The Program: Brooke Levine

Models: Phoenix Marie & Piper Perri

Brooke’s face was so close to Abby’s they were practically kissing. There was barely a whisper separating them – it would only take a deep breath from either woman and they would be locking lips.

Yet Brooke refused to close the distance, while Abby knew if she went for a kiss she would regret it for days afterwards. They might have only met for the first time yesterday but already the women knew one another inside out, their souls a perfect match. Last night the sun had set on two strangers; this morning it had risen on a couple bonded by lust. A lust so strong neither of them would ever crave another lover again.

‘Are you sure this was a good idea, bunny?’ Brooke purred, her words weaving between Abby’s parted lips. She grasped Abby’s chin softly, closing a hand around her neck to remind her how easy it would be to choke her. ‘This is all your doing. You made this happen. You wanted this so much you gave up half your fortune to create me. But I wonder if you actually thought it all through beforehand.’

Abby’s breathing was shallow. ‘I did, Mistress. And I’ve spent every day for months dreaming of being yours. I want to–’

Abby was cut off by a sharp slap to the face. The crack rang out through the room, ricocheting off the tiled walls like a shotgun retort and an angry red mark immediately blossomed over Abby’s cheek. But when Brooke twisted the young woman back to face her Abby was smiling. She did not resist as Brooke loomed in close again.

‘You want? That’s no way to talk to your Mistress. A good sub uses her manners, and unless you want spanking so hard you don’t sit down for a week I suggest you use yours.’

‘I’m sorry, Mistress. I forgot. Thank you for training me to be a good girl.’

‘That’s what you paid for,’ Brooke said. Bringing her foot around she ran her toes along Abby’s inner thigh, chuckling as the girl squirmed. ‘You paid for all of me. You paid for this body. My designer pussy. My big fat ass. My fleshy thighs and perfect curves – all my filler and surgery. You even paid for these lips I won’t let you kiss,’ she added, her lips feathering over Abby’s while her grip tightened to prevent her sub moving closer. Then she lowered her voice to a sultry whisper. ‘But of all the things you paid for, we both know what turns you on the most, don’t we?’

Beckoning Abby to her feet, Brooke pushed her slowly towards the pink glass wall opposite. As they moved she peeled down the bust of her lingerie. The straps and mesh had hugged her huge tits, emphasising her soft cleavage, but with the wine-coloured material removed Brooke’s immense rack was bare, jiggling enticingly with each step she took. She smiled as Abby’s eyes bulged.

The young sub allowed Brooke to press her against the glass, her hands crossed obediently behind her back. Last night Brooke had laid down the law, part of which was that whenever Abby was serving her she should keep her hands out of the way. For one thing, it ensured Brooke had access to her submissive’s little tits and tight pussy without obstruction. For another, there was a certain thrill in seeing Abby effectively restraining herself, negating the need for physical cuffs no matter how sadistic Brooke was with her, because they both knew the punishment for disobeying Brooke’s commands would be so much worse.

Then, of course, there was the added bonus that Brooke could suffocate Abby with her huge tits without her slave’s hands flapping about while she slowly ran out of air. And with Abby’s delicate frame pressed against the glass, that’s exactly what Brooke did.

Pulling Abby’s face into her silicone breasts, Brooke watched her golden flesh close over Abby’s mouth and nose. Though she squirmed Abby nevertheless eagerly lapped at Brooke’s nipple. As she did so, the straps of Abby’s bra slipped from her shoulders, the white lace peeling down to expose her own tits; compared to Brooke’s they were almost pathetic, like the pawprints of a housecat dwarfed by those of a full-grown lioness.

The height difference between them was already striking, but Brooke enjoyed nothing more than making Abby feel small. With a firm hand she pushed down on the girl’s shoulder, crushing her into a stooped position and forcing her to tilt her head upwards to continue worshipping Brooke’s breast. In this position she looked even more fragile than before. And that’s exactly what Brooke wanted.

Brooke waited until Abby’s temples throbbed and her agile tongue began to falter. Then she waited a little longer before finally releasing her. Abby came away gasping as if she had just surfaced from the depths of the ocean.

‘Good girl,’ Brooke smiled, stroking her sub’s pale body tenderly. ‘Tell me, were my tits worth the cost, bunny?’

Abby nodded frantically, delirium in her eyes. ‘Yes, Mistress. Your tits are amazing. I never dreamed they would be this perfect.’

‘Then we had better make sure you get your money’s worth, hadn’t we?’ Without waiting for an answer, Brooke dragged Abby back in and buried her between her fleshy breasts.

Brooke’s lips parted in a groaning grimace. The pleasure of dominance rushed through her, setting her skin tingling with amoral arousal.

