What Goes Around Cums Around

Woman wearing leather collar gives deep oral sex to athletic man in black vest

‘You know I never really believed the rumours about you, not entirely. I mean I know all the guys said you could throat a dick like a real slut, but come on, they were all dumb jocks. It’s not like they haven’t exaggerated things before.’ His satisfied smirk grew and he cocked his head to one side, admiring her pretty face. ‘But damn if I wasn’t wrong. You could be a fucking pornstar if you put your mind to it.’ Scooping up the remote from the bed beside him he chuckled and waved it in front of her. ‘Maybe you will be, I guess we’ll see.’

Levelling the remote at her he tapped a few buttons and the muted obedience with which she swallowed his dick was injected with horny moans of satisfaction that Will found practically irresistible. All he wanted to do was lean down and grab her by the collar with both hands and facefuck her until she was coughing up his cum. This new power, it was incredible. He felt like a fucking god. And he supposed he was in some ways. At least, based on the way Trinity was feasting on his enhanced dick there was one person who worshipped him.

And there would be more. Many more. His remote would see to that.

Still, he doubted any of them would be quite as special as Trinity. There was a poetry to her submission and it only added to the satisfaction of having her serve him, obey him. All those years he had been nothing to her. She had not so much as looked at him, not until he had approached her. He might as well have not existed, which had always made his crush on her all the more painful. Naturally almost everybody in his college had had a crush on her; she was that sort of girl. And if rumour was anything like truth she had worked her way through most of those guys practically in alphabetical order.

He still didn’t really know why he had done it. It wasn’t like him to do something so rash, but somewhere he’d found the courage to ask her on a date. Deep down he had always believed there was some compassion in her and that he might have been the one to draw it to the surface. He would be able to show her love where all the other guys showed her lust, and that love was what she was really searching for.

Her hysterical laughter had convinced him his beliefs were unfounded. Her rejection alone had been disappointing, but his humiliation had not ended there. Instead she had ensured that everybody across the college found out about his crush, and they had wasted no time ensuring his life was a living Hell.

Now, however, the tables had turned.

‘You know what you taught me when you made me feel weak and pathetic? Humiliation is an excellent motivator. If you had let me down easy I would have just been able to move on with my life, but instead you wanted to ruin it. That torment and desperation, that’s what pushed me to find this remote. You did this all to yourself. I mean, I know that you’re enjoying this, but then that’s who you are now, isn’t it? Just all the slutty desires you ever had occupying that beautiful body with everything else stripped away.’

Perhaps the thing Will found most amusing about the whole situation was how undeniably shallow Trinity had proved herself to be once he had the remote. The first thing he had done was use it to enhance himself: muscles had grown, shoulders had broadened, physique had improved. By the end of the transformation he had been all but unrecognisable from the skinny science prodigy he had been before, both in body and in mind. His drive for revenge on her had eclipsed his ambitions and passion for science, and once he acquired a new body they melted away completely. His fierce intellect remained intact, however he had a drive to put it to a rather different use.

It hadn’t been difficult to track her down; her entire life was boastfully plastered all over social media. Just as he had wanted he had been the most attractive man in the bar when she walked in with her gaggle of friends, and without missing a beat she had hit on him harder than if he had been stood on the rails in front of a freight train.

She’d been so desperate to get into his trousers it had taken little persuasion to have her come back to his place where he had quickly set to work with the universal remote. With every click the woman she had been dissolved, leaving behind a horny mess whose only desire was to serve and whose personality was limited solely to obedient pet.

The wet gagging of her throat taking his engorged cock echoed around the room and he admired her beautiful figure with a grin. She looked so perfect, all smooth curves and soft skin. Running his eyes hungrily over her person he could remember the days he would have done anything to satisfy her, would have fallen on hot coals just to show her she didn’t have to spend her life chasing after the next hot guy. But those days were gone now.

Now he did take her by her collar, and he slammed his dick down her throat as far as it would go. She coughed and spluttered briefly, then she moaned like a bitch and her tongue swirled hungrily around his cock. Her only want was to serve and every second submitting to him felt right. He smiled and tipped his head back with eyes closed as he pounded into her wet throat again and again.

‘You know when I first got this remote I toyed with the idea of changing your personality so that you weren’t such a bitch. I thought we might fall in love and I could show you how much a partner could care for you. But once I got this body I realised there were better things to be done. All you ever did was hurt people before. You were a shallow slut and, quite frankly, I don’t understand how I ever wanted you. I’m not weak like that anymore. With this body and my remote, I can have anyone.

‘So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to treat you exactly the same way you treated me. Whenever I like I’m going to go into town with my remote and my charms and I’m going to seduce some gorgeous girl and I’m going to bring her back here and fuck her. I’m going to fuck her right in front of you when I know all you want is to join in. But I won’t let you. Then she will fuck you like a toy, and you’ll worship us any way you want. And whenever I don’t have one of my lovers here using you or making you jealous, I’m going to use your slutty throat to jerk off and you’re going to swallow everything I unload in it. Do you understand that, slave?’

As she gagged on his dick she nodded enthusiastically.

‘Mmmm, good. Now I suggest you get ready. I’m about to cum, bitch, and I want you to take it all down.’ At that moment she sent him over the edge and his cock exploded in her mouth. As he shuddered with release he smiled a satisfied smile and listened to her moan happily…

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Also, fortunately the source gif included the name of the model in this piece, which is always a great help. She is Amy Lee, and you can find much of her content including the video this gif came from on her PornHub profile here: https://www.pornhub.com/pornstar/amy-lee.

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