The Program: Amber Smith – The Long Fuck

Models (in order of appearance): Faye Reagan, Giovanni Francesco, Anthony Rosano, Ally Kay & Ramon Namor, uncredited male model, Danny Mountain, Talon, Manuel Ferrera, Mick Blue & Scott Nails

Rise and Shine

Master Anton’s kiss woke her. His lips were soft and warm – warmer even than the rays of sunlight shafting through the thin white curtains to caress her skin. His body was warmer still, bare skin pressed against her naked figure as he leaned in close. One leg was hooked over hers, his chest close against her side. Her eyes still closed she followed the lines of his arm with one hand, her fingers coming to rest near his shoulder as she kissed him in return.

Amber had to admit, there were worse things to wake up to.

When they parted lips they eyed one another in silence for a few moments. Amber could already see the arousal in Master Anton’s gaze. Only today there was no sadism to his lust. He wasn’t here to use and abuse her. He wasn’t here for thuddy or bondage or domination of any kind. Instead he was here to help calm her nerves for what would be her last day on the Program. Her final assessment.

The Long Fuck.

‘Are you ready?’ he asked, his face so close his breath tickled her lips.

Amber had been expecting the question for weeks and in all that time she had felt sure the answer would be no. After all, how could anybody be ready for this? Today didn’t just mark the culmination of her training, it also symbolised her final escape from everything she had left behind. Once she graduated there was no going back. She defied any sub in her position not to wonder if they were truly ready.

Yet as she lay beneath Master Anton’s muscular frame, the nerves she had been anticipating were absent for all the same reasons she thought they’d be there: this was the culmination of her training, of all she’d worked so hard to achieve. Her final escape from the life she’d been so eager to leave behind. After this there’d be no going back and the Amber Smith who’d first volunteered all those months ago would be gone forever. And though she’d assumed those thoughts would be scary, in reality they were liberating.

Amber nodded. ‘Yeah. I’m ready.’

Master Anton smiled. ‘In that case, we’d better not waste any time.’ Then he was kissing her again, his powerful arms slipping beneath her and holding her close as they made out in the dawn light.

As their passion developed into more than kissing and the room began to fill with increasingly sordid sounds, Amber allowed herself to bask in the moment. She knew the day to come would be the more intensely erotic than any other facet of her training, but before all that she wanted to savour the simplicity of the present. Master Anton in her arms and his cock in her holes was all she needed right now.

Still, she knew what was coming. She also knew it wouldn’t be easy.

The Long Fuck was a marathon. As the final test of a sub before their graduation it forced them to put all their teachings into practice throughout a day of endless fucking. As soon as Master Anton was finished with her she would be summoned to the next tutor, whom she would worship eagerly until they’d had their fill of her submission. Then again, and again, passed from one Dominant to the next until long after the sun had set. She was told that by the end most subs usually reached such a state of arousal it took them several days to drop. Of course, when they finally did drop, they would be provided with as much aftercare as they needed until they were back in a stable frame of mind.

While each new lover would test a sub’s skills in a slightly different way, above all else the Long Fuck was the ultimate test of stamina. And, knowing how intense the day was, the tutors ensured that the day started out slowly with a sensual lovemaking session that put them in a contented mindset to help them face the day.

Last night, Amber had fallen asleep alone in one of the training facility’s large luxury bedrooms, which were reserved only for guests or subs undertaking the Long Fuck. She’d known one of her tutors would join her to fuck in the morning, though she hadn’t known who.

She was glad it was Master Anton though. She liked his kiss.

Then again, once he slipped his boxers down she was reminded she liked something else about him too.

They did not rush their intimacy. Instead they allowed it to progress naturally. Kisses gave way to neck smooches. These sank lower until Master Anton was sucking gently on Amber’s breasts. Then he descended further still, his lips trailing down her stomach. She groaned when his tongue parted her sex. She gasped when he lapped at her clit. She giggled when he surged up and manhandled her onto all fours.

And now, as he lined his rigid cock up with her bare pussy, she watched him over her shoulder, eyes wide and imploring. ‘Please, sir. Make love to me.’

Master Anton raised an eyebrow. ‘That’s not my job, you know. Only your Dom is supposed to make love to you. As your tutor, I’m only allowed to fuck you. There’s a difference.’

An impish gleam entered Amber’s eyes and a smirk played on her lips. ‘I won’t tell if you don’t,’ she said.

Master Anton matched her mischievous expression. ‘How could any man deny that face? Besides, after everything you’ve achieved, I think you’ve earned it. I think you’ve earned this.’ With his final word he sank inside her, his thick cock delving into the flushed pink depths of her dripping pussy.

