Little Shop of Hedonism: Heartless Things

Models: Eufrat Mai & Leila Smith

It wasn’t the first time Ellie had let her inner sadist take hold. Yet as she watched Layla transform, leaning over her with a cold smile playing on her lips, there was still a part of Ellie that continued to marvel at how easily she could do such heartless things to the woman she loved.

Layla’s sensual moaning filled the small attic, infusing the atmosphere with an arousal which soaked into Ellie’s pores, turning her on more with every passing second. The transformation was gradual, giving Ellie plenty of time to savour the view. It had affected Layla’s tits first: only a few minutes earlier, huge silicone orbs had dominated Layla’s chest, but now they had regressed to perky little mounds barely large enough to fill Ellie’s hand. In fact, there was hardly anything left of the plastic bimbo Layla used to be – no colossal ass or six inch nails or surgically-cinched waist. Only a delicate, petite figure, all natural and all adorable. As Ellie watched, Layla’s golden tan washed away, leaving her flesh pale, and her overinflated lips shrank back until there was not a drop of filler left inside. And all the while, inch by inch, her formerly bleach blonde hair darkened to a deep wine red, the dyed strands splayed over her shoulders as she squirmed on the bedsheets.

Once her transformation settled, the only reminder of the bimbo she had been was the twinkling stud in her upper lip. The piercing was the sole constant through every transformation, although in truth it hadn’t exactly been Layla’s choice to get it.

Then again, Layla never made any choices for herself these days.

When Layla finally opened her eyes, she found Ellie smiling down at her. She blinked, a flicker of confusion crossing her expression, as if she knew she had forgotten something very important but couldn’t quite pin down what it was.

‘Good morning, beautiful,’ Ellie said, her breath warm on Layla’s skin. ‘Did you sleep well?’

Layla nodded cautiously, seemingly unsure if she had slept well or not.

‘That’s good. You look so pretty when you’re sleeping,’ Ellie said, stroking her girlfriend’s cheek affectionately.

Layla looked as if she had just woken up from a very strange dream. Ellie had to stifle a snigger: it was almost too easy to manipulate her girlfriend at this point. Her mind was so simple, so pliant. All Ellie had to do was plant a suggestion in Layla’s mind and it would easily take root. So, when she had said that Layla would forget everything about her transformation the moment it was over – that she would feel as if she was waking up in the only body she had ever known – she had practically been able to see Layla’s mind adjust to accept the thought.

And now, Ellie leaned into to give her another one.

‘You want to eat me out,’ she whispered into Layla’s ear.

It always took a few seconds for her suggestions to take hold, so Ellie took the opportunity to recline into the cushions.

By the time she had settled into a comfortable position Layla was on the move, crawling around to spread Ellie’s legs. Sinking down between Ellie’s thighs, Layla’s ass was thrust up high, giving her girlfriend a very enjoyable view of her bare cheeks. But then Layla was lapping at her sex and Ellie’s eyes closed in an expression of blissful pleasure.

Over the past few months, Layla had become an expert in Ellie’s body. From the tender spots across her body that sparked her arousal, to the exact way of eating her out that sent her wild, Layla had learned everything there was to know about her girlfriend’s physical needs. And right now she put that into practice with orgasmic effect.

Ellie squirmed with the pleasure. Her gasps danced through the air like delicate songbirds; her body rolled like the waves of a gentle ocean surf. Her slender fingers pranced over the sheets as though she was playing a soft piano solo, broken every now and then by a sudden vice-like grip of the bed as Layla hit a particularly sensitive spot.

‘Good girl,’ she breathed, ‘just keep going, gorgeous. You know you’re loving every second of this.’

Layla nodded, the unexpected motion sending a thrill of new pleasure through Ellie’s body.

In truth, Layla hadn’t exactly learned the intricacies of Ellie’s body by yourself. Instead, once Ellie had learned how to manipulate her mind, she had slipped the knowledge into Layla’s psyche piece by piece. Over time, she had gradually moulded her into the perfect lover, and now no matter what body Layla was in she knew exactly how to satisfy all of Ellie’s sensual needs.

And right now, there was one need Ellie was aching to have fulfilled.

‘Don’t my nipples look good, baby?’ she purred. ‘I’m sure you’d love a taste of them.’

Layla kissed her way up Ellie’s body slowly leaving a weaving trail of warmth behind her. As she approached Ellie’s breast she lavished it with even more attention, working her way first along the underside, following the curve up and around before then descending her collarbone and finally taking the nipple between her soft lips. All the while she kept one hand between Ellie’s thighs, her fingers playing gently over her flushed clit.

Working one hand into Layla’s rouge hair, Ellie used the other to stroke her arm affectionately. ‘Mmmh, that’s it. Don’t they taste so good? You’re such a good little girl.’

A shudder of arousal ran through Layla’s body at the encouragement. Ellie smirked: one of the many triggers she had trained Layla to respond to was positive feedback. The more she gave, the hornier Layla became, and the hornier she became, the needier she was to worship.

They had first started playing around with hypnosis a few months earlier. At first it had just been a bit of naughty fun. But over time, Ellie had realised she had a real skill for it.

And as her confidence had grown, the desire to take things further had developed too. While Layla was under, Ellie had started to slip in suggestions for outside of the bedroom. Only innocent things to begin with: making her a tea whenever her mug was empty, cooking her breakfast in bed each morning.

