The Program: Amber Smith – Oral Expert

Models (in order of appearance): Faye Reagan, Manuel Ferrera, India Summer, Bruce Venture & Ryan Madison

Morning Duties

Amber’s heart fluttered as Damien’s eyes opened. Just like every other tutor on the Program, his eyes were always bright with lust, no matter whether he was just waking up or drifting off to sleep. This morning the deviant hunger in his gaze was even keener than usual.

Then again, that probably had something to do with her lips around his cock.

Coiling her fingers around his shaft she stroked his impressive length while bowing her head in long, slow motions. Her ginger hair was swept down over one side of her face and splayed across his thigh as she sucked on him sensually, her eyes never leaving his face. As he awoke, he found her pretty face staring up at him.

‘Good morning, beautiful,’ he smiled. Stretching the stiffness from his arms, he folded them casually behind his head. He sighed with pleasure, the heat of her mouth blossoming down his cock and across his groin. ‘That’s it. Don’t be shy. I’m all yours.’

Encouraged by the Dom’s words, Amber gradually increased her pace. On all fours between his legs, she made sure to give him a good view of her swaying tits and to push her ass up high enough for him to see.

Every training session Amber experienced on the Program began with a question. Each of these questions revolved around a hypothetical trait or habit of what her Dominant would expect of her when they finally met. Where they the kind of Dom who liked to lavish her with gifts or mercilessly degrade her? How might they punish her for misbehaving? Would they prefer playing with her ass, pussy, mouth or some other body part?

The answer to these questions informed the content of the session. For instance, if the hypothetical Dominant was a sadist, she was subjected to a brutal education in sexual torment and how to stay sane throughout extended periods of intense pleasure; if they were a generous owner, she was taught how to play the role of a good girl.

This morning’s question was simple: what if her Dom wanted waking with a blowjob?

After an intense bondage session in Damien’s quarters last night, he had ordered her to sleep over and to go down on him once she awoke. The Program’s tutors rarely slept with their students overnight – they believed that experience should be saved for when students finally met their sponsors – so Amber had savoured the chance to fall asleep next to the handsome stud. Similarly, she had been filled with warm contentment when she woke up naked in his arms.

Still, once she laid eyes on his morning wood – thick as her wrist and stiff as a flagpole – her submissive training kicked in. His order ringing in her ears, she crawled into position and began sensually worshipping his mouth-watering manhood.

Now, Damien pushed himself up onto his elbows, his eyes still fixed on her. Tilting his head slightly, he watched her continue to work his cock. She could tell he was marking her for skill and enthusiasm – and based on the smile twitching at his lips, she suspected she was putting on an impressive display.

‘What a way to start the day,’ he said. ‘If your Dom doesn’t already request this of you once you meet, I might have to suggest he make it part of your morning routine. And speaking of morning routines, I always like to be freshly showered before I go out to my first training session. How about you come and help me get all cleaned up?’

Drawing back from his cock, Amber’s heart fluttered, knowing that no matter how physically clean they were, Damien would make sure they were morally filthy before leaving the bathroom. But as morning rituals went, she could think of far worse than being fucked against the tiles of Damien’s shower…

Flexible Submission

Amber groaned into Mistress Maisie’s tight pussy. The Domme’s naked body looming over her was erotic enough, but the fact that she had been picked to worship the hottest female tutor on the Program’s staff was enough to drive her wild. And that wasn’t even considering the fact that they had an audience.

The tanned tutor didn’t so much as look at her submissive. Instead she simply rolled her hips to rub her crotch against the eager woman’s face while keeping her eyes fixed on the half a dozen students watching their debauchery.

‘I hope you’re taking notes,’ she said, her stern expression withering the submissives like grass under flame. ‘Amber here is the kind of sub you should all aspire to be. You have been training just as long as her – some of you longer – yet all of your cunnilingus skills pale in comparison to hers. If you want to avoid a spanking so severe you don’t sit down for a month, I suggest you learn from her example.’

Knowing full well that Mistress Maisie never made empty threats, her students watched Amber keenly. They were a varied group: three cis women, one trans woman, and a pair of slender twinks who were both being sponsored by the same Dom. When Amber had first volunteered she had been under the impression that the Program only catered to cis women, but Doctor Winters had explained that submission was a great equaliser. So long as a volunteer was willing to submit, that was all that mattered.