Brooke was nothing like the usual Program volunteer. Unlike the other initiates she didn’t want to submit – she wanted to satisfy. She had never much cared how she achieved that goal, but given that the Program offered the chance to become the perfect lover for any man or woman who chose to sponsor her through the process she had decided it was the best way to ensure she spent her life fulfilling the desires of a lover just as full of lust as she was.

But in the end, submission was not her destiny. When she had first mentioned her drive to please during her interview with Doctor Winters the shrewd man had asked her if she had ever considered becoming a Dominant instead.

‘You see, we have a client with an unusual request,’ he had elaborated. ‘She’s a young heiress and she came to us asking if we could train a Domme for her. I’ve never met a more naturally submissive woman in my life – in fact, she makes some of our own students look like amateurs. But she has more money than half the sponsors who come asking for subs and she’s willing to pay handsomely for the perfect Mistress. It’s not in our usual remit, but we have a team of some of the finest Dominants in the world, so who better to learn from? So far all other volunteers have declined the offer, but you seem like the perfect candidate.’

Brooke didn’t need much time to think. The thought of owning her very own needy slave was just as much of a turn-on as the idea of becoming that slave herself, and she had often wondered what it might be like to experience the thrill of absolute sexual control over an intimate partner.

Just as Doctor Winters had promised, Brooke’s training was second to none. The Program’s tutors were happy to educate her in how to use and abuse willing subs in the most deliciously depraved ways imaginable. Moreover, they even allowed her to train some submissives herself, which provided all the hands-on experience she needed to mature from a wannabe seductress to a world-class Domme capable of setting lips drooling between both cheeks and thighs with just a bat of her eyelashes and a beckoning finger.

For Abby to sponsor her Brooke had to agree to more than a little surgery. The young sub had a very clear idea of the Domme she wanted from the Program, and to begin with Brooke ticked very few of Abby’s boxes.

But as Doctor Winter was fond of saying, the Program provides.

Some sponsors requested their subs to be heavily bimbofied before they were willing to pay for their training, so any new volunteer was asked if they consented to surgical modifications or if they preferred to keep their training strictly behavioural. Brooke hadn’t had any issues with Abby’s specified enhancements – in fact, she was rather excited by them – so she had agreed to go under the knife of the Program’s outstanding surgeons.

By the time they had finished with her, she was barely recognisable. The only familiar feature was her height, but beyond that the surgeons had manipulated almost every facet of her appearance to match Abby’s specifications. In doing so they had transformed Brooke into an Amazonian goddess so jaw-droppingly hot she sometimes found herself dripping wet at the sight of her own reflection. Beautiful beyond belief, curvy enough to make most bimbos look flat, and with rich golden skin soft as satin to the touch, her new body was worth every penny Abby had spent on it.

But of all her new assets – from her huge ass to her filled lips – the detail Abby had stressed as the most important was that her Domme had to have a rack anybody would willingly suffocate in.

It hadn’t taken long after they finally met for the first time yesterday for Brooke to figure out why. The girl was an all-out tit fanatic; there was no better way to mess with her mind than by ‘forcing’ her to worship Brooke’s huge silicone jugs until she came away panting and drooling and half-crazed with lust.

Better yet, once Abby was in that state of mind, Brooke could really have fun with her.

When Brooke finally pulled Abby out from her cleavage her eyes were glazed and her pretty face twisted into a dopey grin. Dazed by her own arousal, the sub barely even noticed Brooke stripping her down, exposing her tiny tits and shaved cunt. Nor did she respond as her Domme guided her around to the sofa and laid her down with her hands still behind her back, pinning them in place. As Brooke stripped down Abby’s expression remained fixed, oblivious to the orgasmic sight of Brooke’s naked body, all golden skin and devastating curves.

Clarity only returned to Abby’s mind as Brooke straddled her face. But by then it was already too late and her startled gasp was muffled by Brooke’s fleshy hips as her sub’s face vanished between her loins.

Chuckling deviously, Brooke rocked her hips and ground her pussy against Abby’s lips. ‘Go on, bunny, don’t be shy. Eat me out. Feast on my cunt. Gorge on it. We both know you’re addicted to my body otherwise why would you have paid to make me this way in the first place? You’re a shameless addict and I’m your drug. So stop playing coy and take your fix.’

Abby didn’t need telling twice. With Brooke’s pussy pressing against her face she set about eagerly worshipping her Domme, licking and sucking and lapping and probing her folds with almost deranged enthusiasm.

Brooke continued to roll her hips, her sultry features twisting with pleasure as her sub followed her orders. She hadn’t expected to be so turned on by her role as Abby’s Dominant, but she would have been lying if she said this wasn’t the hottest thing she’d ever experienced. Considering they had only met for the first time yesterday she was equally surprised at how attached she had already become to Abby, too.

