand to shake instead.

‘Hello, James,’ she said, her voice soft, ‘my name is Penny. I’m what you might call the queen around here.’

James groaned inwardly as memories of the school he had left behind flashed through his head, but he did his best to conceal his disappointment. ‘Hi Penny,’ he said, unable to hold any of their stares, ‘so, where am I sleeping?’

An icy smile passed over her lips, but since he was taking great interest in the pattern of the carpet he failed to notice. ‘Next to me,’ she purred and James’ heart dropped. ‘I know this place better than anybody. I thought it might be nice for me to help you settle in. Do you need some help unpacking your things?’

‘No, no, that’s okay,’ he insisted, hiding behind the black curtains of his fringe as he scurried around them to the bed Penny had indicated. Swinging his suitcase up onto the covers he busied himself with removing the contents and organising them in piles over the bedsheets.

By the time he finished the dormitory was back to the state it had been when he had entered: most of the girls including Penny were sprawled across one of the beds opposite, while the rest were reading on their own beds. Exhausted by the long journey to the academy – including what had felt like half his day dragging his suitcase up the three-mile drive to the academy itself, which was nestled deep in the countryside – he flopped onto the bed and sighed.

Though he was trying to keep an open mind about this place the squirming sick feeling in his stomach was making it difficult not to think this whole thing was a huge mistake. The academy was a compact place situated firmly in the middle of nowhere, the staff were hawkish and surveyed him with expressions of vague contempt, the students he had seen so far all looked incredibly vain, and to top everything off he was starting the year a month late. After only a few hours within its walls he was already beginning to wonder if the academy was the wrong place for him.

But what other choice was there? Thanks to the torment of his peers he had burned through practically every other school in his area, and after years of being bullied so relentlessly that he woke up in cold sweats most nights the patience of his parents had worn so thin they’d reached the point where they were practically desperate to send him away. Still, they had no intention of sending him just anywhere, and the academy had come highly recommended. Not only was it isolated and located in the serene countryside, the grades of leaving students were superb and the student body was almost entirely female – surely even he would find it difficult to get bullied there, his parents had argued. Of course, James had never told them how the icy bitches of his previous schools had provided some of the most ruthless torment, but his father – a judgemental man with a short temper, forever bellowing at James to stand up for himself even when he wanted to hide in a dark corner – would have never allowed him to live down such an admission.

Still, if his gut was right, the academy was going to be just like everywhere else. And this time he wouldn’t even be able to seek solitude in his room, because it was full of the girls who would be tormenting him. The uncomfortable feeling twisting and writhing in his gut, James’s thoughts led him into a fitful sleep atop the covers…

Street lamp illuminates tree in rain at night

A rattle of rain against the window woke him. He had slept shallowly but couldn’t say how long it had been since he drifted off, only that it was night and the courtyard lamps were on outside. Peering down the darkened room he could make out the sleeping figures of the other girls. Sitting up he had to stifle a scream when he caught sight of Penny, crouched on the edge of her bed staring at him like a waiting gargoyle.

Clamping a hand over his mouth he scrambled back, thumping his head on the wall in his haste. Slivers of her figure painted with the light of the moon shafting through the windows, she leaned over to turn on the lamp between their beds. Her movements were fluid, cat-like, and she swung her legs over the edge of the bed while holding her hands out in a placating manner.

‘Sorry,’ she whispered, ‘my bad, I didn’t mean to scare you.’

Trying his best to calm his hammering heart, James took a few deep breaths before replying. ‘What the Hell do you think you’re doing? I practically had a heart attack,’ he hissed. If the other girls had been behind her he might not have been so curt, but with just the two of them awake and his fear heavy on his chest his words were sharp.

‘Like I say, sorry. I couldn’t sleep and looking at you made me think of one of the other guys who started a few weeks back.’

Rubbing his head James made himself more comfortable, pulling the pillows underneath his back as he leaned against the wall. ‘There are other boys here? I haven’t seen any on campus.’

‘Oh, here and there,’ Penny smirked, her expression telling James she was contemplating something he didn’t know. ‘We tend not to get many though. As far as most people are concerned this is an all-girls academy and boys don’t like that.’

James scoffed. ‘I know a few guys from previous schools who’d consider this place heaven.’