Mistress Maisie was one of the most fearsome tutors on the staff. As hypnotically beautiful as she was savage with a flogger, paddle or any other thuddy implement, she commanded the absolute respect of both students and staff. Granted, most of that respect was born of fear, but Amber was one of the few who admired Mistress Maisie: she respected all of the Dommes who taught on the Program. Since most sponsors were men in search of female subs, the majority of the tutors were also male to provide the required training. Yet despite being outnumbered by male Doms three to one, the Program’s Dommes were considered equals: Domination was seemingly just as much of an equaliser as submission.

With one hand massaging her breasts, Mistress Maisie’s face betrayed no pleasure despite Amber hungrily lapping at her wet folds. ‘If you are going to be truly devoted subs, you must be flexible. Most of you do not yet know who your sponsors will be. They may be male. They may be female. Cis or trans. You may find yourself serving an opposite sex couple whose desires both need satisfying, or a Dom who likes whoring you out to anyone willing to pay for your services. You cannot limit yourself to pleasuring only one gender – you must be flexible enough to serve them all.’

Beneath her, Amber was a mess of lust. Groping her tits she could feel herself getting wetter by the minute, her entire body throbbing with arousal. Her chin was slick with her tutor’s juices, her moans increasingly needy.

For the first time, Mistress Maisie smiled – a cold expression. She lifted herself a little higher, bringing her pussy just out of reach of Amber’s tongue. The young sub whined desperately, but she did not raise her head to follow.

‘Good girl,’ Mistress Maisie cooed. ‘You see, students, Amber knows that greedy subs get punished. But patient subs – they get rewarded.’

With that, the Domme sank down even further than before, burying Amber’s face between her thighs. The motion pressed Amber’s head down onto the sofa where Mistress Maisie proceeded to grind over her face, flooding fresh arousal through Amber’s body. She chuckled deviously as Amber’s muffled moans met her ears.

‘That’s right, Amber. Show these pathetic runts what a true pussy slut looks like…’

Practice Makes Perfect

There weren’t many pieces of advice Amber had received in her old life that were relevant when it came to submission. But if there was one thing that still rang true, it was that practice makes perfect.

Thanks to the Program her oral skills had improved dramatically. Although she had spent day one under Doctor Winters’s desk showing how grateful she was for his tutelage, she would be the first to admit that her technique had been somewhat lacking. After all, he was far larger than any of her exes, and though she was enthusiastic she had struggled to take more than a few inches.

In the time since, she had lost track of how much oral practice she’d had. Whether that involved being trussed up and positioned in front of a fucking machine in one of the dungeons, kneeling in the staffroom for every tutor to make use of during their break, or simply cleaning a Dom’s cock with her tongue after he fucked her brains out, she now had more experience than most escorts.

But that didn’t mean there wasn’t room for improvement. Which was exactly why Amber took time every day to hone her technique on her favourite dildos.

Today she’d decided to do so in the lounge. She usually practiced in her room, but since most of the students were out on a day trip to see a professional Dominatrix in the city it was quiet enough for her to focus. Apart from a couple of sissies in one corner comparing chastity cages and a petite blonde little watching lesbian porn on the widescreen TV, she was alone.

Amber had two cocks to hand. The smaller of the two was dark pink and buried several inches deep in her tight pussy. She’d mastered throating that one a month ago and ever since had been working on the second. It wasn’t the longest of her toys, but it was impressively thick – as she sucked on the head of the light pink dick she was already anticipating the ache in her throat when she pushed it inside.

Taking a large breath she opened wide and used both hands to drive the dildo as deep as she could. Amber’s gag reflex was basically non-existent by now, so she didn’t retch. Nevertheless, her eyes streamed and her temples throbbed, her body imploring her to stop. Her throat bulged out, the dildo’s head sitting just above her clavicles. After a few seconds her lungs began to burn.

Despite the discomfort, there was pleasure too. For one thing, Amber had spent enough time with a Dom’s hand around her throat that breathplay had become something of a fetish. Add to that the fact that when she went to throat the toy she had also dropped down on the first dildo, burying it up to the hilt in her throbbing pussy, and there was a war of pain and pleasure swirling through her insides.

Eventually she was forced to come up for air. Sliding the dildo out she gasped as if surfacing from a deep dive. The dildo came away coated in saliva, silvery ribbons trailing from the shaft to her lips.

When she glanced around she found all three other subs staring at her open-mouthed. The blonde, who had been masturbating to the porn, had frozen while playing with her clit, while the sissies looked like their eyes were about to pop out.

One of them – slim, with raven hair and dressed in lace lingerie – nudged their friend. ‘Did you see that?’

The other sissy nodded. They were dressed in a frilly maid’s outfit. ‘Do you think you could teach us?’ they asked Amber. ‘Doctor Winters said we had to work on our deepthroat technique but we’re struggling not to gag.’