Peering back at him, an orgasmic groan bubbled over Amber’s lips. Her tits began to swing beneath her as they both rocked back and forth in a sensual rhythm, while her plump ass rippled with every thrust. Master Anton clutched her hip with one powerful hand, smiling at the expressions of ecstasy that danced over Amber’s pretty features.

With the glow of the dawn light spreading slowly over their entwined bodies, the two lovers basked in a deeply satisfying warmth composed of equal parts sunshine and orgasmia. Allowing sensual instinct to take over they melted into one another’s embrace.

Yet for Amber, the day was only just beginning…


With the fingers of one hand stroking Master Lance’s shaft and the other fondling her own tits, Amber was salivating with anticipation. Slutty hunger continued to build within her, mounting slowly but surely until it was eating her up inside. She wanted nothing more than to gorge herself on the Dom’s thick cock, but he had ordered her not to do so. All she was allowed to do was lick his balls and jerk him off, all while the denial only made her more desperate to taste his throbbing manhood.

Her eagerness drew a smirk over Master Lance’s lips. ‘Aw, how cute. You’re so needy for my cock, aren’t you? Such a shameless little slut. But a good sub has to know when to resist their urges. They should be able to follow orders no matter how agonisingly horny they are.’

The bobbing of Amber’s head became more frantic, prompting her dress to slip further down. She had decided that a loose outfit would be the best choice for the day. But, given that it was only ten minutes since she had left Master Anton in the bedroom and the dress was already partially removed, she’d changed her mind. From here on out it would be lingerie or nothing.

Master Lance chuckled. ‘Then again, I think I’ve denied you for long enough. You can go down on me if you–’

But before Master Lance could finish his sentence Amber was already feasting, her insatiable hunger soon filling the room with salacious slurps and her Dominant’s breathless groans…

Two Subs, One Dom

The moment Master Damien lifted her into his arms, Amber knew he was about to rock her world. After all, every tutor on the Program knew standing sex was her kryptonite; being held aloft in a Dom’s powerful arms, unable to resist while he fed his throbbing dick into whichever hole he pleased was one of the most erotic things she could imagine.

Yet this time Amber was even hornier than usual. Because today they had a voyeur.

Hannah kneeled naked on the rug at Master Damien’s feet, her eyes fixed on Amber’s face. Her nubile body was smooth and supple and she was only two weeks into her training, so she was here to watch an experienced sub at work. Being fucked by a Dominant was arousing enough, but being used as an example for new subs to learn from was a whole new level of hot.

‘I hope you’re taking notes, Hannah,’ said Master Damien, lining his cock up with Amber’s pussy. ‘Amber here is your future. This is what you’re going to become. And this is the reward you’ll get for being a good girl.’

With that Master Damien dropped Amber down. An orgasmic howl burst from her lips as his dick plunged inside her. Then she was being bounced in his arms, indescribable pleasure flooding her insides. And as Master Damien’s orgasm approached, Amber knew she’d soon have Hannah’s face between her thighs cleaning up every last drop of the Dom’s thick, gooey load…

Invite Only

Amber’s sensual moans danced through the air, infusing it with lust. Master Scott’s cock was buried inside her, each rock of her hips causing her stomach to bulge with the shifting of his manhood. While she rode him with all the enthusiasm of a hooker being paid by the orgasm, the handsome hunk simply lay back admiring the view of her writhing body. In her sleek stockings and elegant pearl necklace (a real one this time) she could easily have been a horny socialite riding her lover – albeit one who knew she’d get a severe caning if she misbehaved.

Part of her wanted him to take control. To drive her down, pound her rough and see how quickly he could ruin her. Nobody had truly used her yet today and with her constantly escalating arousal beginning to reduce her thoughts to mush she needed that outlet. Sadly he hadn’t made any attempt to do so… at least not yet.

Just as Master Scott’s cock began to twitch Amber heard the door behind them open. Master Hiro was framed in the doorway, naked and hard.

Master Scott smirked. ‘Oh, did I forget to mention I’d invited a few others to join us? He’s just the first. Pretty soon you’re going to be worshipping at least half a dozen dicks.’ He gestured for Master Hiro to join them. ‘Come on in. Her ass is free.’

As the muscular Dom bore down on her, Amber realised she might get her wish of a hard fuck after all…


Amber’s grasp on reality was beginning to slip. Her thoughts were sluggish, her body felt heavy and cumbersome, and the constant bombardment of pleasure was pushing inexorably closer to delirium. Even her concept of time was faltering. Based on the height of the sun outside she guessed it was around noon at the latest, yet it felt as if she had been living this day forever.