Penny shrugged. ‘You’d think so but being surrounded by girls wears off for those kinds of guys after about a week. When they realise they’re not going to get any action and are just stuck by themselves with nobody to really talk to they soon tire of us. But you don’t strike me as that kind of boy.’

‘Yeah? What kind of boy do I strike you as?’ Though he could not look at her for long, James found it a little easier to hold her stare than before. The low light and the fact it was just them talking felt more comfortable, although he frequently found himself analysing the pattern of his duvet.

‘Well, when Mister Davidson showed you in, you looked lost.’

His heart dropped. Was he really that pathetic? Two seconds after laying eyes on him and she had been able to read him as easily as if he’d had LOSER written across his forehead. If the academy wasn’t the best place for him perhaps a high cliff was a better option. ‘I suppose you’re about right with that one. I would say don’t tell anybody, but I guess it doesn’t matter if it’s that obvious.’ He turned away, trying to conceal the tears budding in his eyes.

Blonde girl mimes zipping her lips

‘Oh, my lips are sealed,’ she said, running her thumb and forefinger over them in a zipping motion. ‘Still, a lot of students were lost before they came here. You’d be surprised what this place can do for you.’ She was staring at him with a look he struggled to read. Something between interest and apprehension, he thought.

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well take Melanie, for example.’ She nodded to the girl sleeping soundly in the bed opposite. ‘We started together, me and her, and believe me she was a wreck. Been failing in school since she was a kid and was always panicking about her grades. She’s got five brothers and sisters, you see, all of them top performers. Now she’s put herself back together and has never been doing better.

‘Then there was this guy who started last year. A lot like you actually. Shy, didn’t say much. President of the student council now. I don’t know why but this place just seems to attract people who need somewhere to improve themselves.’ She paused, analysed him more closely for a moment. ‘So, what’s your story?’

Ordinarily James would never have spoken to a girl like here – he’d found out the hard way that he and girls who considered themselves to be ‘the queen’ didn’t blend well – but something about her was trustworthy. Besides, he couldn’t remember the last time he had met anybody interested in anything he had to say: even his parents brushed him off these days. ‘I, uh, I guess I just don’t do well with people. Ever since I was in nursery I was picked on by the bigger kids and it never really stopped. Never really made any friends and I stopped trying to stand up for myself a long time ago. Nobody wanted to spend any time with me, so I just kept to myself mostly. It didn’t stop anything, obviously, but it was the only thing I could do to try and stay sane. All I ever wanted was to feel part of something. A friendship group, a relationship, I dunno, just something, you know?’

‘You’re part of something now,’ she said, gesturing to the other girls in the dormitory.

James couldn’t meet her eyes. He winced like she had slapped him. ‘I don’t mean any offence, you girls seem really nice and everything, but I think it would probably be for the best if I just kept to myself. I’ve been on my own that long I don’t know anything else. The last thing I would want is to cause any problems.’

Penny smiled then, her pretty grin illuminating her equally pretty face. Surging to her feet she held out a hand and for the first time he noticed she was still wearing her uniform despite the fact the other girls were all in their pyjamas. ‘Can I show you something, James?’

He took her hand uncertainly and allowed her to pull him up. ‘Uh, I guess. What is it?’

‘You want to fit in, right? You want friends and love, yes?’ There was an energy in her eyes he could barely meet.


‘And you want to shed the nerves and the self-doubt you’ve built up over the years?’


‘I can show you how. You just have to trust me. Will you trust me to show you how you can change, James?’ Confused but unwilling to be rude James nodded awkwardly. ‘Good,’ Penny said. Then she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him inside her.

For a second it felt like she had vanished into thin air and he was stumbling forward, or that somehow he was falling through her, but it soon became apparent that neither was the case. Instead he had fallen into her, as though she had opened a door for him to pass through and locked him inside. Disoriented and confused, it took him a few seconds to understand what was going on. Well, understand might not have been the word he would have used, but he at least grasped that he was seeing through her eyes when he noticed the uniform he was now wearing and the feminine figure it was clutching too.

He tried to cry out but he could not – the lips weren’t his after all – and his imprisonment sparked a rising panic. What the…? What’s going on? How is this possible? Let me out, let me out!

