Models: Alison Tyler & Piper Perri

Lizzy’s mind was on autopilot. Without even thinking what she was doing she plunged the lengthy dildo down her throat over and over, all while sinking the fingers of her free hand into her saturated pussy. The air was thick with the wet, sordid sounds of her shameless self-pleasure. Her laptop sat beside her, a sensual sapphic porn film playing loudly, the moans and groans of the models dragging her deeper into the abyss of blank-minded desire.

She couldn’t stop. She never stopped. Because for Lizzy, pleasure was more than a luxury – it was a need. Permanently aroused, almost every waking moment was spent indulging her desires, while her sleep was flooded with dreams that ensured she awoke breathless each morning, nipples hard and pussy dripping wet.

In fact, she was so crippled by her addiction that in the months since her Mistress had bought her home, Lizzy had never once attempted to escape. She could have done – there were certainly no security measures to keep her imprisoned. Yet despite the fact all her old memories were still more or less intact, despite the fact she knew exactly what her Mistress had done to her, Lizzy couldn’t even conceive of running away. To do so would mean she’d have to stop; she’d have to put down her sex toys and turn her thoughts to something other than pleasure. And that was something she could never do.

Besides, her Mistress was special. She knew how to use Lizzy’s body in ways nobody else ever could. How could Lizzy abandon the only person who could truly satisfy her?

As Lizzy lay there filling her holes, a torrent of horny thoughts cascaded through her mind. Insatiable as she was, her desires were everchanging, an endless flow of fetishes and fantasies. But at their centre, like an unyielding island at the heart of the river, was the constant memory of her transformation.

The moment Liam had drawn his card, all the masculine bravado left him. The realisation that he had dropped himself into trouble he couldn’t bluster his way out of struck him hard and his Hawaiian shirt quivered as he tried and failed to suppress his panic. With a shaky hand he turned over his card… and paled at what he saw.

The Addict grinned out at him with slutty mania written in every line of her expression. The subject of the card was a slim, busty beauty, clad in pretty lace lingerie. And she was surrounded by depravity. One hand was wrapped around a thick cock, the other was three fingers deep in a shaved pussy; her panties were pulled to the side so she could ride a second dick, while a woman’s head was pressed between her thighs teasing her clit with an eager tongue. Behind her a crowd was gathered – cis and trans alike – all clearly waiting for their turn to play with the shameless slut.

Liam blanched with horror. Only a heartbeat later, he felt The Addict’s influence invading his mind.

Although the card did not erase Liam’s memories, all at once they no longer mattered. As if every hope and dream had been shelved away in a locked room his old life faded into insignificance while a new mind – Lizzy’s mind – engulfed him. That river of filthy thoughts burst into being and it had never stopped since.

Consumed by arousal so intense it was almost agonising, he cried out with ecstasy as his burly masculine body rapidly collapsed. Bones ground and muscles audibly tore as he crumpled down from a towering, barrel-chested jock to a five-foot nothing waif of a thing. His shoulders splintered and reset; his ribs cracked and shrank, all while his body mass plummeted as his bulging muscles melted away. The dramatic change made it look like he had been forced into an immense vice and compressed down to half his original size.

Despite the grisly sounds all Liam felt was bliss. He groaned as his masculinity was stolen. His eyes rolled when his tits grew in, tiny yet sensitive. He screamed deliriously as his cock – his most prized asset – shrivelled back into nothing. Then, when the lips of his pussy parted, dripping wet and throbbing so hard he felt it in his temples, the lust surpassed his ability to process. He was drowning in it. Suffocating.

Collapsing, Liam struggled to remain conscious for the rest of his transformation. When at last the orgasmic magic faded, the man who had drawn the card was gone.

Lizzy she opened her eyes to find her vision framed with blonde hair. Her panting was high and feminine, her tiny body light enough that she thought she might float up to the ceiling. And beneath everything was the hunger. The craving. The addiction. She needed to fuck. She needed to cum. It was her sole purpose in life. And fortunately, her transformed friends were more than willing to satisfy those needs.

Lizzy’s breathing quickened; she could still remember their hot hands on her body, their lips on hers as they probed her mouth with their tongues, their fingers tangled in her…

Someone seized Lizzy’s hair roughly, ripping her from her memories. Her eyes closed, her moans loud and her porn on full volume, she hadn’t seen or heard anybody approaching. Giving a shriek of surprise she was powerless to resist as she was dragged up onto her knees, bringing her face to face with her Mistress.

Felicity grinned coldly. ‘What do you think you’re doing, slut?’ she said. Seizing Lizzy’s wrist, she lifted the tiny blonde’s arm and stared at the thick dildo still clutched in her delicate fingers. ‘How many times have I told you to stay out of my stash? Don’t you have more than enough toys of your own to play with?’