Laid back on the umpteenth bed of the day, Amber groped her tits with trembling hands. Her crotch throbbed with erotic heat and she whined rather than groaned as Master Jax ate her out hungrily. His expert tongue swirled over her clit never losing it for a second, varying his pace to keep her guessing when the next burst of speed would come. One powerful hand was clamped around her elbow to keep her in place. The other, she knew, was stroking his cock in preparation for what came next.

Every Dominant she’d fucked today had demanded she wear something different. Most of the time it was her birthday suit. Others preferred lace lingerie or something tight and glossy and latex in design. Occasionally she’d even been supplied with a specific roleplaying look, like a maid or nurse. Needless to say, the dress she’d started out in never made it further than Master Lance’s chambers.

Master Jax, however, had opted for something more mundane. The white and purple striped dress and matching knee socks had been laid out on the bed when she arrived. While the dress had already made its way down from her tits and up from her pussy to bunch around her midriff, the socks still hugged her thighs. She liked the innocently girlish look they gave her – especially because, in her current position, she was anything but.

Eventually, once she was absolutely writhing with pleasure, Master Jax pulled away. ‘Whoever gets to own this cunt in the end is a lucky man,’ he panted, his lips and chin glistening with her pussy nectar. ‘I could eat you out all day and all night and still come back for seconds the next morning. But there’s one thing I love doing to your pussy even more than feasting on it.’

Rising to his feet, Master Jax abruptly dragged her around so her head was amongst the bed pillows. The huge four poster bed barely even shuddered as he joined her on the mattress.

As he neared, Amber felt a pang of doubt cut through her. She wanted nothing more than to feel him driving inside her like all the other Dominants before him, yet at the same time she sensed how fragile her mind was. She wasn’t sure how much more pleasure she could handle. Already she was deeper into subspace than she could ever remember being and there was no telling how intense the rest of the day would be.

Taking hold of her legs, Master Jax folded her easily in half. Given all her sexual training Amber was more flexible than most gymnasts and there wasn’t the slightest discomfort as he pressed her knees beside her shoulders. Before he could enter her, however, she pressed a weak hand against his sturdy chest.

‘Wait…’ she breathed.

‘Red?’ he asked, checking in with their safe word.

Amber shook her head. ‘No. It’s just… I don’t know if I can last much longer. I don’t know how much more I can take. I didn’t expect it to be this intense. I’m trying my best, but–’

Master Jax shushed her softly. Lowering himself down, he planted his hands beside her shoulders and smiled at her, his face barely inches from hers. ‘It’s okay, Amber. You can do this. But the Long Fuck is about more than just testing you. It’s about showing you how far you’ve come. Right now, you’re thinking about this too much. You’re thinking about your technique and your words and your movements, trying to make sure they’re the best you can do. But you don’t need to. You know how to submit. You know how to serve. You were born for it. That’s what today is about: you accepting yourself.’ He stared deep into her eyes. ‘Do you think you can do that?’

Amber’s heart hammered in her chest. Master Jax’s cock was resting on her stomach, the head slick with precum. She’d stopped him because she wasn’t sure she could handle another fuck, but now all she wanted was to feel him rearranging her insides.

Eyes wide, she nodded. ‘Yes, Sir.’

Master Jax smiled. ‘Good. All the same, you can stop this at any time. You know that, don’t you?’

Again, she nodded. ‘Yes.’

‘Are you sure you want to keep going?’

This time, she didn’t reply. Instead she reached up, hooked her arms around his neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss. Almost before their lips had touched her hands then snaked down. While one took hold of his cock and pressed the head against her pussy, the other found the small of his back and pulled his hips down. Amber’s gasping groan was muffled by the Dom’s lips and her body burned with ecstasy as he began to thrust.

Kissing him as if her life depended on it, she closed her eyes and let her arms fall limp. The next moment Master Jax had taken one of her hands and pinned it into the cushions beside them. One of her legs jutted up above them both, her foot bobbing in time with his sinewy body as his thrusts delved in deep.

In that moment Amber felt all the tension and uncertainty melt away. Master Jax was right. She didn’t need to think. All she had to do was trust her instincts.

And so, as Master Jax continued to fuck her deep, her moans pouring down his throat and her hands clawing at his muscular body, that’s exactly what she did…

Late For Class

The slap of Master Jordi’s crotch against Amber’s ass rang out through the classroom. Even so, it did just as little to drown out her moans as his tie clamped between her teeth. Then again, given that their hedonism was being watched by a dozen or so subs, all of whom Master Jordi had ordered to masturbate in their seats, Amber’s arousal was hardly surprising.