Calm down, you’re just my passenger is all. Penny’s soothing voice wound through his thoughts like a hissing serpent. I know this probably all comes as a bit of a shock, but you’ll get used to it.

But the panic would not leave him. But… but… this isn’t possible… this is…

Quiet! Penny’s command seemed to shatter his concern and he calmed immediately. Somewhere deep in his mind he was still confused, but it didn’t seem to matter anymore. If you give me a minute to explain you might understand. Like I said, you’re my passenger now. Think of it as a reverse-possession – instead of me taking control of your body, you’re in mine and along for the ride.

Smoothing down the folds in her obscenely short skirt, Penny switched off the lamp and slid out into the corridor. As she did so, James felt the thrills of her movements rippling through her body – the brush of her fingers on her thighs, the soft sensation of the uniform on her skin, the tickle of her hair on her nape. It really did feel like he was part of her, and as she strutted confidently through the academy he was privy to all the sensations she came with. Oddly, the absence of the weight between his legs, and the addition of weight on his chest did not seem unusual to him.

How is this even possible? he asked as they descended a sweeping staircase.

Magic, she responded in a matter of fact tone of thought. Remember what I said about Melanie? Well when we started here her only solace from all her self-doubt was reading. I never understood it myself given she was always poring over textbooks to try and improve her grades, but that was her thing and I was happy to help her.

It was a different place back then. There were barely any of us, just a handful of staff and a group of underperforming teens. More boys than girls and though the teachers tried their best to help us improve most of us were lost causes, myself included. All I ever wanted to do was fuck my way through the last few years of my education then go out and get some stripper job or something – start as you mean to go on and all that.

But Melanie wanted to improve and she was my friend. One of our first nights here we went to the library. Nobody ever used it, not even the staff, so we spent the night picking through the books looking for a read or two that might soothe her nerves. While we were looking we found this book – well, more of a tome really. It was enormous. And old, too. Real old.

It was only when we got it back to the dormitory and started reading from it that we realised how powerful it was. It was a spell book, James, with every type of spell you could imagine in there. At first we just messed around with it – changing our bodies, making ourselves smarter and prettier, just little things really. Then we started going bigger; transforming the other students, making them smarter and sluttier, teaching them spells and enchantments and naughty hexes. Pretty soon we’d reshaped the whole academy into something new, something better.

Any other time James would have considered her a lunatic, but given he was currently wearing Penny’s body like a living suit he could only assume she was telling the truth. What was more, as Penny recalled the memories of her earlier years they flashed through his thoughts too.

But why take me as a passenger like this?

Penny chuckled inwardly, her mirth sweeping through his mind with a devious edge to it. Because you’re just like we were. You’re lost, and I’m going to show you meaning. You see, when we used the book to improve ourselves we felt better but not complete. We still had no friends, for one thing, and with our magical enhancements we were above the other students in every way. So we used the book on them too. Transforming them, like I said.

When I said there are other boys here, I suppose I really should have said there were other boys here. They’re all naughty bitches now, just like me and Melanie. They’re still themselves, of course, but in transforming their bodies and minds we gave them meaning when they were lost.

The thing is, once we’d remoulded the academy a weird thing started happening. More students started arriving. Some were just stupid guys like the ones I mentioned who got bored of being surrounded by girls and left soon after, but most were lost, like you, and like us before the book. It wasn’t anything we did, at least not that we know of, but students who could never fit in anywhere else came to our academy.

Of course, we knew what it was like to be alone and without purpose, so we improved them too. Them, and now you James.

But I don’t want to be a girl, he protested, I’m happy with my body as it is.

That’s what you think, Penny replied softly as they turned into a tiled corridor, but your body is part of your problem. You’ve spent your life being belittled and bullied, including for how you look. Every look in the mirror is a reminder of who you hate being. You need a fresh start to find your clique, to love yourself and to learn how to twist the world to suit your needs, not the other way around. We can give it you, and we will. Just wait and see.

Blonde girl in school uniform enters wood-panelled room

James had been about to retort when there came a sudden crack from the end of the corridor and the murmur of conversation. A shudder ran through them and it took James a moment to realise that Penny’s pussy had grown wet. While they had mentally conversed she had bought them into the bowels of the academy and when she came into the room at the end – breezing past the small Staff Only plaque on the open door – they were in a large, wood-panelled billiards room.