Amber wiped the smears of saliva from her chin and smiled. ‘Sure I can. I’ve got shibari class later, but that’s with Master Damien and he’s on the trip so he won’t be back for another couple hours.’ Beckoning them over, she slid the first dildo from her pussy then placed both of them on the floor. ‘Okay, so when you’re throating a dick, the first thing you want to do is…’

Pearl Necklace

When volunteering for the Program, it wasn’t just relationships submissives sacrificed. Along with cutting off contact with the friends and family of their old life, they likewise agreed to give up all their worldly possessions. Anything that tied them to who they were before was forbidden – after all, they were here to build a new future, not hold on to the past.

Even so, in quieter moments Amber occasionally found herself missing some of her old belongings. Her bookshelf and the many stories it held. The scrapbook she’d made over the years. The scented candles dotted around her house.

And most of all her jewellery box. Before the Program jewellery was one of the few things that ever made her feel confident, and a few items in her collection were unique.

That wasn’t to say she regretted her decision. In fact, she’d already replaced most of what she’d given up. For instance, she had stipulated that any Dom who wished to sponsor her would have to agree to let her have her own bookshelf in the house. Meanwhile, scrapbooking had just been a hobby to fill the free time she now spent submitting. And the candles her tutors used when she was being trained in waxplay came in a range of delightful scents.

As for her jewellery, that had been replaced too – in a manner of speaking.

Spread out on her front over Master Lance’s ottoman, Amber looked up at the handsome Dom. His load was smeared thickly over her lips and chin and more spurts continued to decorate her pretty face as he stroked his shaft to milk out every last drop.

As much as she wanted to lick her lips, he had ordered her not to – a test in restraint – so she simply lay there, her lips resting gently on the head of his cock as she awaited her next instruction.

Permeating the salty tang of his cum, Amber could smell Master Lance himself. During her training she had come to learn that all the Dominants on the staff had their own unique aroma, but Master Lance’s might have been her favourite: expensive aftershave, sharp deodorant, the scent of his freshly laundered shirt still clinging to his skin. He was always well-dressed, a fact that never failed to stir Amber’s arousal – as far as she was concerned, there were few sights hotter than a Dom in a suit.

‘Good girl,’ he said, smiling down at her. ‘I really thought you would struggle not to lick up my load. I know how greedy for cum you can be. You sure you don’t want a taste?’ His smile grew wicked as he pressed his cock harder against her lips. Her stomach flipped, knowing he was testing her. It was all she could do not to throat him and risk the consequences.

But the torment was the hottest part. Like all the other Doms, Master Lance knew her inside out. He knew exactly what he was doing to her, and knowing he could play with her mind as well as her body was such a turn on she had to force herself not to moan. Instead, she looked up at him, her heart hammering, knowing this was where she belonged.

By now Master Lance’s cum had dribbled over Amber’s chin and down her neck. Spread across her clavicles the white droplets gleamed. They were a pearl necklace – sordid gems more valuable to Amber than any of the mundane trinkets she used to own. And she knew her fellow subs would admire her necklace too; as far as status symbols went, in the Program cummy jewellery was as coveted as spank marks or rope kisses.

‘Good girl,’ Master Lance repeated. ‘Self-control is crucial if you’re going to satisfy your Dominant, and you’re already mastering that skill. And of course, good behaviour deserves a reward. So turn around, little one, and let’s see how pretty your other holes look leaking my load…’

Night on the Tiles

Amber wanted Master Scott so bad she would have willingly choked on his cum. She wanted him to finish all over her face and have his cum dribble into her mouth. She wanted him to pump his seed down her throat and satisfy her more than any meal ever could. She had been born for this – for submission, for sluttiness, for all things salacious and sordid. And she was loving every second.

Master Scott’s groans filled the room. Laid back on the floor, naked save for the cock ring around the base of his shaft, his eyes rolled as Amber feasted hungrily on his manhood.

She was a woman possessed. Acting on instinct rather than rational though.

The salty taste as the doctor leaked pre-cum was finer than the most delicate wine. His moans were like a symphony to her ears, and she soon began to suck him deeper in an effort to draw more from him. It worked, his head lolling back as he grunted and groaned, trying and failing to express the raw ecstasy burning through his insides.

‘Fuck, Amber… oh my fucking… you’re crazy… I’ve never known a sub get like this… I… oh fuck…’ Master Scott’s head rolled to the side, his lips unable to form words.