Gradually though, Layla’s mind had become Ellie’s plaything. And the triggers had become more sordid. A constant underlying arousal. The compulsion to watch porn on every work break. The need to wear a butt plug whenever she left the house. Eventually, Layla could not even cum without Ellie’s permission.

That was when Ellie had found the Little Shop of Hedonism.

A sudden wave of hunger came over Ellie then. Today was the first time she had given Layla a dose of Submiss-IV, and although Ellie hadn’t taken any Domin-8 to match, she didn’t need it: she was more than eager enough to torment her new sub already.

Tightening her grip on Layla’s hair, Ellie swiftly reversed their positions. Forcing Layla back into the pillows, she sank two long fingers into Layla’s vulnerable pussy, smiling as she felt how wet she was already. With her other hand she cupped one of Layla’s breasts and began to suckle on it.

The transformative drug’s effects did not take long to shine through. They were mostly subtle things: opening her legs wider without being asked, instinctively spreading her holes for deeper access, pushing her chest closer to Ellie’s lips. Even as her face twisted with pleasure and breathless groans tumbled from her lips, she constantly seemed to be considering ways to allow Ellie to torment her more easily.

The Submiss-IV was just Ellie’s latest purchase from Trixie’s erotic emporium.

When she had first entered, Trixie had been more than happy to help her find the perfect thing to spice up Ellie and Layla’s sex life: a batch of X-Change. They had transformed Layla for the very first time, reshaping her into a dainty blonde beauty who had spent all weekend in Ellie’s arms.

But as far as Ellie was concerned, the physical transformation was just a happy side effect. Because with every pill she took, Layla’s mind became more and more pliable. It made sense of course – after all, the pills were designed to affect the psyche as well as the body, boosting libido and erasing inhibitions. And all those alterations opened her mind to Ellie’s sordid suggestions better than an entire month of hypno sessions.

In truth, Ellie knew there was hardly anything of the old Layla left anymore. The woman squirming and moaning on her bed was an entirely different person. Her mind was nothing more than Ellie’s plaything, and her body was like clay for Ellie to mould however she desired.

Layla was so far gone, in fact, that she had completely forgotten who she used to be. One day, when she was feeling particularly sadistic, Ellie knew she would tell Layla the truth: that before that first X-Change pill, she had been Layton, Ellie’s sweet, unassuming boyfriend. That the night they had first started experimenting with hypnosis – the night that had started them on this whole sordid journey – had been their five-year anniversary. That she had promised to let him change back after a day or two, only to break that promise without a second thought.

Then, just as reality dawned, she would urge Layla to swallow yet another transformation pill and watch as those memories were snatched away from her all over again.

A mischievous smile twisted Ellie’s lips at the thought. She wasn’t surprised at herself anymore. As far as she was concerned, the submissive little slut currently moaning on the end of her fingers was not the man she had first fallen in love with. True, she still loved Layla, but it was a love born of corruption and lust rather than affection and passion.

She didn’t much care if the power had gone to her head. Nor did she care that she had misused it, betraying Layton’s trust in the process. She had worked hard to take control of Layla’s mind, and now she could mould her into whatever kind of lover she desired, from a silicone bimbo to a naughty alt bombshell – Trixie had enough pills to turn Layla into a new woman every day. And that wasn’t even mentioning everything else sold at her Little Shop of Hedonism. Why in the world would Ellie give that up?

Besides, deep down, it seemed, she had always been a little bit wicked. Because now she realised the truth: she wasn’t just willing to do heartless things to satisfy her desires, she enjoyed doing them as well.

And there was something else she enjoyed too: hearing her slave beg for mercy.

With Layla’s leg held high, Ellie plunged her fingers deeper into her slave’s pussy, chuckling as Layla groaned desperately. She squeezed Layla’s tits a little harder as she leaned in to whisper in her ear.

‘I have a surprise for you, baby. When I went to see Trixie yesterday, I didn’t just buy those pills – I bought a new toy too. It’s a very pretty pink strap-on, and it just so happens to triple the intensity of the pleasure you get when I screw you with it. So just imagine what it will do to your orgasm after I’ve edged you all morning.’ Ellie smirked as Layla gave a horny whimper. ‘I hope you’re not too attached to your brains, gorgeous, because I’m about to fuck them out…’

Thanks for reading!

This has been a long while coming. Almost a year ago I released a story called ‘Dream Come True’ in which I mistakenly identified Eufrat Mai as Karla Kush in one of the images I used in the story, which led to me using more of Kush’s work throughout the rest of the story. At the time I felt a bit guilty for not showcasing Mai’s work more, especially given how I enjoy using the work of lesser known models, so I said I’d write a story using her work at some point in the future.

The future is now. I actually wrote this story itself quite a while ago, but as my readers may already know, my stories tend to languish in my backlog for some time before seeing the light of day. I’m glad this one is finally out though and I hope you enjoyed it.

I also wanted to give a quick reminder that I’ll be taking July off this year. I usually have a midyear break and 2023 is no different, so while I might still pop up on Twitter from time to time, I’ll not be posting any new stories throughout July. That said, I have some super hot stories this month to make up for my approaching absence!


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