It was occupied by two men midway through a game. The headmaster was in the same purple and gold robes he had been wearing when ushering James into the dormitory, while his companion was rubbing a spot of chalk dust from his tweed waistcoat. They looked up at Penny as she entered.

A new thrill of wetness tingled at Penny’s groin as she laid eyes on the headmaster. You know when I said I wanted to fuck my way through education, well I didn’t exactly back down on that once we got hold of the book.

James blanched inwardly, though Penny’s cheeks remained rosy. You mean we’re going to…? He couldn’t finish his thought.


James’ apprehension rose again, but to cut off his protests before they came she brushed her hand over her skirt pressing the material up against her pussy. The small yet powerful rush of desire cut James down, unused to the intensity of female sensation. Despite himself he let out a mental groan.

‘Miss Penny,’ said the headmaster, ‘what are you doing out of your dormitory at such a late hour?’ But there was a knowing look on his face and as he turned to mount his cue on the rack his companion caught his eye. A wordless conversation passed between them and nodding his understanding the man in the waistcoat left through a small wooden door, leaving the headmaster alone with Penny, who was slinking across the room toward him.

‘Oh, James couldn’t sleep, sir, so I thought I would give him the tour.’

Blonde girl in school uniform removes professor's robes

‘How thoughtful. I trust he would benefit from a comprehensive demonstration of our facilities?’

Pulling herself up onto the lip of the table, Penny spread her legs and pulled in the headmaster. Slipping her pale hands beneath his robes she eased them from his shoulders as her lips hovered close to his. ‘That’s why I bought him to you, sir. I know how you like helping new students find their way.’

Leaning in close she pressed her lips to his softly, one hand coiling around his neck as the other descended to rub his groin. Already the headmaster was rigid and flickers of memory told James he was not the first lost soul Penny had dragged with her into the billiards room late at night. He could feel the thrills tingling her body – the heat of the headmaster’s lips on hers, the excitement with which she caressed his shaft – but they could not stem his discomfort.

He knows? he asked.

Of course, Penny replied as she parted the man’s lips with her tongue to probe deeper. What, you thought after we found a magic book we weren’t going to use it on the staff? Before we got our claws in him Mister Davidson here was a dusty old virgin, all pot belly and hairy ears. The whole staff were crotchety bores. What use would they have been to us, with our ravenous libidos and sultry schemes? So we worked a little magic on them and now there are lots of benefits to studying here. My favourite is this, she purred, squeezing the headmaster’s rod.

I don’t know who you think I am, but I’m not like the other students you’ve done this to. I know who I am, and I’m not a slut who wants to wrap her legs around the headmaster’s thick, juicy, throbbing… James heard his own words and stopped short. What the fuck? That’s not me.

It is you, Penny whispered in his mind, you’re enjoying this, James. My soft, sexy body. You want him to use us. You want to be like me. Don’t deny it.

No it’s not, he began, but Penny was talking.

Man runs hand up girl's thigh to pull up skirt and reveal fishnet stockings

‘James still thinks he should be a boy, headmaster,’ she said, ‘I think we need to show her how wrong she is.’

The headmaster fixed her with a cunning stare and James knew he was staring at him rather than Penny. A smile spread across the man’s lips. ‘I think you are right, Miss Penny. I think she needs to feel the lusts of a bad girl like you. Say, the touch of a man’s fingers on her thighs, pulling up her skirt.’

Mirroring his words the man’s fingers slithered up Penny’s thigh, catching on the threads of her fishnet stockings and tugging up her skirt hem. His fingers were hot pinpricks on her flesh, tickling her erotically before snaking up higher. Her shirt was already buttoned low and slipping both hands over and down he pulled most of the remaining buttons free so it hung open. For the first time James noticed Penny’s toned stomach, but it was a brief focus since the headmaster’s fingers were fiddling with her bra strap and the heat of his hands was close on her back.

Easing his professor cap from his head while he nuzzled into her neck kissing the skin there, Penny donned it herself. As she did so her shirt and cardigan tumbled from her shoulders. Shoving them aside, she allowed him to push her further onto the table and gasped giddily as the clasp of her bra came free.