Lizzy wriggled in Felicity’s grasp. ‘But you always keep the biggest toys for yourself,’ she whined. ‘I needed something big. I needed to be so full I couldn’t take anything else.’

‘Well if it’s big you want then I think I have just the thing.’

For the first time, Lizzy surveyed her Mistress. The busty Amazon was entirely naked save for the huge strap-on jutting from her crotch; the harness hugged Felicity’s plump ass tight while the shaft was as long as Lizzy’s forearm.

The petite blonde’s eyes bulged. ‘I… I didn’t mean that big,’ she said nervously. ‘That thing will split me in half.’

Felicity’s smile widened, a wicked twinkle in her eye. ‘You should have thought of that before you stole my toy. I would’ve thought you’d learned not to mess with me the night you became my bitch. But I guess not. So it’s about time I taught you what happens when misbehaving brats like you don’t do as they’re told.’ 

Felicity had an uncanny ability to disrobe Lizzy in seconds. In barely the blink of an eye the blonde found herself naked, her pale body totally exposed. Dwarfed by her towering Mistress, she was powerless to fight back as she was thrown roughly onto all fours.

Then her jaw fell open, her eyes went wide and she let out a long, low, orgasmic groan.

With a healthy dose of lube already applied to the toy and Lizzy’s pussy dripping with arousal, the huge dildo fed in easily. It felt endless. Every time Lizzy thought there couldn’t possibly be anymore, Felicity slid in another inch, invading her tight sex in one long, smooth motion. As she was filled to her limit the blonde slut’s groan slowly devolved, first to a prolonged gasp, then to a shuddering whimper, and finally to a quiet sob.

After what felt like forever, Lizzy felt Felicity’s crotch press against her ass. ‘There we are. Doesn’t that feel good, slut? Having my thick cock buried in your naughty hole is what you live for. Don’t tell me you’re not enjoying this.’

Lizzy couldn’t move. All her slutty impulses screamed at her to bounce her hips, to rock back and forth, to grind hard against Felicity’s crotch. Even so, she had never taken a cock this big before, not even when her Mistress invited around some of her gentleman friends from the casino. Even the slightest movement threatened to split her at the seams and she was almost certain she wouldn’t be able to cope with such a large dick ravaging her insides.

But Felicity didn’t much care what her slut wanted. Closing her eyes and tightening her grip in Lizzy’s hair, she started to thrust.

Immediately Lizzy’s orgasmic cries filled the room. ‘This is what you wanted,’ Felicity reminded her, the slap of her thighs striking Lizzy’s pale ass ringing out like a sordid drumbeat. ‘“I need something big, Mistress. I need to be filled until I can’t take any more.” I’m only giving you what you asked for. If you really meant it then this should be a pleasure, not a punishment – although something tells me it’s a little bit of both.’ Her fat tits swinging in time with her pumping hips, Felicity leaned in close to Lizzy’s ear and lowered her voice to a dangerously seductive whisper. ‘I’m going to fuck your brains out, you bratty bitch. And there’s nothing you can do about it.’

At first Lizzy’s eyes rolled, her lids fluttering as her Mistress repeatedly hit her G-spot. Then, as the pleasure began to build, her delicate brows knitted together and her pretty face twisted with agonised ecstasy. Clutching the pillow in front of her she was left breathless by every thrust, her little tits bouncing about as she was used.

For a long time, Lizzy was sure she was going to break. She could feel delirium brewing in the corners of her mind and she could sense herself teetering on the edge of madness, as though any second she would suddenly cave and slump down into a blubbering, babbling mess.

Yet somehow, she stayed sane. Somehow she didn’t burst with arousal. And eventually she realised she didn’t want Felicity to stop. She only wanted…

‘More,’ Lizzy breathed.

Felicity gave a devilish chuckle. ‘That’s right, slut. Give in to the pleasure. You know you’re never going to escape this life – you’re never going to escape me. You sacrificed your old life the second you drew that card. All you’ll ever be now is my live-in whore. But something tells me you won’t have any complaints.’ Groping her huge tits, she continued to roll her hips.

Beneath her, Lizzy’s arousal was seeping into her psyche, consuming her mind. Slowly, she turned back and spread her ass wider, allowing Felicity to thrust a fraction deeper. Her delicate face was warped with ecstasy, her glittery eyelids fluttering frantically. ‘Please…’ she panted. ‘Please… I need… more. I always need more… Don’t ever stop… I’m yours…’

‘Yes you are,’ Felicity hissed. ‘And I’m going to make sure you don’t forget it.’

With that, the head of Metamorphose’s security set about using her personal slut as hard as she possibly could.