When Doctor Winters had introduced them, Abby had barely been able to look Brooke in the eye. Fortunately, Brooke had been taught how best to bring a timid sub out of their shell, and when Doctor Winters returned an hour later he’d found the young heiress obediently licking Brooke’s towering PVC heels.

‘It looks like your little experiment was successful,’ Brooke smiled at him. ‘She says I’m perfect in every way. I’d say that’s a glowing review of your training, wouldn’t you?’

Doctor Winters grinned back. ‘Absolutely. Perhaps we will have to consider expanding our services to Domme training too. But for now, ladies, I shall excuse myself.’ With that he had left them alone again.

Shortly after they had returned to Abby’s house, where they had spent the night getting very, very well acquainted. This morning their depravity had only continued, and now here they were again, the evening sun setting the sky on fire outside while the two of them burned with even fiercer desire indoors. In truth, the addiction was not as one-sided as Brooke implied, but she had already discovered how horny it made Abby to be reminded of the fact that she had offered up half her fortune just to be dominated, enslaved and belittled. Nevertheless, Brooke was just as eager for her sub’s attention – to her surprise, she simply couldn’t get enough of Abby’s worship.

Then again, she realised now that when someone was willing to submit as completely as Abby – to offer absolute control to one person and one person only – that established a bond more intimate than most couples formed in a lifetime. In just one day that was the kind of bond they had formed and Brooke knew she would never crave any other submissive than the one currently worshipping her wet pussy.

After sitting on Abby’s face until she was squirming and writhing with a mixture of equal parts arousal and asphyxiation, Brooke eventually sank down onto her back and allowed her sub to continue eating her out in a less suffocating position. Spreading her thick thighs she bared her saturated pussy.

‘You know, bunny, I have a surprise for you,’ Brooke said even as her eyelids fluttered with ecstasy. ‘You see while I was training to own you, me and my tutors became good friends. Some have subs of their own and they told me about a regular event they attend – one where the Doms go clothed and the subs go absolutely naked. Lucky for us, there’s one coming up this weekend. I was thinking of wearing the leather harness Doctor Winters gave me as a graduation gift. And as for you, I think that nice pink collar and leash of yours would be the perfect outfit – that one that says ‘Pussy Slut’ on it.’ Resting a hand on Abby’s head, Brooke groaned softly as the girl licked her clit. ‘Tell me, bunny, would you like that?’

Abby didn’t respond with words. Instead she swung one hand around and plunged two fingers into Brooke’s twinkling pussy before proceeding to pump them back and forth.

Brooke made a mental note to punish Abby later for moving her hands without permission, but for now she simply smiled and let out another sensual groan. ‘I thought you would,’ she said…

Thanks for reading!

So as far as I can remember, this is the first time I have ever reused a scene I’ve already used in a previous blog story. Once or twice I’ve used images again if they were originally used for a Twitter image caption and I wanted to write a bigger piece for them, but never ones that had already been on the blog itself (at least not as far as I can recall). But for this scene I made an exception.

There are two reasons for that. Firstly, the first time I used this scene I used gifs rather than images, and I felt that the higher quality of the images deserved a revisit. And secondly, the story this scene originally showed up in (The Formula: Part IV) was part of a miniseries, and while those stories are mostly self-contained they did have an overarching storyline, as a result of which this scene became a smaller part of a bigger whole. I don’t mind that, but I really wanted something that stood on its own without really needing to read anything else for it to make sense – sure the Program is a miniseries of its own in some ways, but I don’t think the previous stories are necessarily essential reading for this and they’re not as heavily linked as the Formula storyline was.

Then again, realistically those reasons are more like excuses because ultimately I just really wanted to use this scene again. Both Marie and Piper are up there as some of my favourite models ever and any scene they’re in together is pure fire. I didn’t feel that the last use of this scene necessarily did it as much justice as I’d have liked (although for the record I do still love the Formula stories), and given it’s been a good while since I last used it I felt like enough time had passed for me to revisit it. That’s not to say I have any plans to do the same with other scenes – though I wouldn’t categorically rule it out. It would just take a very special scene like this one.

I can safely say I’m extremely glad I did come back to this one though because I absolutely loved mixing up the Program lore. Flipping the script so that Brooke was trained as a Domme not a sub was a lot of fun, and after all who said the people who can afford to sponsor a Program volunteer all had to be Dominants themselves? The dynamic between the two characters was really enjoyable to write and while the Program will still primarily follow submissive protagonists, I would be more than happy to explore other Dominant trainees in future too.

Anyway, I’ve gone on plenty long enough at this point, so I’ll finish off by saying I’m back to a normal release schedule of one new story per week, so make sure to come back next week for another slice of saucy smut!

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