James’ mind was in overdrive. He’d never been intimate with anybody before, but this was nothing like he had expected. Even the softest touch of the headmaster’s skin against Penny’s felt like lightning through their body, and since her mind was full of cravings so was his. He wanted the headmaster to use her youthful body however he pleased, for as long as he pleased, without boundaries. Yet he didn’t, even though he did – they were her thoughts, not his. But he could feel her thoughts running in tandem with his, weaving through his own like the strands of a wicker basket, separate yet unified. So were they his thoughts, or weren’t they? He couldn’t tell, and though he wanted to panic that her slutty desires were infecting him he was too preoccupied by the tingle of the headmaster pulling off her bra.

Blonde girl in striped tie and professor's cap removes professor's shirt

Penny was making quick work of his attire too. While James groaned inwardly at the new rush of air on their nipples she had already removed his silken waistcoat and was steaming through the buttons of his shirt, which she promptly tugged from his shoulders. His tie, which she had loosened, hung low over his chest, and she pulled him close with it to lock lips again.

His chest pressed against hers was hot and firm with the strength of his muscles tangible underneath. Penny’s nipples raked across his torso, smiling into the headmaster’s mouth as she felt James shudder from the sensation. He was sinking under her control now, she could feel it, floundering in a desperate attempt to stay afloat even as dark tentacles of slutty desire coiled around his legs and dragged him under. Unused to the barrage of stimuli his mental moans were faster and longer than her own: deep, drawn out sounds in her head laced with primal desire.

The headmaster was moving again. Kissing his way slowly down her body – her neck, her sternum, her raised nipples, her stomach, hips and inner thighs – his lips soon hovered between her legs, one leg hooked over his shoulder as she spread herself for him. Her fishnets were quickly dealt with, torn asunder by one forceful rip, then her lace panties were tugged aside and his laboured breath tickled her exposed cunt.

Inside, James had been so overwhelmed by the descending kisses he had not pieced together the headmaster’s intentions. Now he could feel the heat of the man’s breath on their wet pussy, however, he whimpered inwardly; he wasn’t sure he could take much more of this. Rapidly he was losing his grasp on his sense of identity, and the longer he spent in Penny’s horny body the hazier the boundary between who he was and who he wanted to be became.

Then he couldn’t think at all because the headmaster’s lips were pressed against their own.

Blonde man gives oral sex to blonde girl in fishnet stockings and striped tie sitting on billiards table

His broad tongue lapped at their cunt, sweeping over their clit and sending bolts of agonising ecstasy through them. Even if he had not already known the headmaster had made love to Penny countless times before, James would have known this was not their first late night fuck: the handsome man knew her pussy by heart. He knew where she was the most sensitive and teased her with the effortless ease that only came from extensive practice.

Her pussy nectar smearing his chin and lips he was relentless, barely coming up for air as he worked both Penny and James into a frenzy. Delving his tongue deep between her folds he swirled the muscle around inside her. As one, Penny and James dropped their head back to let out a breathless, unified groan. The heat, the pleasure, the sounds of his enthusiastic sucking, it was all so intoxicating, like they were in the cloying atmosphere of a drug den where the medicine of choice was desire.

She was hungry for him now, her slutty appetite ravenous for more. The foreplay had served its purpose and it was time to take things to the next level. Clearly the headmaster agreed, for just as she was about to drag him from her pussy by his hair he surged to his feet, her leg still hooked over his shoulder so he flipped her back onto the billiards table. The soft cloth was a cushion beneath her. She eyed him longingly.

He had unbuckled his belt and discarded his trousers and underwear while on his knees, and now he was standing again his magnificent cock was finally unleashed. Though he had felt it already James had not expected it to be so big and he shivered with anticipation when he laid eyes on the thick shaft and bulbous head. The headmaster rubbed himself between Penny’s folds, driving the two inhabitants of her body to the edge of their sanity: they needed him and they needed him now.

Unwilling to disappoint either of them a smirk curled over his lips and he sank his length inside her to the base. At the same moment, Penny relinquished her influence over James and all at once he was in control.

