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‘Woah, girls, wait, what are you doing? Hey, just stop a second, wait, I don’t – oh fuck!’

Ellie cried out as Sara’s tongue delved between the folds of her pussy. Arousal blossomed through her crotch, undermining her panic even as she continued to resist the grip of her sorority sisters. But they were surprisingly strong, pinning her down with seemingly little effort. Either that or Ellie’s resistance wasn’t as forceful as she thought it was.

Still, it was the changes overcoming her body that scared her the most.

When the girls had led her into the room just a few minutes earlier she had been wearing baggy jeans and a comic book t-shirt with her black hair pulled back in a plait.

Yet now she was unrecognisable from her former self. Her flat chest had swelled into perky tits while her figure became increasingly curvy, her thighs and ass bulging in the process. Her dark hair had mellowed to fiery amber now too short to plait, cutting off in a trimmed bob around her chin instead. At the same time her clothing has simply faded away, revealing sheer lace lingerie and shiny stockings she definitely had not been wearing before, although they hadn’t stayed in place for long: Natalia had quickly tugged off Ellie’s new bra so she could fondle her tits, while Sara had peeled her panties to the side to reveal her tight, twinkling pussy.

The whole experience was intensely erotic. Ellie felt like her very soul was being corrupted by lust, but she was still lucid enough for the fear to win out – for now.

Her head was in Kayleigh’s lap, the head girl’s tights like silk against her cheek. Although her sorority sisters had not transformed, their clothes had similarly vanished, leaving them scantily clad with soft tits bare and nubile bodies shamelessly on show. Looking up at Kayleigh, Ellie’s eyes were wide with alarm. ‘Please, Kayleigh, I don’t understand. Why are you doing this? What is happening to me?’

Kayleigh smiled sweetly though there was a twinkle of pity in her eyes. ‘So you can become like us. Oh, you poor thing, I know it’s confusing now, but I promise you’re going to love your new life.’

Ellie’s expression fluctuated between panic and pleasure as Sara continued to eat her out. ‘But… I don’t want a new life.’

‘Of course you do,’ Kayleigh purred. As she spoke her words seemed to drain Ellie’s resistance and she found herself struggling less and less. The more she weakened, the more enthusiastically Natalia and Sara played with her body. ‘That’s why you’re here. Our sorority only accepts the best, but we have a reputation to uphold. If we’re going to be the premier alpha bitches on campus we need to look the part, and I’m afraid the old Ellie fell well short of expectations. That’s why we bought you here. To the book.’

With delicate fingers she tilted Ellie’s head so her eyes fell on the leatherbound book displayed on the mantelpiece. The smooth cover was inlaid with a large teal gemstone encircled by a ring of smaller jewels. The second they entered the room the stones had started glowing and were now so bright they bathed the whole room in hypnotic blue light. More than that, it seemed to emit an intense aura of desire that Ellie could feel seeping into her pores, corrupting her very core.

‘It belonged to our founder, a powerful witch, and even now she still makes sure only the hottest, naughtiest girls represent her legacy. There’s a reason every girl who graduates in this sorority goes on to lead a life of indulgence and luxury: with our founder’s spells we can mould reality to suit our whims. Riches, sex, adoration – it’s all at our fingertips. That’s what’s happening to you, Ellie. You’re becoming a horny slut. You’re becoming like us.’

Ellie couldn’t think straight. Sara’s tongue was doing things to her she could barely process, playing over her pussy and filling her with such arousal she was sure she would burst. At the same time Natalia continued to grope her tits and had started planting sensual kisses on her exposed neck. It was all Ellie could do to stop herself moaning.

‘I… I have a boyfriend… please… I can’t leave him…’

Kayleigh smirked. ‘Oh, don’t worry, we’ll soon deal with him. And you’re going to help us. Once you’re fully initiated, you’ll get to decide his fate. Personally I’d sissify him and throw him to the football team, but if you love him as much as you say then you can always stay together. Of course, no sorority sister of ours would be allowed to date a pathetic nerd like him, so you’d have to transform him. Fortunately there are plenty of spells in the book to give him a more… agreeable form.’

‘Thank you,’ Ellie breathed. She couldn’t help it. The words just slipped out. The lust roaring through her had shattered the last of her defiance and already she could feel a new persona taking root in her mind. Unable to resist any longer, she surrendered herself to the pleasure.

Kayleigh’s smile widened. ‘You’re welcome, beautiful. We’re your sisters now, and we’ll always look out for you. I know it’s scary to start with but this is what’s best for you. Now, I think it’s time we showed you the benefits of joining our sisterhood.’

Ellie’s corruption complete, the shine of the gems had faded to a dull glow now. The new initiate was left panting as it released her, sensing the depraved magic slip away and back into the book like a warm blanket being pulled away on a cold morning.

Fortunately, her sisters had a remedy for that. Producing a thick black sex toy from thin air, Sara leaned forward and pressed the head against Ellie’s tight pussy. At the same time Natalia cupped one of Ellie’s breasts in her hand and bent close to whisper seductively into her ear. ‘Welcome to the sorority, Ellie. Tonight we celebrate your initiation. And don’t worry – it’s okay if you moan.’

Her words made Ellie’s stomach flip, although in truth it wouldn’t have mattered if she said nothing at all. Because once Sara sank the toy into her pussy and turned on the vibrator inside, Ellie found herself groaning like a seasoned slut and begging them to play with her body until she couldn’t think straight…

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