It didn’t take long before she had fucked out all Lizzy’s brattiness. The whining, disobedient imp was gone, replaced by an insatiable nympho desperate to follow any order her Mistress gave so long as it meant Felicity didn’t stop pounding her. Lizzy rode Felicity’s cock, groping her huge tits while her Mistress nibbled on her hard nipples; she lay back so Felicity could drive in deep; she allowed herself to be folded and twisted and manhandled, her flexible frame contorting easily into every position imaginable, each of which provided Felicity a new angle with which to melt Lizzy’s brains. The tiny blonde even allowed herself to be pinned down on her front, utterly unable to move beneath her Amazonian Mistress as her tight pussy was mercilessly pummelled so hard she lost all sense of time. 

All she knew was that eventually Felicity removed her strap-on to expose her flushed pussy. The folds twinkled, slick with her juices as dribbles of arousal smeared her legs; clearly she had enjoyed their fuckfest just as much as Lizzy.

Wracked with orgasmia, Lizzy peered up at her Mistress. ‘Thank you,’ she breathed, so horny she was trembling.

Sinking back amongst the cushions, Felicity played idly with herself. ‘For what?’ she asked softly.

‘For turning me into this. For corrupting me with this addiction. For making me yours. I don’t know how I ever lived without it, but now I can’t imagine myself as anything but this.’ She paused and turned her eyes down nervously. ‘If… if I ever turned back, I’d do anything to reverse it. I can’t live without this now.’

Looping one arm around Lizzy’s waist, Felicity pulled her in closer. Skin slid over skin, their legs interlocking so their bodies slotted together like two halves of a whole. Felicity smiled as arousal flickered over Lizzy’s pretty face.

‘And you’ll never have to,’ she promised.

Then she had pulled Lizzy in, closing the last inch between their bare pussies so their wet folds ran between one another and their sensitive clits rubbed together, drawing orgasmic groans from both of their lips. In barely a heartbeat they were both grinding sensually, each desperate to extract every ounce of pleasure from their partner. And as they melted into one another, surrendering to the ecstasy, they both knew Lizzy wasn’t the only addict in the room…

Stood in front of the group of troublemakers Felicity couldn’t stave off the feeling of déjà vu. If she hadn’t known better, she would have thought somebody had transported her back to that night she had forced the Lucky Deck on Liam and his friends; the group was exactly the same size – ten in all – albeit this time they were a hen party the bride-to-be had led on a merry dance around the casino.

But of course, Felicity did know better. After all, Lizzy’s muffled wails of euphoria were still ringing in her eyes – and considering she had left her lover strapped to the bed with a gag between her lips and a fucking machine mercilessly invading her holes, Felicity had no doubt those same moans would be there to welcome her home later that night too.

Staring at the rowdy bunch with her hands on her hips, Felicity tried to stifle a smile: if only they knew what she had done to those nuisances who had come before them. If only they had seen Henry blindfolded, cuffed and gagged as he was auctioned off to his new owners; if only they had watched Sienna’s mind crumble each time she succumbed to her body’s irresistible desires; if only they had witnessed the desperate denial in Jade’s eyes whenever Maya robbed her pleasure. Perhaps then they wouldn’t have been so willing to misbehave in Felicity’s domain.

Unfortunately for them, they had already crossed the point of no return. The event horizon was behind them, and the yawning black hole that was the Lucky Deck would soon devour them completely.

The bride-to-be noticed Felicity smirking. ‘What’s so funny, limp tits?’ she said, eliciting a burst of laughter from her friends.

Felicity couldn’t help it. Although the woman tried to act bold, Felicity could tell it was all a front. After all, she could read people in a heartbeat. And it didn’t help that the busty plastic bitch with her silicone curves and pillowy lips looked like she could have been Charity’s twin sister.

Her smile grew wider as she produced a deck of cards from a pouch on her utility belt. ‘Oh, nothing. You just remind me of somebody I know, that’s all. Maybe you’ll meet her soon. But before all that, I’m going to teach you all what happens when you abuse Metamorphose’s hospitality.’

Spreading the Lucky Deck facedown on the table, Felicity fixed the group with a keen stare and a sadistic smile. ‘Now tell me, ladies: are you feeling lucky?’

Thanks for reading!

I really hope you all enjoyed this trip to Metamorphose! I can safely say it was a lot of fun and you actually have this gallery to blame for it all. This was the one that initially inspired the heiress/valet idea which eventually snowballed into this series, so you have Miss Tyler and Miss Perri to thank for Luck of the Draw as much as me.

We’re back to the normal schedule of one story per week next month, with the first March story coming out this Friday. However, as I write this in mid-January I am just about to start work on my Gaypril stories, so I don’t actually know what my schedule will look like in April. I’m hoping to do at least one or two extra stories, but I have a bunch of IRL commitments at the moment that might interfere with that. So we’ll just have to see how that goes.

In the meantime though, thanks again for reading and I’ll see you in March!

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