Blonde man in tie pushes himself inside blonde girl wearing fishnet stockings, striped tie and professor's cap lying on billiards table

Minutes ago if she had put him in control he would have scrambled from the room. With the headmaster’s incredible cock stretching their tight, hot pussy, however, it was a different story. Her face twisted into a mask of breathless pleasure – brows raised, eyes wide, soft lips open in a noiseless gasp caught in her throat. The passion ripped through James’ mind like a roaring wildfire, obliterating everything he had been before with slutty fires that licked at the inside of his mind.

You… you bitch… he managed, struggling even to piece together coherent thought, you waited to give me control until he was inside us. You knew it would do this to me.

Of course, Penny laughed. And I know how much you’re loving this. You can’t hide it from me. I’m in your head, remember? I know you’re loving it. Mmmh, his hot, thick cock is throbbing inside us. Feel it stretch us, fill us like nothing else can. This is true purpose, James; being a naughty, horny slut. There’s nothing else like it, nothing can compare. Go on, try to tell me you’re not fucking desperate for him.

Just then the headmaster began to thrust sending fresh explosions of bliss through their body. Being in control increased the intensity of every sensation tenfold, James found, and as such the burst of pleasure rocked him to his core.

I… I… he tried. But he couldn’t think. Overwhelmed he slumped back onto the table as the headmaster gradually picked up his pace.

Man in tie thrusts into blonde girl wearing fishnet stockings and tie lying on billiards table

That’s it, Penny’s voice hissed through his mind, let him use you. Let the pleasure take control of your thoughts. Feel the needs of a slut. It feels so good taking him deep, doesn’t it slut?

James thought he was replying mentally, but he was so delirious the words slipped from Penny’s lips. ‘Fuck, that feels so good,’ she murmured, her eyes rolling back into her head.

The headmaster grinned as he pumped his cock in and out relentlessly. ‘I take it you are finding your tour most enlightening, Master James,’ he chuckled. Before James could answer he coiled his strong fingers around Penny’s neck and slammed in harder, pulling almost fully out before every pussy-splitting thrust. His balls struck against her exposed ass repeatedly, swelling a dull ache through it that made James wonder what it might be like to take him in there too.

That would have to wait, however, for he could not imagine giving up the satisfaction of having him fill her pussy for anything right now. It was too much; like the blows of a mighty hammer each thrust demolished the foundations of himself until they were less than rubble.

Rising from the debris clawed a new figure. A proud, devious slut born from James’ corruption. Jaimie.

To the inner whispers of sultry encouragement Penny hissed in the back of her mind, Jaimie’s lips curled into a cunning smile. From the headmaster’s perspective it looked like a light had been switched on inside her: one second she was on her back whimpering and helpless, the next she was grabbing his tie and dragging him onto the table with her. He always underestimated the strength of first-time sluts and he hit the table with a thud sending balls skittering away across the cloth.  

Blonde girl in striped tie rides muscular man on billiards table

He’d seen the look in Penny’s eyes before. The fiery lust of a newly turned nympho characteristic of all the students he and Penny had given meaning to, and behind it Penny’s soft satisfaction. But Jaimie was in control now and pressing him down into the cloth she straddled his waist to sink down his towering cock with a guttural groan.

Fuelled by naughty new urges Jaimie was soon bouncing urgently on his dick. Huffing and moaning, she worked her pussy up, down and around, rolling and gyrating her hips to extract every sliver of pleasure she could. She rode him with the violence at which a starving man might have attacked a buffet, the slap of their thighs ringing through the billiards room like an erotic heartbeat.

Ride him, bitch, Penny urged, ride him like the cock sleeve you are. You know I knew from the moment he pushed you into our room you were a born whore. You didn’t even know it, but I’ve transformed enough lost, bullied, pathetic rats like you to know you better than you know yourselves.

‘Yes,’ Jaimie cried out, ‘yes, I was pathetic. I was worthless and lost. I wasn’t even worthy of licking the dirt from your shoes and you had mercy and gave me meaning. Thank you Penny, thank you headmaster, thank you academy!’

‘My pleasure,’ grinned the headmaster, slamming up hard as she continued to ride him.