Amber’s bratty streak flared. She relished the power she had over him. With just her lips and tongue she had methodically weakened him until he was a babbling mess, a feat rarely achieved by any student of the Program. She knew only a handful of her peers had ever reduced a tutor to such a state and she could not deny that it gave her a naughty thrill knowing she was capable of doing so herself.

Tonight was the night of her final oral assessment. Weeks of practicing her technique had led to this. She’d had everything planned out: how she would slowly unbutton Master Scott’s trousers, gently slide them down with his boxers, stroke him hard, kiss the underside of his cock, ease her lips over the head…

None of that had happened though. Because for the past two days she had been locked up in Mistress Maisie’s quarters as part of her endurance training. The Dominatrix had subjected her to fucking machines and vibrators and love eggs and intense conditioning, yet never once had she been allowed to cum.

After being edged for two days, Amber was barely sane when she was finally released. And it just so happened that her assessment fell in the next slot on her timetable. Worse still, with all the other Dominants occupied training their own students, Amber hadn’t been able to release any of her suppressed sexual energy before attending Master Scott’s chambers.

Her tutor had barely told her to begin before she tackled him to the ground, ripped off his clothes and gone to town on his juicy, throbbing dick.

She wanted to ride him. She wanted to fuck him so hard her mind finally broke and she collapsed into a dripping, quivering heap as the erotic stress of the past few days caught up to her. She wanted him to take care of her afterwards, to let her sleep in his bed until she had recovered.

But she couldn’t do that. Not yet at least. If she wanted to pass her assessment, there could be no sex until she had serviced him for at least an hour, with bonus marks available for each additional ten minutes she could continue and how many techniques she used. Only then would she be allowed to fuck him properly. 

Slowly, Master Scott regained his composure. The shock of Amber’s primal hunger had caught him off guard, but now he managed to push himself up onto his elbows and admire his insatiable sub.

Her tongue darted out to lick the base of his shaft. She worked his dick with her lips, her hands, desperate for him to share the lust roiling inside her. She knew this was nothing like what she’d planned, but in that moment, with all her thoughts consumed by slutty hunger, she didn’t care. All she cared about was pleasuring her Master.

A few seconds later, her dedication was rewarded. Master Scott came hard, firing down her throat and spilling from the corners of her mouth to leak down her chin. His hands came down and held her there, automatic little half-thrusts ensuring he ejected all of his load. At length he removed himself, leaving behind a pool of white that coated the interior of her mouth.

‘Well… that was quite a performance, Miss Smith,’ he said, his breathing deep. ‘I can’t say I’ve ever known a sub be quite as aggressive with her opening technique, but you certainly did not disappoint. Now, since I get the impression we’re going to be spending much more than the next hour together, I suggest we take things into my bedroom.’

Despite his offer, Amber simply couldn’t wait that long. As he led her through the hall her nymphomania swelled yet again and she drove him down into a nearby chair, eager for seconds. The tiled floor was hard on her knees, but the discomfort was worth it when there was the promise of Master Scott’s load at the end.

Before the Program, Amber had never been much of a partier. But this was the kind of night on the tiles she could certainly get used to. And with her anticipation building for all the deviant rewards Master Scott would give her if she did well on her assessment, she once again allowed submissive instinct to consume her as she bowed her head to worship his perfect dick…

Thanks for reading!

I have to say, I had a lot of fun with this one. I definitely enjoyed writing all the stories in this series, but since this was the first one I wrote after rewriting the original, it was also the first time I got to play around with the layout and experiment with shifting quickly from scene to scene.

This approach was actually lifted straight from the plans I originally made back in 2019. At the time I sourced a bunch of gifs I intended to use in future stories, with the idea that each would be the focus of a short scene, which would then build on each other. I also sorted all those gifs out into different themes, such as oral, an idea which I also decided to roll with when I came back to write this. Wherever possible, I’ve tried to source the images I used from the same scenes that those gifs came from, but I’d say only about half of the images used throughout the series were sourced this way – the rest come from new galleries I picked out.

Personally, I love the effect this approach resulted in. I’ve occasionally done similar things before – Kenzie and Kenzie’s Apprentice both jump between scenes a bit, for example – but never on this scale. Each story feels kind of like a compilation which I really like, and I think by keeping each scene short it helps keep the pace going throughout the whole story. Better still, I’ve been able to showcase a wealth of Faye Reagan’s work. Even back in 2019 I always intended for her to be the core model portraying Amber, and I saw absolutely no reason to change that when it came time to revisit her story.

I hope you liked this slightly different approach to story-writing. And I hope you’ll come back on Friday for the next instalment!


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