The moment Amber had arrived she had realised they would be roleplaying. For one thing, they were in one of the Program’s mock classrooms similar to the one she’d first met Doctor Winters in. For another, all the other subs were dressed in school uniforms. But the real giveaway came when Master Jordi fixed her with a disapproving glare, reprimanded her for being late to class, then rose to his feet and unzipped his trousers while explaining he was going to have to make an example of her.

‘Perhaps this will persuade you to improve your timekeeping standards, Miss Smith,’ he growled while pounding her mercilessly.

Without warning he snatched the tie from her lips and looped it around her neck. Her face flushed crimson, her breath came in croaking gasps, and her whole body shuddered as he thrust in over and over. Yet despite the onslaught, Amber was smiling. Because no matter how hard he used her she could see in their eyes that his students were planning to be late to class next time, each one eager to receive the same degrading punishment…

Keeping Quiet

There wasn’t much point to Amber’s gag. Her screams were so loud it barely sounded as if they were being muffled at all. Not that any sub could be expected to stay quiet when they had a fist-sized plug in their ass and a handful of vibrating love eggs jiggling around inside their pussy. What was more, with her hands bound behind her back, her legs lashed down to the love bench she was straddling, and still more rope coiled around her torso to prevent her leaning too far forward, she was incapable of shifting into a less orgasmic position.

Amber had experienced a lot of pleasure today, but she was struggling to think of anything that had messed with her mind as much as this. The back and forth thrusts of her tutors paled in comparison to the sheer constancy of the vibrating eggs; she had already climaxed four times and a fifth was rapidly building.

The creak of latex attracted Amber’s attention. Across the room Mistress Lara stood beside her familiar surgical table laden with sex toys. Now though, one of those toys was jutting forward from her crotch ready to invade Amber’s holes. The lifelike dildo had no straps. Instead a silicone bulb nestled in the Dominatrix’s own pussy to hold it in place. The zip of her glossy black catsuit had been done up around the toy so she looked for all the world as if she had her very own cock.

‘My, my, you are a noisy one this evening,’ Mistress Lara purred. ‘Here, slut, allow me to occupy that nice tight throat of yours…’


Amber didn’t know how much longer she had left of her final assessment. But at this point time was irrelevant. After Master Jax’s encouragement she had been slipping ever deeper into her own lust, allowing it to saturate her thoughts and seep down to her very soul. Unsurprisingly, the further it went, the more submissive she became, becoming ever greedier for her Dominants to use her in any way they pleased. And now, skewered on Master Marcus’s rigid cock, she’d reached the final stage: she was totally and utterly cockdumb.

‘Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,’ she babbled, squirming with euphoria as his fingers rubbed over her clit. His free hand was clamped over her hip to keep her in place as he bucked up into her flushed sex.

Her entire body ached from the day of hard use, yet despite this she didn’t want it to end. All she cared about was the cock. It didn’t matter whose, or in what hole, whether it was being slapped against her face or slid between tits, this was where she belonged – at the mercy of a Dom who knew how to use her.

As if emphasising the point, a sudden orgasm rushed through her, culminating in a knee-weakening squirt that sprayed the bedsheets with her juices before she collapsed onto Master Marcus’s chest. But her Dom hadn’t stopped thrusting. In fact, he was only thrusting harder. Exhausted by the climax as she was, all the cockdumb slut could do was melt into his embrace as he built up to his own powerful orgasm…

A Night To Remember

Kneeling between the two Doms with a cock in each hand, Amber was fairly certain this was what heaven must look like. It was dark outside and had been for a few hours, yet she felt more alert than she had all day. Pure slutty bliss filled her mind, carnal instincts guiding her every motion.

Both men eyed her with unrestrained lust that made it wordlessly obvious they had every intention of using more than just her mouth, though for now they allowed her to jerk them off and feed on their pulsing dicks.

On her right Master Henry reached out to stroke her hair. Based on the tremor in his fingers she suspected he was fighting the urge to drag her in and fuck her throat until she was coughing up cum. To her left, meanwhile, Master Xander was more controlled, though she knew that would not last forever. After waiting all day to get involved in her final assessment he was overdue a chance to really abuse her holes and there was only so long he would hold out before doing so.

They weren’t alone in the room. Doctor Winters sat in a large white leather armchair. He was dressed in his usual attire: crisp shirt, smart trousers, sleek tie, lab coat around his shoulders. Nonetheless, the erection tenting his crotch made it clear that all attempts at vanilla professionalism were out of the window.