I wasn’t just watching you sleep, you know. I was savouring the fact I’d be the last one to see you as James and thinking how lucky you were to feel my mercy so soon. I’ve never turned anyone as quick as you. Usually I wait a while before me or one of the other girls educates a new student, just to make sure they deserve our help. But you clearly needed it as soon as possible. Aren’t I a merciful queen?

‘You are a true queen,’ Jaimie gasped. The headmaster’s cock was throbbing faster than before and flickers of Penny’s memories informed her he was about to cum. ‘You are loving and merciful and –’ But the rest of the sentence was lost as the headmaster came hard.

Triggered by the hot shots of cum firing through her insides, Jaimie’s orgasm also hit her and whatever she had been planning to say was lost in an earth-shattering unified climax. Her scream echoed through the academy’s old wooden corridors, and in rooms around the campus staff and students smiled knowingly. Jaimie, meanwhile, was suddenly hard as steel as every muscle tensed in an attempt to expend her orgasmic energy. The headmaster’s cock bucked and throbbed and he gripped her with white-knuckled ferocity as he let out a long, wheezing grunt which sounded like the hiss of a gas canister.

All at once the tension left her and she felt like a deflated balloon animal. Sagging to the side she slid from his cock to sprawl out between the billiards balls. Breathless and spent she heard the headmaster shifting behind her.

That was a good first time, Penny thought. You did well, but it can be a lot your first time. I think we should get back to the dormitory and let you rest. Reaching out her influence again, Penny began to relieve Jaimie of control.

Just then, a droplet of cum oozed between her pussy lips and began to trickle down her thigh and Jaimie was suddenly active again. The thought of wasting even a drop of cum catalysed her into motion and she shrugged off Penny’s influence like water from a duck’s back. Scooping up the drop she licked it from her finger automatically and savoured the salty tang on her tongue.

Holy shit, you never told me he tasted so good. He tastes almost as good as he feels filling us up. I’m not going anywhere yet, you wait your turn, bitch. You’ve had long enough fucking your way through the academy, it’s only fair I make up for lost time.

Surprised yet aroused by Jaimie’s impressive stamina, Penny settled into the back of her mind and allowed her to take the reins again. Crawling over to the headmaster she licked the length of his shaft from base to head, rounding it off by swirling her tongue around the tip. The sharp taste of his cum spread down her throat and without thinking she engulfed his cock in her slutty lips.

Penny could feel how wet Jaimie was again, her pussy full of the headmaster’s seed but already hungry for more. As they sucked and slurped on his cock Penny had the impression Jaimie was not going to stop at a mere blowjob. Fortunately, they had all night to kill, and she was more than happy to let the new slut use the headmaster as a well of pleasure for as long as she liked…

Blonde girl in tie gives oral sex to man on billiards table

Thanks for reading!

So, as the eagle-eyed among you may have noticed by the title of this piece, this is only part one of a larger story. There are three parts to it, all of which are releasing together so if you enjoyed this make sure to keep reading to see what Jaimie gets up to once Penny lets her out. As I mentioned in previous posts I wanted to start May with a bit of a longer story as a marker that Gaypril is over and I’m returning to my normal release schedule. I have to say though, I never thought it would wind up becoming as long as the three-parter it turned out to be. I’ll explain a little more in my comments on part two, but this whole story all started with just one minor image, which then spiralled into something much bigger. In the end it has become perhaps the piece I am most proud of to date and certainly one of the longest pieces I’ve ever written.

Much of the supporting content for this story – especially parts one and two – is derived from a single video produced by It is part of a series of videos set on the same campus which was really useful to maintain a similar visual aesthetic across much of the supporting media. In this particular piece the main model I use is Scarlett Knight. Despite the excellence of her work she appears to be one of the more elusive models out there: she has no PornHub profile nor a profile on other porn sites I can find, no Twitter that I can find, nor does she have much content in general. The best I can offer as a link to her work is the link to her pornstar profile on Unfortunately this doesn’t link to much of her work at all, so if anybody has any information regarding a profile of Knight’s work or any social media handles of hers please let me know and I’ll gladly link them here.

I hope you enjoyed the start of my return to form and that you’re eager to read the next part.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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Additional images created using ezgif and Online Video Cutter from the following video(s):

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