He was here with good reason too. Amber’s final assessment was nearing its end. Once midnight arrived the Long Fuck was officially over and she would finally be permitted to stop. From there the tutors would care for her up to and beyond the inevitable sub drop, and while aftercare duties would be shared between any and all tutors whom Amber was comfortable receiving it from, Doctor Winters preferred to be the first provider. As leader of the Program he felt it was only right for him to guide graduating subs through the end of their submissive journey just as he’d helped them settle in at the start.

‘Do we know if anybody has sponsored her yet?’ Master Henry asked his colleague, his voice shaky with pleasure while Amber hungrily swallowed his cock.

Master Xander shrugged. ‘I’ve not heard anything, but you know how some Dominants are, always preferring to see the finished product before signing on the dotted line. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a queue a mile long waiting for this little slut to graduate.’ He groaned as Amber turned her attention to his dick.

The three of them were so preoccupied with each other that none of them saw the sly smile that passed over Doctor Winters’ face, as if he knew something they didn’t.

Possessed by a sudden wave of savagery, Master Henry reached down and seized Amber by the hair. Wrenching her away from Master Xander’s cock he dragged her to her feet and leered in close. ‘Look at you. Such a desperate, greedy whore. I’ve waited long enough to use that hot, wet cunt of yours so I say we finish off your day with a spitroast.’ He grinned devilishly. ‘Let’s send you back to your room gushing cum, shall we?’

Amber gave a groaning giggle, a delirious glint in her eyes. ‘Yes please, Master. Please show me what a skank I am. Show me how good it feels being your eager cocksleeve.’ She grinned, her teeth speckled with precum.

‘Whatever the lady wants,’ Master Henry said. The next moment he flung her down onto the sofa where Master Xander was already sitting.

Amber didn’t need ordering to go down on the seated Dom. Leaning forward she wrapped her lips around his shaft and began to bob, her tits jiggling around beneath her. Slutty satisfaction weaved through her insides once Master Xander began to moan. His hand rose to rest between her shoulder blades and his cock twitched as it slid in and out of Amber’s soft throat.

Behind her, meanwhile, Master Henry was in position. Pulling her hips around so she was kneeling on the edge of the sofa he wasted no time in driving his cock into the most sensitive depths of her sex. His girth stretched her wide, sparking moans that were muffled by the dick in her mouth, and once he gripped her arm and began to thrust Amber found herself flooded with ecstasy. Her nubile body rocked back and forth between the two men as they reduced her to nothing more than a living sex toy.

A slave to her own desire, Amber had no idea how long it was before Doctor Winters rose to his feet. The movement drew her eyes to him and she watched as first he checked his wristwatch, then looked up at the clock on the wall. She glanced at it too: midnight.

When she turned back to face him Doctor Winters met her gaze. ‘Congratulations, Miss Smith. You have officially completed the Long Fuck. Your final assessment is over. If you wish to stop you may do so and I will escort you back to your room.’

But Amber didn’t stop. She continued worshipping the two groaning Doms thrusting into her holes. By now they had shifted so that Master Xander was the one fucking her, his powerful hands helping her bounce her hips up and down on his flagpole cock. Master Henry, meanwhile, was sat on the arm of the sofa driving his dick up repeatedly into her lips and moaning as she swirled her tongue around the shaft. Her body rippled and jiggled from their use, yet Amber’s eyes remained fixed on Doctor Winters.

Slowly Amber reached back and pulled one of her ass cheeks aside. The motion revealed her third and final hole. The wordless implication was obvious: there was room for him too.

Doctor Winters grinned devilishly. ‘Whatever the lady wants,’ he said, echoing Master Henry’s earlier words.

Dropping his trousers and slipping off his coat and shirt, Doctor Winters revealed himself in all his naked glory. Amber moaned around Master Henry’s dick as she laid eyes on the doctor’s huge manhood. And as he approached a blissful contentment washed over her: no matter what her future entailed, this was most certainly going to be a night to remember…

Thanks for reading!

Since this one is already plenty long enough as it is, I’m not going to add to that with any lengthy comments. The main thing I wanted to say is that although I’m pleased I could credit most of the models in this story, there is still one missing who I wasn’t able to identify, that being the male model in the ‘Invite Only’ scene. If anybody knows who he is, I’d be glad to fill that empty space on my credits list.

Other than that, I hope to see you back here on Friday for the finale of Amber’s story. It’s significantly shorter than this one, but nonetheless I’m extremely happy with it and I’m excited for you all to read it soon!


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